Sunday, December 21, 2014

Traitors of Conservatism

Here are the 24 "Republican" Senators who voted for the spending bill that supports Obama's Executive Amnesty and funding of ObamaCare:

John Boozman, AR
Lisa Murkowski, AK
Johnny Isakson, GA
Mark Kirk, IL
Dan Coats, IN
Pat Roberts, KS
Mitch McConnell, KY
Susan Collins, ME
Thad Cochran, MS
Roger Wicker, MS
Roy Blunt, MO
Deb Fischer, NE
Mike Johanns, NE
Richard Burr, NC
John Hoeven, ND
Kelly Ayotte, NH
Pat Toomey, PA
Lindsey Graham, SC
John Thune, SD
Lamar Alexander, TN
John Cormyn, TX
Orin Hatch, UT
John Barrasso, WY
Mike Enzi, WY

Here are the "Republicans" who voted FOR the "Cromnibus" spending bill arranged by states:

Byrne, Bradley, AL
Roby, Martha, AL
Aderholt, Robert, AL
Bachus, Spencer, AL

Young, Don, AK

Griffin, Tim, AR
Womack, Steve, AR,

Cook, Paul, CA
Denham, Jeff, CA
Valadao, David, CA
Nunes, Devin, CA
McCarthy, Kevin, CA
McKeon, Buck, CA
Royce, Ed, CA
Calvert, Ken, CA
Issa, Darrell, CA
Hunter, Duncan, CA

Tipton, Scott, CO
Gardner, Cory, CO
Coffman, Mike, CO

Southerland, Steve, FL
Yoho, Ted, FL
Crenshaw, Ander, FL
Mica, John, FL
Nugent, Richard, FL
Bilirakis, Gus, FL
Jolly, David, FL
Ross, Dennis, FL
Buchanan, Vern, FL
Rooney, Thomas, FL
Diaz-Balart, Mario, FL
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana, FL

Kingston, Jack, GA
Westmoreland, Lynn, GA
Price, Tom, GA
Woodall, Rob, GA
Collins, Doug, GA
Gingrey, Phil, GA
Graves, Tom, GA

Simpson, Mike, ID

Roskam, Peter, IL
Davis, Rodney, IL
Hultgren, Randy, IL
Shimkus, John, IL
Kinzinger, Adam, IL
Schock, Aaron, IL

Walorski, Jackie, IN
Rokita, Todd, IN
Brooks, Susan, IN
Messer, Luke, IN
Bucshon, Larry, IN
Young, Todd, IN

Latham, Tom, IA

Jenkins, Lynn, KS
Yoder, Kevin, KS

Whitfield, Ed, KY
Guthrie, Brett, KY
Rogers, Hal, KY
Barr, Andy, KY

Scalise, Steve, LA
Boustany, Charles, LA
Cassidy, Bill, LA

Harris, Andy, MD

Benishek, Dan, MI
Huizenga, Bill, MI
Camp, Dave, MI
Upton, Fred, MI
Walberg, Tim, MI
Rogers, Mike, MI
Miller, Candice, MI

Kline, John, MN
Paulsen, Erik, MN

Nunnelee, Alan, MS
Harper, Gregg, MS
Palazzo, Steven, MS

Wagner, Ann, MO
Luetkemeyer, Blaine, MO
Hartzler, Vicky, MO
Graves, Sam, MO
Long, Billy, MO
Smith, Jason, MO

Daines, Steve, MT

Ellmers, Renee, NC
Foxx, Virginia, NC
Coble, Howard, NC
Hudson, Richard, NC
Pittenger, Robert, NC
McHenry, Patrick, NC
Holding, George, NC

Cramer, Kevin, ND

Fortenberry, Jeff, NE
Terry, Lee, NE
Smith, Adrian, NE

LoBiondo, Frank, NJ
Runyan, Jon, NJ
Frelinghuysen, Rodney, NJ

Pearce, Steve, NM

Amodei, Mark, NV
Heck, Joseph, NV

King, Pete, NY
Grimm, Michael, NY
Gibson, Christopher, NY
Hanna, Richard, NY
Reed, Tom, NY
Collins, Chris, NY

Chabot, Steve, OH
Wenstrup, Brad, OH
Latta, Robert, OH
Johnson, Bill, OH
Gibbs, Bob, OH
Boehner, John, OH
Turner, Michael, OH
Tiberi, Pat, OH
Joyce, David, OH
Stivers, Steve, OH
Renacci, James, OH

Mullin, Markwayne, OK
Lucas, Frank, OK
Cole, Tom, OK

Walden, Greg, OR

Kelly, Mike, PA
Thompson, Glenn, PA
Gerlach, Jim, PA
Meehan, Patrick, PA
Fitzpatrick, Michael, PA
Shuster, Bill, PA
Marino, Tom, PA
Barletta, Lou, PA
Rothfus, Keith, PA
Dent, Charles, PA
Pitts, Joseph, PA
Murphy, Tim, PA

Noem, Kristi, SD

Roe, Phil, TN
Fleischmann, Chuck, TN
Black, Diane, TN
Fincher, Stephen, TN

Culberson, John,TX
Brady, Kevin, TX
McCaul, Michael, TX
Granger, Kay, TX
Thornberry, Mac, TX
Carter, John, TX
Sessions, Pete, TX

Bishop, Rob, UT
Stewart, Chris, UT
Chaffetz, Jason, UT

Rigell, Scott, VA
Forbes, Randy, VA
Goodlatte, Bob, VA
Wolf, Frank, VA

Herrera Beutler, Jaime, WA
Hastings, Doc, WA
McMorris Rodgers, Cathy, WA
Reichert, David, WA

Capito, Shelley, WV

Ryan, Paul, WI
Petri, Tom, WI
Duffy, Sean, WI
Ribble, Reid, WI

If your representative or senator is on this list, they are NOT representing Conservative values and have ignored you. They are TRAITORS!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Betrayed Again

It has become rather obvious to any casual observer that the Republican Party has thrown in the towel and joined-up with Liberals. Their current TRILLION dollar spending bill, loaded with all kinds of pork, is a perfect example. Not only is it loaded with useless and frivolous spending, but it exacerbates the national debt to unsustainable limits. Some experts are now claiming that there is no way we can pay-down the national debt. We have reached the point of no return. Apparently Republican leadership could care less.

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R, OH) is one of the chief architects of the new spending bill. In it, he allows funding for ObamaCare, as well as, Obama's ILLEGAL Executive AMNESTY. That's support for LIBERAL items and does NOT represent the views of Conservatives. Republican leadership has morphed into becoming and supporting LIBERAL IDEOLOGY. The Republicans are now Moderate Democrats.

Let's see how long it takes "the good old boy network" to corrupt the newly elected representatives who were elected BECAUSE of their support of Conservative principles. Watch them carefully. The first chance that they show they're morphing won't take too long.

It is clear that we need a new political party. Democrats and Republicans in office have become self-serving and both are NOT representing the values and ideology of their constituents. The Conservative base is left hanging while the "fat cats" in Washington do whatever THEY please.

The every day folks are getting sick and tired of the "BS" they see coming from the "Career Politicians." We really need to do something positive about it. Sitting back and watching is what got us here.

Take Action.

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Coming Doom

There is an old proverb that says; "you don't miss what you've got, until it's gone." Unfortunately, this message holds true for today's world.

America is at a true turning point in its history. Few, if many people are even aware of it. Only a handful recognize it. Now I'm not an expert or a historian, but I have lived long enough to see history develop and change the United States over time. So have you!

Look back and remember how things used to be 10 to 15 years ago and compare them to what you see today. This takes some objectivity, but you can do it. Are we better off now than before? Is the United States stronger or weaker? Is America looked-up to with respect or disdain by the other countries of the world? Are people represented by their government or are they afraid of it? Is America united or split down the middle? What's going on anyway?

This isn't the way it should be and we know it. How did we let the government become so powerful over our lives? It was no accident. It was our complacency. The United States can NEVER collapse. We will never fall to become a totalitarian state. Unfortunately, we live our busy lives letting the day-to-day activities blur our objectivity. We don't take any time to stop, look, and evaluate.

The technological machines have taken-over our lives and we never noticed the change. We are being slowly assimilated, morphed, and manipulated. Instead we absorb technology into our busy lives creating another layer from reality.  People text while driving. Life is too busy to stop and smell the roses. Who has time for the news? Who actually gets the NEWS with the slanted propaganda being passed as "News?" Do we REALLY care any more?

By the time reality sets-in, it will be too late to do anything to save our freedoms. That maybe OK for you, but look who will really suffer. Your children and their future children. They are the ones who will pay dearly for our lack of concern. Think about it. If you don't care about your freedoms, then what are you teaching your kids? What will they have?

