Saturday, April 23, 2011

Guest Article - A New Book to Read?

About the Birth Certificate

By Benjamin Shapiro - an attorney and writer and a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center

"Two days ago, Matt Drudge linked to a new book by Jerome Corsi, unflinchingly titled Where’s the Birth Certificate? The book immediately leapt to number one on, where it has remained ever since. The media has shown its usual incredulity at the indisputable stupidity of the American people. How could so many people question President Obama’s birthplace? How could they wonder about his origins? Are they all simply racist?

The answer, of course, is that Americans are desperately seeking an answer to a simple question: why does President Obama appear to be so un-American? The term un-American here is not synonymous with anti-American (though Obama has been that on occasion); instead, it merely signifies that President Obama is unconcerned with typical American principles and traditions. He sees capitalism as selfish and evil, religion as dangerous and oppressive; he sees the Constitution as antiquated and entrepreneurialism as exploitative. He is the representative of the Fareed Zakaria ideology at work, celebrating the post-American world.

When America elects a president like this, many Americans begin wondering how it happened. There are always two answers to such difficult questions: the first is optimistically externally-oriented, while the second is realistically reflexive. It is far easier to believe that the problem of un-Americanism lies outside our borders, that within we are unified. Hence the oddly persistent belief that politics stops at the water’s edge, that our politicians unify around foreign policy. But that belief has been obsolete since the 1960s; hence the persistent outrage when certain politicians (see Pelosi, Nancy) travel abroad and then criticize their fellow American officeholders (see Bush, George W.). We like to think that if we hang together, we will not hang separately.

Thus the stubborn belief that President Obama is born outside the United States. If he was, the unspoken logic goes, we can understand where he picked up his un-American philosophy. He is not one of us – he is rather a member of the same global community that despises America and tolerates Islamism, that slams American consumerism and praises Chinese communism, that rips evangelical Christianity while ignoring Muslim-imposed clitorectomy. We need not worry about our domestic institutions, goes the line of thought – instead, we must focus on protecting ourselves from foreign infiltration.

More realistically, however, President Obama is the culmination of a century of foreign infiltration already in place. The turning of America’s institutions of higher education took place decades ago; it is too little too late to focus on such infiltration now. Beginning in the early 20th century, America’s colleges and universities were infiltrated by German thought, then thought to be the most sophisticated in the world. That school of thought, a merger of Hegelian utopianism and Marxist classism, quickly infected America’s halls of power. Theodore Roosevelt, always trendy, bought into the new “progressivism” with alacrity, jettisoning the Constitution and capitalism in the process. Bringing this perverse ideology to American shores, Teddy announced, “We of to-day who stand for the Progressive movement here in the United States are not wedded to any particular kind of machinery, save solely as means to the end desired.” This was the philosophy of incipient dictatorship. It was brought to its near-term apex under a college professor, Woodrow Wilson, who thought that the Constitution itself needed to be stripped away.

Even as Wilson and Roosevelt began implementing German philosophy in American government – with disastrous results including the decimation of growing American industries and a bizarre foreign policy focused on global institutions rather than American interests – Europeans abroad began to plan the next step of the American takeover. Members of the Frankfurt School, German philosophers who recognized that class conflict would not take place openly, traveled to the United States, where they proceeded to agitate for an even more extreme version of German Hegelian-Marxism.

Frankfurt School philosophers believed that Marxism had failed to produce widespread transnational class uprisings because societies were already too ensconced in a culture of capitalism. Culture and society themselves had to be destroyed in order to make way for a new brand of equality. And the first step toward such a revolution was destruction of traditional logic, destruction of traditional mores, and destruction of America’s homegrown culture. Men like Herbert Marcuse led the charge here, telling members of President Obama’s generation to make love, not war, and to fight the powers that be. America was cruel, and only by indoctrinating Americans in a new way of thinking could that cruelty be fought.

The philosophy of the Frankfurt School, making an alliance with trendy French post modernism, spread like wildfire through the academic world. Traditional history courses were torn down in favor of “queer” studies, black studies, Asian studies, women’s studies; language was deconstructed in order to remove its capitalistic foundations; traditional sexual mores were torn asunder in the name of “tolerance.

President Obama was the result. He grew up abroad, to be sure, but he spent most of his educational career right here in the United States, indoctrinated in the traditions of the progressives and the Frankfurt School. Ironically enough, the biggest problem for America arises if President Obama was born here – because if he was, the problem of un-Americanism is now internal rather than external. Perhaps that is why so many Americans wonder about the birth certificate – they hope against hope that President Obama is a symptom of a foreign ill rather than a domestic one. No matter whether Jerome Corsi comes up with evidence of Obama’s foreign birth, however – it is clear that the problem of Obama-esque un-Americanism is now endemic to American culture herself. We have an ideological problem in our midst, and no amount of digging in Kenya and Indonesia is going to solve a problem that now starts right here."

