Saturday, September 15, 2012

While the Middle East Explodes - Obama Talks

We see how bad ObamaNomics is affecting our daily lives. We ARE NOT BETTER OFF TODAY because of it. This is Obama's failed economic policy. He cannot blame anyone for HIS failures any longer. He has repeatedly increased spending, done more borrowing, and allowed more free handouts and bailouts - and look where we are today. ZILCH!

Obama Doctrine
And now Obama's confusing passive approach of leading from behind in foreign affairs has turned-out to be a dismal failure. We spent millions of dollars bombing the Hell out of Libya supporting the "Arab Spring" and in-turn, their new government allowed four American diplomats to be killed and the embassy destroyed. These are acts of war and Obama is too busy on the campaign trail to stop and take firm action. He's more interested in saving HIS job than he is protecting American people. Obama has lost focus. When Israel's Netanyahu wanted a meeting to discuss the situation, Obama was too busy campaigning. It's like he WANTS the Middle East to Explode or he just doesn't care! Worse yet, he doesn't know what to do.

More Attacks
Americans are becoming more skeptical of Obama's dealings in foreign affairs because more US Embassies are under attack and he does nothing. Instead Obama blathers that he is using all the tools at his convenience to deal with the situation. REALLY? Obama's diplomacy parallels that of a child. He reminds us of Neville Chamberlain's naive policies to appease the Nazis in WWII. You don't tell a long-time ally that they are NOT an ally - but they are also NOT an enemy. What the Hell kind of signal does this send to Egypt? Obama says that he "… won't tolerate efforts to harm Americans," but his inactions tell the world otherwise.

Scary Place
Our President has put us in a scary place. Americans are not safer under HIS policies both economic and foreign. Whether it is deliberate or not, this is a dangerous situation and Americans everywhere are at a risk. He keeps on bungling matters and making things worse.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Old Line Has New Meaning

Oliver and Hardy
"That's another fine mess you've gotten us into Ollie." (A quote from early Oliver and Hardy comedy movies). It seems that this line can be applied to President Obama's foreign policy appeasement strategy. The only thing to change is "Barry" for the name "Ollie."

Just think, after all those sincere apologies to all those Muslim countries on Obama's Apology Tour, and we still get no respect. Maybe we should just turn the other cheek until IRAN gets nuclear weapons and snuffs-out a couple of US cities. Then we can threaten to actually do something. Oh wait a minute, we forgot that it took several days before Obama did ANYTHING during the Gulf Oil Crisis! This is just typical behavior even though this time it's much more serious. Perhaps the Terrorists should have killed more Americans than just four! Maybe that would have jolted Obama into action and got him away from the campaign trail. Too late now! Oh, that's right, they're NOT terrorists.

Ron Paul Revisited
Yesterday we wrote about Ron Paul's foreign policies being in the White House. Hate to say we told you so! This is what happens when you elect a Community Organizer and not a leader in the White House. No, we were swayed by the "diversity" crap that liberals pontificate. Well, we've got it and look at the mess he's gotten us into this time. Our mistake, but we can fix it in November.

Really Cares
It's becomes quite clear just how much Obama real cares about foreign policy. His number one priority is campaigning (that's for sure!). If you believe for a minute that Obama cares about the Middle East situation, remember he's the guy who helped create it! He gave full support to the "Arab Spring" and compared it to our American Revolution. This thinking was naive at best - especially now that we see the results of Obama's contributions of our military forces to Libya and elsewhere. He supported radical Muslims in the take-over in Libya. How's that working out for him now? It's made the world much more dangerous for ALL Americans. Thanks Obama!

Hope and Pray
Let's pray that Obama doesn't plunge America into World War III because of his INCOMPETENCE! We need a strong leader in the White House, and he's already demonstrated that he's not it!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ron Paul IS In The White House

People became aware of Congressman Ron Paul (R, TX) when he was running for president during the Republican Debates. The main thing that made him stand-out from the rest of the crowd was his position on foreign policy. Ron Paul was severely criticized because he believes that IRAN should not be stopped from developing nuclear technology. This scared the CRAP out of Americans in general.

