Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pay It Forward

We All Have Problems
When you are down and need help, who do you turn to for assistance? Do you have anyone? Who do you turn to for advice? Who is your mentor? Who do you rely on for assistance?

The Concept
The idea here is that if you receive a favor or help from any individual, you should do the same for another - not neccessarily to the one who gave you the favor. It's not about pay-back. It's about giving. The favor can be your volunteering your service, your sincere attention just to take time to listen to them, money (if you have it), your friendship, a special skill you have, your gas, or your time, anything that will help remedy that person's problem. You give freely to help someone else without any other motivation - except to give them something that they need. A small favor with no strings attached. That's it!

This concept is called "Paying it forward." A simple, yet effective means to promote good will directed towards another person. You don't even have to know the other person. The idea is to help them in their time of need - unselfishly, expecting nothing in return. The only thing that you ask the person you give assistance to is that they in-turn, "Pay It Forward" to someone else.

Start The Ball Rolling
Choose three people in your life and "Pay It Forward" to them. Explain the ONLY rule. Once they agree, perform the favor. Ask for nothing more from them. Just do it and see how it plays-out.

Your life will improve in a way that cannot be measured in terms of stock IPOs! You may discover something about yourself that you didn't know before. It's easy to give and it doesn't hurt. You will feel better about yourself knowing that you have made a positive impact on someone who needed your favor.

Your family and friends will notice the difference in you. It will be a positive change, pass it along.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Forget The Distractions

Race Card Already!
The Republican Party has not officially nominated their candidate for the Presidency. Probability has it that Romney is the one, but it won't become official until August. In spite of this, the Obama campaign team has already played the race card saying that ANY discussions about Reverend Jeremiah Wright are racially motivated.

FOX News and have been airing facts about Obama and his relationship with Reverend Wright and Team Obama doesn't like it! A new book titled "The Amateur" describes discussions between Obama and Wright during the 2008 presidential campaign. Although controversial, the book points-out clearly that regardless what you personally believe about Obama, the main stream media, did NOT do their job vetting him properly.

Instead, it's quite clear that the MSM is terribly corrupt to the point that you can no longer trust whatever they print, write or broadcast. For example, the US Senate race in Massachusetts is being distracted by the facts that came out regarding the heritage of the Democratic candidate, Elizabeth Warren. She has claimed for over 25 years that she is a Native American. However, upon careful investigation, it has become clear that Warren is a LIAR. She made these claims to better her chances for getting hired as a minority. She took advantage of a minority group in a selfish and dishonest way. Ignoring the facts, the corrupt main stream media has been covering for Liz Warren because they want HER to win against the GOP's Scott Brown. They do the same for President Obama all the time.

The corrupt media cannot tolerate anything negative or bad about THEIR candidate, President Obama. Consequently, they deliberately ignored their responsibilities to properly vet his qualifications in 2008. Instead they promoted his candidacy and continue to do so. This corruption is not only disgusting, but it is a form of PROPAGANDA that is being used against YOU!

It's The Economy
Plain and simple, all you need to do to get past the propaganda is to look carefully at Obama's record. There are more unemployed after three years than before he took control. The economy is NOT getting better. More jobs have been lost and NOT created. In fact, some argue that we are headed for another recession. Food, gasoline, energy prices, have skyrocketed under Obama's policies. His record is dismal. It's all there for you to view.

People are NOT better-off now than when he took office. He and he alone has made things worse. Do not be fooled by the corrupt media's prejudice and their efforts to influence your behavior AND YOUR VOTING.

We are not going to call the main stream media the MSM any longer. From this point on, they are the "Corrupt Media."

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Barry's World

Spiking the Football

Don't Say Flip-Flop 

Obama's "Fair Share" Idea

Obama's Flag

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

FCC Eases Regulations

Pay Attention America
Why did the FCC just lower the regulations for local police departments usage of drones? In case you forgot, drones are WAR MACHINES used to kill enemies of the USA! If you're buying the BS excuse that they help law enforcement, you are mistaken!

They first were allowed to patrol our borders. Now drones are being used in North Dakota, and scheduled for usage in Los Angeles, CA. If you check your geography, there's no borders there! It's time to stop and take a close look at what's happening before your very eyes.

The Big Picture
We have the Patriot Act which allows Americans to be detained without a lawyer indefinitely. Obama didn't abolish it, he enhanced it with more powers! We have the National Defense Authorization Act which gives OUR military the power to arrest American citizens in their own homes! That established a Military Police force. Now we have drones being authorized to perform "surveillance" over civilians in the US. We use drones on a regular basis to bomb and kill "terrorists." Skip the BS stories that you hear coming from the government about why they want these things to protect you. Look at the possible abuse of the new powers now in place!

Put the puzzle pieces together and what do you get? The building blocks are being set in place for a Police State! If Marshall Law is declared because of some disaster, all of these things will be in place and will be used by YOUR government. DO you honestly trust that there will be no abuse of these powers? When Hurricane Katrina destroyed Louisiana, the local government used National Guard troops to disarm lawful citizens who were protecting themselves and their property. Afterwards, they NEVER returned the confiscated weapons to their rightful owners.