By the time this message sinks-in, you will be way beyond the fail-safe point of no return.

America as we knew it, it doomed.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Barry's World

Obama's Economy

Reality Sets In

Haunting Facts

Obama's Friends

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Act Now

Enjoy Thanksgiving while we still have it on the calendar. With the new Emperor in charge, we can expect a lot more "Executive Directives" that will "fundamentally change America" as you know it.

If you're one who believes that Obama has overstepped his authority, you should take the time to let your Congressional representatives know how you feel and let them know that they NEED TO TAKE ACTION  to stop his lawlessness.

Here are the URLs to send your representatives an email:

House of Representatives

United States Senate

Please do it. No action is like condoning the biggest power grab in US history. Your grand children will thank you!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Congress Take Heed

So we are expecting Obama to commit another lawless act by unilaterally changing the existing immigration law and grant AMNESTY to millions of ILLEGALS. Meanwhile Congress has already told the American public that they will NOT IMPEACH Obama for breaking the law. Their main reason is "Joe Biden." They don't like him and so won't replace Obama with him.

Well too bad. Joe IS the Vice President after all. He's next in-line if anything should happen to the President. It's the chain of command. Frankly, I'm not too enthralled with Joe Biden either, but that shouldn't stop Congress from doing their job. They need to provide the "Checks and balances" as outlined in the Constitution. The impeachment clause is there for occasions just like this one.

We have a lawless Lame Duck President who doesn't care one iota about what's legal or not and he's supposed to be a Constitutional expert! Obama is trying to do whatever HE wants. That's NOT the American system of government. His insolent actions show his disdain for the Constitution and the American people. He gives ILLEGALS more benefits and privileges than he does to Americans. Look at his record.

Obama is destroying the coal industry because HE doesn't like coal. American miners and their families are suffering just because of Obama and the stringent regulations the Obama EPA has issued against them. He is allowing the borders to remain an open sieve so that ILLITERATE ILLEGALS can bring disease to America. Terrorists can also cross along with criminals. He just doesn't care.

Meanwhile, he allows ILLEGALS to become parasites by granting them food stamps, welfare, free medical and all the amenities of citizenship without any of them contributing to the system.

These are deliberate actions that are destroying America. Obama MUST be stopped by IMPEACHMENT.

If Congress does NOT do their job, then they too are responsible for the destruction of a once great country. We voted for change and they'd better live up to it!

Sunday, November 9, 2014


The Republican Party better get their act together. They have misunderstood the results of the midterm elections. How do we know? Simple, they are proceeding with business as usual. Instead of understanding that the midterm whiplash was directed AGAINST Obama and NOT for the support of the GOP (Grand Old Party). Voters were voting to show their disgust with Obama's policies, regulations, and just plain bungling of foreign affairs in general.

Since Congress is NOT listening, the ONLY way citizens have to "speak" is to vote, and we did. We dumped the people who have supported the MOST radical President in US history. Americans are finally aware that the Obama government is NOT looking out for them. He thinks more of ILLEGALS than he does Americans. He shows this every day by NOT closing our borders letting disease and criminals enter the US.

Obama knows that we have figured-out that he's our enemy. He doesn't care about US citizens, and he's trying to weaken ("transform") our country. This explains why he keeps the borders unprotected. He needs the ILLEGALS to become citizens to protect his Party by offering them bribes and getting them as voters. Cynical, devious, and disgusting, but true.

The other IDIOTS in Washington think that they have our support as well. FOOLS - all of them. Now the GOP is spreading rumors that Jeb Bush is "thinking" about running for President. This is their way of floating a trial ballon to see how the idea permeates the culture. Hello, we do NOT want another Bush - especially a RINO like Jeb. We don't want another choice of the best of the two evils. This guy actually supports giving AMNESTY to ILLEGALS and he also supports Common Core (brainwashing your kids). He is NOT a Conservative. He's a Progressive - NOT a Conservative.

The Republican Party has given-up their traditional values of conservatism. Instead, they have shifted towards the left and have become Moderate Democrats. Meanwhile the Democrats have shifted even more to the Left.

Independent voters are growing in their numbers because they are disgusted with BOTH parties. Neither the DEMs or the GOPs listen to their constituents after getting elected. They both give lip service - nothing more. That explains why they are leaving their old political parties. So if the GOP keeps on thinking that they can go their merry way like the good old days, they are in for another loss in 2016 and will give rise to a new THIRD political party. So be it.

America is at a dangerous point in her history. We must do everything possible to save her.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Obama's Gift

Obama's gift is coming. Get ready for his November surprise.

The Department of Human Services is busy printing 34 million new "Permanent Resident Cards." This is in preparation for when Obama unilaterally grants AMNESTY for ILLEGALS. Gee, what ever happened to the 10 million that the government always quoted. They knew all along how many more there are and LIED to us about it. No surprise there.

King Obama is waiting until after the midterm elections because he already knows that DEMs are in big trouble. It's predicted that the Democrats will loose control of the US Senate and if Obama granted AMNESTY before the elections, it would be a disaster.

Take back America from going in the WRONG DIRECTION. Democrats put us here over the last 5 1/2 years. Now we need to get back on track and dump all DEMOCRATS because they ALL voted for ObamaCare.

See you at that polls on November 4th.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ebola is NOT the Problem

The Obama authoritarian regime indicates on a regular basis that they DON'T CARE (HE doesn't care) about protecting Americans. Obama continues to leave the southern borders wide-open for ANYONE who wants to enter the USA. Obama continues to be stubborn about banning air travel from Western Africa. Americans are fed-up with his attitude, his policies, and his total lack of respect for Americans. We're all hurting, and he cares less.

Americans are not worried or panicked about ebola. No, they are getting upset with their government - namely, Obama. Americans are beginning to see the "REAL" Obama and that's what the ebola reaction is all about. They see government incompetence and no accountability. The see government officials lie and mislead Americans daily. They see just how little Obama cares about their safety and the safety of our families. He's more interested in collapsing the system (Cloward & Piven strategy) by overloading it from all sides. He keeps the southern orders wide open, allowing ANYONE into the country - including sick individuals and criminals. He's now breaking the law by unilaterally allowing 100,000 Haitians to enter with our visas. Meanwhile Congress does NOTHING to provide the checks and balances they should.

However, the tide is swiftly changing about how the average Joe feels about government. Is it too late? People are NOT STUPID and they are beginning to see how this administration treats them as if they were an 8 year old when discussing the ebola crisis. But will they be able to turn the tide?

The government LIES and inconsistencies coming forward as "explanations" are pure BS and we all know it! Now it's going to get worse. Instead of holding someone accountable for the government's blunders regarding ebola, Obama hired a "CZAR" to keep government employees from jumping ship and telling the TRUTH. Strange how Obama uses a Communist term (CZAR) to describe his newhire. Actually there's nothing in the Constitution that allows such a unilateral nomination without congressional approval. What's more ironic, is the fact that the new CZAR knows nothing about healthcare, but knows how to KICK ASS if you step out of line with Obama's message. He's another political HACK hired to protect Obama - not Americans. So we have a new spin doctor instead of someone who actually will try to protect you and your family. Feel warm and fuzzy yet?

The ONLY thing you can do is to vote. Get out on November 4th and vote-out ALL Democrats if you don't like the direction that the country is heading. Also vote-out Republican incumbents because they haven't done SQUAT to stop big government spending and to reduce the national debt.  They too have forsaken their conservative values. Send a CLEAR message to Washington, that we've had 5 1/2 years of "Hope and Change" and now it's time to VOTE-OUT everyone for a Change. Let the lazy and corrupted politicians join the unemployment lines where they belong!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Culture of Deception

The Obama government gives numerous examples of how they LIE to Americans on a regular basis. Here are some of the more obvious illustrations:

  • The Obama campaign promised "Transparency." He lied. They stonewall all investigations using the Department of Justice (Eric Holder) as Obama's "Heat Shield."
  • The murders in Benghazi could have been prevented but instead, they used Susan Rice to lie about a video in order to get Obama re-elected. Susan Rice got a promotion & Obama got re-elected. The ends justify the means.
  • Obama said that the National Security Agency (NSA) wasn't spying on Americans. He lied. Edward Snowden made it clear just how bad the NSA was violating the law by spying on ALL Americans. 
  • Obama said there isn't a "smidgeon of corruption in the IRS." That's why Internal Revenue Director Lois Lerner took the 5th, refusing to incriminate herself! They both lied and she was allowed to retire with full benefits. 
  • Obama told us that "If you like you medical plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period." He lied. People are losing their health insurance AND their doctors. 
  • White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that we are winning the war against ISIS, while ISIS captured another town and edged 6 miles away from Bagdad. 
  • Now National Security Director Susan Rice claims that we just reached an agreement with Turkey to use their airbases to fight ISIS. Turkey denies any such agreement. Susan Rice lied again to make Obama look good. 
  • CDC Director - Tom Frieden, tells America that everything is under control with ebola. He lied. We now have hundreds more Americans exposed to ebola because he won't ban air travel & they are CLUELESS about halting the spread of the disease.

