Saturday, November 5, 2011

Reject a Subpoena?

White House Rejects a Subpoena
This isn't the United States of America any longer. No, some of us don't have to follow the rules of the land any more. Obama's attorney rejected a Congressional subpoena to submit Solyndra documents being withheld by Obama. The attorney in effect, was giving the "finger" to Congress.

Do YOU even Care?
For the record, a subpoena is a "writ issued by court authority to compel the attendance of a witness at a judicial proceeding; disobedience may be punishable as a contempt of court."

It's apparent that Obama believes that HE IS ABOVE THE LAW and can do anything he wants - including IGNORING CONGRESS and the Constitution! Obama's lawyer is on the record for saying "I can only conclude that your decision to issue a subpoena, authorized by a party-line vote, was driven more by partisan politics than a legitimate effort to conduct a responsible investigation."

Since when can ANYONE ignore a subpoena? No one is exempt from obeying the law - not even the President! Just because you don't like the subpoena, doesn't mean that you have the power not to comply with it! If you or I ignored a Congressional subpoena, we would be incarcerated immediately! So why does THIS GUY think he's any different?

Where's The Outrage?
Failure to follow the laws of the land by the highest office in the land is TREASON! Obama should be held accountable for HIS mishandling of the Solyndra fiasco. He should be forced to comply with the subpoena. Failure to comply should result in IMPEACHMENT proceedings. This is OUTRAGEOUS.

Action To Take
Let your Representatives know that the President is NOT above the law of the land and that he should be held accountable or face IMPEACHMENT!

Friday, November 4, 2011

ACORN is Still a Dirty Word

New Name-Same Old Methods
The New York City branch of ACORN was re-named to "New York Communities for Exchange (NYCC)" but that didn't change much else. They changed their name because of all the negative publicity about their ILLEGAL activities - including voter fraud. However, they still get government funding and support from George Soros. So really, nothing much else has changed.

It seems that they got caught with their pants down once again. This time, by FOX News. Last week they reported that NYCC (ACORN) was deeply involved with the "Occupy" movement in NYC. They have provided paid agitators, protest signs, and money to aid the demonstrations. Golly, what a surprise!

Nothing to Hide
Ironic that this week NYCC (ACORN) is very busy doing damage control. Yes, it seems that NYCC is shredding documents and taking further extreme measures to identify the leaks in their office to prevent further damage. They have already fired two workers for allegedly leaking to FOX News. Looks like they need to keep looking for those leaks because the inside information keeps on coming!

They are so paranoid that they are now installing surveillance cameras in their offices to kept an eye on their employees! But, they have nothing to hide America!

Of course NYCC spokespersons deny any of these allegations! But we already know that we cannot believe proven liars and felons!

Hopefully, Americans will learn of this behavior and demand that NYCC halt their involvement in these demonstrations before they become dangerous riots - like in Oakland, CA.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Time for The Militia

Oakland Battleground
Oakland California's mayor Jean Quan must be real proud of herself because because of her weak responses to the civil unrest. Now the demonstrations have turned-into riots. This is exactly what the anarchist leaders of the "Occupy" movement wanted.

Obama Was Wrong (again)
Our leader in the White House sympathesized with the protesters. Look where that's going. People in Oakland are now rioting. He can take some of the blame for encouraging and siding with them. He said that they are like the Tea Party. Not quite, because there were never ANY arrests with Tea Party demonstrators. They were lawful citizens, unlike like the hooligans and radicals in the "Occupy" demonstrations.

What's Next?
It should be obvious that the Oakland Police department cannot let this go any further. They have no choice. People are now rioting. The Police have to protect people and propery. The governor should call-out the National Guard and they should squelch the rioters using any means possible to restore law and order. They should put Oakland under Martial Law.

They should start with a curfew. Arrest anyone who violates it. Limit the sale of dangerous materials like gasoline, ammunition, or explosives. Sell gas only in small amounts for cars only. No gasoline containers allowed - just cars.