However, when it comes to most other things, Ron Paul is right on because he supports small government and more freedom. He also supports less war, and less regulations. This alone wasn't enough to carry him very far in his pursuit for the presidency.

Americans need to realize that when it comes to foreign policies, we already have Ron Paul in the White House. Think about it.

President Obama's positions on IRAN are IDENTICAL to Ron Paul. Obama refuses to do anything to stop Iran from developing nuclear technology that we all believe is going to be nuclear weapons and not energy. Obama has distanced himself from Israel who used to be our closest ally in the Middle East.

So why hasn't anyone realized this yet? Current Logic: It's wrong and bad for Ron Paul's foreign policy to ignore Iran but it's OK for Obama. DUH? Where's the difference?

Time Running Out
If Americans don't figure it out soon, they will live to regret it. Another four years with Obama as President will destroy our country and YOUR lifestyle. We can only hope and pray that God will intervene (again) and save America like he did for the Founders.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Auto Bailouts

Are you aware that now 53% of Americans actually think that the auto "bailouts" were good for the country. Only 36 % believe that they were bad. The word "bailout" is in quotes because they weren't bailouts. No, they were government take-overs. When Bush was in office, he granted LOANS to the failing two car companies (General Motors and Chrysler). When Obama took office, he stepped-in and took over the bankruptcy rules with HIS own version of them. His version favored the unions.

Under Obama's bankruptcy rules, stockholders only received 10 cents on the dollar. Instead of dissolving union contracts, he literally gave the AFL-CIO 1/3 ownership of GM and they paid nothing for it. Obama also preserved all union worker pensions while at the same time destroyed all non-union pension programs. This destroyed over 10,000 person's pensions. As for Chrysler, they were sold to Fiat and of course they never paid-back their loans to us.

General Motors (alias Government Motors) is actually 60% owned by the federal government as a result of Obama's bankruptcy manuevers. In other words, we (the USA) own GM. Using proper nomenclature - this is what is referred to as "Nationalizing" the automobile industry (or at least 2/3 of it because Ford stayed away from the takeover).

After The Propaganda Blitz
Good news for the Democratic Party. Their media blitz of falsehoods worked and now Americans have been duped into believing that these takeovers were good for America. Hello, the government CONTROLS the auto industry. This is what happens in COMMUNIST countries. How is that good for America?

What They Don't Tell You
The DNC convention failed to tell you that the Chevy Volt is loosing in the market. So what does Obama do? He directed the Pentagon to by 1,500 Volts and all other government departments to only buy GM products. Why? GM's stock has dropped over 45% since Obama took them over. Volt sales are way down because they loose $49,000 for every Volt they manufacture. They have halted production 3 times because no one is buying them. In other words, Obama is propping-up GM and the Chevy Volt is a failure.

This is ANOTHER OBAMA SCANDAL. He's throwing taxpayer dollars at a $40,000 car that only goes 35 miles before it needs re-charging!

Wake up and see the REAL story America.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Listen Up

The Bounce
Don't be mislead by the hype that the Corrupt Media is pumping-out as headlines and lead stories. They all claim that President Obama has received a large "bump" from the DNC convention. All their polls claim that Obama is opening the gap between he and Romney. In fact they remain dead even.

Gallop Poll Under Attack
Also be aware that one of the more credible pollers (Gallop) is being coerced by the government. The Department of Justice is suing Gallop because they (Obama) don't like some of their latest polling results. So the federal government is suing them! This in-turn, could cause Gallop to become less than honest in their polling results in the future. Would you like the government suing you for big $$$$? Wouldn't this intimidate you into softening your polls to take the pressure off of you? YOU BET IT WOULD!

What To Remember
When you see the headlines about how well Obama is doing, you have to remember a couple of things. Number one is that things are NOT better now than when Obama took office. He has made things worse and we all know AND feel it. The economy is in the tank and getting worse because he hasn't done any big government cuts in spending. Unemployment has remains over 8% for 43 months since Obama's regulations and new policies took affect. More people are on food stamps and there have been many White House scandals ranging from Fast & Furious to Solyndra, and no one is being held accountable. AND, Obama is borrowing more money than any President in America history! Meanwhile, America is BANKRUPT and he's just making it worse.

