Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Illegal" Now Illegal

Progressives Now Want to Censor Definitions
Progressives want to BAN the word "ILLEGAL." This is not a joke. They want to censor it out of our language altogether!

To help clarify the problem, here is a definition for the word "illegal" from a few recognized sources:

  • Merriman-Webster definition of illegal = "not according to or authorized by law : unlawful, illicit."
  • Houghton Mifflin definition of illegal = "Prohibited by law. Prohibited by official rules: an illegal pass in football. Noun: An illegal immigrant".
  • definition of illegal: "forbidden by law or statute. contrary to or forbidden by official rules, regulations, etc. The referee ruled that it was an illegal forward pass. Noun :  illegal alien"
Do you really need any more redundant examples to make the point?

Progressives Want To Change Everything
Progressives now want to change (that's an alias for CENSOR) the word "illegal" because it is "demeaning to undocumented workers who are just here to work and lead productive lives." That's pure BULL and we all know it and recognize that this is Political Correctness out-of-control.

Whenever a Progressive wants to "soften" a subject or to hide it for what it REALLY IS, they re-name it or in this example, try and ban it altogether. In the case of American history, they try and often successfully re-write it. Case in point, Progressives recently tried to ABOLISH all AMERICAN History in history books prior to 1800. This would leave-out the American Revolution and the Founding Fathers.

Recognize this for what it is - pure Progressivism at the expense of AMERICANISM! They want to abolish American traditions, American History, and now basic definitions for words that do NOT fit-in with their line of thinking or political orientation.

Action To Take
Raise you voices loud and clear. Stop this CENSORSHIP and call Progressives on it. We won't tolerate their Totalitarian way of life - nor should we. If they don't like American and can't stand it, they are the ones who should leave - not re-define it! The word ILLEGAL is NOT RACIST and frankly we are getting rather PISSED OFF with the usual BS coming from Progressives!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Food Stamp President

His Goal
Did you know that one out of ever seven Americans is receiveing food stamps? This is a 70% increase in the Supplimental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) since 2007 when Bush was in office. Keep in mind that under the Bush 8 year administration, he added just short of 11 million recipients. Obama has broken that record in just three years! The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that the costs for food stamps will reach $82 BILLION by 2013! Now that's a record to be proud of isn't it?

In order to qualify for SNAP you have to have a personal income at or near the poverty level. This is closely tied to Obama's failed economic policies which are causing continued HIGH unemployment. Since there are NO jobs, more and more people qualify for SNAP. Obama truly is the FOOD STAMP PRESIDENT.

Government Waste
Not suprisingly, with the huge increases in participants, there is a huge increase in fraud cases, corruption, and abuse by dishonest people who'd rather get free stuff rather than work for it. The biggest abuse and fraud involves dishonest retailers who encourage food stamp recipients to use their benefits transfer card to purchase alcohol and cigarettes illegally for a "cut" in return. So both parties are criminals!

The second type of fraud occurs when recipients literally sell their benefits on Craig's List. In turn, they use the money from the black market to purchase weapons, prostitutes, and illegal drugs.

The third common type of fraud occurs from the thousands of people who are NOT elligible for food stamps who lie and use social security numbers of dead people to illegally obtain benefits.

All totalled, the US wastes BILLIONS in fraud anually!

Meanwhile BIG Government does little if anything to prevent these activities which makes things even worse. THEY DON'T WANT TO! That's the whole point of this exercise. The Obama administration wants to create a whole new class of dependents who rely on the government for their existance. Hence, Obama has earned (and rightly so) the name of the "Welfare or FOOD STAMP President." His administration considers food stamps as a form of "Stimulus." What kind of wacko thinking is that?

No matter how you look at it, this is BAD for America. We cannot afford to put more people on the dole. We need to put more people back to work. We need a NEW PResident because this one has made a real mess of it.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Obama Is Screwing Seniors AGAIN!

Student Loans
In Obama's latest gimmick to get re-elected, he's appealing to all those who have student loans. On the average, those who took student loans owe approximately $28,500 each. Younger graduates carry the highest loans because they were affected directly by the recession. Now graduated, they cannot find jobs! Welcome to the Obama economy!

So what do these graduates do? They are pleading for forgiveness in full for their debts. Unfortunately for seniors, Obama is listening.

Latest Gimmick
Since Obama cannot run on his pathetic record which has fixed NOTHING in 3 1/2 years, Obama is trying to get young voters on his side by bailing them out of their loans. Sounds good, huh? You borrowed a lot of cash and now you won't have to pay it back! (Just like he did with home mortgages and look what that got us!)

So who's going to foot the new BAILOUT? Senior citizens. This proposed bailout will cost Americans close to $1 TRILLION dollars which we don't have. So where's Obama going to get the cash? He's proposing paying for it by taking money from Social Security and Medicare!

Hey Obama: GO SCREW! You already took $500,000,000 (billion) from seniors when you passed ObamaCare. You couldn't pay for the 30 million "new" members so you took the 1/2 TRILLION dollars form Medicare. And now you want to bail out college loans by repeating the process!

Action To Take
If you are a senior, please tell all your senior friends what this BASTARD is doing to your Medicare and Social Security! If you're not a senior, look at what Obama is doing to seniors. He's throwing them under the bus in order to get re-elected.

