Saturday, May 5, 2012

Guest Article: The True Agenda!

The "Crucify" President
by Kimberly A. Strassel Wall Street Journal

"Al "Crucify Them" Armendariz resigned from the Environmental Protection Agency this week, for the mistake of telling it like it is. All he leaves behind is an entire administration of Al Armendarizes.

EPA chief Sheila Jackson was quick to assure the public that her regional administrator-who was caught on video describing his desire to "crucify" oil and gas companies-was not "representative of the agency." Mr Armendariz's views, she said, "don't reflect any policy that we have, and they don't reflect our actions over the past two years." At least she didn't say it under oath.

The Armendariz story matters precisely because he is the model Obama regulator. Hamstrung by both public opinion and Congress, President Obama has turned to these types to enact his broader agenda.

The regional EPA administrator was no rogue appointee. Rather, "there are Armendarizes all throughout this administration," says Sen. Jim Inhofe who first drew attention to the "crucify" video. They were chosen for a purpose.

Consider the broader tale of Mr Armendariz, lost in the wake of the sensational video. Prior to being appointed by President Obama in late 2009 to serve as EPA's point man for south-central states, Mr Armendariz was at Texas's Southern Methodist University. His then resume showed a scant three years of private-sector experience, with far more time devoted to his work as an advisor to the militant fringe of the environmental community.

Mr Armendariz's expertise--take note--was working with groups like the Environmental Defense Fund and "Downwinders at Risk" against hydraulic fracking. Among his achievements: a cameo appearance in "Gasland," the anti-drilling propaganda film, as well as authoring a 2009 study making the wild claim that gas drilling was the cause of more air pollution in Dallas [TX] than cars.

In other words, he was a perfect general for Mr. Obama's war against natural gas. The White House is hostile to fossil fuels, yet it has been unable to get Congress or the public to act. So it has unleashed the EPA to crack down on those industries.

The bonanza in natural gas has nonetheless been tricky for the feds, since hydraulic fracturing regulation is technically left to the states. The agency's solution has been to invent enforcement actions out of existing federal law to harass drillers.

Mr. Armendariz was on the front lines. By early 2010, the EPA boss was already making his "crucify them" comments at a public-meeting-cum-activist rally in Dish, Texas. At this gathering, Mr Armendariz also bragged that one of his "really special moments" had been getting the overall chief of EPA enforcement, Cynthia Giles, to watch "Gasland." He lamented that he could enforce--to deal with the "truck traffic,"noise,"water use," and "waste pits" associated with natural gas drilling. Though he reminds the crowd tha the laws he can use like the Clean Water Act, aren't exactly "toothless."

As he proved. Within a year of arrival, Mr Armendariz had found his first target: Fort Worth-based gas driller Range Resources. While Texas regulators had found no evidence that Range had polluted local water wells, Mr. Armendariz in December 2010 pubically bypassed them and issued an emergency order giving Range 48 hours to begin supplying water to residents and to clean up.

Emails show that Mr. Armendriz was communicating with his activists on the day of the action. "We're about to make a lot of news," he crowed in an email, advising them: "Time to Tivo Channel 8."

As it happens, "Channel 8" had the news before an aide for Mr. Armendariz had bothered to notify the state. On of Mr. Armemdariz's email buddies (who included members of the Environmental Defense Fund and Public Citizen) wrote back: "Yee haw! Hats off to the new sheriff and his deputies." When a Texas official told Mr. Armendariz that he felt that the action was "premature," the EPA appointee forwarded the email to his staff with this word: "Stunning."

Or not. Fifteen months later--after Texas regulators unanimously concluded that Range was not the cause of natural gas in local wells, after Range had sued, and after the EPA was unable to find any evidence of wrongdoing--the agency withdrew it order. Turns out Mr. Armendariz had nothing more against Range than his, and his activists' disdain for fossil fuels.

His actions are no aberration. This is the "Crucify Them" presidency. Mr. Obama couldn't get a card check passed, so his National Relations Board's union lawyers sue Boeing for locating in a right to work state. He couldn't outlaw offshore drilling, so Interior activists continue a permitorium in the Gulf. He can't make ObamaCare work, so Health Department officials threaten to exclude insurers from exchanges if they raise premiums. He couldn't kill nuclear energy, so his top nuclear regulator shut down the Yucca Mountain was repository to strangle industry growth.