Friday, April 22, 2011

The 5 War President

Wait a Minute...
Has any leader in history ever succeeded in winning five wars at the same time?

Isn't the number of wars three? No America, it's 5 under President Obama. Obama is actively supporting ILLEGAL wars in the following countries:
  • Afghanistan - since 2001. Bush got us there, but recall that Obama told us that he would get the troops out of Afghanistan ASAP.

  • Iraq - since 2003. Again, Bush put us there, and Obama promised to get us out. So what does he do? Send more troops! We're still waiting...

  • Libya - Obama put us there without ANY Congressional approval. Why are we there at all?

  • Yemen - Wikileaks revealed that Yemen took the responsibility for US military strikes (under Obama).

  • Pakistan - Since 2004. CIA drone attacks started under Bush and continue under Obama. Why has Obama continued?

Where's the Outrage?
The Left was obsessed when Bush started three wars. They blasted him every chance they could. They demonstrated with anti-war protests often. However, there is silence when Obama has commited American military in two more countries. Where is the indignation? Why isn't ANYONE complaining about two more ILLEGAL WARS? Where's Congress? They just sit-back and let it happen without speaking. What's going on here? What are the missions? Who's funding these ILLEGAL WARS? Why are we there? Why hasn't anyone asked Obama to be held accountable?

This Isn't the United States
This is a Fascist regime. The Presidents (Bush & Obama) ignored the Constitution and did whatever they want. They attack countries and don't even have Congress formally declare war. This is in direct violation of the Constitution. Nobody seems to care. Why? Are we all afraid? Afraid of who or what?

We Don't Belong There
We have no business in Libya. Humanatarian reasons were the stated reason for the intervention. Nothing in the Constitution gives the President to do this. Nothing!

Now Libya is turning into a nightmare! We are supporting al Qaida on the ground. Does that make any sense? They want to destroy America. Who's side are we on? Are these decisions by Obama sound? Do you still trust HIS JUDGEMENT? What has he done? He's never fully explained his actions!

Ironic, Big Government is the only legal entity that can use force to achieve its goals. So what are Obama's goals in these five wars? Isn't it time to find out? America is facing a financial crisis, and Obama commits/continues our military to 5 WARS! Does that make any sense? Is Obama's goal to bring America to its' knees? it's working - but Americans remain silent!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

S&Ps Warning

Standard and Poors Warning
The S&P just gave the USA a bow shot as a warning that our credit rating is sinking fast. Instead of lowering our rating from "AAA" to something of lesser value, S&P was kind and just cautioned of our pending doom. If this doesn't get the attention of Congress - nothing ever will.

Clonned Representatives
Many of the newly elected Congressional representatives have already been "indoctrinated or Clonned" into the GOP version of Progressive. True Conservatives are labeled as Tea Party radicals. Just look at how the new Reps are voting on the key issues! It's not Conservative! Their record illustrates the point:
  • GOPs voted en masse to re-establish the Patriot Act which nullifies or dillutes the 1st and 4th Amendments.

  • GOPs voted to lower the 2011 budget by $100 Billion dollars and settled for a paltry $38 Billion instead.

  • GOPs promised to cut borrowing and stop spending. Then they "flipped" to approve the 2011 budget which increases borrowing from now to September by over $1 Trillion dollars.

  • Soon the GOP will be voting on raising the debt ceiling. There's already talk that the GOP will cave AGAIN and allow Obama to continue his disasterous economic plans.

The Game Is Over
If the Republican Party (GOP) raises the debt ceiling, then the game is over for America. We will not address going bankrupt and our economy will crash (harder than ever before) and we will become a second-rate country with a much lower standard of living.

Sorry for the gloom and doom but isn't it getting clear? American is in dire trouble and we need to take immediate action to prevent its collapse. Congress is too corrupted to fix anything! Both Parties! If Congress raises the debt ceiling, America will become part of the New World Order.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guest Article - S&Ps Warning to the USA

America’s Spiraling Stock
by Rich Trzupek-Front Page Magazine

"Although additional evidence regarding the severity of America’s debt crisis should not be necessary, Standard & Poors provided some more, lowering its future outlook for United States creditworthiness from “stable” to “negative.” That move effectively amounts to a warning that the nation needs to put its fiscal house in order or face disastrous consequences.

Standard & Poors did not downgrade the United States’ actual credit rating, which remains at AAA/A-1+, Standard & Poors’ highest possible score. Instead, the agency is putting the nation on notice that if we don’t do something to start paying down our massive debt, our national credit rating could be downgraded in the future. The United States has never had a credit rating below AAA with Standard & Poors, and of the 127 nations that the agency rates, only nineteen have AAA ratings.