Action To Take
Demand a total BAN on the usage of drones in American air space.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Permanent Political Class

Let's Face It
Here in the United States, we have allowed a permanent political class to gain strength over OUR daily lives. Over the years of our neglect, there has evolved a permanent political class in Washington, DC. Unfortunately, we as citizens have not paid enough attention to our political process. We keep re-electing the people mindlessly who have, and still are, causing our nation's problems to get worse and worse, and they DON'T CARE! The only thing that they worry about is to get re-elected for another term in office. They have fallen in love with the power and prestige that comes with being a member of Congress. The power and responsibility that comes with being an elected official has become the focus of their attention not our concerns. They have neglected our interest for theirs and only strive for more power and continued prestige at OUR expense. As a result, we now face unsustainable debt and drastic changes in our entire system of government entitlements.

Overstepping President
The current administration has recognized that our members of Congress are infatuated with their powers and they have also taken full advantage of that situation. Obama overrides Congress every chance he gets. No one in Congress will stand up to the misdoings of President Obama because they don't want to rock their own political boat. It's easier to just go along with the flow and look the other way. Obama has violated the Constitution on numerous occasions and no one in Congress challenges his overstepping authority. No one in Congress has the guts, to stop Obama. They have had several grounds to impeachment but won't go there!

What We Need To Do
Since we allowed the political elite class to grow unchallenged, we need to halt it if we care about America's future. We need to get rid of each and every member of Congress who are part of this elitist group. They all need to be voted out-of-office. We saw a good start when Dick Lugar (R - a RINO) of Indiana was eliminated in the recent primary election. We must not stop there. Warren Hatch (R, Utah) is another.

Anyone who has served more than 2 consecutive terms in the US Senate should be voted-out. Anyone who has served more than 3 consecutive terms in the House of Representatives, also need to be voted out. They are "Career Politicians." It's true that they are not all bad. But how can we separate them surgically? So far this hasn't worked. We need to take action! So let's dump them all and start over. We can't rely on them to vote for term limits, so we need to vote our own term limits. Two terms in the Senate and they go bye, bye. Three terms in the House of Representatives and see you later!

America can't wait any longer. We need to unite and Join or Die!

Monday, May 14, 2012


Family Guy
The TV show Family Guy recently had a whole episode trashing the Tea Party as anarchists, bigots, and racists. The main character (Peter) threatens to join the Tea Party because he gets fed-up with big government. He does so and the Tea Party eliminates all government services and the town falls apart. His teenage daughter has sex with her teacher and meanwhile the local refinery starts spewing toxic clouds into the air because of no government regulations.

They show a bunch of Neo-Nazis (Tea Party members of course) who are out to find all Jews because there may be a reward for finding them.

The power goes out, the garbage piles up, and the whole town goes to Hell. So they fix it by bringing back Big Government to control their lives by raising their TAXES!

Self Projection?
Was this nothing more than Progressives with acts of self-projection? Weren't they subconsciously transforming their objectives and goals of Progressivism into the story line and blaming the Tea Party for their form of government?

You don't have to be a psychiatrist to see this as a possibility. Progressives already know that their form of "Utopian Big Government" will ultimately fail - because history shows it always does! However, in the Progressive subconscious mind, they cannot take responsibility for this failure because its too big of a guilt trip. Besides, Progressives NEVER want to face facts or reality! "It's too mean-spirited."

Family Guy shows us that the Progressive form of government can and WILL fail. They showed us the reason for NOT supporting President Obama for another term. They know that it will be the demise of America.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Staying Focused

News - VS Deflections
You know that the main stream media (MSM) loves Obama. They will do just about anything to help promote him and to help re-elect him. They can, and they do this every day. However, YOU need to stay focused. Don't be mislead by the PROPAGANDA that the MSM calls the "news." The MSM has its own agenda and it's NOT the news! You ARE being brainwashed everyday!

If you look at the MSM's main direction, you will soon discover that it is aimed in the opposite direction of President Obama's,  policies,  3 1/2 year record,  broken promises,  scandals,  failures,  secretes, and his blunders. They never discuss his negatives, only the good things.

How much time does the 24/7 new cycle spend on any given topic? Way too much - especially if there's no news, or when Obama does something they don't want you to see. They spent three or four weeks talking about Michael Jackson. Now their focus is on gay marriage, Obama's "evolution" (euphemism for Flip-Flop), George Clooney fundraisers, and Time Magazines racy front covers. Blah, blah, blah, blah...

These are all distractions away from Obama, or they only point to his positives. Learn to understand the real message coming from the MSM "news".

Stay Focused
Be aware that there are other "things" going on behind your back (or, somethings right in front of your nose). President Obama and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton are quite busy behind the scenes working feverishly with the United Nations (criminals and despots in their own right),  on 5 treaties that will destroy American sovereignty. These treaties will ban gun ownership in the USA, give away 50% of oil profits from offshore drilling (when Obama allows) and many many more things that would upset you if you even had any notion that Obama and Hillary were working on them. Obama will try and get as many passed as he can in the (hopefully) Lame Duck Senate. These are outlined at and are in his new book as well. (No plug intended).

Please take the time to inform yourself and learn what a treacherous bastard this guy truly is and why we can't trust him. Be sure are tell family and friends after you do!

You should also be aware that Obama has been quietly releasing captured TERRORISTS from Gitmo to the Pakistani government. These releases are attempts to get that government to cooperate better with the USA. It's funny how this stuff NEVER gets published by the MSM.

Keep you eyes on what's going on and don't be mislead or side-tracked by misleading or deliberate propaganda by the MSM. These things are meant to distract your attention from Obama and what he's doing behind your back. Unless you take a critical aim, it's hard to detect that you are deliberately being mislead.

Keep you attention to what this administration is or isn't doing about unemployment and the economy. Stay focused on just these two items. You will learn that it IS time to replace Obama in November.