The second thing to remember is that the Main Stream media is working FOR Obama's re-election. They will say and do anything to protect him and help get him back in office. Don't be fooled by the media's propaganda. That's what it is - PROPAGANDA!

Vote Him Out
Regardless of what the media says, we MUST get Obama out of the White House because he's destroying our country in front of our eyes. We can't allow him to continue with HIS unexplained "vision" for America. Send him back to Chicago in November.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Why America Is Bankrupt

Face Reality
Isn't it time to STOP listening to the politicians in Washington (including President Obama) and start facing the TRUTH? America isn't just broke, it's bankrupt. A definition for "bankrupt" is: "A person or organization unable to pay its debts. Insolvent, failed, ruined, in debt, owing money, in the red, in arrears, in receivership; bust, belly up, broke, cash-strapped, flat broke."

We are there America. We have to borrow $0.40 for every dollar we spend as a government. Soon our interest alone will cripple our debt because it compounds every day. Remember that governments don't earn any income. The Government SPENDS money. That's what they do. They also BORROW money when they don't have enough of it. They collect it from YOU the taxpayer and YOU the businessman.

How We Got Here
This situation used to be fine when the dollar was backed-up with gold and silver. However, politicians figured-out that they could spend more if they could borrow unlimited amounts of money. However the Gold Standard prevented politicians from over spending because everything had to be backed by gold/silver.

The first thing they did was to create a National Bank (the Federal Reserve [the FED]). This was a privately owned bank. We do NOT know who owns it and they are unaccountable to American citizens. Go Figure that one!

Then politicians gave the FED full power to "coin" money. That meant "COIN" not print! Gold and silver coins became the medium of exchange in transactions. Soon after Congress changed the law to enable the FED to print money. So they could print "money" that was backed by gold and silver.  To compound matters, in the 1970s President Nixon dropped the Gold Standard completely making it even easier for politicians to borrow tremendous amounts of money. From that point on, the FED could print all the paper money they wanted backed by nothing. This is called FIAT CURRENCY. Fiat currency is : "Fiat money is money that derives its value from government regulation or law. The term fiat currency is also used when the fiat money is used as the main currency of the country. The term derives from the Latin fiat ("let it be done", "it shall be")." Fiat currency is WORTHLESS!

During this time politicians allowed the US Treasury to sell bonds (called "US Treasuries") in order to generate more money for the government to spend. This is dangerous because they then followed-up that move by allowing the FED to buy US Treasuries. (This is referred to as monitizing the debt). What these actions did is to create a GIANT GOVERNMENT PONZIE scheme and it has been operating since 1913 when Congress first created the Federal Reserve Bank.

This scheme allows the FED to buy interest bearing loans (US Treasuries) that the government has to pay. Remember the FED can pay for these bonds by printing worthless paper money backed by NOTHING but a promise. The government pays using YOUR tax dollars collected plus interest.

When the FED prints money, they are devaluing YOUR dollars purchasing power. This is why we have lost over 39% of our personal savings in the time Obama has been on office. The FED keeps printing worthless money raising prices on everything. The STIMULUS was nothing more that worthless paper money that the FED printed out of nowhere! Look what it has done to our economy. The government's interaction has created more instability and more unemployment. They merely propped-up a sagging economy with another economic "bubble." This will top the Great Depression when it breaks, and that's still ahead.

Action To Take
Tell friends and like-minded people that our national debt is destroying America. Elect only politicians who are committed to reduce government spending by cutting all federal spending and entitlement programs. We cannot afford it! Vote Obama out-of-office because he's borrowing and spending like a fool and is accelerating our demise more quickly.

Also, we need to return to the Gold Standard and to abolish the Federal Reserve Bank and let Congress have their old power to coin money once again.

If we do not do these things, America will become a new country with much lower standards of living and much more poverty.