Do NOT re-elect this guy. He would sell his soul (if he had one), to get re-elected!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Brief History

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is an off-shoot of the defunct Islamic Association of Palistine. It's former group was shut-down by being a front for Hamas. The Muslim Brotherhood's secret Palistine Committee in the US, set up to support Hamas here in the USA, listed CAIR as a working organization back in 1994. So we know their origins.

There have been several court rulings against CAIR for its conspiring with other affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists. As conspirators CAIR agreed to deceive and conceal from the American public that their connections were with terrorist groups. However, this hasn't stopped CAIR from continuing its activities in the US.

CAIR's Biggest Supporter
One thing you need to know as a red-blooded American is that a large American company is a big sponsor of CAIR. In fact, they are considered a "Platinum Sponsor" because of their continued generosity for sponsoring a huge fund raiser for CAIR.

So who is this company? BEST BUY!

National Boycott
You should know that since this information became public, there is a national boycott against Best Buy for its continued and unprecedented support for this terrorist organization.

Usually boycotts do not work. However, Best Buy is currently having financial problems and you might want to consider avoid doing ANY shopping with them in the future. Your lack of business could contribute to their demise. Wouldn't that be nice?

Please tell your friends and neighbors about this "Platinum Donor" and how they help promote ties with the terrorist group Hamas here in the United States.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

House GOPs Worried

House Majority

The House of Representatives is currently run by a majority of Republicans. They are getting worried obout re-election. They can thank (for the most part), the Tea Pary for putting them there. However, when you look at their record, they too can't run on it - just like the President! They ran on a platform to support the Tea Party and cut spending, fix the deficit, stop earmarks, and get America back on track.

THE FAILED and let us down.

The Reality
When you take a close look at what has transpired, you may reach the conclusion that you were had once again! Here's why:

Their humungus budget cuts amounted to $350 MILLION out of $1.4 Trillion dollars. That's like removing a 1 gallon bucket of water from the ocean to try and lower it! (Hardly worth while).This was an exercise in futility! Cry baby Boehner (House Speaker) caved-in when he held the advantage in the deficit negotiations. Someone please tell Ohio voters to dump his sorry ass in the November elections! Boo-Hoo Boehner is a pussy cat and has no gumption when it comes to confrontation and problem resolution. He certainly does NOT deserve to be the leader of the House of Representatives because he's a milk-toast WIMP!

What To Do
Take a close look at your Congressional representatives and senators who are up for re-election this November. As yourself these questions:

How did they vote on the Patriot Act? Did they support its renewal? If YES, vote them out!
  • How did they vote on the National Defense Authorization Act? did they vote YES? If YES, vote them out!
  • How did they vote on the budget extension? Did they extend the deficit? If YES, vote them out!
  • How did they vote on KILLING FREE SPEECH-HR337? If they voted YES, vote them out!
It's pretty simple actually. If these jugheads are continuing to ignore YOUR freedoms and keep destroying the Constitution, you need to VOTE THEM OUT-OF-OFFICE!

Monday, April 23, 2012


Not Much Fan Fair
You probably haven't heard much about the newest law that Congress passed and Obama signed last Thursday. This was HR 347 and it PROHIBITS FREE SPEECH in the presence of the Secret Service. What's worse, is that it is a FELONY to do so and it was endorsed by BOTH PARTIES!!

This new law allows Secret Service (SS) agents to determine where there are "NO FREE SPEECH ZONES" and it gives anyone protected by the SS the right to ban protests and arrest those who do so.

This violates the constitutional right to free speech, the right to associate, and the right to petition the government to address your grievances. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!

See The Irony Yet?
Are you getting the BIG picture yet? The abbreviation for the Secret Service is "SS." History DOES repeat itself! The NAZIS also had a government agency called the "SS." Cooincidence? Maybe.

The NAZI SS was used to silence individuals who spoke out against the government. People were arrested by the SS and often were NEVER seen again! Is this the beginning of a new era for the 21st Century version of the "SS?"

GOD Forbid!


This unlawful legislation gives too much POWER to the Secret Service! This is a slow secret destruction of our basic liberties and President Obama signed this bill into law SECRETlLY That's why you didn't hear about it in the media!

Let's see how the SS handles the new law when the Occupy Wall Street gangs protest on May 1st! We bet they will do nothing to them because they do NOT disagree with the Administration!

Wake up America before it's too late!!

America - Welcome to the new AMERIKA COMRADES!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Obama-The Best Gun Salesman


There has been a 61% increase in gun sales since 2008 (before Obama was in office). In a recent survey released last Thursday, the National Shooting Sports Foundation reported that the overall economic impact is up from $19 BILLION in 2008 to $31 BILLION presently. These numbers include sales, taxes and jobs created by gun sales.

The number of jobs in the gun industry have increased by just over 30% to almost 99,000. Firearm businesses paid a whopping $ 2.5 BILLION in federal taxes during this time frame. That's an increase if 66% in just three years!

Reasons For The Numbers

Americans fear that Obama will continue tightening gun control laws - especially if he is re-elected! This created a domino affect and explains the skyrocketing numbers being recorded THIS YEAR in gun sales. These are not just rumours either. The American public is aware that President Obama and Hilary Clinton are working jointly through the United Nations to drum-up an international "treaty" that in affect, would ban all privately owned guns world-wide. This would dissolve the US Constitution and pretty much give up American sovereignty to the UN.

No wonder there's a sharp increase in firearms this year and the past three years under the Obama Administration!