Saturday, September 1, 2012

Where's the Investigation?

Classified Leaks
Are you aware that the Obama administration is guilty of leaking classified documents to the Corrupt Media? When it was reported, the White House said that no one in Obama's staff has disclosed ANY classified information to the media. However, the reporter who used it claimed that their source was someone in Obama's inner cabinet.

When pressed on this issue, Press Secretary Carney claimed that the Obama administration was investigating these allegations. So where did that go? Was there ANY investigation at all?  How did the press find out top secret details about the Bin Laden raid? We never heard from the White House.

This is yet another scandal that the Corrupt Media has swept under the carpet to help re-elect their favorite Emperor. Do you honestly believe that the administration can objectively investigate itself? Hardly! This should require an independent investigation from an outside source. But no, it's a done deal and no one in the White House staff committed TREASON.

Don't Accept This
Why should we all be stonewalled by Obama? This is a serious enough thing to require a serious response. DEMAND an independent investigation. This act was TREASON and it put American lives in danger! Let the chips fall where they may. We demand the TRUTH!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Got It Right

The GOP Hit A Nerve
You can tell that the Republicans got it right with their convention speakers because the Corrupt Media is upset with a few of the GOP speakers. In fact, MSNBC edited-out the minority speakers from their coverage altogether. Do you suppose this was just an accident or a coincidence?

As soon as Clint Eastwood walked off stage last night, the Corrupt Media began bashing Eastwood's presentation. This is a good way of telling you that his message was right-on-target. The Corrupt Media cannot stand anyone criticizing THEIR FAVORITE half white/half black President because they see the POTUS as "Mr. Perfect."

Entertaining & Evidence is Abundant
Look in various Corrupt Media sources today and read or listen to what they have to say about Eastwood. It is truly entertaining to see just how Pissed-off they are with Eastwood's speech. They all illustrate their bias and show their propaganda and spin. It's so obvious once you understand their position in support of Obama. Look for yourself. Be objective. You can't miss it.

The Corrupt Media is also upset because Romney and Ryan had uninterrupted national TV time to present their positions to the American public across the nation. They did so without the usual twisted BIAS coming form the media - or at least not until they were finished with their speeches.

Well Done!
The GOP actually scored big points with the American public this week. There's bound to be a "Bounce" for both Romney and Ryan from it. The nice thing is there's NOTHING the Corrupt Media can do about it!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Still Undecided?

If you're one of this REAL voters who remain undecided, why is that? You've lived and experienced the last 3+ years of the Obama administration. You may have voted for him. Some argue that if you're undecided, you should vote at all! We definitely think that's wrong because everyone should have the opportunity to vote here in America.

Questions To Ask Yourself
Before pondering about Romney, you seriously need to ask yourself a few questions about the current president.

  • Do you personally believe that the country is heading in the right direction under Obama?
  • Are you unemployed or know anyone who is? How long have they/you been out-of-work? Where are the jobs? Why is unemployment hanging up over 8% for the last 41 months?
  • Do you believe that Americans should fight among themselves about one person's wealth and another person's lack of it?
  • Are you happy with the latest news about ObamaCare costs skyrocketing? Is it fair to steal $716 BILLION from Medicare to pay for ObamaCare?
  • Are you sick of NEGATIVE political ads? Shouldn't both sides be discussing the economy, the debt, and borrowing from China?
  • Why doesn't Obama allow drilling for oil, natural gas, and coal in the USA when he promotes it in foreign countries with massive federal loans and trade agreements? Do you like $4.00+ gas?
  • What has Obama accomplished in the 3+ years in office besides passing ObamaCare?
  • Why hasn't this government passed a budget since he took office? Shouldn't he lead them to do so to get a balanced budget in place?
  • Why are we STILL in Afghanistan? We killed Bin Laden!
  • Are you aware that any savings you have has depreciated by 39% because Obama's government allows the printing of money causing it to be de-valued?  This hurts seniors on fixed incomes and anyone trying to get ahead.
  • What has Obama done to stop IRAN from getting nuclear weapons? Should he do anything?
  • After almost 4 years, shouldn't President Obama take responsibility for HIS policies, bailouts, and take-overs? Has he?
  • Are you better off now than before Obama took office?

Time To Get Off The Fence
Now you need to study Romney and give him the same going-over. Ask whatever you can to learn what he claims he will do to fix America's problems. Get involved in this election. It's the most important election in this century. Is it OK for America to continue to decline under Obama's style of "leadership," or we will try a new course of direction?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bad Now?

Worse Yet To Come
If you think that the economy is bad now, just wait. If Obama gets re-elected, that will unleash the Obama hidden agenda into full swing. The number one item on his list will be to reduce our military force as much as possible. He will tell us all that he has to make cuts to reduce our deficit. Nice try!

The next thing he will do is to reduce the number of NUKES that we have down to less than 300. His motives were heard on an open microphone while talking to the Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev. His true target for the United States is to reduce our nuclear weapons to ZERO! These cuts will be unilateral. We will receive no benefit for doing it. Obama wants parody with all notions around the world and he believes we have too many weapons of mass destruction. Obama is the Neville Chamberlain of the 21st Century. His goal is to weaken our strength to allow other world powers a chance to become world leaders.

Goodbye Second Amendment
Obama and Hillary Clinton have been quietly working hard with the United Nations to create a gun banning treaty. The United Nation would then become in charge of registering all guns here in the United States. Recently, this treaty was put on hold, primarily to get the Democrats past the November elections. Make no mistake, this treaty is still alive and just waiting for the elections to pass. Unfortunately, the Lame Duck Senate is still Democratically controlled and they could ratify this treaty. If so, this will KILL the 2nd Amendment as we know it.

