Saturday, August 29, 2009

Don't Forget Cap & Trade...

The Cap and Trade bill (in Senate committee) is one of the most oppressive economic schemes to be advanced by Liberal/Progressives. Quite simply, here is how it will work, if passed.

The Federal Government will set the greenhouse gas emission levels (arbitrarily). They will place emphasis on carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels. They will mandate the reduction of these levels and restrict the industries that can legally emit these gasses. Companies that emit fewer of these gasses can sell the unused allotments to other companies that emit more. Any company that emits too much (determined by the government) would face stiff penalties and expensive fines.

All this is still based on THEORY - not on proven facts. Americans have never been allowed any open discussion on this topic with Congress.

Enforcement will come in a newly created agency similar to the IRS and have similar powers. They will set the levels and determine the penalties. They will have the authority to collect data, monitor, and audit the compliance of these regulations. The government will have the power to investigate, litigate, and punish any found guilty of abusing these laws.

Any company that uses fossil fuels and emits carbon dioxide will be affected. (This is pretty much - everyone). All will be at the mercy of these new regulators and have little voice in objecting or arguing with these arbitrary emission regulations.

The Costs?
Buying these emission credits will be extremely expensive. Costs will be passed onto consumers. This in turn, could reduce production and corporate output. It may also put some companies out of business. This would result in lost jobs, destroyed wealth, and hurt the overall economy. There have been estimates on how bad, and they will cost all of us billions.

All this for a theory. Remember, in the 1970s Progressives believed that we were going into another ICE AGE. They wanted to regulate that too! They were wrong!

Now it's the reverse. Let's face it, they really don't know. What they want is to control our lives.

Not Just Companies
This invasion of government regulation will not stop with industry, but will continue into your homes. The government will require a home inspection when you want to sell your home. If your house fails to pass, you will have to upgrade it to meet their emission/energy requirements before selling it. You could be forced to replace the furnace, add insolation, or anything that the government tells you to fix. They could also control your electric energy consumption using smart electric meters. There's much more, but you should be getting the point.

Americans, does this sound like America, or some third world dictatorship?

Action To Take
Do Not let this legislation pass in the Senate. Call and write your senators. Tell them to vote "NO" on Cap & Trade.

Cyber Law Silences Free Speech

A new bill was introduced by West Virginia Senator John Rockefeller (D) that gives the President full power to TAKE OVER CONTROL OF THE INTERNET!! The bill allows the President to shut down the Internet or control the private-sector networks during a "cybersecurity emergency".

The President is the person or entity who can declare this emergency in the name of the government. It allows him to do whatever is necessary to respond to the threat. Other sections of the legislation include federal certification programs for "cybersecurity professionals" who will manage these private sector networks once licensed. The government will determine who these "qualified" persons are and where they are assigned.

This sounds like ANOTHER BIG GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER! At the whim of the president, he can silence your Internet access and limit your activities on the Internet. This sounds a lot like what Communist China does and what Hugo Chavez of Venezuela did when he took over or SHUT down radio and TV stations. In the very least, this sounds like BRAVE NEW WORLD here in America.

The BIG Picture
This proposed legislation is an O U T R A G E! It has the potential to silence free speech at the whim of the President. No President in any political party should have this power.

America, step back and look at the big picture. In the last six months, the government has taken control of the following:

  • The banking industry
  • The automobile industry
  • Credit institutions
  • 40% of all US mortgages
The government is trying to take over the following:
  • Healthcare
  • Our energy consumption with Cap and Trade
  • Now the Internet
Forget about the defect spending for the moment. Look at the whole story of what is happening here in America. The government is taking control of your freedoms a piece at a time, incrementally. It is a fact. Realize what is going on here.

Action To Take
Speak out loud and clear. DON'T LET THIS BILL PASS. It attacks your 1st Amendment (freedom of speech). Granted, the Internet has bad things on it. But is also a place where millions get their Information - outside of the biased media in this country. It is also a place where people can communicate (like this blog). Call the Senator and tell him that this is an attack on free speech: 202-224-6472. Call or write your local Senators and tell them DO NOT APPROVE OF THIS LEGISLATION.