Losing that AAA rating would be a disaster for the country, meaning that the United States government would have to offer higher interest rates when selling its debt, which would in turn lead to even more government spending. In issuing its warning, Standard & Poors noted how the federal government’s debt varied between two and five per cent of GDP from 2003 through 2008. That, the agency said, is a higher percentage than it usually allows in the case of other nations that carry the treasured top rating.

In 2009, the first year of the Obama administration, the nation’s debt load exploded to eleven per cent of GDP and has yet to come down, prompting the Standard & Poors outlook warning. “The outlook reflects our view of the increased risk that the political negotiations over when and how to address both the medium- and long-term fiscal challenges will persist until at least after national elections in 2012,” said S&P credit analyst Nikola Swann.

The magnitude of our national debt, now in excess of $14 trillion, and our commitment to paying out entitlement programs is hard to fathom. According to economist Bruce Bartlett, meeting all of our unfunded Social Security and Medicare commitments would require an immediate eighty one per cent increase in federal income taxes, which would have to remain in effect forever. The gap between revenues to meet entitlement commitments and the commitments themselves stands at approximately $100 trillion today and the longer we do nothing, the bigger that chasm becomes.

Will conservatives be able to use the Standard & Poors warning to leverage some meaningful budget cuts out of the administration, like those contained in the Ryan budget? Maybe, but it’s probably a long shot at best. The deficit debate boils down to whether we use tax hikes and modest budget cuts to start closing the gaps, as the president has proposed, or whether we start making some really meaningful spending reductions like the Ryan plan lays out. As a credit rating agency, Standard & Poors doesn’t care how a government closes the gap between spending and revenue, so long as the gap closes. Over at City Journal, Nicole Gelinas cited the United Kingdom’s experience with Standard & Poors as an example of how the agency’s warnings can be used to send exactly the wrong message. Standard & Poors had downgraded the UK’s future creditworthiness outlook to “negative” under Gordon Brown’s regime, but the agency changed its mind after David Cameron’s government applied some leftist solutions to “fix” the problem:

The Conservative-led coalition government increased taxes on VAT earlier this year, from 17.5 to 20 percent, dampening retail sales. It also went ahead last year with former prime minister Gordon Brown’s plan to hike the top personal-income tax rate to 51 percent (compared with America’s top rate of 35 percent). Though Britain has promised spending cuts, those cuts remain mostly in the future. Yet the Conservatives have reaped a political reward. S&P last year returned their nation’s outlook to “stable.”

The left would very much like to see the same kind of “solution” applied here. A tax hike could possibly make a dent in the deficit, but no conceivable tax hike could do anything but delay the onset of the entitlement crisis for a few more years. The only real solution is for the government to make the kind of meaningful, painful spending reductions that will restore some kind of balance between what we spend and what we have to spend. That’s the point that lawmakers ought to take away from Standard & Poors warning, but history tells us that lawmakers rarely hear the messages that really matter."

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Message To Congress

The Electorate is Still Mad
Apparently, the GOP (Grand Old Party alias Republicans) didn't get the message last November. When they were running for office they all promised to cut spending in 2011 by $100 Billion dollars. So when the great negotiator (John Boehner R, OH) finished making a deal, we got a $38.5 Billion dollar cut instead. What the GOP forgot to tell you was that this budget also allowed Obama to borrow an additional $1 Trillion dollars for the 2011 budget. Check your facts. That's no BS!! This was some deal.

The electorate is mad because we do not want Congress to borrow or spend any more money. No, we want Congress to make serious deep cuts. We also do not like LIARS. The GOPs lied to get elected - so what else is new. Taxpayers are also aware that Obama has several new taxes coming in 2014. These are referred to as tax triggers. They are automatic tax increases on EVERYONE - not just the rich. The GOP allowed this to happen. Why?

Taxpayers Know How to Balance a Budget
So why doesn't Congress? Of every dollar the government spends, it borrows 41 cents. That's just crazy! Why are only 59 of the newly elected Congressmen voting to REJECT the 2011 budget? Somehow, this just doesn't add up to the "promises" made in November.

Action To Take
We've got to hold our reps' feet to the fire! We've got to demand that they cut spending and stop borrowing. Keep playing the broken record until they start behaving the way we want them to.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Guest Article - The Donald

What’s Donald Trump really after?

"Despite an almost universal refusal by Republican establishment figures and the press to take him seriously, Donald Trump is taking very concrete steps toward forming — and announcing — a presidential campaign.

He has interviewed at least two people for a campaign manager position, sources said. He is in contact with several well-known media consultants and has spoken to figures in the evangelical community such as Ralph Reed and Tony Perkins.

Still, the question remains: Is Trump serious?

Yes. And no.

