Saturday, May 18, 2013

You Can't Trust Anyone

It has become public knowledge that President Obama, and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner knew about the IRS scandal back in June of 2012! This was reported by the Wall Street Journal. So this is hardly a rumor. This is backed by fact.

This information came to the President's attention in the middle of his re-election campaign. This happened at or about the same time as the IRS was busily harassing Tea Party groups and their financial supporters.

Barack Obama is LYING to the American public about his lack of knowledge regarding the IRS abuse of power. It hasn't been proven yet, but it's likely that HE was involved in this scandal.

Now it's easy to see why Obama has promoted Sarah Ingram to become the Director for implementing ObamaCare. She was in charge of the department that was breaking the law by discriminating against political opponents. And, it's a joke that Obama "fired" the current IRS director because this guy was leaving in June anyway!

So for Obama, this is just one big shell game and we, the American taxpayers are the losers.

Congress needs to keep the pressure on until one of Obama's confidants cracks, and spills the beans on Obama. Otherwise, he will escape IMPEACHMENT which he deserves.

Obama is dishonest, and is lying about HIS involvement.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Seniors Take Note

60 Plus Association A Smart Alternative
The 60 Plus Association is the nation's largest Conservative seniors group. Contrary to the AARP who's political affiliation is deeply LIBERAL. Recall that the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons)  lobbied heavily to support ObamaCare which cuts deeply into Medicare. They aligned closely with the Obama administration in order to receive permission to continue to sell their alternative insurance to seniors. Their support showed Conservatives that their LIBERAL political alliance was more important than their Conservative constituents.

60 Plus is strongly pushing Washington lawmakers to renew their efforts to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act (ObamaCare). This renewed effort is because to the recent IRS scandal which is unfolding as we speak. This powerful tax-reinforcement agency is totally corrupted and needs to be replaced with integrity and honesty. This is one of 60 Plus's  goals.

60 Plus chairman, Jim Martin says;

"The IRS cannot be trusted, plain and simple. They are a government bureaucracy run amok, without true oversight or accountability, fulfilling the petty political agendas of its bureaucrats and executives. They have proven they cannot be trusted and have therefore forfeited the right to participate in any meaningful way in our healthcare choices… We call on Congress and the President to pull the plug on the IRS and their systematic corruption. he only acceptable course of action is a full and complete repeal of the ObamaCare legislation which allows the IRS to peek into every doctor's examining room, and at every Americans health charts."

You can join 60 Plus for FREE. Here's how:  Do it today & drop your AARP memberships because they are NOT looking out for YOUR interests.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Never On Time

Being late takes on many facits depending on the events, and the circumstances for being late. When it comes to work however, there is only one rule: Always be on time. Career coaches always instruct career climbers this important message. Punctuality matters and should never be taken for granted.

Unfortunately, no one ever taught this important message to the leader of the free world, President Obama. Example: Yesterday he was over 15 minutes late for his press conference. In fact, he's always late for his press conferences. Look at his public record.

Being late for appointments and meetings is a way of showing the people who are waiting - your disrespect and or contempt for them. In Obama's case, he's a narcissist and he thinks that HIS time is much more important than yours. He shows it every day by being late for meetings, conferences, and other work-related functions. In a word, he's just plain RUDE and Insonsiderate!

Tardiness also displays that a serious lack of organization and gives the impression that you do not like the people you are about to meet. It may also indicate that he is NOT the master of his life and that he lacks foresight. Being tardy also shows that he's incapable of anticipating problems and dealing with them as they arise. This sends the message that Obama is NOT in control over his own life.

Obama's tardiness shows also that he's a fibber. If you say you'll meet someone at 9:00 AM and you're always late this shows that your word means little on even trivial things like being on time, so how can you be trusted on more important things? You can't. We know Obama lies, it's making the headlines this week.

Being punctual shows that you value your own time. Being late is a self-destructive pattern. However, in Obama's case, this is probably not the case because his gigantic ego is the problem and gets in the way.

Obama is perpetually late. We deserve better and we are getting tired of his DISRESPECT for those around him as well as to the American public.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Keep The Pressure On

The three major scandals in the White House must not be allowed to fade away. The most outrageous is the IRS abuse and discrimination. Their admitted targeting political organizations on a "Enemies List" is reason enough to ABOLISH this organization. Their credibility is trash. The IRS is also in charge of enforcing ObamaCare. Can you trust them any longer? Should you?

What's worse is that IF President Obama had ANYTHING to do with this abuse of government power, he can be IMPEACHED. If that's true, he should be! No one should be above the law - including Barack Obama and his lying minions. It's time to stop the corruption at the highest levels of the government.

