Saturday, June 16, 2012

Obama's Amnesty Program

Presidential Directive
Using the Written Presidential Directive ploy, President Obama has just disobeyed our immigration laws in the stroke of a pen. Once again, Obama "thinks" that he can sign into law whatever he wants. He REALLY IS a DICTATOR at heart! So why doesn't anyone on Congress have the guts enough to challenge his abuse of his office?

We need to challenge his abuse of writing Presidential Directives because he's doing so to circumvent Congress altogether. He is establishing the precedent that will forever change our government from being one of three branches to that of only ONE branch! Meanwhile, Americans just sit-back and watch with their mouths shut. Where's the outrage?

Reason for the Amnesty
Although Obama said that this act was NOT amnesty, if you look at what it does and the rights granted, this IS AMNESTY! It allows Millions of ILLEGALS to participate in the American job market. Obama just stopped enforcing immigration laws on the books with HIS new "Policy." He has directed the government to ignore the law and grant work permits to young ILLEGALS who came here as children. (They are STILL here ILLEGALLY).

Now, ILLEGALS can compete against American citizens for jobs they couldn't before Obama decided that they could! Just like the Wizard of OZ, don't look at the man behind the curtain. Obama says that amnesty is not amnesty and not to worry! He says the lie enough times and people believe the lie as the "truth." This shows how gullible the general public is when it comes to the world's greatest LIAR in office.

The ONLY reason for this blatant abuse of the Presidential Office is to get more votes from the Latino community! This man will do ANYTHING for votes.

Message to Working Class Voters
Don't you think that things here in this economy are bad enough? Do you actually believe that this is a good thing that will help the economy? What about the few jobs that ARE valuable for Americans? Obama just made them more scarce!

The President has totally disobeyed the law of the land and no one seems to care about it. No one seems to think that this act may be a breach of the Presidential office.

Is America doomed? If this keeps up, yes, it is! If we give this guy four more years in the White House, we won't recognize this country! He is doing his best to fulfill his campaign promise to "fundamentally transform America."

Friday, June 15, 2012

Home Improvement

Your Project
Suppose you inherit a house that is in dis-repair and needs a lot of serious work to get it up to present day standards and building codes for comfortable, safe living once again. You know that you are NOT qualified to do this work.

You also know that you only have a limited about of cash that you can spend and time is of the essence. This house is really in bad shape and you need desperately to find someone you can trust who will restore it to a usable structure.

I Can Fix It
So you talk to a contractor who says that he can fundamentally transform your house into a place that everyone would enjoy. You don't know much (if anything), about him, but he's a smooth talker. He's a pleasant enough fellow that claims he's the man for the job.

He says that he can do all of the work in just four weeks. He also says it won't be easy, but you have to have faith and hope in him because he's not like the "other contractors" who do things the same old way. No, this guy will deliver a change you can believe in!

The Green Light
So you hire the contractor and he begins to work on your house. In the beginning, things seem OK. Then he hires a lot of sub-contractors to perform various parts of the job you never knew existed or were needed. There are now many, many more people working for the new contractor than you ever imagined. His work crew is becoming enormous, but things are progressing very slowly - if at all.

Skipping Out
You stop by the house one day to see how he's making progress to discover that there are no people working at all on your house! You call the contractor and after 5 tries, several day later, you run into your contractor at the local golf course! He tries to avoid talking to you but, you persist and you learn that the workmen have either gone hunting, or they are working on another "emergency" job. Apparently a friend of his needed a bailout, and so your guy came to the rescue. But he says "not to worry, we will be back in no time." He tells you that his friend was "too big to fail." Meanwhile, your job suffers and suffers.

Checking Up
After that experience, you stop by the house more often unanounced. You discover that your house has several families of ILLEGAL ALIENS living there after the workmen depart at the end of the day. Your contractor explains that they are "Undocumented Guest Workers" and that they really aren't living there! It's just a temporary situation anyway - not to worry.

After a short while you notice that he's taking a few short-cuts on workmanship. Many of the repairs are not completed or done poorly. Things he said would get fixed - DON'T. You're spending money and the work isn't being done at all.

Your contractor explains that he inherited this mess from some other guy and that it's not his fault. He also explains that it will cost a lot more because the problems were worse than he thought. He wants four more weeks and more money to be able to fix the job. Don't blame him because he's doing the best he can with what he's got.

Never-Ending Story
So how much longer would you put-up with this liar? He's stealing your money, using his workers on other jobs, and not doing what he contractually promised to deliver. And now he's asking for four more weeks, and promising more fixes that never happen.