These are just a few of the lies being perpetrated against American citizens by the Obama government. Isn't it time to wake up and STOP being suckered into believing these lies? Isn't it time to DEMAND that Congress actually do THIER job and provide some "checks and balances?" How much more lawlessness will you tolerate by YOUR government?


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Obama's "Friends" Expose Obama

It seems that loyalty is a passing fancy in the Obama administration. It would be interesting to be the fly on the wall of the White House. Obama is loosing support from some of his closest cabinet members. They include:

  • Robert Gates (Secretary of War) - Criticized Obama for being too political while ignoring protecting America.
  • Hillary Clinton Secretary of State) - Hillary bad-mouthed the handling of Syria's Red Line event by Obama.
  • Timothy Geithner (Treasurer Secretary) - Obama blamed the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers on Geithner & detested the political implications from it.
  • Leon Panetta (CIA Director) says Obama's biggest weakness is “frustrating reticence to engage his opponents and rally support for his cause.

OK, so the top people who worked for Obama have harsh criticisms about him. What does this show? It shows a side of Obama that he does NOT want Americans to see. Obama is slow at making decisions. Obama's  RED LINE back-down was a BLUNDER of serious consequences. Obama's decision to abandon IRAQ after winning the war was his biggest BLUNDER and has created a terrorist war against the US for the next 30-100 years. Obama refuses to protect Americans.

Thank Obama.

Isn't it time to IMPEACH?

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Obama Refuses to Protect Americans

We have seen how Obama treats the thousands of young ILLEGALS invading our southern borders. He welcomes them and calls them "DREAMERS." Obama has ordered all public schools to accept ILLEGALS who have not received ANY inoculations while keeping the mandatory regulations in placer for American students.

A majority of Americans feel that ILLEGALS should NOT be allowed to attend public schools OR receive ANY government benefits like food stamps, or any welfare. Too BAD! The federal government says otherwise and if you don't like it, you can stuff it!

To add insult to injury, Obama refuses to in-act a travel ban from West Africa. Obama thinks that "a travel ban would make it more difficult for professionals to reach Africa to help the ebola epidemic." This ignores the fact that they would be traveling by private jet to reach Africa. No, Obama is more interested in "keeping the transportation system open, but safe." SAFE? Is that a JOKE? He's more interested in being Politically Correct by saving the world's economy, than he is protecting Americans.

All this in spite of the fact that another Liberian citizen just landed in New Jersey displaying ebola symptoms on the plane before landing. CDC officials greeted him in hazmat suits. So what safety precautions were taken for the hundreds of airlines passengers? NONE! They went on their way - hopefully NOT spreading the virus to others they have contact with in their environments.

Obama is an IDIOT! He would rather give more privileges to foreigners and ILLEGALS than he would Americans. Obama is no friend of US citizens. He is a DANGER to all of us in many ways.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Are You Ready?

In spite of the fact that you cannot trust your government, you should be aware of the fact that they are the World's biggest publisher. Of course your taxes pay for their publications. The dreaded "FEMA" (Federal Emergency Management Agency) publishes hundreds of documents each year. There is ONE document in particular that you should be aware of and get a copy of it. It's called "Are You Prepared - An in depth guide to citizen preparedness."

This document contains information on the following topics:

  • Natural Hazards
  • Why Prepare
  • Technological Hazards
  • Basic Preparedness
  • Terrorism
  • Recovering from Disaster
  • Family Communications Plan
  • Disaster Supplies List
  • Water Conservation Tips

The link to download this document is at the following:

Get smart. Read this manual. It could save your life or the lives of you family.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

"Commander" is a Misnomer

Our "Commander in Chief" is a dunderhead. He orders air strikes at 2:00 AM when no one is in the targeted buildings. Was this all for show or just showing Obama's stupidity? You can't destroy our enemies when they are at home sleeping. Our bombs and missiles hit targets that included command-and-control facilities, vehicles, supply depots, and training areas. Is that any way to knock-out terrorists?

To top that off, Obama warned the leadership in IRAQ of where and when we would attack ISIS (Islamic State of IRAQ). That doesn't seem to be a very intelligent way of trying to kill your enemies. True, IRAN is not the target (yet) but they provide support to most terrorist groups in the world.  Who's to say they didn't warn ISIS of the expected attacks? Obama tried to reassure IRAN that we were NOT attacking any of their buddies.

It's also unfortunate that somehow the Main Stream Media (Obama's Ministry of Propaganda) knew the details of what specific weapons we used and where they were from. Why not just give the Terrorists the entire battle plan?

Anyone who thinks that Obama is a "Commander" is mistaken. He's a Community Organizer. He proves that everyday he's in office.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Is secession a good idea? First, what is secession? Secession is the act of withdrawing from an organization, union, military alliance or especially a political entity. For example, the state of California wants to secede into 6 separate states. They feel that their government no longer represents them or their political views. Go figure.

Many people believe (about 25% of Americans) that this is the only way to rectify the injustices by the present government. Surprised? You shouldn't be. Obama has worked hard to divide all citizens of this once great country. He has engaged in many instances of just that. For example, the Travon Martin killing. He threw in his opinion before the facts were uncovered. The Cambridge Police fiasco - where he openly criticized the Police for doing their job. The "You didn't build this" statement shows that Obama is good at Community Organizing which is DIVIDING the country.  Obama doesn't lead, he divides.

States Rights has always been a bone of contention with the Federal government. It seems that more and more the Fed tries to intervene into a state's personal matter. Eric Holder keeps suing individual states for wanting voter identification laws. Holder claims that they are discriminatory. Proponents argue that you have to show IDs to buy liquor, drugs, and many other items and that showing IDs eliminates voter fraud.

So is secession the answer to this problem? It didn't work in the 1860's and caused a Civil War. Secession is unlikely, but the popularity shows just how upset citizens are with their current government. It's also unlikely that the mid-term elections will resolve the unrest. Is America DOOMED?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Democrat's "Logic"

Everyday Democrats give us examples of their greater wisdom. Here are a few examples:

  • IDIOT LOGIC: Sen. Dick Durbin (D, IL) says that AMNESTY for ILLEGALS "will help contain Ebola virus in Africa."
  • MORON LOGIC: Rep Luis Gutierrez (D, IL) says "we MUST pass Immigration Reform BEFORE securing the border."
  • Nancy Pelosi's logic: "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it."
  • Hillary Clinton's remark about the DEAD Americans killed under her watch: "What difference does it make?"

President Obama has a good list of examples:

  • "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor - period."
  • "The Cambridge police acted stupidly."
  • "I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."
  • "It's not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."
  • "If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen."
  • "But I don’t want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. I don’t mind cleaning up after them, but don’t do a lot of talking."
  • "Let’s not play games. I was suggesting – you’re absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith."
  • "The point I was making was not that Grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn’t. But she is a typical white person…"

This explains why America is headed in the WRONG direction. It's time to WAKE UP AMERICA!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Don't Reward Incompetence

Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama never uses the word "WAR" when describing the use of aircraft strikes in IRAQ. That's because he already told us that the war on terror is over and that we won. He can't admit, that HE's a failure.

It's amazing that LIBERALS still follow Obama without missing a step. He's the weakest American president in the last 50 years. In spite of this, his followers continue blindly to follow.

So what will it take to wake-up the LIBERALS who love Obama? Will it take the total destruction of a major city after IRAN goes nuclear? People criticize Ron Paul for wanting to allow IRAN to get nukes, but think it's OK for Obama to do exactly the same thing. There's no logic involved there, just STUPIDITY!

The "leader" of the free world has never given any thoughts about diverting, immobilizing, eliminating the evil in the world. He only concerns himself with things HE is interested in resolving domestically. Obama thinks small and our enemies know it.

Under Obama's tenure, America is literally being invaded on our southern borders and Obama  does NOTHING to prevent it. Instead he encourages it. Soon he will unilaterally grant AMNESTY to ILLEGALS.

