Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Obama's Gift

Obama's gift is coming. Get ready for his November surprise.

The Department of Human Services is busy printing 34 million new "Permanent Resident Cards." This is in preparation for when Obama unilaterally grants AMNESTY for ILLEGALS. Gee, what ever happened to the 10 million that the government always quoted. They knew all along how many more there are and LIED to us about it. No surprise there.

King Obama is waiting until after the midterm elections because he already knows that DEMs are in big trouble. It's predicted that the Democrats will loose control of the US Senate and if Obama granted AMNESTY before the elections, it would be a disaster.

Take back America from going in the WRONG DIRECTION. Democrats put us here over the last 5 1/2 years. Now we need to get back on track and dump all DEMOCRATS because they ALL voted for ObamaCare.

See you at that polls on November 4th.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ebola is NOT the Problem

The Obama authoritarian regime indicates on a regular basis that they DON'T CARE (HE doesn't care) about protecting Americans. Obama continues to leave the southern borders wide-open for ANYONE who wants to enter the USA. Obama continues to be stubborn about banning air travel from Western Africa. Americans are fed-up with his attitude, his policies, and his total lack of respect for Americans. We're all hurting, and he cares less.

Americans are not worried or panicked about ebola. No, they are getting upset with their government - namely, Obama. Americans are beginning to see the "REAL" Obama and that's what the ebola reaction is all about. They see government incompetence and no accountability. The see government officials lie and mislead Americans daily. They see just how little Obama cares about their safety and the safety of our families. He's more interested in collapsing the system (Cloward & Piven strategy) by overloading it from all sides. He keeps the southern orders wide open, allowing ANYONE into the country - including sick individuals and criminals. He's now breaking the law by unilaterally allowing 100,000 Haitians to enter with our visas. Meanwhile Congress does NOTHING to provide the checks and balances they should.

However, the tide is swiftly changing about how the average Joe feels about government. Is it too late? People are NOT STUPID and they are beginning to see how this administration treats them as if they were an 8 year old when discussing the ebola crisis. But will they be able to turn the tide?

The government LIES and inconsistencies coming forward as "explanations" are pure BS and we all know it! Now it's going to get worse. Instead of holding someone accountable for the government's blunders regarding ebola, Obama hired a "CZAR" to keep government employees from jumping ship and telling the TRUTH. Strange how Obama uses a Communist term (CZAR) to describe his newhire. Actually there's nothing in the Constitution that allows such a unilateral nomination without congressional approval. What's more ironic, is the fact that the new CZAR knows nothing about healthcare, but knows how to KICK ASS if you step out of line with Obama's message. He's another political HACK hired to protect Obama - not Americans. So we have a new spin doctor instead of someone who actually will try to protect you and your family. Feel warm and fuzzy yet?

The ONLY thing you can do is to vote. Get out on November 4th and vote-out ALL Democrats if you don't like the direction that the country is heading. Also vote-out Republican incumbents because they haven't done SQUAT to stop big government spending and to reduce the national debt.  They too have forsaken their conservative values. Send a CLEAR message to Washington, that we've had 5 1/2 years of "Hope and Change" and now it's time to VOTE-OUT everyone for a Change. Let the lazy and corrupted politicians join the unemployment lines where they belong!