Saturday, October 19, 2013

The GOP Surrendering

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well here is a photograph of the GOP "Elites" just before they raised the debt ceiling:

GOP Coming Onboard with Democrats

Friday, October 18, 2013

Dump The Dollar - It's Coming…

Keystone Cops (look it up)
In the latest fiasco performed by our Congress, world leaders were watching with careful eyes. They have truly realized that our government is still very shaky and that their economies are so intertwined with the dollar that they cannot afford to trust it. They watched as each party blamed the other while the President sat back on his ass and watched it unfold. There ended up a temporary "solution" which is NOT a solution after all.

No wonder. Since they couldn't resolve our debt problem, they decided just to continue doing the same things that got us in this unsustainable situation. In other words, NOTHING CHANGED. Congress merely kicked the can with a new arbitrary deadline of just after the first of the year. At that time we will all witness yet another song-and-dance by both political parties in their predictable futile attempts to solve America's biggest problem.  We spend too much more than we take-in and borrow too much to try and pay for that foolishness. We pay Congress $ 174, 000 to do NOTHING to fix America.

Apparently, the Democrats haven't gotten that picture yet. Obama wants to increase our spending THIS YEAR by $1+ TRILLION dollars - that we don't have, so he can create more hand-outs and to redistribute what wealth is left in America. A true Progressive. The Democrats support this effort. Who's side are they on? His goal is to make everyone poor, but all on the same playing field with the government in control of YOUR LIVES.

That's NOT America. That's NOT Socialism. It's MARXISM, but the uninformed Americans just see the small picture of their getting freebies like cell phones and handouts like food stamps. Too Bad! That's the demise of a once great country. We have ourselves to blame.

Other World Powers View
The other world powers see the big picture and now more than ever, want to free themselves of the American dollar as the world currency because it's getting too unstable. Can you blame them? Strongest advocates are China, Russia, India, and Japan. China has stopped buying US Treasury Bonds, because they realize we could truly default on our loans. That's why these countries are buying gold and silver in huge quantities. They see that the USA is wavering and possibly collapsing in on itself because of our national debt problem. They want out of this currency/credit bubble before they go down with the crash!

When they dump the dollar, yours will all become useless and worthless. Hyperinflation will destroy what's left and the US economy will collapse. Not too pretty!

Meanwhile America will go happily through the coming holidays and celebrate as though nothing is going on elsewhere. Just wait until the next debt deadline. The American public us sick-and-tired of the same old - same old. There IS change coming. The Tea Party is NOT DEAD. There will be revolution.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The GOP Has A New Name

Since the Republicans have a long record of giving-up instead of holding firm against increasing government spending and more borrowing, they have decided to re-brand themselves to represent who they REALLY are.

The Grand Old Party (GOP) gave up their name yesterday for a new one. Now they are now called "The Cavers." (Not Neanderthal, but quitters). They have a new motto too: "We Give Up. We Surrender." They have also changed their logo. It is no longer an elephant. Now it's the White Flag of Surrender.

Just like the Japanese of World War II, the Republican Party surrendered unconditionally (AGAIN) after giving-up the leverage they had in their favor to bring about REAL changes in America's deficit. They could care less about you and your grand children because they care more about getting re-elected. Besides, it's easier to capitulate than to really try and solve the problems of this BLOATED government.

Americans need to look and see who the people were who voted to expand the debt ceiling last night. Those people are the ones who do NOT deserve to stay in Congress. Chances are that they also voted for The Patriot Act too which allows the NSA to spy on all of us. Trouble is that most Americans are uninformed and care less. You get what you deserve.

To sum it up: The Republican Party is DISGUSTING. Conservatives deserve better. Because of their weakness, and incompetence we have to look forward to repeating this same exercise in just 13 more weeks. Wow, that was some solution to the deficit problem. You heard right, they will be going through the same shenanigans right after the Christmas holiday season. They never learn.

Maybe next time the American public will wake up and demand that they all get their act together instead of screwing around with this nation. I rather doubt it.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

GOP Elites Cave (Again)

"Kick the can" down the road again. Extend the debt ceiling again so we can have another crisis in a few months. Deja vu all over again! The Republican Elites NEVER learn! They are disgusting. They are destroying America along with the INSANE government spending that the Democrats continue to demand. They certainly DO NOT represent Conservative values.

The Republican Party is controlled by the Good-Old-Boys who don't want to rock the comfortable BIG GOVERNMENT boat. They aren't "Republicans" any longer. The two party system is now the one party system. Just look at their actions. Don't listen to their words. They sure aren't Conservatives.