Mr Armendariz apologized for his "words," though you might wonder why. He was picked to do a job--to "crucify" industry--and he did it. His real mistake was admitting it."

Friday, May 4, 2012

36+ Months Over 8%

Numbers Don't Lie Like Obama
When Obama took office in 2008, he told the American public that if we didn't pass HIS Stimulus package immediately, our unemployment rate would go up over 8%. So we passed his Stimulus. Look what it got us.

We have had unemployment numbers over 8% for that past 36+ months!

If You Believe The Numbers
Good News: The April statistics are out and indicate a slight drop of 0.1% in unemployment. The Bad News is that unemployment is STILL over 8%!! What this should tell you is that Obama's Stimulus and economic policies have FAILED MISERABLY to lower unemployment. His Stimulus went to bailout companies and banks that should have been allowed to file bankruptcy and face the consequences of BAD Business practices. Instead, Obama rewarded bad behavior, nationalized two automobile companies and regulated the living CRAP out of banks, businesses, oil companies, and anything that generates money!

Reminder: The unemployment numbers are compiled and published by the very government that claims that they are doing such a great job lowering unemployment. Outside sources that crunch the same numbers indicate that America's unemployment is much worse than reported by government agencies. Their numbers are more than double the government reported figures!

Fundamentally Change America
Blame Americans for not listening or understanding what they were voting for back in 2008. Obama was up front by telling us that he wanted to "fundamentally change America" with his administration if elected. He's still trying hard, and Americans are suffering immensely. Slowly, but surely, we are waking up to the REAL facts.

Obama has to go in November.

Look At HIS Record
Don't listen to the PROPAGANDA coming from the White House. Obam's track record is failure after failure. When the campaigns ramp-up, you are going to see and hear a lot of negative ads. Obama was the first to invoke negativity because he cannot point to his record of success. He has none - unless you like ObamaCare! He has to try and deflect all attention as often as possible, away from HIS failures including, lack of drilling, scandals, and mis-mangement of government affairs and so on...

Don't be fooled again! Look at the mess that Obama has created in 3 1/2 years. Don't make the same mistake again this November. Look at the unemployment figures. That alone should tell you this was a BIG MISTAKE!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Ends Always Justify the Means

OK To Lie
The Democratic candidate for the US Senate in Massachusetts is Elizabeth Warren. She's running against Scott Brown (R) who won the old Senate seat occupied by (now deceased) Ted Kennedy. Warren is a Harvard Law School professor.

It seems that a long time ago she listed herself as a "Native American" on several official documents in her past history of school records and perhaps - even on her resume.

Now that she's running for high office, there have been questions raised about her credentials. The vetting process has revealed some discrepancies in her actual status of whether she IS a Native American or not.

Of course now she claims that she didn't use this minority status to gain any teaching jobs (just like Barack and Michelle Obama never did either). Unfortunately, none of the expert genealogists at the New England Historic Genealogical Society were able to verify that her earlier accounts that her Great Grandmother actually was a Cherokee Indian.

Grounds For Termination?
Isn't lying on a resume grounds for immediate termination? Shouldn't her employers at Harvard be concerned that she may have been dishonest in order to get her job there? If the experts cannot verify her status, than maybe she really IS lying!

How about lying to the American public about being a "Native American" while running for high office? Wouldn't lying also disqualify a person from running? In the very least, lying about your heritage in order to muster minority votes should be a reason to disqualify Warren from running for office.

Anything Goes
This is just another example of how a Progressive thinks that it's OK to lie in order to get what THEY want. The Ends Justify The Means. Lie to gain office and political power - It's OK!!

Americans aren't being fooled any longer by these forms of dishonesty and lack of integrity. We see other perfect examples of this in our Congress and Senate. So why elect another liar into office?

We all deserve better! This example shows why we all need to vet our candidates carefully! Listen to what they say and then look at what they do. If we had been more careful in the last Presidential election, we could have avoided the gigantic disaster we put in the White House!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The OWS Are Terrorists

How Many Deaths?
So how many dead Americans will it take before you believe that the Occupy Wall Street Gang are really terrorists who want to overthrow the system and destroy Capitalism? The original protesters have long been taken-over by radicals who are out for a complete revolution here in the United States. Granted, they are not all terrorists. However, the leaders are, and that's what counts. The blind innocents are truly marching with the Pied Piper and won't find out until it's too late.