We must IMPEACH him when he does to get control back to someone who actually believes in obeying the laws of the land. Incompetence is destroying America.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

America In Trouble

You know you're in trouble when;

  • The government tells you what to eat.
  • You can't fly the American flag because it offends people.
  • You can't enter your daughter's high school wearing the  uniform of the US Army.
  • The police tell you that you can't film them in public.
  • The IRS only audits one political group while ignoring the other.
  • You can't say "That woman" without being called a "sexist."
  • TSA allows ILLEGALS to fly without ID & make you show yours.
  • The government says you can use your food stamps to buy marijuana but not booze.
  • The president has no plan to confront terrorists.
  • Your president is clueless about international politics and lets the world collapse.
  • The Attorney General protects the president instead of obeying the law.
  • No one is held accountable for breaking the laws of the land - but get promoted instead.
  • The government orders contractors to "Stand-Down" instead of protecting the US Ambassador.
  • The government spies on all its citizens.
  • Congress gives the government permission to use soldiers to arrest you without probable cause and hold you indefinitely.
  • ObamaCare eliminates jobs, costs more, and creates Death Panels.
  • The president lies about keeping your doctors and the Main Stream Press protects him for doing so.

This list goes on and on. It's endless. That should put-up the RED flag for you! Better RED than Dead?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Republicans Are Democrats in Disguise

The RNC (Republican National Committee) just announced support of Obama's planned executive  action to give AMNESTY for ILLEGALS. Apparently, the Republican Party didn't get the message that the majority of Americans do NOT want to give AMNESTY to ILLEGALS.

The RNC's Ruth Guerra (a pro-amnesty advocate) says that Obama's decision to grant amnesty after the election was bad because it makes the wait longer for amnesty!

Ruth Guerra

She says further "The President’s empty rhetoric and broken promises are a slap in the face to millions of Hispanics across the country. This is more evidence that Democrats never really wanted to fix our immigration system when Republicans were sitting at the table. Immigration reform will continue to be the President’s biggest failure as long as he keeps playing politics and refuses to work with Republicans."

The GOP apparently forgets that a blanket AMNESTY for ILLEGALS is ILLEGAL! Bypassing congress and unilaterally deciding to give AMNESTY to literally millions of ILLEGALS is unprecedented.

It's getting hard to know whether the Republicans are on your side anymore - especially with people like Guerra supporting ILLEGALS!

Bottom Line
Register and vote as an Independent. Stop supporting political groups who go against YOUR beliefs. Vote for Tea Party and Independent candidates because the Republicans are nothing more than MODERATE DEMOCRATS!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Americans Are NOT STUPID

Americans in both political parties (including independents) are slowly coming to the realization that Community Organizers are NOT qualified to lead the free world. Americans are now wondering why we have a President who does NOT see the Big Threat facing our country.

Obama has no plan for the ISIS threat. He says that ISIS is no direct threat to the US. Are you kidding? Instead Obama tells us that the world is safer now than ever before. What planet is he on? It's certainly NOT this one!

He has ignored a direct personal threat on video from a terrorist who beheaded another American journalist. He will not admit that his foreign policies are failures. He cannot because Obama is the world's biggest NARCISSIST. He cannot realize or admit that we are AT WAR with NAZI MULSIMS who want to kill all Americans. He's the one who claimed that HE ended all wars. He lives in "LA LA LAND!"

Americans don't understand why this is. ANSWER: Obama does NOT want America to be a world leader. He WANTS to diminish America because he thinks we have stolen natural resources and the wealth of too many countries. He is an anti-colonialist. He IS also a narcissist. Obama admires himself too much to believe that he is ever at fault for ANYTHING. His actions prove the point. He blames everyone and never concedes that his actions (and inactions) have caused the rise of evil in the world.

Obama does NOT CARE about America's security! Obama does NOT care about YOUR safety. He loves open borders. He is the biggest security breach in American history!

It's also strange how the Ministry of Propaganda (Main Stream Media) forgot to tell us that Libyan TERRORISTS captured at least 8 commercial airliners in their latest take-overs in Libya. Do you suppose that they may have a BIG SURPRISE for America on September 11th?

Americans had better be prepared for the worst. There WILL BE another attack and it WILL happen under "Obama's watch." It's coming America. Don't expect the government to help you in any emergency. They won't be there for you.

Obama will go down in history as America's WORST PRESIDENT in history.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

RFID Chips Part 2

Several months back we reported on RFID (radio frequency identification chips) and warned that they could be used in devious ways by the government. Well, the prediction is coming true.

Recall that microchips are now implanted in your pets. They are also used by grocery stores to track what they sell and who they sell it to, as well as when they sell it. Vets use RFID chips that contain information about your pet including YOUR NAME, YOUR ADDRESS, YOUR PHONE NUMBER and whatever the veterinarian wants to include about your pet AND YOU!

Now the government "experts" are wanting to expand the usage of this technology. They claim that they could be used to track the whereabouts of convicted felons released from prison (and just regular people too - especial at airports). These chips are already used to track farm animals and are used at gasoline stations at the pumps, and anti-theft devices for your cars.

Now there's talk of "chipping" your children so teachers can take attendance at school. Police could track your car and read data about YOU without needing license plates!

All these wonderful uses, but the "experts" omit the ethical arguments. You will have NO PRIVACY whatsoever. Hackers can buy and use the scanners used to decode these chips to STEAL YOUR INFORMATION.

So here we go again. A new technology can now be used to SPY on us all. Don't let this happen. Voice your opposition or suffer the consequences.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

America's Mistake

There may be hope after all. Why even the Ministry of Propaganda (Main Stream Media) is directing actual criticisms towards the Anti-Colonial President Obama. The Main Stream Media is confused that Obama shows no compassion whatsoever. They are stunned that their "leader" isn't quite what they thought he was. However, they will still stick up for Obama and defend his defenseless actions and inactions because he is the Pied Piper. He's leading America to his version of "UTOPIA."

The main thing resulting from all this confusion is that even DEMOCRATS are waking up about Obama's inability to conceive that America IS in an undeclared WAR. This gives hope to those of us who already get the big picture.

Obama's words of condolence over the beheading were nullified eight minutes later when he left to play another round of golf. This left his supporters dumbfounded. He showed no  sincerity and has no compassion. He only plays to the last sound bite and manages his affairs by polling - not leading. He'd rather play golf and forget about protecting Americans and America from TERRORISM. His actions show it. His friend and Attorney General, Eric Holder informed Americans that he will pursue the beheading as a criminal act. REALLY?

Is is NOT apparent to either of the top two leaders of the US that we are at WAR with the Muslim NAZIS in the Middle East. Yes, ISIS are the equivalent of the NAZIS because they are a totalitarian murderous state. Their brutality shows it. So Eric Holder treats the beheading as a crime - not as an act of WAR. Obama doesn't even acknowledge that ISIS is a real threat to the US and it's allies. Why? Because Obama does not want the USA to "interfere" in world politics. He would rather play golf than try and figure out what's REALLY going on because of HIS decisions and inability to formulate foreign policies.

Americans are waking up about Obama and his REAL agenda for America. Is it too late? Time will tell. I'm not too optimistic.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Obama Does It Again

Before the dust has settled, GREAT IMPERIAL RULER Obama has weighed-in on the Ferguson situation. Interesting how he acts quickly on domestic problems while IGNORING geopolitical ones. Obama has ordered his perjuring chief law enforcer (Eric Holder) to investigate the shooting death of Michael Brown. That's putting the fox in charge of the henhouse.

Meanwhile, Obama has seriously criticized the Ferguson Police Department - just like he did the Cambridge Police Department a while ago. The end result of Obama jumping into a local issue is to enflame residents and to cause civil unrest. The Great Divider is doing HIS job as a Community Organizer. Divide and create more hatred between fellow Americans.

To add more fire to the situation, we see the race baiters coming out of the woodwork as well. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are now both bloviating their racial hatred about this situation. That's how they both make their living. Racially dividing for their own personal interest and profit.

Meanwhile, Obama is politicizing this local shooting in order to energize black voters into unifying (and dividing them from the white community)  so they will vote DEMOCRATIC in the November elections. He omits the fact that Michael Brown is on video tape robbing a convenience store just before he was confronted by the police. We're led to believe that Brown was another innocent minority being discriminated against and finally "executed."

Wouldn't it be smarter to hold-back on commenting one way or the other about this case until the FACTS become known? Apparently Obama never learned that lesson and is repeating butting-in with his 2 cents to provoke the entire community into causing civil unrest. That's what he did as a Community Organizer.

Is this a warm-up for Obama to declare Martial Law? Is he practicing what to do on a small scale before he tries it on a larger one?

One thing for sure. Obama is dividing Americans every chance he gets. Why don't Americans see the big picture? Is the average Joe that STUPID?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Questions to Ponder

So let's play the Devil's Advocate and ask some questions about Impeachment and the implications if it happens.

Let's Suppose
Obama gets impeached when conservatives take control over the US Senate and maintain control over the House of representatives. He gets thrown-out because he overstepped his authority AND because he broke the law. His "implementation" of the Affordable Care Act was ILLEGAL and his selective enforcement of various laws was also ILLEGAL.


