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Friday, October 28, 2011

Latest Search Trends

Google's Invasion on YOUR Privacy
Today's news heading is that "Occupy Wall Street" beats the phrase "Tea Party" in Google searches. Isn't that amazing? Not only is Google the leading search engine for the Internet, but it is also the greatest information GATHERING Engine for the Internet. You may consider Google the modern-day "electronic double edged sword." They can find and gather details on web sites all over the world in seconds.

Be Careful What You Search For
What Google doesn't tell you about their search engine is that it can gather lots of information about YOUR particular web searches. This information can be most useful to marketeers who want to sell to a particular geographic region or to a particular client with very specialized tastes. So if your teen aged kids doodle a lot in Porn web sites, don't be surprised if you start receiving a lot of advertising for more of the same. (You get the idea). Because of excessive web searches, you now receive more of a particular advertisement.

What's Worse
A while back Google had a big run-in with China because the Chinese government wanted to place restrictions on Google searches. The Communists wanted to "control" the web content coming into Chinese web sites. After much hoopla, Google, left the Chinese and got out of there refusing to employ such invasive tactics. So Google has scruples after all!

Now The Bad News
However, what Google hasn't told you is that they are in full cooperation with the Federal government (according to Judge Napolatano on FOX). He reported that Google gave into 93% of our government requests regarding YOUR search results. Very interesting huh?

So it seems that if the Fed has an interest in YOU in particular, they can (and have) accessed Google to peruse the kinds and types of search information you have requested over a specified period. That's "SNOOPING" without a warrant! And, what's more upsetting is that Google complied! That's a violation of ILLEGAL SEARCH AND SEIZURE! It's in the Constitution that THIS administration IGNORES EVERY DAY!

The Fed also has demanded You Tube to remove some 70% of its "offending" content.


Observe Any Trend Yet?
Over the last few days we have written about government interventions and government overstepping it's given authority. See the patters yet? They are disturbing and Americans should be alerted that these things are getting worse under this administration.

Action To Take
Demand that Google protect your "private" information (what's left of it). It seems they have a problem similar to FaceBook in protecting your privacy. This may also be considered a violation of the 4th Amendment!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's Easy To Spend YOUR Money!

The Stimulus King
In a blatant attempt to buy young voters for the 2012 re-election campaign, Obama has promised the Wall Street Protesters and college students that he will bail them out of their student loans. Just what America needs, is another bailout. Unfairly choose a select group and reward them with a bailout. Repeat this behavior as long as you can. Sound Familiar? This President is being as transparent as he can be. It's OK to protest and cause civil unrest, and if you do, he will reward your unlawful behavior. What a bastard! He's creating as much civil unrest as possible!

America is going straight to Hell under the "leadership" of the "Great Divider". Obama has done more to promote division in America than any previous President. His 2012 campaign is already promoting class warfare and will continue to do so as long as it works for him. In this case, he's promoting attacks against the rich.

But ask yourself, what's stopping him from attacking some other group. NOTHING! Right now this suits HIS needs. Later, it may be some other unfortunate group of people. That's why he supports the Wall Street Occupiers. He's BUYING THEIR VOTES! Meanwhile, his class warfare is tearing-up our country and he doesn't give a "Sxit" about it because this is what he wants to do! The ends justify the means. Saul Alinsky (Rules For Radicals author) would be proud of Obama's behavior. Obama is a true radical. Just look at HIS actions! He's deliberately dividing the country to suit himself! Divide and conquer.

How Can He Do It?
Remember ObamaCare? This was the bill that we had to pass before we could find-out what was in it (Words of Nanci Pelosi - then House Speaker). Well something funny happened when it passed. The Democratic Congress also attached some sneaky legislation that included - you guessed it - the STUDENT LOAN takeover. The Federal government was given total authority over all student loans in the ObamaCare legislation. Of course that had NOTHING to do with healthcare.