They should also avoid using rubber bullets. Rioting stops quickly when looters and vandals are shot. This was the strategy used in 1967 in Detroit, Michigan. It worked and rioters stopped rather quickly after they saw that the law meant to be serious.

This is not joke. We are under attack.

The Patriot Act
They should also impose the powers given in the Patriot Act on Oakland. These people are terrorists. They should be arrested and treated as such. Perhaps they should consider treating their leadership with something called "rendition" which is also legal under the Patriot Act. Fly the riot leadership to a foreign country and let the foreign government perform the questioning on the "Occupy" leadership. Demonstrations would become non-existent.

You can't coddle a rioter. You need to use force. If the demonstrations remain peaceful, then fine. But you can't let these demonstrations turn into life-threatening situations.Police have to protect the community.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In God We Trust

The House of Representatives recently took a vote to re-affirm that the official motto of the USA should remain and still be "In God We Trust." The vote also encouraged the display of the motto in public places like all public buildings and government institutions.

This motto has been around as long as the country has existed. It's even on our money! It goes back to colonial times and is viewed as "inspirational" for fellow Americans.

Voting Against
You may, however, want to know that a few of YOUR Representatives are AGAINST this motto. Here are the Congressional Representatives who do NOT want this motto or to display it:

  • Gary Ackerman (D, NY)

  • Justin Amash (R, MI)

  • Judy Chu (D, CA)

  • Emanuel Cleaver (D, MO)

  • Keith Ellison (D, MN) - wouldn't vote NO so voted "Present" instead

  • Mike Honda (D, CA)

  • Hank Johnson (D, GA)

  • Jerrold Nadler (D, NY)

  • Bobby Scott (D, VA)

  • Pete Stark (D, CA)

  • Melvin Watt (D, NC) - wouldn't vote NO so voted "Present" instead

Action To Take
If you see YOUR representative in the list, contact them and ask them why they do NOT want the motto. Make them squirm and be sure and tell other registered voters NOT to vote for these individuals because they are NO Patriots! Vote them out where they belong!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Mud Doesn't Stick To Cain

It's Started
We predicted that this presidential campaign would be nasty, but didn't expect that the "SXit" would start flying this soon. Since we don't know who's responsible for the current character assassination against Cain, we can only assume it comes from people who are afraid of him. He's doing too well in the polls, so they use smear tactics to try and discredit his standings. That's just disgusting and we won't tolerate it!

We're NOT Buying It
American voters are truly getting pissed-off with ALL politicians in BOTH parties. They do NOT deserve our respect because neither party has earned it. This smear tactic against Cain proves the point!! And now we see dirty politics at their best! We don't know who did it, just that they did it! It could have come from either political side, but we're betting on the Secular Progressives for this one. It smells of their tactics.

The alleged incidents happened over 12 years ago involving two "anonymous" sources. Since when does anyone get tried and convicted by "anonymous" sources? Lynch mobs are not wanted in our politics! This is just DIRTY POLITICS and we, as Americans, are fed-up with this kind of behavior!Gee, they can't say Cain is a racist so they find another way to smear him. In fact, this makes Herman Cain a stronger candidate because we see just how frightened the opposition really is! They will do ANYTHING to try and win. The ends justify the means (Saul Alinski's "Rules for Radicals").

Allegations Aren't Facts
If you let "anonymous" allegations persuade you to find another candidate, that's your choice. We however, will not be persuaded by such reprehensible tactics to win an election. This is just another example of the political corruption in Washington and why we need some REAL new blood in office. We'd like to thank the bastards who did this because it tells us that we have the RIGHT candidate to run against Obama. Bring honesty and integrity back to the White House - not the bogus act we have now.

We let Bill Clinton remain in office after he really committed SEXUAL HARASSMENT in his office with an intern and then covered it up! The double standards in politics have to stop! Herman Cain was cleared of these charges over 12 years ago. Let sleeping dogs lay!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Enjoy The Fine Weather!

Earliest Snow in 59 Years
New York City was hit with 2.9 inches of snow in a new record for earliest snowfall in 59 years. Demonstrators in Zucotti Park felt the wrath of good old Mother Nature over the weekend. Many demonstrators were left drenched, cold, and sick as a direct result. Do you feel their pain?