Friday, August 28, 2009

So Much for Your Privacy!

Why Is the IRS In Your Healthcare?
HR 3200 has several sections that detail how and why the IRS becomes part of your healthcare! The following examples provide you the details...

  • Example 1: In section 431(a) it says that the IRS must divulge taxpayer information as prescribed by regulation. This includes, filing status, gross income, number of dependents and other personal information.

    Who gets this information? The new Health Choices Commissioner and State health programs. They use this information to determine who qualifies for "affordability credits".

  • Example 2:
    In section 245 (b)(2)(a) it says that the IRS must divulge your tax return details. Not much detail here except that the Health Choices Commissioner gets this info to verify your "affordability credits".

  • Example 3:
    In section 1801 (a) it says that the Social Security Administration also can obtain tax return data on anyone eligible for a "low income prescription drug subsidy" but has not applied for it.

Warm and Comfy?
Gee, doesn't that make you feel good? The IRS and Social Security agencies will be swapping and sharing your personal information in a government computer system, probably created by GE. No need to worry about hackers.

So how many thousands of government employees will have access to your personal information? God only knows. Equally important - How many employees will have access to your personal medical records? Say goodbye to your privacy!!

Where will this legislation draw the line? How secure will our information be? Who will have access to it? Won't this increase the chance of fraud?

Action To Take
Attend a Town Meeting. Ask these questions! Get the answers.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Great Concerns...

Americans all across the country are expressing serious concerns about the government power grab and excessive spending. They are also worried about loosing their freedoms. They are asking questions like the following:
  • How can the government force me to take part of their healthcare program. Isn't that unconstitutional?

  • Why does the FCC now have a "Diversity Czar" and what is this job description?

  • Why spend even more money on healthcare and Cap and Trade before we stop the record deficit spending?

  • How many Czars are there, how much are they paid, and what is their job function?

  • Is it true that some Czars oppose capitalism? Isn't this unAmerican?

  • If the public option (government healthcare) is so good why won't politicians agree to sign up and drop their existing plan?

  • If politicians don't read the bills, who writes them? Are they written by special interest groups?

  • The Apollo Alliance claims that they wrote the Stimulus bill. Who are they and why did they write it, isn't that the job of Congress? What do we pay Congress to do?

  • Why did President Obama hire Van Jones as Green Energy Czar when he is an admitted Communist and radical with a police record?

  • Are any other of the President's advisers convicted criminals? If so who are they and why are they working in the government?

  • The stimulus package funneled billions of dollars to ACORN. How does giving billions of dollars to ACORN stimulate the economy?

  • Isn't ACORN being investigated for criminal and racketeering activities, as well as election fraud? Shouldn't we stop funding this organization until they clear these accusations?

  • Why hasn't the government paid the auto dealers for the cars sold during the free money give away?

  • Why did the Cash for Clunkers allow the giveaway to go to foreign car sales?
More questions to come for your town meetings...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another Close Look at Deficits

America, if you aren't worried about government spending then you are a fool. The numbers are clear and indicate that we are destroying the standard of living for future Americans. A lot of economic projections are based on the hope that the American dollar remains the world accepted currency.

Yesterday we were told that the government deficit estimates by the Obama administration were incorrect. They were over 2 Trillion dollars short! They are based on the "idea" that Congress will hold their current spending levels over the next decade. Remember, this is the Congress that has just increased government spending to world record highs. Do you really believe that Congress will maintain the current level and not increase it even more?

The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) predicts that the debt held by the public as a share of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product [per person]) will rise to 68% in 2019. The GDP is the total market value of all final goods and services produced in a country in a given year. The GDP/person is an approximation of the value of goods produced per person in the country, equal to the country's GDP divided by the total number of people in the country.

So what you ask? Have a look at this graph that illustrates the point that this spending is totally out of control:

As bad as it was during the Bush administration, it is MUCH worse under Obama!

Unfortunately for all Americans, Obama's economic "experiment" has caused a runaway in government spending and no alternative plan to save it! How can we keep spending more than we take in? Why can't Congress understand this? Why can't the President recognize this dilemma? Do they even care, or are they just worried about themselves and their agenda? This isn't good for America.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stop the Insanity

The surging US deficit is destroying this country. We can thank President Obama's economic policies AND Congress for this!