The widespread assumption that Trump’s flirtation with the presidency is a publicity stunt is no doubt at least partly true. But that’s merely the point of departure for a man for whom almost every public move over the past 30 years has been a publicity stunt. Trump has, in the past, hinted at presidential bids, only to pull back after basking in the public interest. But in the same voraciously media-hungry spirit in which he has leveled an array of accusations — some overstated, others flatly false — at President Obama in recent weeks, Trump appears likely to launch a formal presidential campaign, hire staff, shake hands in Iowa, participate in debates - in short, run for president. (See also: Trump draws Obama into 'birther' fray)

Trump is making the “types of moves that one makes if they’re actually running,” said one top Republican consultant familiar with his efforts.

The real estate mogul has spoken to pollster Tony Fabrizio as well as members of Larry Weitzner’s Jamestown Associates, sources said. Three Republicans said that Florida-based media consultant Rick Wilson had been recommended to Trump as a potential hire. (Wilson declined to comment on whether he’d been approached or spoken with Trump).

He recently called pollster and strategist Kellyanne Conway, who agreed to set him up with some evangelical leaders.

I would not discount his viability because he crosses the first threshold,” said Conway, citing his name recognition and ability to put money toward a race.

There are two “draft Trump” efforts. One is led by Trump executive Michael Cohen, who traveled to Iowa to check the landscape, and eccentric billionaire pal Stewart Rahr. The other is by former Nixon adviser and perennial Republican fascination-figure Roger Stone. Stone has denied being involved with Trump, while continuing to offer public advice in online columns. (See also: Arena: Just how serious is Trump?)

And Trump has made moves that have little to do with getting him on television. He has, notably, abruptly reversed his position to firmly pro-life, something that conservative Christian leaders have noted with pleasure. (See also: Abortion flips, the listicle)

I’m convinced he’s probably going to run,” said Steve Scheffler, the head of the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition, who said Trump contacted him this past Wednesday in an “introduction” phone call."

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Repeat of Failed Policies

Boring... or Maybe Not So
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a program of monthly data that records the changes in prices paid by urban consumers on a typical basket of goods and services.

Why Is This Important To Me?
Because it represents money coming out of your pocket each month. Ahhh, now you see the picture. You feel it in YOUR wallet or purse. Here are some examples from the CPI for the month of March 2011:

Price Increases From a Year Ago
  • Tomatoes up 13.9%

  • Wheat up 53.7%

  • Sugar up 54.2%

  • Coffee up 123.2%

  • Corn up 103.9%

  • Butter up 31.5%

  • Cocoa up 9.2%

  • Soybeans up 35.2%

  • Cotton up 144.4%

  • Milk up 10%

(Source Neil Cavuto - FOX Business channel)

You may have noticed that at the end of the month, your salary hasn't gone up and there's not enough money to pay for the usual things. Welcome to the club! What's changed? This is called "StagFlation."

What's StagFlation?
We are living in a time of very high unemployment (regardless of what the government tells us) and we are experiencing inflation at the same time. This condition is referred to as "StagFlation." This is brought about by bad economic policies. For example - banking on electric cars, "cheap solar", and high speed rail instead of drilling for oil and natural gas. This doesn't make gasoline any cheaper or lower the cost of living. It wastes money in technologies that may never keep their promises. In fact, these technologies have failed to help Spain even though they spent billions to fix their situation. We have the world's largest coal reserves and this administration HATES COAL and refuses to allow any expansion of this natural resource. Meanwhile, energy costs go up. Instead of raising corn to eat, the government subsidizes farmers to make ethanol using government subsidies. Consequently, we are literally burning food so we can fuel our cars. DUH?

This administration will not tell us that the situation is bad because Obama is running for re-election in 2012. No, instead they're are telling us how great the Stimulus was, that the bailouts saved us all-including Cash for Clunkers, and that unemployment is slowly going downwards.

Meet the Old Boss...
The US has experienced this phenomenon before under the Carter administration. If you're too young to remember, under Carter we had outrageous mortgage interest rates (17%), high gasoline prices (and gas shortages), along with big unemployment numbers. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

Carter told Americans to turn-down their home thermostats and put on sweaters to save energy! He told us how solar energy would save the day and that we would no longer rely on imported oil. We see how well that has turned-out. Unfortunately, now we are hearing the same message from Obama.

Same as the New Boss...
StagFlation is here again under Obama with $4.00 gas (and rising...), high unemployment, and skyrocketing food prices. Apparently, we don't learn from our previous mistakes. Will this trend continue? Yes, because we have stagnant wages and POOR ECONOMIC POLICIES once again! This is no coincidence. Obama's policies and those of the Federal Reserve Bank are NOT working. Quite the opposite. It's a repeat of the failed Jimmy Carter administration.

Ben Bernanke has fueled inflation by de-valuing the dollar. Obama refuses to drill and he has NOT created new jobs as he told us he would with HIS Stimulus and economic policies of outrageous spending. America, it's time to admit your mistake. We cannot afford another four years of this incompetence!