Thursday, December 3, 2015

Protect Us for a Change

Would someone please tell Obama that America is under ATTACK? Example: The mass shooting in San Bernardino was done by TERRORISTS. Watch the media call it workplace violence. Our president refuses to admit that this IS WAR and it IS being committed by ISLAMIC TERRORISTS.

The one of the two perpetrators yesterday went to Pakistan where he met his future wife. Do you think that was a vacation? It's time to either get some action from the White House, or to get someone in the White House that will start protecting Americans.

Close the borders. Stop trying to ban guns. We need protection. Don't give ANY jobs to ILLEGALS. Start actually trying to defeat ISIS.

Impeach the COWARD in the White House.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Assimilation or INVASION?

We're NOT against immigration, we're against ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. The majority of ILLEGALS entering the USA have a track record of going immediately onto our welfare system (including food stamps). Here's another fact. They don't belong here and they got here ILLEGALLY. There should be some accountability - not FREE HANDOUTS for bad behavior. Besides that, most ILLEGALS do NOT have a high school education. They come from the lower socio-economic strata. Many in fact, don't even speak English. Consequently, they are a burden to our public school system. There's no assimilation. Instead we hire teachers to speak THEIR LANGUAGE - not ours!

True, you cannot deport them all and by the way, the number of ILLEGALS isn't 11 million. No, it's more like 45 to 50 MILLION. The key to getting rid that many people who do not belong here is simple. ILLEGALS should not get welfare of ANY kind, they should NOT be allowed to work here, and they should NOT get free medical or any free social services. They should NOT be allowed to own ANY property until they officially become US citizens. Employers hiring ILLEGALS should receive outrageous fines for doing so. Only officially documented foreign workers should be employed. They should NOT be granted driver's licenses and their cars should be confiscated when caught driving.

Why such a harsh treatment? They don't want to be assimilated. A picture is worth a 1,000 words. Here is a group of ILLEGALS letting Americans know how they feel about us. Note that they are ALL smiling including the older lady to the left in the photograph.

Assimilation or INVASION?

Mexico does NOT allow ANYONE who enters ILLEGALLY. In fact, they imprison them! This is true for many foreign countries. Why not here?

Now we face the threat of ISIS TERRORISTS entering the US by crossing our porous borders. They have to be closed to protect Americans. If we don't crack-down on this INVASION, America is doomed.