  • Does Obama get any jail time?
  • Does that mean that ALL of Obama's Executive Orders are negated? If not, why not?
  • Does this overturn all laws that he signed into law?
  • Will Joe Biden obey the laws of the land?
  • Will Obama's corrupt government officials all be held accountable for their actions? (A few examples here - notably Attorney General Eric Holder, IRS Director Lois Lerner, and NSA Director James Clapper.)
  • Can Biden REPEAL ObamaCare or will congress have to do this?
  • Will Biden start closing our borders to protect us from gangs, crimes, and diseases?
  • Will Congress stop funding the EPA and invalidate their energy-punishing regulations?
  • Will America elect a Conservative President in 2016 to get America back on track?

Food For Thought
These are just a few things to consider. There are many more. If you believe that America is heading in the RIGHT direction - you are now in the MINORITY.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Guest Article - Krauthammer's Warning

Krauthammer’s Dire Warning About Obama’s Reported Immigration Plan: ‘A Gross Violation of the Constitution’
by Billy Hallowell of The Blaze

"Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer didn’t mince words during an appearance on “The Kelly File” Thursday night, charging that President Barack Obama will be committing a “gross violation of the Constitution” if he chooses to expand amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.

At the heart of Krauthammer’s claim are reports that Obama plans to defer deportations for millions more illegal immigrants by the end of the summer — an act that host Megyn Kelly warned could spark “a very ugly political crisis.”

Krauthammer told Kelly that he suspects that the White House will take such action come September, though Obama has publicly stated in the past that he does not have the power to simply “suspend deportations through executive order.

So were he to do now in September what he has long and repeatedly said he is constitutionally prohibited from doing, that would be a grave and irrefutable violation of his duties as president,” Krauthammer said. “The Constitution could not be more clear … he’s not allowed to make the laws, he’s not allowed to change the laws, he’s not allowed to unilaterally suspend the laws..

He added, “This will be a gross violation of the constitution.

As Kelly noted, Obama spoke at a Universion Town Hall event in 2011, claiming that he cannot, as president, simply “suspend deportations,” with those words recently sparking intense criticism following reports that the White House is preparing to do just that.

With respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order, that’s just not the case, because there are laws on the books that Congress has passed,” Obama said. “The executive branch’s job is to enforce and implement those laws. And then the judiciary has to interpret the laws.”

Obama added: “There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system that for me to simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as president.

As TheBlaze previously reported, this same speech preceded Obama’s 2012 decision to stop deporting and begin granting work permits to younger illegal immigrants.

Krauthammer also addressed recent talk of impeachment, claiming that it is mostly coming from the Democratic side in an effort to sully Republicans’ image and that it “would be political suicide” for the GOP to take that route."

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This Isn't America Any More

Have you been paying attention to what's happening around you lately? You should. The America that we grew-up with is gone. There are many examples to illustrate this point.

  • Obama says to Muslims that their "many achievements and contributions to building the very fabric of our nation." Muslims had little to do with the founding of this great country. This should INSULT ALL RED-BLOODED Americans. 
  • Nancy Pelosi says that "Hamas is a humanitarian organization." REALLY? Then why do they have rockets and missiles? Why even our own State Department labels Hamas as a "TERRORIST" organization. A top Democrat supports genocide?
  • All US Senate Democrats want to give AMNESTY to ILLEGALS. Incidentally, 50% of ILLEGALS are receiving welfare, food stamps, or other free benefits for sponging off US taxpayers.
  • Secretary of State John Kerry trashed our ally Israel in trying to broker a cease-fire with Hamas.
  • Secretary Kerry gave Hamas $47 MILLION dollars for humanitarian purposes. A week later, Hamas brokers a deal with North Korea to buy missiles, rockets, and other weapons.
  • Obama uses the EPA to "REGULATE" the coal-fired plants out of existence - raising the price of electricity to a new high.
  • Obama is about to give blanket AMNESTY to ALL ILLEGALS without anyone's approval.
  • Obama released 5 of the WORST TERRORISTS from Gitmo saying they were no threat to America.

The examples are endless under this administration. If you still Care about America, you need to stand-up and voice your opinion and help take-back America.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Americans STILL Don't Get It

When it comes to Obama, you have to watch his actions and NOT listen to his words. He does this all the time. He says one thing and then does just the opposite. His latest action is quite despicable.

Obama ALWAYS chooses the WRONG SIDE. He always supports our enemies and disses our friends. He did it in Libya with the Muslim Brotherhood and now he gave Hamas $47,000,000. Last time we looked, Hamas is a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. Would someone tell him that they will NOT use it for humanitarian reasons?

Want the proof? OK, then be aware that right after getting the $47 MILLION Hamas just made a deal to buy rockets and weapons from the North Koreans.

Wake up America. You're being led by the Pied Piper of the White House and you're marching along with him to your own destruction.

The latest news flash is that the White House is scaring DEMs by telling them that the GOP wants to IMPEACH their GREAT LEADER. This helps worry DEMs into donating money to save those who are in deep trouble in the November elections.

The strategy is to get the GOP to begin Impeachment proceedings before the November elections. That way, they may maintain control of the Senate. OK, so let's just wait four more months, win control of the US Senate, and THEN IMPEACH OBAMA!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Time to Be Scared

Our southern borders are being overrun by ILLEGALS from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala and the Obama administration (a polite way of saying OBAMA) does NOTHING to protect Americans. It's no wonder that almost half of Americans believe that Obama is NOT an American citizen. He refuses to live up to his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution and the citizens of the USA.

Inactions ARE decisions. When Obama does NOTHING that is a decision. Call it whatever you like - incompetence or HIS plan. His modus operandi is to wait, wait, wait, give a non-threatening speech, and then call for an investigation with hopes that whatever it discovers, it will go away after people forget about it. His "investigations" always take forever, and have no conclusions because they are being conducted by his life-long friend Eric Holder (his Attorney General & Law breaker). They are a great team and work together to protect one another.

Since there is more campaign fund-raising than there is managing the position of the leader of the free world, Americans had better become scared. Obama is on the record for saying that he can do whatever he wants BECAUSE HE's the President.

It looks like things will be getting much worse because of his PISS-ASS ARROGANCE towards America and Americans in general.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Just Say "NO"

More and more towns across America are discovering that YOUR government is literally DUMPING unwanted ILLEGAL children into their towns. Most are never notified that the government is dumping, they just arrive and are let go.

The latest town to receive the Obama Surprise is Lynn, Massachusetts. City officials state that the recent influx of ILLEGALS has stressed and overwhelmed every service from "trash to healthcare."

Lynn's mayor states that because we have no way of knowing how old the teens are, they are being placed into ninth grade classes.  They are also besieged with multiple health issues.  ILLEGALS are bringing multiple serious diseases and infections - ranging from tuberculosis to MURS.

The city is running out of money and cannot afford to continue this wrongful DUMPING.

Action To Take
When the government shows-up with a bus load or plane full of ILLEGALS protest loudly and do NOT let them unload their trouble into your towns.

Just say "NO."

Sunday, July 13, 2014

American Injustice

Obama has decided that it's OK to allow ILLEGALS to use the US airlines without having to show any identification. Meanwhile, the rest of us have to be forced to prove who we are. ILLEGALS just show their government paper that ICE gives them and they are free to travel ANYWHERE they want on the airlines.  Here is the document they have:

Incidentally, this document does NOT verify any of the information that the ILLEGALS put on these documents. They can lie about their age, the reason why they are here, or anything else. It is NOT a form of identification. It is a JOKE!

What this translates into is that Obama's ILLEGALS have more personal freedoms than we do. If you don't see the injustice and believe that this is just a humanitarian issue, then keep drinking the Kool Aid. Everyone traveling by air must show a valid government identification - unless you're an ILLEGAL. They you have the privilege of being treated differently.

This Obama directive violates the immigration laws. The Obama government also violates the law by literally DUMPING ILLEGALS into towns all across the nation. This forces the local governments to become responsible for people who do NOT belong here. Local governments will have to pick-up the tab for the ILLEGALS healthcare, education, welfare and on and on. No one pays for these people - except the American taxpayers. AND that (unfortunately), is only 50% of Americans because the rest do NOT pay taxes!

The Obama government is literally allowing an INVASION of America without doing anything to protect its citizens. Obama refuses to order the National Guard to protect our borders. No borders translate into no Sovereignty. No Sovereignty means NO COUNTRY. This is the DEATH of America and Obama knows it. Not only is this wrong, it's impossible to justify.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"I Have a Pen & a Phone..."

One of the main responsibilities of the President of the United States is to protect all Americans from foreign invasions. That's the main reason for having a strong military. OK, we have that box checked-off, but we have a President who is ignoring his oath of office.

Obama swore to defend both the constitution and the people of the land. He has failed on both counts.

There is an INVASION taking place on our borders. All Obama has to do is to close the borders using the National Guard using his pen. Oh, that's right, Obama already told us that the borders are safe. That was just another LIE.

