Saturday, March 9, 2013

Feel The Pain Yet?

Insult To Injury
Obama created the idea of Sequestration and then he denied it and tried to blame it on the Republicans until it looked like it was really happening. He went on a tirade for several weeks telling us how bad it would be to cut federal spending. When he realized that he was caught lying, Obama decided to pay us (the American public) back in spades. His most trivial cut was closing the White House tours. This punishes all school children who are the recipients of the tours.

A recent memo was uncovered from the White House to the Department of Agriculture in effect telling them to make Sequestration cuts as painful as possible. According to Judge Nathan Napolitano, this act alone by Obama is an IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE. This behavior is a direct ATTACK against the American people.

Assuming that other similar memos went out to the other various government agencies, we can all expect the government to try and make our lives uncomfortable - if not plain miserable. We actually made Obama cut some spending. This is the self-fulfilling prophecy. They said it would be bad, now they are making it bad. As bad as they possibly can.

Obama's latest get-even trick is to ELIMINATE our military's tuition assistance program. The US Marines are next to follow suit. Here is what YOUR government said:

“This suspension is necessary given the significant budget execution challenges caused by the combined effects of a possible year-long continuing resolution and sequestration...”

Where is our Congress? Why aren't they looking out for us? Why aren't they looking out for our men and women who serve our country? Why haven't they accused Obama of committing "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" against us?

Action To Take
Demand that your representatives take action to STOP the maniac in the White House from destroying our military.

Friday, March 8, 2013

History Repeats

We've see this all before. It goes back further than history records. It keeps on repeating itself. Why is this?

Here's some examples:






North Korea



Are we next on history's list? Our Constitution is being TRAMPLED by this administration. How much more can we take?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Patriot Groups

Are You A Patriot?
How can you tell if the government "thinks" you are part of a "Patriot Group?" Read the latest report from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). They warn that there is a growing number of "Patriot Groups" popping up around the country. They warn of these "Anti-Government Radical groups" and the dangers that they have if they direct their activities towards the government.

The SPLC asserts that those who have expressed concerns over gun rights is a true mark of a person who is in a Patriot Group. They also assert that anyone who has views of the "far right" are also part of the Patriot Group movement here in America.

SPLC's Definition
Here is their definition of a person who belongs to the Patriot Group Movenment:

"Generally, Patriot groups define themselves as opposed to the “New World Order,” engage in groundless conspiracy theorizing, or advocate or adhere to extreme antigovernment doctrines. Antigovernment groups do not necessarily advocate or engage in violence or other criminal activities, though some have. Many warn of impending government violence or the need to prepare for a coming revolution. Many antigovernment groups are not racist."

What A Relief
We are NOT RACISTS!  Gee, that's a relief. Or is it? That definition places people like Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Senator Rand Paul, and Senator Marco Rubio as all members of the Patriot Group movement.

The SPLC also claims the following:

"A particularly prominent conspiracy in the antigovernment movement is that the United Nations, which is usually seen as spearheading the “New World Order,” is imposing a global plan, called Agenda 21, to take away citizens’ property rights. There is a UN program with that name to develop sustainable communities across the globe. Agenda 21 was agreed to by political leaders from dozens of countries, including the first President Bush. But in typical fashion, these antigovernment activists have twisted it into a global conspiracy."

So thoughts of protecting the country or being "Conservative" are NO LONGER OK because now those that do are "Labeled" a member of the "Patriot Group." This must also include ANYONE associated with the Tea Party as well.

See the pattern yet? Pick a target, isolate it, attack it, ridicule/polarize , and discredit your opponents. This is the strategy taken directly from Rule For Radicals, by Saul Alinsky.

The red warning light is flashing. Be Scared. Americans just aren't getting the message yet. Is there any hope for America?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Guest Article - Finally, Push-Back!

Sen. Ted Cruz slams AG Eric Holder’s defense of drone strikes against Americans
by Stephen C. Webster

"Under questioning by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder agreed that it would be “unconstitutional” to kill an American citizen on U.S. soil with a drone strike — absent an “imminent threat” like a 9/11-style attack or an enemy bombardment like Pearl Harbor.

Cruz refused to accept without question Holder’s assertion that any use of lethal force would not be “appropriate” given the high probability that a terrorism suspect could be captured by law enforcement personnel instead.

Cruz asked: “My question wasn’t about appropriateness or prosecutorial discretion, it was a simple legal question. Does the Constitution allow a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil who doesn’t pose an imminent threat to be killed by the U.S. government?

Holder seemed frustrated by the question. “I do not believe… Given all the facts that you have given me, and this is a hypothetical, I would not think in that situation the use of drone– or lethal force, would be appropriate…

Cruz cut him off. “Attorney General, I have to tell you I find it remarkable that in that hypothetical, which is deliberately very simple, you are able to give a simple, one word, one syllable answer: ‘No.’ I think it is unequivocal that if the U.S. government were to use a drone to take the life of a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil, and that individual did not pose an imminent threat, that would be a deprivation of life without due process.

They went back and forth, basically agreeing that lethal force would not be used in such a circumstance, but Cruz grew more outraged by the second at Holder’s persistent use of the word “appropriate.” Finally, Holder said, “Let me be clear: Translate my ‘appropriate’ to ‘no.’ I thought I was saying no, alright?

Well, I am glad,” Cruz replied. “After much gymnastics, I am very glad to hear that it is the opinion of the Department of Justice that it would be unconstitutional to kill a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil if that individual did not pose an imminent threat. That statement has not been easily forthcoming.

He added that forthcoming legislation would “make clear” that at no point does the currently-in-effect Authorization for Use of Military Force of 2001 permit the killing of an American on U.S. soil without proof of an imminent threat.

