Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Full Honors...

The Best Tweet is from Carmen G. Pastor:

She tweeted "Crowley: Obama's Teleprompter Substitute."


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Another Reason NOT to Re-elect…

Broken Promises
In the early stages of Obama's 2008 campaign he promised to close GITMO the first year of his administration. Well, here we are closing the fourth year and guess what? Right! GITMO is still going strong. His followers are all very disappointed that he hasn't kept his promise. But wait…

Secret Agenda
Obama wants to be re-elected and he DOES want to close GITMO. He wants to satisfy his minions that he actually will close GITMO at our expense. Guess where he's planning on putting the prisoners?

Here's a HINT: Don't you wonder why the federal government just bought a dilapidated prison in the state of Illinois? They're going to use your taxpayer dollars to spruce-up the prison. It's going to cost millions of dollars. Why? Why would the federal government want to buy and fix-up a prison?

If Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) becomes President for a second term, his course of action will be to shut-down GITMO prison and move all enemy combatants to Illinois. This is just what we need. A large group of fanatical Muslims living on American soil. Incidentally, their lives in GITMO haven't' been terrible. They have more amenities than we do, including special food and custom diets to suit their religion.

YIKES! There he goes again, taking special care of our enemies. Who's side is this guy really on? Isn't prison supposed to be punishment?

Let's give POTUS a November surprise that he won't forget and get him out of the White House once and for all.

Monday, October 15, 2012

What Does It Take To Run?

A Politician's Requirements
What does it take to be a politician? There are several things politicians must have in order to have any chance of being elected. Here are some of the main big-ticket items that help insure being elected to office:

  • In today's world it takes a lot of money to become a successful politician. You don't have to be qualified for anything  - you just need tons of money. We're not talking about chump change here either. The higher the office, the more cash you will need. We're talking tens of thousands for low office and hundreds of thousands for Congressional seats. So if you're not rich, you'd better be able to raise a lot of cash - or forget it. Your opponents will out spend you always. 
  • Using the Internet is also a must. You also need to be technology savvy to be able to reach those who are willing to contribute to your campaign. Remember, if you read it on the Internet, it has to be true. Having a good technology person on your staff is a must. This will help you perpetuate your PROPAGANDA to a wider audience. Obama raised an incredible amount of money via the Internet.
  • You also have to be a good liar. You need to be able to look a person - or a TV camera straight in the eye, and lie the biggest lie of your life and be convincing. All incumbents do it well, so competition is strong.
  • You need to be the world's biggest bloviator. If you can't talk-on and on infinitum without ever answering someone's question, forget it. Successful politicians can babble forever and NEVER be specific enough to satisfy any serious questions. Why some just mumble inaudible sounds like Mayor Menino of Boston. He can't put three words together, so he speaks in such a confusing way, that few understand what he says. Hence the nickname "Mumbles Menino." (And people continue to re-elect him - go figure?)
  • You also must know how to make back-door deals with the big shots and lobbyists who give you money in various was in exchange for helping them out by you passing favorable legislation for them. In other words, you must NOT have ANY INTEGRITY! Honesty is for the chumps. Having no scruples is an absolute. That's why you don't see many honorable Congressmen or politicians in general.
  • You must be able to deflect BLAME to someone or something else. You should NEVER take responsibility for anything bad that happens. On the flip side, you need to guiltlessly always take full credit for things you didn't do. You have to be able to perform this dishonest act in a convincing way or face ridicule. Obama is a master of both strategies. He hasn't owned-up to any of HIS mistakes since he took office. 
  • You must lack having any conscience. Politicians have to totally lack any sense of morality. You have to be able to tell citizens one thing and then screw them first chance you get, while blaming it on the other guy!

As you can see, these are just a few of the things that a good politician needs. The list is longer, but these are the main ones that they all have in common. Is it any wonder why we have such little respect for the ones we have entrusted to "represent us?"

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Directive 10-289

It's NOT Fiction Any More
Back in 1957 author Ayn Rand published a book titled "Atlas Shrugged." The Government exploits the productive citizens who are over burdened by increased taxation and government regulations and so they all go go on strike. This leaves the ones receiving hand-outs unprotected and leads to the demise and destruction of the government and the country. It's ironic how a fiction book can predict the future here in America 55 years ago. Now there's a 2nd movie (3 parts in all) of the book. In the movie Atlas Shrugged II, the US government issues a Executive Directive 10-289 in order to "save" the economy. Would Obama write a similar "Directive" or Executive Order if he is re-elected?

Here is what it says:

"In the name of the general welfare, to protect the people's security, to achieve full equality and total stability, it is decreed for the duration of the national emergency that:

Point One. All workers, wage earners and employees of any kind whatsoever shall henceforth be attached to their jobs and shall not leave nor be dismissed nor change employment, under penalty of a term in jail. The penalty shall be determined by the Unification Board, such Board to be appointed by the Bureau of Economic Planning and National Resources. All persons reaching the age of twenty-one shall report to the Unification Board, which shall assign them to where, in its opinion, their services will best serve the interests of the nation.

Point Two. All industrial, commercial, manufacturing and business establishments of any nature whatsoever shall henceforth remain in operation, and the owners of such establishments shall not quit nor leave nor retire, nor close, sell or transfer their business, under penalty of the nationalization of their establishment and of any and all of their property.

Point Three. All patents and copyrights, pertaining to any devices, inventions, formulas, processes and works of any nature whatsoever, shall be turned over to the nation as a patriotic emergency gift by means of Gift Certificates to be signed voluntarily by the owners of all such patents and copyrights. The Unification Board shall then license the use of such patents and copyrights to all applicants, equally and without discrimination, for the purpose of eliminating monopolistic practices, discarding obsolete products and making the best available to the whole nation. No trademarks, brand names or copyrighted titles shall be used. Every formerly patented product shall be known by a new name and sold by all manufacturers under the same name, such name to be selected by the Unification Board. All private trademarks and brand names are hereby abolished.

Point Four. No new devices, inventions, products, or goods of any nature whatsoever, not now on the market, shall be produced, invented, manufactured or sold after the date of this directive. The Office of Patents and Copyrights is hereby suspended.

Point Five. Every establishment, concern, corporation or person engaged in production of any nature whatsoever shall henceforth produce the same amount of goods per year as it, they or he produced during the Basic Year, no more and no less. The year to be known as the Basic or Yardstick Year is to be the year ending on the date of this directive. Over or under production shall be fined, such fines to be determined by the Unification Board.

Point Six. Every person of any age, sex, class or income, shall henceforth spend the same amount of money on the purchase of goods per year as he or she spent during the Basic Year, no more and no less. Over or under purchasing shall be fined, such fines to be determined by the Unification Board.

Point Seven. All wages, prices, salaries, dividends, profits, interest rates and forms of income of any nature whatsoever, shall be frozen at their present figures, as of the date of this directive.

Point Eight. All cases arising from and rules not specifically provided for in this directive, shall be settled and determined by the Unification Board, whose decisions will be final."

Time Will Tell
We will have to wait for the election results before we have to worry about the continued destruction of America as we know it. Have no fear, Big Brother IS watching.