It doesn't take a wacky person to see that Obama is following Cloward & Piven and Saul Alinsky's strategies to collapse the system by overloading it. Anyone who can read (Rules for Radicals), knows that this is exactly what Obama is doing. He used to teach these very same principles before becoming President. Simply look at his actions, or in this case, his inactions. By doing nothing to secure our borders, Obama IS making a decision to allow the INVASION to continue. Don't listen to his rhetoric, watch what he does. People label him as incompetent, but he's not. He's doing what he can to collapse America anyway he can.

Obama is a master of the smoke & mirror. He blathers what the folks want to hear, and then does whatever HE wants - even if it violates the Constitution & his oath of office. There are too many examples of this to continue ignoring those facts.

Unfortunately, we have a lack-luster congress who prefers to hide behind his inactions and unlawful actions when they could try and hold him accountable. House Speaker, John Boehner said today that there will be "NO IMPEACHMENT." What this means is "NO Checks-and-Balances" as usual.

What a wuss!

If your job performance matched that of Obama's or Boehner's, you would have been fired a long time ago.

We need to DUMP the TRASH in congress this coming November. Vote-Out the RINOS and replace them with people who's goal is to defend AND protect the Constitution. And we certainly should DUMP all Democrats because they all voted for ObamaCare.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

"So Sue Me"

House Speaker John Boehner has threatened to sue President Obama for all of his violations of the law and his oath of office. Good luck on that one. Obama has already figured that one out and defiantly and arrogantly told Boehner to go ahead, "So sue me."

Obama knows that if the court takes the case he has better than a 50/50 chance of winning and Boehner losing. Why? Because the courts have no power to punish Obama if they find him guilty of violating the law. Obama can continue on his reckless path of implementing "regulations" and writing more "Executive Orders" without impunity.

The Founding Fathers never anticipated that we could have an Imperial President like Obama. They never considered what to do with a President who disobeys the law. So when John Boehner threatens to sue Obama, good luck!

The only way to correct the situation, is Impeachment. Thank God the Founders DID think of that one! The only way to be successful with this endeavor is to first gain control over the United States Senate. That way there WILL be enough votes to actually get Obama out-of-office against his will. And while they're at it, they should also Impeach Eric Holder for many of the same reasons. Get rid of them both so they cannot do any more harm to America.

It's up to you America. If you love your country, you can't just sit there and watch Obama and his minions destroy it.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

The latest Quinnipiac University Poll finds that voters say Mitt Romney would have been a better choice in 2012. Obama's ratings are even lower than that of George Bush. A Zogby poll says that half of voters think that Obama is "Unable to lead the country." Many Americans now believe that Obama is the "Worst President in American History."

Too late now America. We refuse to say "We told you so" because that offers no solution. However, there is a sound solution. Here's the plan;

Gain control of the United States Senate in November. When new members are sworn-in in January, commence immediately with IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS. Impeach the President, his lawless Attorney General (Eric Holder) and prosecute Lois Lerner (IRS Director) to the fullest. Punish all Obama law-breakers to the fullest extent of the law. REVERSE  his unilateral executive orders that have side-tracked America into this mess we have now.

Now it's true that bimbo Joe Biden will be the President. However, he's not too STUPID to recognize that the American people are on to the Progressive agenda. He'll stop the BS and perhaps we can begin to take America back from the COMMUNISTS who call themselves "Democrats."

Tell your friends, family, and fellow workers the plan. We CAN take-back our country if we unite!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Americans Are Waking Up

In several recent polls by various sources, it's becoming clear that the majority of Americans are finally getting the Big Picture when it comes to President Obama. His popularity is declining and most people now believe that he is lacking integrity and honesty. Many believe that he is incompetent.

Wow! You mean that our President has been lying to us? Unfortunately, YES - every time he speaks.

The next time we elect a President we should learn from this lesson. Look for someone who has foreign policy experience and a track record of managing and leading groups of people. We found out too late that a Community Organizer is small potatoes and this is NOT enough experience to be the leader of the free world.

The bad news is that we still have over two more years to watch Obama bungle along. It's time for Congress to step up and hold Obama accountable for all the laws he has broken and all the ILLEGAL Executive Orders he has written. IMPEACH HIM! If Congress continues to ignore this lawlessness, they too need to be held accountable.

Let's continue to send this message to Washington. If you don't represent your constituents, you too will end up like Eric Cantor - unemployed!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Term Limits Do Exist!

The GOP elites in Washington had better learn a lesson from the surprise defeat of one of their own last night. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R, VA) was defeated in the primary last night sending a loud message to his other fellow RINOs. Voters are sick and tired of the same-old-same-old. Voters are fed-up with candidates who say what voters want to hear and then do just the opposite after being elected. Good riddance to this RINO!

Eric Cantor lost in part to his flip flop stance on IMMIGRATION. He would tell voters that he was against AMNESTY for ILLEGALS and then he would work with Democrats to "provide a path to citizenship for ILLEGALS." That's another way of saying "Amnesty."

Another RINO who actually one re-election was Linsey Graham of South Carolina. He saw the threat from the Tea Party and softened his message and tried to form a coalition with them. Cantor on the other hand, tried to destroy the Tea Party and directed heavy attacks against them.

Three Things to Note
The national affiliates of the Tea Party did NOT help overthrow Cantor. They need to learn their lesson from that. Next time, they need to support candidates running against GOP elites (RINOs) in order to give them a fighting chance. They need to "Smarten-up."

The second thing to note is that the remaining RINOs (like Graham) had better start listening to the Tea Party wing or they too will be ousted. Voters will no longer tolerate the GUTLESS Congress and they WILL take action against them in November. We'll see if Graham really changed or lied to get re-elected.

Finally, the Democrats are giving their political spin to all of this as a victory for the Democratic Party. Not so. They will find-out in less than 6 months that they TOO will be unemployed and out of work in the Obama economy!

DUMP ALL CHUMPS IN NOVEMBER! Power to the Tea Party!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Above the Law

So we have a President who admits breaking the law and is NOT held accountable for his actions. Obama unilaterally exchanged five of the worst TERRORISTS being held captive in GITMO. He exchanged them for an army deserter and perhaps a traitor as well. At best, this was a terrible exchange.

"Birds of a feather flock together." Obama has aided and abetted our enemies by releasing these five terrorists. We ARE at war. Islamic fanatics are killing Americans whenever they can. Obama knew that two of these men were wanted by the United Nations for war crimes (The killing of women and children). He makes no apology for it. He claims it was to bring-back a POW. Don't be fooled by this propaganda. Bergdhal was a HOSTAGE - not a POW.

This act is unconscionable. It is also an act of TREASON. Treason is the crime of trying to overthrow your country's government or of helping your country's enemies during war. This is precisely what Obama has done. He has released five known and dangerous enemies who want to KILL Americans. There may have also been an exchange of money to sweeten the exchange. (Also against the law!).

The deafening silence coming from Congress is also pathetic. They refuse to provide the checks and balances by putting the President on trial. Congress has forsaken their oath of office and their official duties. No one has the courage to stand-up for justice.

America is already dead!

No one seems to care anymore about their freedom or the law of the land anymore.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Obama's Act of TREASON

Obama has not only broken the law, he has committed TREASON against the people of the United States. The dictionary defines treason as; "A citizen's actions to help a foreign government overthrow, make war against, or seriously injure the parent nation." This is EXACTLY what Obama has done.

Performing signing statements to circumvent Congress is against the law. Releasing 5 TERRORIST Taliban commanders IS aiding and abetting our enemies. Negotiating with TERRORISTS to exchange hostages, is NOT in the best interest of the United States. Obama gave the top five leaders of GITMO's Taliban to exchange for one US soldier. This wasn't approved by Congress because Obama NEVER notified them of his actions. Instead, Obama did what HE wanted to do in spite of the law.

Obama has established the first Monarchy in the USA. Meanwhile, Congress sits back and watches while doing NOTHING. They could hold Obama accountable, but so far, no one has the GUTS to stand up to the President. Consequently, Obama will continue to enforce the laws HE likes and IGNORE the ones HE doesn't like.  There are no checks and balances any longer.

The system of checks and balances only works when each branch of the government lives-up to their respective obligations. Unfortunately, this Congress goes along with Obama's lawlessness and allows him to SHRED the Constitution whenever he pleases. This will not only continue, but it will continue to get worse.  

The exchange that Obama negotiated, was a BAD deal for ALL AMERICANS. It sends the message that if our enemies kidnap Americans, they can "negotiate" for money and other more outrageous things. Once again, we had been screwed by a community organizer.

