Saturday, July 20, 2013

Just Say "NO"

Well it finally happened. It took over 50 years of Democratic Party rule to finally collapse the entire city of Detroit, Michigan. Sad. Progressives always like to spend YOUR money even when there isn't enough coming in to pay the bills. So what do they do? They borrow and borrow. Detroit municipal bond holders are going to be left holding the bag on this one. Detroit has defaulted on their promises and can no longer pay their bills.

This isn't just poor management, this is the Progressive philosophy that is so wide-spread today. This is a perfect example of what Progressives are doing to America. By Progressives, I mean BOTH political parties. Both parties have been taken-over by Progressives. Nancy Pelosi, John McCain, and Marco Rubio are great examples. The last two both claim to be "Republicans" but when you look at their actions, they are voting like DEMOCRATS.

This is one of the reasons why America is in decline. The other reason is that we have a President who wants to COLLAPSE AMERICA. He spends money we have to borrow in order to accomplish his give-away programs. That's just INSANE. He knows it, and he does it deliberately. So does his wife who spends like a drunken sailor.

So don't be surprised when you hear Obama asking Congress to bailout the city of Detroit - just like he did the banking industry. Look how that one turned out. We cannot borrow money just to help a failed city. That's not our job - it's their own fault and it's time these people faced the consequences of THEIR actions.

Action To Take
Let Congress know that you will not tolerate ANY bailouts for ANY cities. Let the bankruptcy process continue. They need to establish a new base line and that's the only way to do it.

Friday, July 19, 2013


It was revealed yesterday that the IRS was being directed by the Obama administration's "Office of Chief Council." Lois Lerner is a CRIMINAL and you can't trust ANYONE in this government to tell the truth.

If the IRS can discriminate against Obama's political opponents who's going to guarantee that this behavior won't happen again, and again? No one can.

This is the perfect time to DEMAND that Congress ABOLISH the IRS once and for all. We can't trust them ever again and they have way too much power. Congress should also take this time as the perfect opportunity to "FIX" the tax code by ABOLISHING it as well. They should impose a "Fair Tax" that EVERYONE participates in and pays something. No more 47% who pay NOTHING!

Action To Take
Demand that Congress scrap the IRS and dump the current tax codes for a Fair Tax.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

America's Newest Hobby - Reloading

Gun owners are all familiar with the national shortage of all calibers and types of ammunition. Shortages are everywhere. This is in-part to the Department of Homeland Security and their massive purchases of ammunition, rifles, armored personnel carriers, and riot gear. The other reason, boils down to the Law of Supply and Demand. Prices have skyrocketed for anything "guns."

So how do you still get what you want and save money? You make your own! Reloading is becoming America's fastest growing hobby. Shooters are turning to manufacturing their own ammunition. Gun dealers are now offering classes on the subject and the demand is increasing. People cannot find any other way to get the ammunition they want, so this has become the last alternative.

Rising component prices and shortages of most reloading items across the board. Loading components include primers, bullets, brass casings, and gun powder. Here are a few examples:

  • Primers 5 years ago: $19 per 1,000 --- Now: $38 to $54 per 1,000
  • Brass casings (for 223 caliber) 5 years ago: $75 per 1,500 --- Now: $175 per 1500
  • Bullets 5 years ago: $17 per 100 --- Now: $28 per 100
  • Gun Powder 5 years ago: $17 per pound --- Now: $28 to $35 per pound

The increases in "reloaders" are a direct result of the government's effect on that industry and the panic of gun owners. People are hoarding ammunition because they fear that the government will BAN it. Government is requesting BILLIONS of rounds creating shortages. Gun stores are reporting that their quantities from suppliers are being diminished. Looks like gun owners are being squeezed in a few directions.

Is this a hidden agenda and deliberate policy of the Obama administration?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Under 40? ObamaCare Screws You

The Affordable Care Act is NOT affordable for people under age 40. When the President said that you could keep you  doctors and that it wouldn't cost anything, he LIED. ObamaCare is a trojan horse that was designed to force employers to drop their insurance coverage and make people with over to ObamaCare. It also is costly for all people under the age of 40  and is bad because of the following reasons:
  • Raises insurance costs for adults under 40. This was inevitable because it adds 30 million new people to the system.
  • Reduces access to workplace health insurance. Most small business owners will dump their group insurance to avoid the penalties.
  • Shrinks workplace health benefits. ObamaCare gives employers incentives to reduce medical coverage for younger workers.
  • Reduces work-hours. Evidence already shows employers will reduce full-time positions to part-time to save government penalties. 
  • Kills jobs. Employers will reduce the number of jobs so they can afford to pay for employees medical insurance.
  • Increases debt. Because ObamaCare subsidizes coverage, that means that the government will have to borrow, borrow, borrow money they don't have to pay for coverage they offer.
  • Raises taxes. ObamaCare raises 18 new taxes, as follows:
  1. Individual mandate tax on individuals who do not purchase health insurance.
  2. Employer mandate tax on employers who do not offer “acceptable” health coverage to their employees.
  3. Annual fee on health insurance providers based on each company’s share of the total market.
  4. Medical expense deduction is limited to those with expenses above 10% of adjusted gross income, up from previous 7.5%.
  5. 2.3% excise tax on manufacturers and importers of certain medical devices.
  6. 10% excise tax on indoor tanning services.
  7. Fee on manufacturers and importers of branded drugs, based on each individual company’s share of the total market.
  8. Increased Medicare portion of FICA payroll tax, rising to 3.8% from previous 2.9%, on couples earning more than $250,000 a year ($200,000 for     single filers); increased tax is also applied to investment income for the first time.
  9. Increased penalty for purchasing over-the-counter products with HSAs to 20%.
  10. 1Reduction in the number of medical products taxpayers can purchase using funds they put aside in HSAs and FSAs.
  11. Limit on the amount taxpayers can deposit in flexible spending accounts (FSAs) to $2,500 a year.
  12. Fee on insured and self-insured health plans to fund PCORI agency.
  13. Elimination of the corporate deduction for prescription expenses for retirees.
  14. Increase in taxes on health insurance companies, by limiting the amount of compensation paid to certain employees they can deduct from their taxes.
  15. End of special deduction for Blue Cross / Blue Shield organizations.
  16. 40% excise tax on “Cadillac” health insurance plans costing more than $10,200 for individuals and $27,500 for families (begins in 2018).
  17. Exclusion of unprocessed fuels from the existing cellulosic biofuel producer credit.
  18. Increase in corporate taxes by making it more difficult for businesses to engage in activities that reduce their tax liability.
  19. Is unfair. Younger people pay a disproportionate share for healthcare.
  • It's unfair. Young people pay a disproportionate share of the costs.
  • Is unnecessary. This act was a government take-over and really was NOT needed.
  • Is insulting. ObamaCare tries to make young people think they are coming out ahead, when in reality, they are getting SCREWED!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pay Attention America