No, it was part of the grand plan to continue giving-out bailouts at taxpayer expense. ObamaCare stole more power when we weren't looking. The bill contained a Trojan Horse to be used when appropriate. This was planned so that it could help Obama's re-election - if necessary. So now Obama is playing his trump card at OUR expense. It was also a clever way of getting young college kids to commit to working for the government as part of their loan-payback. Indoctrinate the youth of America - just like they did in Germany in the 1930s. History repeats itself!

Bottom Line
The bottom line is that taxpayers will only see a partial payback for the huge college tuition loans that these students acquired. But that's OK, the taxpayers will pick up that tab. America, we've been had!! Big time!!!

Now do you see why we have to repeal ObamaCare? This legislation was at best insidious. It perniciously added a law that voters would never have wanted if they knew about it.

Action To Take
This President and the Secular Progressives will do ANYTHING to promote their cause - including deceive taxpayers, college students, or whoever they have to in order to promote their Socialist/Marxist agenda!

We must elect someone else as out President. We MUST repeal ObamaCare. America is being destroyed while we watch.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1984 Has Arrived!

Big Brother is Here
Once thought to be science fiction, the plot in the novel 1984 published in 1949 is becoming reality. The book outlined a totalitarian government dictatorship with excessive surveillance, mind control, constant propaganda, and punishment for "thought crimes". Wait no longer! We have arrived into this world thanks to "Intellistreets."

What It Is
This is a system of a new breed of street lights. It is a wireless digital infrastructure system of street lights with speakers, motion dectors, and video surveillance capability that can all be controlled remotely. All this is accomplished by means of a wi-fi link to each computer in each street light. According to the company, it allows for energy management, data harvesting, Homeland Security monitoring, traffic control, public safety, video surveillance, advertising, and digital media broadcasting.

Did you Say Homeland Security?
With regards to Homeland Security, each light can be used to broadcast emergency alerts, civic announcements, Amber alerts, advertising, display security levels, and give passers by instructions on an LED screen. These lights also contain proximity sensors that record pedestrian traffic as well as road traffic. They can all record and digitize your behavior which could be used in court against you!

Not New
These concepts have been in place in several European countries. British authorities have been working on placing cameras with x-ray scanners so they could literally undress people to "trap terror suspects." The Dutch are developing scanners that can look through your clothing (like air port scanners) so they can determine whether you are carrying a concealed weapon. Meanwhile, we would all be x-rayed without knowing we just received a large dose of radiation. They can couple this technology with facial recognition software and expand their surveillance capabilities even more! NICE!

Familiar Theme
Doesn't this have a familiar ring to it? It should. The ability of BIG Government to use street lights to transmit "emergency alerts" joins-in with BIG government taking control over radio, TV and satellite broadcasting using FEMA's Emergency Alert System.

What About Your Privacy?
Privacy, what's that? You no longer have any privacy! YOUR government is hijacking your freedoms right from under you nose and you just watch them! Your taxpayer grants are funding the implementation this technology in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Where's the outrage America?

Tie this behavior with BIG Government's latest use of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in Tennessee where they are putting up road blocks and randomly looking for "terrorists" by randomly searching vehicles, and the big picture becomes more clear. The TSA was just for airports - REMEMBER? Your government has overgrown its authority and is infringing on YOUR liberties in unprecedented ways. Demand this activity to stop before you come under total control.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Karl Rove is Deceiving...

The Good-Old-Boy
In case you're wondering, Karl Rove, Fox News political analyst (alias, RINO [Republican in Name Only]), IS part of the Good-Old-Boy (GOB) network of the GOP (Grand Old Party). Karl Rove is part of the Washington, DC beltway and THEIR politics. He served as political adviser to Bush for eight years, and we saw how well that went with extreme overspending. It was hard to argue the Bush was a conservative because of his record of giving more government entitlements and bloated government spending.