Not Well Organized
The protesters have called-out for more support and ask for people to feel sorry for them and to "donate" gloves, long underwear, winter coats, and other survival supplies on their WEB SITE! It seems that the "Occupy" protesters were quite unprepared for the early snow. What are these people - HOMELESS?

Like we should feel sorry for them! In case you're unaware, they are funded in part, by George Soros and given huge support from SEIU and the AFL-CIO unions. They are being lead and organized by known radicals, Marxists, and anti-semantic agitators. Many protesters are paid $650 a week to be there! But, this is a "spontaneous movement just like the Tea Party" (A lie from Obama's own mouth).

NY City Confiscates Generators
The NYC Police and Firefighters confiscated six power generators from the park before the snowstorm. They cited the dangerous conditions of having fuel and power equipment too close to occupied areas with flammable tents and tarps. Bye bye to the comforts of home. Guess the protesters will have to REALLY camp out and rough it! Maybe they should have read some survival techniques before their demonstrations. They should have invited Cody Lundine. DUH?

Blame Global Warming
Global warming advocates are probably busy "fudging" the data to "prove that the early snowfalls in the North East are all the direct result of man's impact on climate. Some places like Massachusetts have reported as much as 20+ inches of snow! Unfortunately, in Boston, they only had cold and a long slushy rain on their demonstrators. Damn that Global Warming! It's messing-up our "spontaneous, unplanned," and unfunded" demonstrations.

Don't you feel really sorry for these folks?

Divine Providence
We'd like to think that this wasn't caused by Global Warming, but more like caused by a stronger power. Something that NONE of the demonstrators believe in - namely God!

Was the snowstorm caused by Divine Providence? Who knows for sure. All we do know is that we pray often for Divine Intervention into these attacks against America and freedom. Perhaps this is the answer to those prayers.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Anarchist's Mask

Repeated Motif of Protesters
If you've been paying any attention to the "Occupy" protesters you may have noticed a rather sinister mask being worn by several protesters. It's the Guy Fawkes mask. Here is what it looks like:



Look familiar? It should. These masks are showing up around the word in places like London, Paris, Sydney, New York, Boston, and Oakland. Wherever there is a wave of protests against banks, politicians, financial institutions, and Jews these masks appear in their audiences.

The masks originated in a film from 2006 entitled "V for Vendetta." in the movie the mask is worn by a lone anarchist (terrorist) who tries to end a Fascist dictatorship by assinating its leadership, one at a time. So the "role model" is a terrorist who is violently trying to overthrow his government by ANY means possible! Sound familiar? "The ends justify the means."

Since the movie, the mask first appeared when the notorious hacker group named "Anonymous" began protesting against Scientology. Since then however, the mask has evolved to become a favorite of anarchists throughout the world - INCLUDING HERE IN THE USA! Hence, we see them in our versions of the "Occupy" protests across the nation.

Their Meaning
These masks are harmless you say. Yes, but the people wearing them are NOT! Their idol in the movie killed, blew up buildings and cars, and destroyed human lives for HIS cause - that of a vendetta. The Guy Fawkes mask has become the placard in the Wall Street demonstrations. Ironically, Warner Brothers is making a lot of money selling these patented masks. So much for anti-Capitalism!

These masks are NOT funny. They represent a deliberate act to destroy America. They do not symbolize a passive approach to resolution. No, they represent willful active terrorism. The people wearing them are afraid of reprisals. And rightly so. If their faces appeared on national TV, someone out there in the audience may take to their own form of violent reaction towards them. This country has plenty of extremists on the opposite side of the fence who believe strongly in America.

Action To Take
None of this is any good. But it should help make you aware that America is under attack from within. When you see these masks point out to your friends and family what the TRUE meaning is for them. Let your friends and family know that you do NOT support anarchists who are literally trying to destroy the American way of life. Your way of life. Stand up for your freedoms. Don't be intimidated any longer. You can save this country by YOUR actions! Don't ignore the attack that is in your face every day.