That's the Obama Story folks. Isn't it time to wake-up and get rid of his failed policies and destructive practices?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Barry's World

Obama's Word - A Man of Honor

Wait Till You See One!

Obama's Record


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Carter Complex

Do Nothing President
Remember Jimmy Carter? He was a peanut farmer before going into politics. Carter was a Senator and then governor before being elected President of the US. Under his administration (1971 - 1975). He created the Department of Energy and the Department of Education. The latter is one of the most bloated, wasteful, do-nothing Big Government departments that ever hit the road. The Department of Education is a self-serving department that wastes government money faster than we can make it. Its bloated budget proves the point - especially when comparing it to our international ranking scores in public schools. (We rank 17th in science world-wide).

Carter's popularity wained by his third year in office. (Sound familiar?) This was because he was unprepared to lead the country and we suffered because of it. We hired an amateur to lead America. He was remembered for high inflation, gasoline shortages, high unemployment, high interest rates, and the Iran Hostage Crisis (which he bungled big-time). Carter's legacy is that of a "do nothing President." He earned that reputation and deserves the title of one (if not the worst) one of THE worst presidents in US history. Carter was incompetent, inept, incapable, and bungling in working with Congress and trying to formulate world strategies. That's why he was a one-term President!

Face it, Carter was a peanut farmer first!

It's Catchy
Unfortunately for us, Obama has the Jimmy Carter Complex! He caught it from President Jimmy Carter. Look at some of the highlights of Obama's record:
  • He hasn't stopped the war in Afghanistan - he has escalated it!
  • He bungled the Gulf Oil Spill.
  • He hasn't closed GITMO.
  • His banner health care program may be held unconstitutional.
  • He has had several scandals: Solyndra, Fast & Furious, hiring Communists in the White House, and now White House leaks.
  • He blames everyone but himself for HIS policies and directives.
  • He's weak and cannot work with Congress to get legislation passed.
  • He's done NOTHING about immigration policies - except sue Arizona!
This sounds just like Jimmy Carter! Inept and incompetent.
No Show President
Obama can't get ANYTHING DONE! Obama does NOT Deliver as promised in 2008. He's just like Carter! He's a weak president. That's not leadership! That's failure. We deserve better next time! Why bother any more with this guy? We've seen what a mess he's made in the last 3 1/2 years. We can't take 4 more!




Monday, June 11, 2012

Guest Article - Out-Of-Touch President

The Gaffe that Keeps on Giving
By Rich Galen CNS
Two weeks ago the Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics dropped a bomb on the Presidential campaign of Barack Obama when it released data showing only 66,000 jobs had been created in May - far below estimates - and that the top-line unemployment rate rose from 8.1 to 8.2 percent.

This past Friday at a press conference, in response to a question about the GOP's contention that it is his Administration's policies that are strangling job growth, President Obama said, "the private sector is doing fine."

He went on to explain that the rise in unemployment is largely due to budget difficulties at the state and local government level because mayors and governors are not getting the "kind of support they need from the federal government."

The federal government needs to send money to states and cities so those governments can hire more people. People who may do important work, but create nothing.

A few short hours after Obama had essentially proclaimed the return of prosperity for private industry, was running a piece by Chris Burritt headlined, "CEOs Losing Optimism as Job Slowdown Imperils U.S. Growth."

To make his point, Burritt wrote: "Albertsons grocery store chain said this week it will cut as many as 2,500 jobs. Hewlett-Packard has announced the biggest round of job cuts out of any U.S. company this year, at 27,000, according to data compiled by Bloomberg."

Even Obama's favorite CEO, Dan Akerson (who runs our national car company, GM) said, "When people have confidence that they'll have a job and that their homes are safe and whatnot, they tend to spend more and that tends to drive demand."

That "whatnot" was echoed by AT&T chairman Randall Stevenson of whom Burritt wrote:

The real driver is businesses "hiring and putting people on payroll," Stephenson said in a May 10 interview. "We're still not seeing that."

Which leads us to ask the question: What world was Obama describing?

On Sunday, David Axelrod, who is the senior advisor to the Obama campaign, was sent out to try and scrape up the mess. In more than two minutes of bobbing and weaving on Candy Crowley's CNN Sunday show he couldn't get himself to say whether or not the private sector is "doing fine."

It is a continuing irritant to me that the networks allow David Axelrod to have the same standing as one of the candidates for President or Vice President.