However, the Bush administration seriously considered using the military in a domestic law enforcement capacity in 2002, in a plan that would have sent troops to swoop in on several men in Buffalo, New York who were suspected of hatching a terrorist plot. They ultimately decided against it, even though legal experts say the congressional authorization of the use of military force is without borders and includes U.S. soil.

Holder himself admitted as much in his letter to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) earlier this week, writing: “It is possible, I suppose, to imagine an extraordinary circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate under the Constitution and applicable laws… for the President to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the United States.”"
People, it is time to start letting this administration that we will NOT tolerate the abuses demonstrated by this administration any longer.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

OK To Kill Americans?

Current thinking in Washington: It's OK to kill Americans.

A recent poll shows that 41% of Democrats actually think that it's all right for the President to be judge, jury, and executioner when it comes to "suspected" American terrorists. In other words, go ahead and kill Americans without ANY proof that they are involved in ANY anti-American activity. Deny the "accused" any of their granted freedoms to defend themselves from an oppressive government. And what's worse, do it on American soil! This near majority believes that the President should have the power to decide who lives and who dies just based on a "hunch" not proof.

So would these American Democrats still feel the same if someone in their family was EXECUTED without ANY trial or access to a lawyer? What the Hell are these people thinking?  Are they THAT stupid or just being naive? If you give that much power to ANY President, isn't it conceivable that there will be abuse of this power? Why find out the hard way?

These same people see nothing wrong with the government's use of drones over American air space. They believe that all police departments, FBI, DHS, and other federal agencies should use this technology against Americans. They see no violations of the Bill of Rights or to the US Constitution. DUH?

This "new" idea to kill Americans without due process is not part of the system of checks and balances that the Founders established. They did so for a good reason. When you give too much power to one individual, the potential exists for abuse and misuse of that power. History shows this is usually the case from many, if not all big governments.

We need to SQUELCH these ideas because if allowed to continue, they will result in loss of freedom and creation of a totalitarian dictator. Think about it. Do you believe that it could NOT happen here in the land of the free? Welcome to "La La Land."

Once again, we cry out to WAKE UP AMERICA!

Monday, March 4, 2013

They're At It Again

Your Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is once again preparing to have combat with YOU, the citizens it's supposed to protect. This time, they are getting ready to use more formidable equipment against you. This is just another piece of the puzzle and if you don't get the picture just yet, then keep on drinking the KOOL AID. This IS Obama's Civilian National Police Force that he spoke about in 2008.

So here's their latest big purchase. They have just bought 2,700 light armored vehicles to go along with their purchase of 1.650 BILLION rounds of ammunition and 1,700 fully automatic assault rifles. Here is a picture or two to let you get some idea of the scope of this:

If those vehicles look like they belong on your local streets and roads, you'd better get used to it. They hold and easily transport 10 well-equipped soldiers. Note the shooting ports in the 6 inch bullet proof glass windows. They originally bought these vehicles for border patrols. Now they are buying them for deployment in all major cities.

These vehicles will be used to quench any civil uprisings in large cities across the nation. As Sarah Palin recently noted, the Department of Homeland Security is preparing for civil war against YOU when the dollar collapses and you have no more money in the bank.

Your only defense against them would be an anti-tank weapon because they are hardened to withstand bullets, grenades, and even rocket attacks. With run-flat tires they can still drive to their own safety - while leaving you dead or wounded. Their only true weakness is FIRE. They can and will burn. In other words, these are cheap "tanks" that they are planning on using on you.

Action To Take
Contact your representatives and ask them who's funding these purchases and what are these weapons going to be used for and against who. Chances are that your reps don't even know that this is happening in front of their very eyes.

If you haven't noticed this activity by DHS, isn't it time to show some serious concern that your government is preparing to use whatever it can AGAINST YOU AND YOUR FAMILY?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Citizens Speak Out

We are all citizens of a Republic. This is NOT a democracy. We elect "representatives" to represent our positions and our beliefs in the government. When the government becomes our "enemy" it is because we citizens have been lax in our responsibilities. It is, (and always has been), our job, to ensure that the government is towing the line. It's our job to make sure that the government does NOT overstep their granted powers as itemized in the Constitution.

So far, the government of today has become a GIANT OCTOPUS reaching into all facets of our lives. The is because we have allowed them to do so. The government is now telling us what to eat, what to buy, how to medicate, and they regulate just about everything else. That ISN'T a Republic. It's getting close to a dictatorship or totalitarian form of government.

This unfortunately, is OUR own fault. We have had a soft life and have let the government slide-by stealing our freedoms a piece at a time. Now we are reaching the point where we are beginning to feel uncomfortable about the government controls over our lives. It's about time.

We should feel this way because the government is no longer working in OUR INTERESTS! It has become corrupted with the powers we granted them to possess. Now, it's time to take back what's ours.

It's not too late, but time is running out to save what's left of our Republic. We as citizens must not remain silent. We as citizens are obligated to the Republic to speak-out and verbalize our misgivings and sentiments about government abuse. We don't want the government to take care of each of us and our daily needs. We want to have minimal government intervention. We want to be independent with minimal government intervention. We need to speak the truth about the influx of the MARXIST/FASCIST politicians who have corrupted both political parties. We must speak-out or face total annihilation of all God given liberties and freedoms. If you think these remarks are  wacko, just read history to discover we are heading in a bad direction.

Do NOT take this warning lightly. It is serious and NOT paranoid. Look around, and take a hard Objective look are where we are today. Instead of allowing political entities to isolate, marginalize, and discredit individuals who stand up for liberty, honesty, and integrity, we need to defend these causes. If we no longer fight back, our lives as we know them are forever doomed.

We must all unite and push-back against the rising tide of Progressivism. The Republic is counting on you to make a difference!