Rove is a member of the elitist club! He IS a Washington insider. Be smart, and do not trust him! Listen carefully to his observations. If you watch him on FOX News, he is consistent in his so-called "political analysis" of out-of-the-main-stream candidates. It's clear that he does not want ANY of them to become the Republican nominee for the Presidency. He works hard to smear them too. He is never objective with his comments directed towards those candidates. He's using his influence on TV to direct the outcome of the Republican candidate selection. So you're getting "brainwashed" from both sides and don't even know it half the time. So much for Fair and Balanced!

Why is This?
The so-called second-tier candidates are NOT part of the GOB network. Rove despises the Tea Party and ANY candidates they come up with. Why? Because the Good-Old-Boys cannot control them. They are also NOT elitists! They fear the Tea Party because they are true CONSERVATIVES unlike the RINOs who masquerade as conservatives!! And, it's also about POWER!! The GOBs do NOT want to give-up all their power. If you don't fit into the mold, you don't belong there! PERIOD!! Consequently, they are afraid of the Tea Party candidates (or Libertarians), and do their very best to discredit them and make them look bad as often as possible. Rove is the behind the scenes Good-Old-Boy hatchet man for those unfortunate candidates. He's as nasty as they come because he pretends to be Mr. Nice Guy while backstabbing the Innocent. FOX News is complacent by not contrasting Rove's hidden agenda.

Too bad for the Non-GOB candidates. This puts them all way behind the "pre-selected" front runners. Not only do the second tier candidates have to overcome the Left Wing Media's bias, but they also get a strong dose of negative propaganda from Karl Rove too. It's a double whammy! It increases the odds against them to get the Republican nomination dramatically. You have to give those "out-of-the-mainstream" candidates a lot of credit for trying.

Remember Sarah?
Rove has NEVER been a fan of Sarah Palin. He doesn't come right out and say it, because that would tip you off to his docket. Rove's elitist comments and analysis of her is consistent with those of the Good-Old-Boys. Rove uses dishonest tactics against those that the Washington elitists do not like or want to support. He will never admit this, because that would tarnish his credibility and ruin his ability to influence. JUST LISTEN TO WHAT HE SAYS AND HOW HE SAYS IT. He gladly points-out Palin's short comings while diminishing her better qualities. He vilified Christine O'Donnell, the Maryland Tea Party candidate in the 2010 elections. When the GOB's prime Republican candidate was beaten by Christine in the primary election, Rove pounded her every chance he had on TV. He helped defeat her because of his "unbiased analysis." O'Donnell has written a book that describes how the Republican Party helped defeat her in the Mid-term elections. In part, thanks to Karl Rove. All's fair in politics.

Now Rove is doing the same for Herman Cain, John Huntsman, Michelle Bachman, Ron Paul, and Gary Johnson. He leaves Rick Santorum out of it because Santorum is part of the elites. For example, here is Rove, bashing Cain on national TV using his famous white board:

Have you ever seen Rove using the white board "analysis" technique against Romney? NO, because if he did, he would need a bigger white board to include all of Romney's flip-flops. Likewise, the same holds true for Rick Perry. Did you know that Perry helped Al Gore run for President? Karl Rove will never mention that on national TV because he wants Perry in the top tier.

What To Do
This is all a big propaganda hoax. You are being manipulated by Rove and his fellow elites! You think you're getting the real deal. It's time to wake up! It's hard to know you're being brainwashed! Behind the scenes, the Good-Old-Boys are manipulating the results to deliver Mitt Romney who is NO CONSERVATIVE by any means. No, he's just another RINO like John McCain was. If we would have elected McCain, he would have been "Obama Lite"! (Just look at McCain's position on ILLEGALS!)

When you listen to Rove, REALLY LISTEN. You will pick up on the fact that he's deliberately slanting his "analysis" to suit the elites in Washington. Don't be fooled again. Think for yourself. When the primaries come to your town, vote for who YOU want, not for who Rove wants!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Big Brother Is Coming - This is a Test

More Like a Demonstration
Just 17 days before the government "test" of the Emergency Alert System (EAS). How come the Lame Stream media hasn't warned us about this? Our government is taking control over all radio and television broadcasts on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 2:00 PM. Here is the government's own announcement on their website:

"The EAS is a national public warning system that requires broadcasters, cable television systems, wireless cable systems, satellite digital audio radio service (SDARS) providers, and direct broadcast satellite (DBS) providers to provide the communications capability to the President to address the American public during a national emergency. The system also may be used by state and local authorities to deliver important emergency information, such as AMBER alerts and weather information targeted to specific areas.

