Saturday, April 20, 2013

False Confidence

So much for the war on terror is dead. In Obama's State of the Union speech, he declared that he was "confident" that HE was achieving the goal in defeating Al-Qaeda. He claimed that his efforts had defeated them an that only "remnants" were left - giving Americans the false sense that it was over.

Obama was WRONG. His assessment proved that on Monday this week at the Boston Marathon. Terrorism is BACK on the streets here in America. There were two known perpetrators who bombed Boston. Both are/were Muslims. Ironic, but there seems to be a pattern evolving. Since 2001, the attacks against Americans have all been by Muslims. Just saying, there seems to be a pattern.

Hindsight says that Obama should never have cut DHS's IED (Improvised Explosive Device) budget by 45%. When asked about the cuts, DHS (Department of Homeland Security) Director, Janet Napolitano refused to give ANY valid reasons for it nor for the government stockpiling 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammunition - creating an ammo shortage.

Obama's narrative on terrorism has proven tragically to be literally DEAD WRONG! You can't kill ALL our enemies using drones. We have enemies here in the USA. Some came here ILLEGALLY across our porous borders, while it (seems clear now) others did not.

We need to bring EXTREME PRESSURE on the White House for ALL the details regarding these two TERRORISTS. Who trained them, why did they do this act, are there others in THIS PLOT that haven't been caught? What links to other countries are there?

Don't let this turn-out to be ANOTHER BENGHAZI! Obama promised Americans that we would capture the Benghazi assassins and punish them. Months later, we haven't and we know little because eye witnesses have not been silenced by this administration.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Obama Slashed Bombing Budget

Under President Bush the domestic bombing prevention received $20 MILLION dollars a year to support their work. When Obama took office, he immediately cut that budget to $11 MILLION dollars. Keep in mind that we (the US government) spend $1 TRILLION dollars dedicated for IED (Improvised Explosive Device) prevention overseas.

One can conclude that Obama cares little about your security. Slashing the domestic bomb prevention budget by just short of 50% isn't a trivial thing. It's clear that Obama didn't think that domestic bombings were very important.

Sources indicate that these cuts made it much more difficult to investigate the Boston bombings. This is just another example of Obama's failed policies. He does not have the strategic view to know how to protect Americans - or he just doesn't care! His Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Director Janet Napolitano did NOT answer any questions about why the agency cut this funding for preventing improvised explosive devices.

Maybe he and FLOTUS needed the money to pay for one of their many world class vacations!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another Cover-Up?

Saudi Arabian Deported
What isn't the government telling us about the Patriot Day bombings? Yesterday President Obama had an unscheduled meeting with Saudi Arabia's foreign minister. Next thing we see is that the "man of interest" who was previously investigated by the FBI is now being deported by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). The reason stated is because of "national security grounds." This was the 20 year old Saudi college student who ran away from the bombing scene and had suffered burns. He lived in Revere, Massachusetts. Now all of a sudden, he's being deported.

This smells fishy! What gives here? Our usual behavior with the Saudis is that we NEVER arrest their citizens when they have committed a crime, we merely deport them. We do this so as not to "embarrass" the Saudi government. Anyone affiliated with the Saudi government here in the USA always gets the "get-out-of-jail-treatment." So is that the case in this situation? One may come to that conclusion.

Did we just let one of the bomb perpetrators leave the country so Saudi Arabia can save face? Is the Obama administration committing ANOTHER COVER-UP like Benghazi?

We DEMAND ANSWERS from President Obama this time. We DEMAND to know if this is what exactly happened. What involvement did the Saudi have with the bombing? Why did we deport him?

Action To Take
Bostonians and Americans all across the nation, start pressuring the White House for these answers. We will NOT tolerate ANOTHER government cover-up like Benghazi!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It Was No Accident

No Envoy Sent
Just to clarify for the record. President Obama did NOT represent the United States government in any way at the funeral of Margret Thatcher in Great Britain. He lacks class because he HATES the UK with a passion. So he sent no envoy to represent one of our biggest allies. This was a deliberate act to show his disrespect for Great Britain.

Recall that Obama also insulted Great Britain by returning a bust of Winston Churchill. That was a gift to the President from them and he insulted them with its return. Obama blames Great Britain for being a colonial power and wants to give them retribution for their colonial actions. Obama also believes (from his childhood teachings) that the United States is/was a colonial power that took natural resources from under-developed countries so that the US could prosper. He also HATES America for being a colonial power.

Why do you think Obama continues to borrow, spend, and waste taxpayer money? He's trying to bring-down the American economy to punish us for our past deeds. He wants to reduce the middle class and make us more like  third-world country. He's reducing our military power as well as our nuclear arsenal. Obama cares little about improving America. Quite the contrary. So far, he's been quite successful. Look at the unemployment numbers, the measly GDP growth, and sheer numbers of Americans on food stamps. Our military cuts are literally destroying them too. These are a result of Obama's Collapse Plan.

So when we see him insult one of the few friendly countries in the world, it should be no surprise once you understand Obama.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How Was FEMA Involved?

What part does FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) have in the Patriot Day Bombing? Perhaps we will never know. Several eye witnesses report that they were informed before the race that they (FEMA) were having "practice drills" in the area. Witnesses say that FEMA was "in Boston doing a practice drill before the race."

Ironic too is the fact that FEMA was ALSO present in close proximity to the Sandy Hook shootings the day of the event. FMA was similarly running a drill on the day of the CT massacre.

Other Interesting Links
Here are two more links that propose similar "conspiracy" theories:

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There are couple of inferences that can be drawn from what we know about the Boston attack that the STATIST media isn't reporting. First, FEMA knew about the bombings before they happened. People were being told that there was a FEMA drill taking place at the race explaining the bomb-sniffing dogs present. So instead of warning the public, they did NOT. Instead of canceling the event, they did not.

Second, and more sinister implication, its that FEMA was part of the bombing plots. How could anyone think this? Why would FEMA be part of such an outrageous idea? Look at the linkage to the Sandy Hook massacre. FEMA coincidentally had a "drill" taking place on the same day as the school shootings and they were just down the road from the school. There was a lot of mis-information about Sandy Hook and there still is.

Coincidence or connection? Who really knows. What this does tell you is that YOU need to pay close attention to what is being reported and what is NOT. You need to conduct your own investigation to understand what the STATIST media is reporting to you and how much they are omitting to tell us.

They did it in the Sandy Hook massacre and they are doing it now.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing

Mourn the dead. Pray for the wounded.

If you live in the Boston area, stay safe. Volunteer your help if possible.

That's it for today's blog.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Looking Up Voting Records

How To Find Your Senator's Voting Record
Your US Senators are elected into office for a six year term. During this stay, they will have to vote on hundreds of issues. You need to know exactly how they are voting so YOU can decide if you want them to remain in office or not. Never trust a "News" accounting of how your US Senators voted for a particular bill or law. If you are seriously concerned about their voting, you need to take the time to look it up yourself. You need Internet access. It's not hard and this article describes how to do it, as follows:

  1. Open your Internet browser, type, and press Return: The United States Senate page displays.
  2. In the menu bar at the top of the page, select "Legislation & Records." The Legislation and Records Home page displays.
  3. In the middle column of that page select "Roll Call Votes." The Roll Call Summary page displays.
  4. In the Vote column, select a number. (Descriptions for each number are in the Descriptions column). The summary of that bill displays providing details of how everyone voted on it.
  5. Select "By Home State" to see how your two Senators voted. 

It's that simple! Give it a try and become more involved with YOUR government! No more excuses.