The HATE MONGERS are busy this week after the Zimmerman trial. Pay attention to who those people are and who they represent. Listen objectively to their message. It isn't a friendly one. It pushes more racism than we have heard in the recent past.  Don't be misguided by these people. They people are trying to divide America, making it easier to take-over America. The HATE MONGERS are NOT your friends, they are our enemies. They want to promote unrest and civil disobedience. They want to destroy society as we know it.

Al Sharpton is one of these people. He feeds on the down-trodden and pretends to be their "savior" while using them to make his life relevant. He is a hateful man using people for his own gain and for his new wealth enhancement. His message is racist. That's how he stays around. By HATE MONGERING, it's easy to get the uninformed upset and directing them to violence. Sharpton is no friend of freedom. Sharpton wants to create civil unrest. His goal is to divide this nation pitting us against each other. Sharpton's goal is to have big protests in 100 cities. Does that sound good?

Obama would like nothing better than to have to declare Martial Law. If enough cities show that there are lawless crazies rioting, he would gladly step-in. This would - in effect - give him full dictatorial power over all of us.

Don't be fooled. The strategy is a clear one. DO NOT Participate.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Martial Law IS Coming

The signs are all around. Local governments have already begun to implement Martial Law. The Boston Bombers are a good example. Just throw out the Constitution and search house-to-house with our ANY search warrants. Police arrest people for buying bottled water. All local police departments have militarized their departments.

Obama has written an executive order #13606 called the "National Defense Resources Preparedness" order. In it he takes control over EVERYTHING during a national emergency. Food, energy, transportation, curfews, major rationing of gas, weapons, media control and on and on… It's a long list of what HE controls. He "passed" this order when no one payed much attention to him.

Your God given Rights disappear if this is executed. There is mention of "civilian inmate labor" which is nothing more that using political prisoners as laborers - just like the NAZIS did. Does any of this have a ring in your head? That's what happens to Chinese "dissidents" today.

History repeats. Government take-overs happen again and again elsewhere - but never here in America. REALLY? Look again! Obama WANTS civil unrest. He has supported the protests in Florida using the Department of Justice to "coordinate." He already has control over the media, he has 45% of Americans on HIS side, and he wants to continue to divide America so HE can take over under Martial Law. It makes sense. Divide and conquer.

In the 1930's, the people of Germany went from a free state to a dictatorship in less than a month. It can, (and IS) happening here.

Americans remain clueless. That's pathetic.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

GUEST ARTICLE "Lawbreaker"

Barack Obama’s Lawlessness
by Peter Wehner of Real Clear

"Both Charles Krauthammer and Ramesh Ponnuru have spoken about the lawlessness of the Obama administration. Examples include (but are not limited to) unilaterally delaying implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate, issuing health-care edicts that undermine the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, making unconstitutional “recess appointments” to the National Labor Relations Board and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, refusing to enforce current immigration laws related to illegal immigrants who were brought to America as children, and waving welfare work requirements.

This is all part of a pattern in which Mr. Obama enforces laws he likes and refuses to enforce (or unilaterally alters) laws he disagrees with. I suppose the temptation to act as a potentate is understandable; but it also happens to be illegal. The president, after all, has the constitutional duty to “take care that the Laws be faithfully executed” (see Article II, Section 3 for more).

One of the reasons there isn’t a firestorm of protest against the president’s contempt for the rule of law is that that apart from a few honorable exceptions, the press doesn’t care and therefore isn’t covering this story. Let’s just say that if the same kind of violations had been committed by presidents with the last names of oh, say, Bush or Reagan, you can be sure the New York Times, the New York Review of Books, Politico, CNN’s Anderson Cooper, NPR, and the major news networks would all be covering the story.

The problem here is that a dangerous precedent is being set by the president. To understand why, consider the words of Thomas More to Roper in Robert Bolt’s A Man for All Seasons:

And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned round on you—where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat? This country is planted thick with laws from coast to coast—man’s laws, not God’s—and if you cut them down—and you’re just the man to do it—do you really think you could stand upright in the winds that would blow then?  

Barack Obama is doing his part to cut down from coast to coast the laws he doesn’t much care for. He does so because he’s a progressive who believes the ends (advancing a liberal agenda) justifies the means (lawlessness). But unfortunately in the future the winds will come–and when they do, and when Americans cannot stand upright in them, it may dawn on some folks that our contempt for the rule of law was nurtured and flowered during the Obama era."