The first Nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System will be carried out on November 9, 2011.

Test or Something Else?
Actually, if this is a test, then why is the government doing it at 2:00 PM instead of say, 3:00 AM while we're asleep? By doing so, it would disrupt fewer people than at 2:00 PM. No, the whole point of the "test" isn't to test the system - but rather to "demonstrate" the system to the whole nation when everyone is wide awake! The government wants you all to know that "We" have the power to do this and you'd better be paying attention!

Their message could be something like this:

"Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image, make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. We are in control. Resistance is futile. You shall be assimilated or eliminated."

Well, maybe not the first one!

Just The Facts
The EAS has been around since 1994. Its precursor - the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) was created in 1963 when we were worried about nuclear attacks. All television, radio, and satellite broadcasters are involved in the system. Cooperation is mandatory as per the FCC regulations. Interesting that THIS administration has taken a NEW interest in this "test" system for taking over all broadcasting in the USA. This system can be used by individual states also.

However, only the President has the authority to take over and activate the EAS at the national level. The bad news is that Obama has delegated this authority to the Director of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), Mr. William Craig Fugate.

The gist of this whole thing is that the authority to seize control of all television and civilian communication has been arbitrarily delegated from the executive (Obama) branch to a government agency. This is unprecedented and may be ILLEGAL!!! The law is the law. The President has no authority to change or modify the law as written.

What exactly is this test being used for and why? We really don't know the true reasons. We can only speculate that because of the recent "occupy" protesters, the government is planning what to do when IT declares Martial Law and takes over the country by imposing curfews and other such things while using the military to enforce it. God forbid!

Bottom up... (the protests, civil disobedience, and perhaps, riots), top down... ( the government take-over of broadcasting, and imposing Martial Law). This is all outlined in "The Coming Revolution".

Maybe. However, even some of well known writers, columnists, and even previous Presidential candidates are warning that the USA is in a serious state of decline and this is being accelerated under this President! Pay attention. This administration has done more to change America than any previous Presidency in our history. Be watchful and always question their actions.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guest Article - Communist Lead Unions

Union Gangsters: Andy Stern
By Matthew Vadum,

"Andy Stern is one of the most outspoken, cocksure neo-communists of the American labor movement.

We like to say: We use the power of persuasion first,” Stern said, channeling Rules for Radicals author Saul Alinsky. “If it doesn’t work, we try the persuasion of power.”

Stern quotes Karl Marx in television appearances. In 2007 the wannabe Bolshevik told Bill Moyers that his Service Employees International Union (SEIU) was expanding to Australia, Switzerland, England, South America, and Africa.

We’ve been working with unions around the world. And what we’re working towards is building a global organization. Because “workers of the world unite,” it’s not just a slogan anymore. It’s the way we’re going to have to do our work.

Stern loves government slush funds that advantage the Left. He enthusiastically supports President Obama’s so-called jobs bill that would provide $15 billion for ACORN and its 20-odd new front groups, other radical left-wing groups, and state and local governments.

He also seems blissfully, willfully ignorant of the many misguided government policies and programs that helped to cause the current financial crisis. To him everything is the fault of investors.

People burnt this economy to the ground with irresponsible speculative behavior,” Stern said in January 2010 at a labor forum sponsored by the left-wing Center for American Progress Action Fund. “And I would just say for the record that if American justice is really equal for everyone there are a lot of people that deserve to be called into account for what’s taken place up to now.”

As punishment, he supports enacting a stock market-killing tax on financial transactions that backers say could net $1.7 trillion over 10 years. The tax is being aggressively promoted by fellow neo-communist Heather Booth, the founder of the Alinskyite training school called the Midwest Academy. (Booth recently led Marxists in a stirring recitation of “Solidarity Forever” at a conference in Washington, D.C.)