They shut-down the government and did so for not one concession from the Democrats. This isn't just STUPID, it's suicide.

Please remember the names of all those in the GOP Senate who caved so you can vote-them-out in their next re-election campaign. They are one of the main reasons for America's decline and self-destruction. They no longer represent the people  - they represent special interests and themselves.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rumors Fly

The name calling and finger pointing continues in the nations' capitol and it's getting worse as we approach the deadline of this Thursday to reach a government agreement. So far it seems like the elite GOP are willing to cave-in (as usual) to the Democrats. But this time it all seems quite different. There's more bickering and less cooperation.

Obama is out of the picture completely. He has forsaken HIS responsibility to lead and is ignoring his duties to negotiate. Instead, he threatens to default on our obligations as a nation to pay the interest on our $17 TRILLION debt. Actually, the US has enough to pay this interest without ANY new borrowing or spending from the monies taken in as monthly tax payments. He forgets to mention that in his rhetoric. Instead, what Obama says is that there will be no Social Security payments or makes other threats to jive-up the pressure and to create more turmoil.

Meanwhile the Republicans equally point their fingers and blame the other guys for this mess, when in fact, they are all to blame for it. This deadline came as no surprise to Congress or the President. So what was their concern? They took-off 5 weeks just before the deadline so they could be on vacation. We can see where their priorities are and who is important to all of them. Clue: It's NOT YOU!

No one has a crystal ball or can make an accurate prediction.  This time around no one really seems that stressed-out and hopes that the other guy makes the big mistake so they can't be held responsible. There's talk of extending the debt ceiling for another short time only to be repeating this process once again. (Kicking the can).

What we need are representatives and a President who will actually try and resolve this issue of over spending and over borrowing. So far, Americans are beginning to figure-out that Obama is NOT their guy any for this task. Frankly, we believe that Obama wants to collapse the economy and what better way then to destroy our credit and out currency!

We are losing our country. We are heading in the WRONG direction. We must take action to STOP this insanity!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Guest Article: Who We Owe

written by: National Public Radio

"The U.S. government owes a lot of money.

A lot.

In fact, U.S. debt today stands at about $17 trillion.

Obviously, that’s a little difficult to understand with just words.

So here to help you visualize the debt situation in the U.S. — and help you understand where money is owed — is a helpful chart from National Public Radio:

Here are some key takeaways [as presented by Business Insider]:

  • We owe most of the money to ourselves.
  • We owe a big chunk of the money — about $6 trillion — to the Federal government. So if there ever were a default (hopefully there won’t be) the government would also be stiffing itself.
  • We owe about $5 trillion to other countries, including China. The total debt to China is only $1.3 trillion. So we’re not in hock to China as much as some people think we are.

Yes, it’s a boatload of debt. But the experience of Japan, the U.S. after World War 2, and other countries, suggests that it’s a manageable amount, as long as we eventually get our long-term entitlement spending under control."

Sunday, October 13, 2013

EBT Outage (No Foodstamps)

You may have noticed yesterday that there were some disruptions in several states across the nation. There were exactly 17 states that could not access the EBT electronic system denying EBT card holders of their free food. Consequently, millions of on-the-government-dole food shoppers were unable to receive their "free" benefits. That amounts to 47 million potentially unhappy recipients.

All this was caused by a power outage at Xerox Corporation which shut-down their computer systems. This "Glitch" almost caused a revolution of the people who shop using other people's money. If the power problem had not been corrected it's obvious that the free food outage would have spilled into the streets in a more violent expression of the "shoppers."

Happily the EBT "Glitch" was not related to the fiasco in Washington, DC - (The shut-down). Because there are so many people relying on the government for food, this incident makes it quite clear that this is a potential time BOMB waiting to explode. Big government's dependency systems can cause widespread panic and violence if triggered. In this case yesterday, it was a power outage. But what if it were a planned "Glitch" meant to cause violence and civil unrest?

Americans need to become aware that the world in which they live is not becoming a safer place to live. Rather, because of the enlargement of government services, it has become a less-safe place to live.

Are you prepared to a wide-spread government "Glitch"? Oh, they rarely ever happen you say. Look at the roll-out of ObamaCare. The government under the "leadership" of Kathy Sebelius (fire her now) had three years to develop and test the software used to implement The Affordable Care Act. Look at the results. The software was NEVER tested (obviously) for quality assurance and has failed completely. This is a perfect example of the government taking control of your medical treatments in the near future. Good Luck America.

Are you Prepared? The next government glitch may be fatal!