Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Term Limits Do Exist!

The GOP elites in Washington had better learn a lesson from the surprise defeat of one of their own last night. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R, VA) was defeated in the primary last night sending a loud message to his other fellow RINOs. Voters are sick and tired of the same-old-same-old. Voters are fed-up with candidates who say what voters want to hear and then do just the opposite after being elected. Good riddance to this RINO!

Eric Cantor lost in part to his flip flop stance on IMMIGRATION. He would tell voters that he was against AMNESTY for ILLEGALS and then he would work with Democrats to "provide a path to citizenship for ILLEGALS." That's another way of saying "Amnesty."

Another RINO who actually one re-election was Linsey Graham of South Carolina. He saw the threat from the Tea Party and softened his message and tried to form a coalition with them. Cantor on the other hand, tried to destroy the Tea Party and directed heavy attacks against them.

Three Things to Note
The national affiliates of the Tea Party did NOT help overthrow Cantor. They need to learn their lesson from that. Next time, they need to support candidates running against GOP elites (RINOs) in order to give them a fighting chance. They need to "Smarten-up."

The second thing to note is that the remaining RINOs (like Graham) had better start listening to the Tea Party wing or they too will be ousted. Voters will no longer tolerate the GUTLESS Congress and they WILL take action against them in November. We'll see if Graham really changed or lied to get re-elected.

Finally, the Democrats are giving their political spin to all of this as a victory for the Democratic Party. Not so. They will find-out in less than 6 months that they TOO will be unemployed and out of work in the Obama economy!

DUMP ALL CHUMPS IN NOVEMBER! Power to the Tea Party!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Above the Law

So we have a President who admits breaking the law and is NOT held accountable for his actions. Obama unilaterally exchanged five of the worst TERRORISTS being held captive in GITMO. He exchanged them for an army deserter and perhaps a traitor as well. At best, this was a terrible exchange.

"Birds of a feather flock together." Obama has aided and abetted our enemies by releasing these five terrorists. We ARE at war. Islamic fanatics are killing Americans whenever they can. Obama knew that two of these men were wanted by the United Nations for war crimes (The killing of women and children). He makes no apology for it. He claims it was to bring-back a POW. Don't be fooled by this propaganda. Bergdhal was a HOSTAGE - not a POW.

This act is unconscionable. It is also an act of TREASON. Treason is the crime of trying to overthrow your country's government or of helping your country's enemies during war. This is precisely what Obama has done. He has released five known and dangerous enemies who want to KILL Americans. There may have also been an exchange of money to sweeten the exchange. (Also against the law!).

The deafening silence coming from Congress is also pathetic. They refuse to provide the checks and balances by putting the President on trial. Congress has forsaken their oath of office and their official duties. No one has the courage to stand-up for justice.

America is already dead!

No one seems to care anymore about their freedom or the law of the land anymore.