Stern is also well-practiced in the dark art of Alinskyite vilification. At the 2010 forum he excoriated lawmakers for not passing the then-stalled Obamacare bill. Stern called senators who refused to approve the legislation “terrorists.”

We should send the national security people over and explain to them why we don’t negotiate with terrorists,” he said. “There are a lot of terrorists in the Senate who think we’re supposed to negotiate with them when they have their particular needs that they want met.

Under Stern’s leadership, SEIU became the fastest-growing union in America. His brutal, in-your-face tactics apparently helped to add a million dues-paying members to the rolls, bringing its total membership to 2.2 million.

Stern’s radicalism and love of thuggery permeates virtually every aspect of SEIU, which he led as president from 1996 to 2010 before leaving under an ethical cloud two years before his term of office was to expire.

With Stern at the helm, SEIU harassed and harangued companies into signing agreements to make the union the representative of their employees. Companies that dared to resist were subjected to “corporate campaigns” that included picket lines, boycotts, and actions calculated to generate negative publicity for employers.

The racketeers of SEIU use an intimidation manual to guide their vicious attacks against targeted companies. As labor watchdog F. Vincent Vernuccio reported,

The new union tactic is to use pressure on corporate boardrooms as a means of organizing entire companies nationwide rather than recruiting workers on a site-by-site basis; in short, to organize employers rather than employees. To create this pressure, unions attempt to push businesses to the edge of bankruptcy, with little regard for the welfare of employer and employee. They attempt to strong-arm businesses into agreeing to take away the secret ballot for employees in union-organizing elections via card check. They also try to force employers to restrict their own speech on union issues so that workers will not get both sides of the story on unionization. Among the SEIU’s demands is that employers agree to bargain only with it, to the exclusion of all other unions, regardless of what workers want.

Long before Stern took over the union, he helped SEIU members sabotage corporations that refused to play ball. He worked with economic terrorist Stephen Lerner on the union’s “Justice for Janitors” campaign. With the approval of union leadership, Stern and his comrades employed New Left tactics from the 1960s, blocking access to city streets, invading private meetings, advancing shareholder resolutions, and urging workers to swamp authorities with health and safety code complaints against their own employers.

Stern’s SEIU also led the way in bloodying Tea Party supporters at the anti-Obamacare town hall meetings of 2009. After President Obama, a master of Chicago thug politics, implored his supporters to “punch back twice as hard” against his enemies, SEIU obliged. In a widely reported incident, outside a town hall meeting union goons roughed up Kenneth Gladney, a diminutive black man selling Gadsden (“Don’t Tread on Me”) flags. One of his attackers called Gladney a “n**ger.”

Like members of ACORN, the union’s close ally, SEIU members are known for disrupting hospitals. One assaulted a cameraman at a hospital in California last year. SEIU goons are also known for surrounding the homes of corporate executives in order to intimidate companies.

But Stern doesn’t just work on the outside applying pressure.

Stern has visited the Obama White House a reported 50 times – 24 times in 2009 alone, while refusing to register as a lobbyist. SEIU views President Obama as an investment. The union went into debt in order to spend an incredible $85 million to promote Obama’s candidacy. The purple-shirted people beaters’ union even produced a movie called Labor Day to take credit for Obama’s election.

Obama rewarded Stern by naming him to the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse.

After leaving SEIU, Stern joined the board of a big pharmaceuticals company, SIGA Technologies. SIGA CEO Eric Rose practically admitted that Stern’s role in helping to ram Obamacare through Congress landed him the position. “His insight, experience, and leadership, particularly his understanding of how our federal government works, will complement the skill sets of our existing board members,” Rose said.

Stern also accepted a plum post as “senior research fellow” at Georgetown University’s Georgetown Public Policy Institute.

After a lifetime of undermining the businesses that generate wealth for America, now Stern can concentrate on poisoning the minds of the young."