His SPEND, SPEND, SPEND its an emergency policy is driving America to bankruptcy. We cannot sustain the outrageous deficit HE has created.

Today the White House Office of Management and Budget will announce that they mis-calculated our budget deficits. They are off by over 25% or two trillion dollars ($2,000,000,000,000). THAT’S INSANE!

This explains why President Obama is "away on vacation" and cannot be reached for comments just now. Smart choice to break bad news when you're not at the helm.

If you or I miscalculated our budget by over 25% we would be in "deep sneakers" and have to face the music. But neither the Congress or the President are being held accountable. Why not? Why don't we stand up as Americans and tell the government to stop spending like idiots?

AND remember, they (Obama and Congress) still want to pass Cap and Trade, as well as a government healthcare program that will cost Americans more trillions of dollars.

Tick Tock
If you want to get sick and realize just how bad of a situation America is the visit the US Debt Clock web site. If this doesn't scare you, then there's no hope for you or your next three generations. Check out the cost per American. It's almost $200,000 per person. How soon do you think you'll be able to pay off your share of the deficit?

To add insult to injury, the White House is now telling us that unemployment may probably go over 10%. What was the whole point of the stimulus? Wasn't it going to give Americans jobs? Tell the government to rescind the remaining "stimulus" because it isn't working. Instead, it is making things worse.

Action To Take
America is literally being "spent away" by irresponsible politicians. Americans don't allow this to continue. Write or call the White House and tell the President to STOP SPENDING!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cap and Trade Weakens Our Oil Industry

The proposed legislation referred to as Cap and Trade is aimed at reducing global warming. The climate bill is in the Senate awaiting their vote. In it's present form it is a DISASTER for America!

10 Reasons to Oppose It
This legislation creates an artificial market for various industries to buy/sell carbon outputs. In a paper out this week commissioned by the oil industry, findings indicate that US oil refining will drop by 17% from present levels if the bill is passed.

Here are the reasons to STOP PASSAGE:

1. It does NOT help the environment. Scientists agree that the maximum drop of temperature would be no more than 0.07 degrees Celsius.

2. It will raise energy costs for Americans. It is estimated that energy costs to the average American household will be between $800 - $1300 by 2015 and increasing to $1,500 - $2,500 by 2050.

3. Americans will loose jobs, contrary to what Congress promises. It happens in two ways; Produce less (directly hurting jobs), or buy carbon allowances - putting workers on the chopping block to pay for these new expenses.

4. It has failed where it has been tried. 12 of the 15 nations following the Kyoto protocol since 1997 have failed to meet the greenhouse reduction targets.

5. It is a regressive tax. This costs industry and home consumers as two targets. The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) says that prices will go up on gasoline, heating oil, and electricity. The poor are the hardest hit by this hidden tax.

6. It prevents market forces from working. Resources will be directed into the artificial market created by cap and trade.

7. It sets a dangerous precedent. Groups like the Sierra Club and Natural Resources Defense Council have endorsed this legislation as just the first step. They (and other groups) will demand more restrictions and legislation.

8. It opens the door for fraud and more corruption. This is evident in the UK where they participate in cap and trade. British companies have abused the emissions trading scheme to cook the books.

9. It increases the Federal budget. We can scarcely afford this with our record deficits.

10. It places the US at a significant disadvantage with other countries. Our competitors will not be following these laws - putting us at a serious trade and competition disadvantage.

Action To Take
Write your Senators to vote "NO" on Cap and Trade. Cite the reasons stated above.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekly Polls

Let's see how we are doing this week. We will visit these figures on a regular basis.

Presidential Tracking Poll
  • Strongly Approve ... 29%
  • Strongly Disapprove ... 39%
  • Presidential Approval Index ... -10%
Obama Healthcare (without public option)
  • Favor ... 34%
  • Oppose ... 57%
Decision Making
  • President Will Make the Right Decisions for America ... 49%
Stimulus Package Sucess
  • Plan Working ... 30%
  • No Impact ... 30%
Handling the Budget
  • Approve ... 47%
  • Disapprove ... 53%