This is why we who believe that this administration is ignoring the laws of the land, MUST keep the pressure on all our politicians to get the TRUTH out instead of all the lies, deflections, and misinformation from top government officials on a variety of topics.

Action To Take
Keep the focus on these three government scandals. This is exactly how the Watergate scandal began (times three!). Watergate brought-down President Nixon for his abuse of Presidential power. Obama may face the same thing when we hear the TRUTH.

This administration has over stepped their powers and have destroyed all credibility. They must be held accountable and where applicable, prosecuted to the fullest. We cannot tolerate abuse of power in the Republic.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Who's In Charge?

President Obama has made several claims in recent days and they all indicate that he's had NOTHING to do with the tree current scandals rocking his administration. So lets take that for face value. OK, so if he doesn't know what's going on who in the HELL is running the country? Seriously, who's in charge. Obama says it's not his fault for any of the three current scandals.

Don't Believe Him
Obama's credibility is GONE forever. His administration has been caught LYING to the American public over and over deliberately. Obama denies any wrong doing or malfeasance. We cannot believe him any longer. He lies to us every day and it continues as we write this.

Look, if you were facing a collapse of your "empire", would you admit that you were involved in telling the troops to stand-down in Benghazi? No, of course not. If your Internal Revenue Service (IRS) admits that they broke the law by targeting political groups for discrimination (just like Nixon's Enemy List) would you admit any part of it? No, of course not - even though you are the top guy. If your Department of Justice (DOJ) gets caught ILLEGALLY snooping into the press corps phone records, jeopardizing their news sources and breaking the law, would you admit that your had anything to do with that act? No, of course not. You would try and point your finger somewhere else and deflect attention away from you. Look at the facts, Obama NEVER takes responsibility for HIS actions.

Old Hat
It's NEVER Obama's fault. He either blames George Bush or says he doesn't know anything about anything. So what the HELL are we paying him for? Seriously, if he's not in the loop, then who is the person hiding behind the curtain in the White House? Who's making these life or death decisions?

This government is so corrupt, that the lies are blatant from the White House and yet no one seems to care. It's time to stop this administration from deceiving the American public any longer.

We should all be scared, but not stupid. This government is ABUSING its powers in a tyrannical way. It's breaking the laws of the land deliberately and in a calculated way. We need to keep the pressure on the White House until we get the TRUTH for "a change we can believe." Congress has the Constitutional power to investigate and prosecute wrong doings. DEMAND THIS ACTION. Tell Congress to do THEIR job for a change. No one seems to want to rock the boat. But they better, because the boat's sinking and we're all in it together.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Barry's World

Obama's Benghazi Cover Up

Obama's Lost Credibility

Obama's Overspending

Obama's Hit List

Any questions why you cannot trust this government?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Don't Trust The Gang of 8

Here's Why
The nick-name for the four Republican and four Democrat Senators is "The Gang of Eight." They are busily selling you a bill of goods with the Immigration bill titled "The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act." There are many things in the Immigration bill that the Gang of Eight are not telling you like giving AMNESTY to ILLEGALS before doing anything about closing the borders. You cannot trust them or anyone who's in support of the new Immigration reform legislation.

Most Important Reason
Buried deep (hidden) in the 800+ pages of this law is one of the most interesting items in the proposed law. It is something being referred to as "a photo tool." Gee, that sounds innocuous. But what is it?

Homeland Security (DHS) is designated in this bill to create and operate a national BIOMETRIC DATABASE of ALL Americans here in the USA - not just immigrants! Recall that DHS is the same government entity who is creating an ammunition shortage because they are buying over 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammunition. They have also recently purchased 2,700 armored personnel carriers as well as 1,700 fully automatic "assault rifles." They won't tell you that they are doing so to use these weapons against YOU in a civil uprising. Do you STILL think it's a good idea to put them in charge of YOUR identity?

Not Immigration - National Identification
The seemingly harmless "Photo Tool" is REALLY the creation of a national identification system. Remember when the government wanted to implant RFID chips in all of us? It's now back in a new form. RFID chips were too invasive to your privacy. The new approach to becoming a totalitarian dictatorship is by using the "Photo Tool" instead. It's another big government shell game and you'd better be paying attention. This massive federal database will be administered by DHS. It will contain names, ages, Social Security numbers, driver's license details, AND most importantly, your photograph which is mapped using facial identification software.

Action To Take
Tell both of your Senators NOT to support the The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act. Protect what's left of your Right to Privacy!