This weekend was a perfect example. Absent the President going on, the networks should have either demanded Vice President Biden come on and explain the Administration's position, or an official of the Administration - not an official of the campaign. 

Remember, this "woe to state and local workers" business came a few days after public service unions were handed their lunch pails by the voters in Wisconsin who handily beat back a recall challenge to Republican Governor Scott Walker.

Walker had the - dare we say it - audacity to tell public workers they were making more than their private sector neighbors, they had better benefits and more job security, and that wasn't fair to the folks who were paying the bills.

The unions set off on a year-long tantrum to toss Walker out of the statehouse, but … they lost.

Obama's "private sector is doing fine" gaffe was not the only problem he had last week. Bill Clinton - who is supposed to be helping Obama - said that those "Bush-era" tax cuts should be extended for all Americans - even the wealthiest, assumedly because the private sector is not doing fine.

According to the, "The former president said on Tuesday he supports the extension of his successor's tax cuts-a major break from President Obama's position. In an interview with CNBC, Clinton said temporarily extending the Bush tax cuts is "probably the best thing to do right now" to jump-start the economy."

Clinton, after suffering that moment of clarity in thinking, walked back his comment on CNN's Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer saying he was mistaken in when the tax increase would hit. He thought they needed to be acted upon before the election, instead of before the end of the year.

It is not clear to me why that makes any difference as to the tax rates' effect on stimulating or further stalling the economy, but there you are.

"The private sector is doing fine" might not be the determining gaffe in this campaign, but it does show that as far as Obama is concerned, the bloom is off the prose."

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Crisis IS STILL Coming!

Get Your Head Out Of The Sand America
Do you read the paper? Do you watch TV? Do you listen to the radio?

What do you hear America? President Obama is telling you that things are going well in the private sector. Yeah, everything's "hunky dory"! We can believe him because he's the President! Well, the President part is true.

Stop and Look
Wait a minute! Do you believe everything you hear coming from the Corrupt Media? From the White House? OK, then take a look at the headlines printed in the Wall Street Journal the last two days:
  • US Banks Brace for Downgrade
  • For Better Dividend Opportunities, Look Overseas 
  • Obama Urges Europe To Act Swiftly In Debt
  • Bail Out Pressure Mounts for Spain
  • Global Weakness, Stronger Dollar Threaten US Exports
  • Money Funds Assent Decline
  • As Banks Retreat, Bonds Appeal
  • Best Buy Founder Jumps Ship
  • Chesapeake Faces Costly Cuts
  • Asian Companies Now Prefer Bonds
  • Passengers In India Get Rocky For Funds
  • Dollar Deemed a Lesser Evil
  • Europe's Vulnerable East Braces for Possible Greece Exit
  • French Extremists Parties Tap Anti-Austerity Wave
  • Europe pursues Tighter Borders
  • Welfare Payments Spur Japan Debate
  • China Fund Retreats from Euro Zone
  • Stock Investors Pause; Will Central-Bank Help Be Enough?
  • Jobless Rates Jump in France and Greece
  • Faltering Recovery Steps Up Pressure on Central Banks
  • Housing Agency to Sell More Troubled Loans
  • Stock Rally Snags on Gloom
  • Pressure Mounts in Spain to Request a Bailout
Get The Message Yet?
If you can read, you should be able to understand the headlines. You don't have to be an economist to realize that things are NOT GOOD in the world. The economy SUCKS! These headlines are NOT good news for America or the world's economy. Unless you are a moron, the message is becoming quite clear. There is a world-wide financial crisis coming. It has NOT been diverted. It IS still coming. Exactly when, we don't know. One thing for sure, it's heading our way and there's no stopping it. It's all there in black and white!

Have you ever seen things THIS BAD in your life? That's a big hint! Are they getting better or worse?

Are You Prepared?
Have you given ANY thought about it? What are you waiting for? Have you a plan? Do you know how you will protect you and your family when the "XHIT HITS THE FAN" (SHTF)?

Take Warning: You'd better start thinking about it. Big Government has NOT addressed our national debt and we are going down fast - just like the Titanic! National debt is mushrooming radically.

Slowly but surely, the USA is collapsing. Obama is doing his best to help that process with his anti-fossil fuel, no drill, anti-business policies. He's over-regulating everything and cutting our military, weakening America one step at a time.

Get a plan for you and your family. Know what you will do and how you will survive an economic collapse. Know what you will do and where you will go when there is Marshal Law. Your survival depends on it!