More Bailouts
Obama has already told us that he wants to have more bailouts and take-overs in all American industries. This will nationalize all major manufacturers and put the government in charge of them.

Do You Really Want This?
Are you a Communist? They are the only ones who would love this agenda. We have to remove Obama in November.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Both Ways

Tax Cheat
Someone needs to send the message to President Obama that you can't have it both ways. It's supposedly OK for him to go around saying that he wants to see 10 years of Romney's tax returns without ANY evidence that Romney never paid his taxes. Meanwhile Obama's pit bulls are out chiding to the Corrupt Media that Romney didn't pay ANY taxes. These are just allegations without proof to back them up. It's a Saul Alinsky dirty tricks strategy. It's disgusting.

So how does Obama explain that it's OK for him to hire and defend Timothy Geithner Treasury Secretary, when he didn't pay any taxes? This is trying to have things both ways and is hypocritical in the very least. Obama doesn't see any problem with HIS actions.

BS (Barack Stupid) Logic
Obama Logic: "Don't do as I do, do as I say." It's OK for the folks working for him NOT to pay their taxes, but if they don't work for Obama, he wants to accuse them of NOT paying. If you support this logic, you're a moron - just like Obama.

It gets even worse. Obama is initiating class warfare pitting the rich (including the middle class) against the poor. Obama claims that the rich need to "Pay their fair share." Once again, he wants it both ways. Obama ignores that 49.5% of Americans do NOT PAY ANY FEDERAL TAXES! In the same breath, he wants to raise taxes on those that do pay taxes. He wants it both ways again. Who decides who pays? The unfair Progressive tax code does!

Shouldn't Obama be striving to see that EVERYBODY pays taxes? Isn't that fair? Why is it fair for half not to a pay anything? But no, he shows his ILLOGICAL THINKING by dividing the country instead of bringing it together.

Obama IS POISON. He's bad for America and American values. He's doing his best to change OUR country into HIS vision. FIRE HIM in November.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Call 911

Not Over His Head
By now you have seen the slow destruction taking place here in America and it's not very pretty. Businesses close, people loose their jobs, their houses, and their dignity. We never really got out of the Great Recession even though the government and politicians tell us we did. In fact, the government lies to us about it because the government can't fix it. Why should they tell us that they have failed? It's deliberate.

President Obama has been accused by his followers that he is in over his head. We adamantly disagree. He's too smart. He has set in motion a series of events that are actually following HIS plan. That plan is not public, but personally held by Obama. This explains his CZARS, his policies, his take-overs, his bailouts, failed Green Energy projects, and his regulations.

His Plan
He believes that America has stolen, ransacked, and pilfered natural resources from all the poor countries in the world. He considers America as the "Great Colonizer." Now that he's in charge, he's going to pay them all back. He's going to lower America from being a world power to that of a world follower. He believes it's time to let other countries flourish at OUR expense because we took it all away from them.

This explains why he refuses to promote drilling for our own natural resources. His anti-energy regulations follow suit as well. He hates coal and is destroying the entire industry by over-regulating them out-of-existence. His Stimulus gave BILLIONS to foreign countries under the guise of Green Energy. He spends more than we take-in knowing full-well that it will break our economy over time. That's why he will never quit borrowing and spending and always wants to raise your taxes.

Obama also believes that the average poor persons here in America - really aren't poor compared to where he lived as a youngster in Kenya, Africa. He wants to lower that playing field and doesn't care what happens here. Scarier yet, he wants to diminish our military to a second-rate military and reduce our nuclear arms to ZERO!

This isn't a theory. Look around you. It's happening as we speak. Slow deterioration and deliberate over spending and borrowing that we cannot afford. Obama knows this!

Action To Take (Call 911)
Talk to like-minded people and get them to commit to vote Obama out-of-office in November. America will never be the same if we don't get him out of power.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hurricane Coming...

Are Your Prepared?
Do you have the essentials needed to survive without any electricity for the next 5 days? How about food, water, medicines, first aid materials? Do you have flashlights, batteries, candles, or a portable radio?

Is your family ready, or are you the ones who will be sitting on top of your house waiting for the government to come along and rescue you? Think about it! You can't rely on the government for much of anything - especially during a real emergency.

EXAMPLE: Hurricane Katrina. Hundreds of people died. Many were waiting for assistance that never came. Now they're dead.

Barter Items
So you can't have a stockpile of everything. No, but you should have the basic essentials required to live 3-5 days on-hand for every person in the family. If you don't, you may find yourself in BIG trouble. What are you thinking?

That's why you should have a few items on-hand that you can use to barter. If you need something that someone else has, money won't get it for you. You need to have several items that your fellow man would like and need during such emergencies.

Here is a brief list:

  • Honey (energy or food source)
  • Aspirin (pain killer)
  • TP (toilet paper)
  • Whiskey or Vodka (sedative, anesthetic, & narcotic)
  • Fresh Eggs (food supply)
  • Garden Food (ditto)
  • Hand Cream (& various first aid items)
  • Socks (several pairs)
  • Fuel (gasoline, propane cylinders, alcohol)
  • Batteries (rechargeable, alkaline, & battery charger)
  • Candles/matches (light source)
  • Silver/Gold Coins (Only in small quantities)

Don't Be Stupid
Granted this list is missing several other items that could be used as barter materials like ammunition (which could be used against you and your family). The ones listed will certainly come in handy. Get prepared for an emergency. Discuss emergency plans with your family. Know what to do, where to go, and where to meet.

Don't be the foolish ones who become "victims."