Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Americans Are NOT STUPID

Americans in both political parties (including independents) are slowly coming to the realization that Community Organizers are NOT qualified to lead the free world. Americans are now wondering why we have a President who does NOT see the Big Threat facing our country.

Obama has no plan for the ISIS threat. He says that ISIS is no direct threat to the US. Are you kidding? Instead Obama tells us that the world is safer now than ever before. What planet is he on? It's certainly NOT this one!

He has ignored a direct personal threat on video from a terrorist who beheaded another American journalist. He will not admit that his foreign policies are failures. He cannot because Obama is the world's biggest NARCISSIST. He cannot realize or admit that we are AT WAR with NAZI MULSIMS who want to kill all Americans. He's the one who claimed that HE ended all wars. He lives in "LA LA LAND!"

Americans don't understand why this is. ANSWER: Obama does NOT want America to be a world leader. He WANTS to diminish America because he thinks we have stolen natural resources and the wealth of too many countries. He is an anti-colonialist. He IS also a narcissist. Obama admires himself too much to believe that he is ever at fault for ANYTHING. His actions prove the point. He blames everyone and never concedes that his actions (and inactions) have caused the rise of evil in the world.

Obama does NOT CARE about America's security! Obama does NOT care about YOUR safety. He loves open borders. He is the biggest security breach in American history!

It's also strange how the Ministry of Propaganda (Main Stream Media) forgot to tell us that Libyan TERRORISTS captured at least 8 commercial airliners in their latest take-overs in Libya. Do you suppose that they may have a BIG SURPRISE for America on September 11th?

Americans had better be prepared for the worst. There WILL BE another attack and it WILL happen under "Obama's watch." It's coming America. Don't expect the government to help you in any emergency. They won't be there for you.

Obama will go down in history as America's WORST PRESIDENT in history.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

RFID Chips Part 2

Several months back we reported on RFID (radio frequency identification chips) and warned that they could be used in devious ways by the government. Well, the prediction is coming true.

Recall that microchips are now implanted in your pets. They are also used by grocery stores to track what they sell and who they sell it to, as well as when they sell it. Vets use RFID chips that contain information about your pet including YOUR NAME, YOUR ADDRESS, YOUR PHONE NUMBER and whatever the veterinarian wants to include about your pet AND YOU!

Now the government "experts" are wanting to expand the usage of this technology. They claim that they could be used to track the whereabouts of convicted felons released from prison (and just regular people too - especial at airports). These chips are already used to track farm animals and are used at gasoline stations at the pumps, and anti-theft devices for your cars.

Now there's talk of "chipping" your children so teachers can take attendance at school. Police could track your car and read data about YOU without needing license plates!

All these wonderful uses, but the "experts" omit the ethical arguments. You will have NO PRIVACY whatsoever. Hackers can buy and use the scanners used to decode these chips to STEAL YOUR INFORMATION.

So here we go again. A new technology can now be used to SPY on us all. Don't let this happen. Voice your opposition or suffer the consequences.