To make matters worse, the soldier we recovered is allegedly a DESERTER in a combat situation and perhaps even a collaborator with our enemies. However, the National Security Advisor (Susan Rice-alias "Benghazi Sue") is touting to the media that the recovered soldier has served his country with HONOR. Is she STUPID, or just CRAZY? Was his release really worth the damage that Obama has done to all AMERICANS?

If ever there was a time to stand-up for YOUR COUNTRY, now is the time. Let this government know that YOU don't accept TREASONOUS ACTS form YOUR President.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Reason to IMPEACH Obama

Behind our backs, President Obama unilaterally decided to "negotiate" with the Taliban for the release of US Sargent Bowe Bergdahl.  Obama said "On behalf of the American people, I was honored to call his parents to express our joy that they can expect his safe return, mindful of their courage and sacrifice throughout this ordeal." In his secret deal, Obama in-turn, released 5 of the MOST DANGEROUS Taliban combatants. These five are among the top five commanders. Two of the five are wanted by the United Nations for war crimes and Obama has let them go. He actually let them go - unpunished. All five were deemed HIGH RISKS towards the US and its allies.

Obama's excuse for breaking the law is that he wants to "convince the Taliban to abandon its alliance with Al Qaeda." Incidentally, all five had close ties to Al Qaeda planners of the 911 attacks against the US. They were more than just acquaintances.

What was Obama thinking? This does NOT guarantee that peace talks will move forward. Quite the opposite. It rewards BAD BEHAVIOR. The Taliban now has their revered leaders back in their fold. They can unite and once again direct their terrorist activities against the US as before. Obama believes that their release will "break the Ice" for negotiations.

Obama is a fool. 

What's worse is that he also has broken the law. He never notified Congress of this activity. This violates the Constitution and his oath of office. It also violates the rule that you NEVER negotiate with TERRORISTS!

Question to ask: Does this Congress have the GUTS to bring charges of Impeachment?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

When Emergency Strikes

Everyone believes that they will remain calm during an emergency. However, with today's dependence on technology, that's far from reality. Almost everyone today has become addicted to their cell phones and the Internet.

Are you aware that during an emergency that these two electronic tools may NOT be available? What would you do if you had no connectivity with you cell phone? How would you notify loved ones of your status? What would your life be like without any access to the Internet? Think about it.

Both of these things are controlled by the government. The government (through their spying) has discovered a perfect way to neutralize your attempts to communicate. Pull the plug on your cell phones and disrupt Internet service.

Obama's FCC has made several attempts to promote regulations to "protect" you from cyber attacks. Obama has written an Executive Directive that gives him total control over all cell phone providers as well as all Internet Service Providers (ISPs). That's a polite way of letting you know that you can't rely on these services during ANY emergency. Obama controls the "On/OFF" switch.

What's the alternative? Short wave radios would make it possible to communicate with your loved ones. However, they require a Ham Radio License. If you're interested than you should get more details from the following: ARRL

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Warning Is Clear

We have seen over the past few weeks the result of what happens to citizens who rely exclusively on BIG GOVERNMENT.  Namely, our veterans and their lack of care at the VA hospitals. It is currently alleged that several VA hospitals around the country put patients on wait lists before they receive medical care.  Unfortunately, these hospitals have more than one list.  The first is the "official" list that they use to show the government bureaucrats how efficient they are and the other is the secret list.  If your name is on the secret list, you will NOT be receiving treatment anytime soon.  That explains why several US veterans have actually died or committed suicide waiting to see VA doctors.

This is not only a scandal, but it is also a disgrace.  We are letting our men and women who have served our country DIE because of BIG GOVERNMENT NEGLECT.  President Obama claims that he knew NOTHING about it until the media broke the story.  Obama was warned about the VA problem before he took office.  Apparently he forgot that he was recorded on video tape several times talking about how he will fix the problem.  Obama is doing what he knows best - he's LYING as usual.

Obama has "fired" the guy who is retiring in a month.  Gee, that was really great - early retirement! Some solution!!  Obama usually gives rewards to those who are incompetent or law breakers like the IRS's Lois Lerner (he gave her full retirement) or Susan Rice (Obama gave her a promotion for lying his message).

The RED FLAG should be flying right now.  If the government bureaucracy cannot take care of a few million fellow citizens, how can we expect  The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) to take care of 330,000,000 people?

They can't.

Our government has grown to the size of GODZILLA and it continues to grow.  Progressives believe that government control is wonderful and that's they way it should be.  Bigger is better!  

The message is clear with the VA fiasco, ObamaCare will do the same to you and your family - just give it a few years to kick-in.  You'll die waiting for treatment!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

WARNING AMERICA: Obama's War on Coal

On June 2, 2014 Obama's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will unilaterally impose carbon emissions regulations directed against all power plants. This new dictatorial regulation has specifically targeted the COAL INDUSTRY. It will demolish most coal-burning power plants. This is the way Obama side-stepped Congress to get Cap & Trade his way! Your energy bills WILL SKYROCKET just as he once promised! It's also Obama's way of telling Americans to GO SCREW! This regulation isn't for your protection. It's for your destruction.

This "regulation" by design, will cripple West Virginia, Kentucky, and Louisiana who are major coal producers. Obama doesn't care because he HATES COAL and he wants to make his liberal Eco-FREAKS happy. He also is attacking the OIL industry. Hence, he will NOT support the Keystone Pipeline because it creates jobs and reduces our energy dependence. All major oil drilling now takes place on PRIVATE lands - not those owned by the federal government. Thank Obama for this.

The REAL Agenda
It should be obvious what the impact will be with this new "Obama-imposed regulation." It will destroy the economies of the three states above, as well as everyone else's. Your energy bills will become a burden. This is no accident! Obama is deliberately closing-down the coal industry, killing jobs, and upsetting the balance in America. He does NOT care about that because THIS IS HIS AGENDA. He uses the guise of "protecting the environment" to mislead the uninformed public. He doesn't want an economic recovery. Look around, this is the longest recovery in our history!

Wake Up America
Obama is deliberately making America weaker, and less influential. Look at his "achievements." Downsize the military, involve the US in four wars simultaneously, borrow and spend astronomically, and on and on. His goal is to make the US a third world country! So far, he's doing a good job because we lack leadership in Congress to STOP this maniac. If we don't wake-up soon, you will NOT recognize this county when Obama leaves office.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Common Core Is Bad

Common Core is the 21st Century's equivalent of Hitler's Youth Movement in the 1930s. It's a federal government take-over of your kids curriculum and training. It forces your kids to conform and be molded into being "good-little-citizens."

Common Core argues that it is making curriculums uniform. It does! It takes control away from local schools (and parents) and forces them to use the government curriculum in order to standardize. That's government Propaganda for BRAINWASHING your kids to "think their way."

Here's some food for thought before you jump on the government band wagon:

  • Common Core standards provide no guarantee in improvements in testing on the global scale.
  • These standards lack the research they falsely say they have. In fact, they ARE national standards being established by BIG GOVERNMENT. There were NO PILOT PROGRAMS or trial programs to determine its validity.
  • These standards cannot be tailored to all of the diverse populations in the US. In fact, they do just the opposite. They provide NO DIVERSITY! Everyone (regardless of abilities) are treated the same.
  • Common Core focuses on higher-order thinking rather than emphasizing the basics. Curriculum emphasis eliminates discussions of the Founding Fathers among many other excluded topics.
  • States get stuck paying for the implementation mandated by the federal government.
  • States loose control over their own curriculum. The government takes control instead. States loose their autonomy.
  • Common Core emphasizes mass learning. It drills kids into memorizing topics. Teachers being evaluated only teach for the topics given on the standardized tests. There is no more individualized teaching.
  • These standards will force younger children to learn at a quicker pace than ever before. Students will be expected to learn more and learn earlier than ever before.
  • There is NO EQUIVALENCY test for students with Special Needs. They are all tested using the same test for their grade level regardless of their reading skills. This is just STUPID! It avoids addressing the situation all together.
  • These standards will make current textbooks obsolete and teachers will no longer be able to choose textbooks. The government curriculum will dictate textbook selection.
  • These standard tests only include Math and English (reading and writing). There are NO STANDARDS for Science and Social Studies. Currently, each individual state has to develop their own set of standards. That goes against the premise of Common Core. Standardization goes out the window.
  • Common Core opens the door for bias and INDOCTRINATION. What are the political leanings of those who actually write the standards? Who decides the curriculum? Parents loose the right to disagree. The government knows what's best for YOUR kids.
  • Common Core shifts away from teaching classic literature. For example: It can and does DISTORT the treatment of the Gettysburg Address.
  • Common Core conveniently leaves-out facts. Textbooks will eliminate US History before 1800.
  • Chicago Teacher's Unions are AGAINST Common Core. Go figure. 
  • Common Core standards were NOT developed by the states but by a group called "Achieve" and the National Governor's Association. Both of these groups are heavily funded by Bill Gates a strong advocate of Common Core.

