Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"I Have a Pen & a Phone..."

One of the main responsibilities of the President of the United States is to protect all Americans from foreign invasions. That's the main reason for having a strong military. OK, we have that box checked-off, but we have a President who is ignoring his oath of office.

Obama swore to defend both the constitution and the people of the land. He has failed on both counts.

There is an INVASION taking place on our borders. All Obama has to do is to close the borders using the National Guard using his pen. Oh, that's right, Obama already told us that the borders are safe. That was just another LIE.

It doesn't take a wacky person to see that Obama is following Cloward & Piven and Saul Alinsky's strategies to collapse the system by overloading it. Anyone who can read (Rules for Radicals), knows that this is exactly what Obama is doing. He used to teach these very same principles before becoming President. Simply look at his actions, or in this case, his inactions. By doing nothing to secure our borders, Obama IS making a decision to allow the INVASION to continue. Don't listen to his rhetoric, watch what he does. People label him as incompetent, but he's not. He's doing what he can to collapse America anyway he can.

Obama is a master of the smoke & mirror. He blathers what the folks want to hear, and then does whatever HE wants - even if it violates the Constitution & his oath of office. There are too many examples of this to continue ignoring those facts.

Unfortunately, we have a lack-luster congress who prefers to hide behind his inactions and unlawful actions when they could try and hold him accountable. House Speaker, John Boehner said today that there will be "NO IMPEACHMENT." What this means is "NO Checks-and-Balances" as usual.

What a wuss!

If your job performance matched that of Obama's or Boehner's, you would have been fired a long time ago.

We need to DUMP the TRASH in congress this coming November. Vote-Out the RINOS and replace them with people who's goal is to defend AND protect the Constitution. And we certainly should DUMP all Democrats because they all voted for ObamaCare.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

"So Sue Me"

House Speaker John Boehner has threatened to sue President Obama for all of his violations of the law and his oath of office. Good luck on that one. Obama has already figured that one out and defiantly and arrogantly told Boehner to go ahead, "So sue me."

Obama knows that if the court takes the case he has better than a 50/50 chance of winning and Boehner losing. Why? Because the courts have no power to punish Obama if they find him guilty of violating the law. Obama can continue on his reckless path of implementing "regulations" and writing more "Executive Orders" without impunity.

The Founding Fathers never anticipated that we could have an Imperial President like Obama. They never considered what to do with a President who disobeys the law. So when John Boehner threatens to sue Obama, good luck!

The only way to correct the situation, is Impeachment. Thank God the Founders DID think of that one! The only way to be successful with this endeavor is to first gain control over the United States Senate. That way there WILL be enough votes to actually get Obama out-of-office against his will. And while they're at it, they should also Impeach Eric Holder for many of the same reasons. Get rid of them both so they cannot do any more harm to America.

It's up to you America. If you love your country, you can't just sit there and watch Obama and his minions destroy it.