Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Debate Last Night

Last night's debate helped voters see GOP candidates actual positions. One thing made clear was that John Kasich was in the wrong debate panel. He belongs in the Democratic debate panel which is scheduled for this Saturday.

Not only was Kasich extremely rude to moderators and to fellow candidates, but he made it clear that he supports the LIBERAL views on bailing-out banks, giving AMNESTY to ILLEGALS, and by supporting Common Core. AND, if he says that his father worked as a mailman one more time, he will re-define redundancy.

In brief, John Kasich is NOT a Conservative. He calls himself a "Republican" and masquerades as one. Another word for that behavior is a RINO.

The other candidate who did just the opposite, was Marco Rubio. Rubio's performance was stellar. BEWARE! Recall that Rino Rubio was a member of the Gang of Eight who tried and failed to grant AMNESTY for ILLEGALS. They also supported OPEN BORDERS. Rubio is also a BIG SPENDER who likes expanding our debt for new unfunded programs.

Although Rubio did well in last night's debates, voters should NOT forget that he has flip-flopped on immigration when he realized that he was loosing voters. Haven't we learned NOT to be fooled by a US Senator who is a great public speaker? We have suffered for the last 6+ years because of this mistake. Don't make it again with Rino Rubio.

Anyone who watched last night can draw their own conclusions. One thing for sure, it ain't over till it's over.