Action To Take
Don't be mislead by the government propaganda showing up on local TV ads telling you how GREAT Common Core is. Get your state legislatures to abolish Common Core. It's not good for your kids.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Obama's Numerous Violations

Obama has committed several things that could be construed as a violation of his oath of office. Any or all of these things could get him Impeached. Here are just a few:

  • Targeting US citizens to be killed on "suspicion" of terrorism. His "Kill list."
  • Illegal declaration of war in Libya & giving aid and weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood (our enemies).
  • CIA involvement in illegally selling arms to our enemies in Benghazi and the cover-up that followed. Lying to the American people to help his re-election.
  • Allowing Mexican drug cartels to buy weapons in the US and transport them across our borders (Fast & Furious).
  • Directing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to attack his political opponents.
  • Directing the National Security Agency (NSA) to spy on all Americans.
  • Non-enforcement of America's immigration laws.
  • Modifying The Affordable Care Act over 30 times without Congressional approval.

Democrats ignore these things and always try to protect Obama. They claim that they are unimportant, or just old news. So ask yourself, how many things does it take to IMPEACH OBAMA?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Obama's New Work Plan

America Beware: President Obama has a new plan to give 100,000 jobs to "undocumented workers" (euphemism for ILLEGALS)  in the US. This plan disallows or makes it extremely difficult for 100,000 American citizens from getting those jobs.

This is GREAT news for ILLEGALS and not so much for American citizens. This is all due to the fact that Obama is manipulating the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to "authorize" spouses of foreign workers for these 100,000 jobs - supposedly to "help economic growth in the United States."

This plan extends work authorization for ILLEGALS to stay in the country beyond the original limit of their work permits (if they have any).

Clearly this new Obama plan favors those who are NOT Americans. Isn't it time to protest?

Sunday, May 4, 2014

6 Lost Freedoms

Under the false pretense of "protecting Americans" big government has permanently removed your liberties. True, it has been incremental, but that's the whole point. Big government  takes a piece at a time so the average person won't realize that their personal liberty is under attack and that they have lost more freedoms.

Over the past 8 years we have lost more than the average person can ever realize. Not all of your freedoms were lost because of Obama because they started when Bush was President. However, under Obama, your loss of freedoms have accelerated.

So here is a list of just 6 items that have removed your liberties in the past 8 years:

1. The Patriot Act was monumental steeling of your freedoms. It changed banking laws and regulations as well as how the government treats "suspected terrorists." Although this law was created under Bush, Obama expanded it dramatically to give the government more control over you.

2. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDA). This has created a NAZI-like state by the government. The US military is now authorized to arrest American citizens in their own homes, without any warrants, for merely being suspected of terrorist activities. You can be held indefinitely without a lawyer. The government can search and seize ANY of your personal property including your computers and cell phones.

3. The National Security Agency spying on you. They have no business monitoring everyone's phone conversations and recording them. Likewise, they have no business monitoring your Internet activities, your credit card purchases, or the books you buy and read.

4. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting Conservative groups to aid the President in his re-election. This was not only against the law, but to date, no one has been held accountable. Word of caution: If they IRS can target ANY group, they can target YOU as well.

5. Free Speech is DEAD in America. The Secular Progressives have successfully attacked free speech under the guise of Political Correctness. You can no longer "Offend" any ONE person with your remarks. If you do, you will be fired, chastised, called a RACIST or any other term to degrade and humiliate you.

6. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) was created to "protect" air travelers from terrorists. However, the unintended consequences prove otherwise. Since its inception, the TSA has NOT prevented or captured ANY terrorists. Instead, they have been guilty of embarrassing, harassing, stealing from and sexually molesting passengers. Your liberties are gone at airports.

These items may seem insignificant but when combined, they amount to a massive undertaking and huge loss of your freedoms. Think about it.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Demilitarize O's SWAT Teams

You may have noticed in recent video clips in Nevada that the Bureau of Land Management  (BLM) has its own SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team. More noticeable, they actually sent it to Nevada to threaten a local cattleman for Not paying grazing fees.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also has SWAT teams which they use against individuals who they believe are violating their "regulations." The EPA also has used and continues to deploy the use of Drones in their activities.

The Obama regime has taken the liberties to militarize several departments as this blog has mentioned in several notices. Isn't it time to stand-up and Demand that Congress do something to halt this expansion of unregulated government military forces?

Seriously, why has the Obama administration purchased BILLIONS of rounds of ammunition for Homeland Security, Social Security, the Post Office and other NON-MILITARY departments?

Action To Take
Tell your Congressional representatives that you want to see legislation that HALTS these para-military activities by DEFUNDING THEM!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Barry's World

Keystone Pipeline

Obama's Intel

O's Foreign Policy

O's Destruction Policies

O's Gun Policy Propaganda

O's Tax Cheats

Secular Progressive's Awareness

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The New Army

While Obama dines on $300 a plate sushi in Japan, his Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is now busy intimidating ranchers in Texas. The BLM is the new "Brown Shirts" of the 21st century. It seems that it's becoming quite clear why Obama's various non-military government departments are buying assault rifles, armored personnel carriers, and billions of rounds of ammunition. They are are planning on using them against you and your families. That was illustrated in Nevada.

For example: Rancher Bundy had his cattle stolen and killed by the BLM. Yes, Bundy has ignored the federal law about paying grazing fees. But who was the first to introduce 200 armed individuals with machine guns and sniper rifles to the situation? The government has become the "Domestic Terrorists." The BLM added 200 + armed men to "enforce their grazing laws." REALLY? Seems a bit of overkill doesn't it?

We can't enforce our open borders that are under siege by MILLIONS of ILLEGALS. Our borders are under attack daily by insurgents who come ILLEGALLY. Obama looks the other way and sends his new police force (BLM) to Nevada to intimidate one rancher. And now Texas.

What's wrong with that picture?

Intimidate the people who will NOT conform to YOUR ideas. Disrespect all supporters by calling them names and try to discredit the opposition. Silence anyone who is NOT on your side. The ends justify the means for the greater good. Use force to make your point.

This isn't America any longer. This is becoming a COMMUNIST country one day at a time.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Obama Passes Again

Gee, what a surprise. Obama again avoided making any positive decision on building the Keystone Pipeline. Instead he stonewalled it once more. That effort would create thousands of jobs and help America become less dependent on foreign oil. That's the EXACT reason why Obama won't approve the project. He WANTS America to become MORE dependent on foreign oil.  He WANTS your energy prices to SKYROCKET. He WANTS to satisfy the ECO-FANATICS in their quest to protect the planet earth at the expense of its inhabitants.

Look at Obama's actions. Don't listen to his words. He's the "Pied Piper of Destruction" leading the uninformed down the path of demolition. That's his way of "Fundamentally Transforming America" that he spoke about in 2008. He is deliberately weakening America. And yet, half of America STILL don't get it.

Tell Congress to go ahead and side-step Obama and provide funding for the Keystone Pipeline. Let Obama learn what it's like to be IGNORED and bypassed. It's time for new Checks & Balances.

We want our REPUBLIC BACK!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Post Office Charade

The Obama controlled Post Office has now joined other federal departments under his control by soliciting to buy small arms ammunition. Here's their application:

Added: Jan 31, 2014 4:54 pm
The United States Postal Service intends to solicit proposals for assorted small arms ammunition.

If your organization wishes to participate, you must pre-register at, the Postal Service's eSourcing tool. From the login page, click on the "Register Supplier Organization" hyperlink and provide all required information. Organizations are encouraged to have each participating representative registered individually. When registering, include 332992 as one of your NAICS selections.

Registered organizations will receive log-in credentials to the USPS eSourcing application. A separate electronic message will be sent notifying registrants when the event is opened and inviting them to participate in the solicitation.

Organizations may register at any time during the event; however, it is recommended prospective offerors complete their registration early.

This message is only a notification of our intent to solicit proposals."

Under Obama many departments (including the Social Security Department) have purchased assault rifles, sniper rifles, and literally BILLIONS of rounds of rifle and handgun ammunition. These purchases by the Obama government have spurred a buying frenzy by consumers for more ammunition. Perhaps the government's goal was to make ammunition harder to get as well as becoming more expensive.

Last August the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration bought 46,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition - which is NOT used for practice. Hollow points are for KILLING people!

QUESTION: Ask yourself this question. Why is the Obama government arming its departments? Why does the Social Security and now the POST OFFICE need ammunition and weapons? ANSWER: They are preparing to use them it against YOU! This also falls into place why local police departments are buying tanks and armored personnel carriers. Why do they need these military weapons? To use them against YOU!

Be aware and be prepared. Your government is! You cannot trust YOUR government when they do these things!