Thank The FBI
If it hadn't been for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), we would probably be reading about the deaths of numerous Americans who died in Cleveland, OH after the OWS radicals blew up a bridge there! Instead the FBI infiltrated the OWS and helped stop them in their plot to destroy a bridge in Cleveland.

For once, the government is on YOUR side for a change!

Ask These Questions
Before you ignore these facts and continue to believe that the OWS is looking out for you, stop and ask them these questions:
  1. Where does the OWS get your funding? Who is providing the money to support this group?
  2. Do the individuals within the group all want to overthrow this government? What is their goal?
  3. Do the individuals in the group go along with all of the leaders plans? Why/why not?
  4. Are the leaders of the OWS really looking out for you, or do they have their own separate agenda?
  5. Are you being used? How can you tell?
  6. Are the leaders of the OWS law-abiding citizens?
Wise up. Start thinking for yourself and stop being part of a mob mentality.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Not Ashamed To Be A Marxist?

MSNBC's Slogan Now Used By Obama's Team
President Obama liked the MSNBC's slogan "Forward" so much that he told his campaign team to use it on all his campaign materials.

Apparently neither MSNBC or Obama's team bothered to look-up the history of this widely used political slogan (or maybe they did!). The political word "Forward" has a long history with European Marxism! Throughout the late 19th and 20th century Communist and radical publications used this name for their publications and organizations. Even Wikipedia says that it is a generic name for "Socialist" publications.

Marxists and Socialists liked this political slogan because it reverberated the conviction that their movement would go beyond Capitalism, to Socialism and finally onto Communism!

Sounding Familiar Yet?
Obama's connections to Communists and radicals is a known fact. Why he even hired several Communists and Marxist lovers to work for him in his administration. Notably, Van Jones (Obama's ex-Green Czar is a self-proclaimed Communist and Anita Dunn loves Mao Se Tung!)

Bold and Fresh
Perhaps this is Obama's latest approach to tell Americans what he's really all about. No more hiding the fact that at a bare minimum, he's a Socialist! Pretty soon maybe we will see posters coming from his team featuring the Closed Fist.

Action To Take
Isn't it time Americans responded in-kind and let HIM know exactly how we feel about his TRUE politics? We don't want Socialists, Communists, Marxists, or radicals in the White House ANY longer.

Our new slogan is: "Dump the Chump" and it has a clear meaning!

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Scandal Deepens!

Chief Law Enforcement Officer Being Charged!
Eric Holder is the chief law enforcement officer of the United States. He upholds and enforces the laws of the land - or he's supposed to! However now the roles have turned and it is HE that is obstructing justice. Keep in mind, that Holder was hand-picked for this job by President Obama.

New Resolution
The House of Representatives is accusing Eric Holder of obstructing justice! Ironic huh? Holder has been obstructing the Congressional probe into the "Fast and Furious" gun scandal that backfired (no pun intended) on this administration's attempt to ban guns.

The citation forces Holder to relinquish tens of thousands of pages of documents related to the probe that Holder has refused to hand over. For the past months Holder has NOT complied with Congressional requests and has been stone-walling the investigation to cover himself and perhaps even White House staff.

Questions: What is Holder trying to hide by these omissions? Who is he trying to protect? Why hasn't Holder been cooperating? Is the White House involved?

Action To Take
Demand that the Justice Department hand-over the requested information immediately. If not, demand that Obama FIRE Eric Holder immediately and keep asking for this information.

The American people have the right to know exactly who was involved and to hold these individuals responsible for their actions that lead to the death of at least one American border guard!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gender Gap

Sad But True
Today's blog takes a twist and discusses a clear and important gender gap - at least here in North Carolina, and probably across the USA. For the past three years I have served annually as a volunteer for the Shriners and their efforts to collect and channel monies to the Children's Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina.

This hospital provides free medical care for children who are crippled or who have serious burn injuries. It's a good cause and is widely recognized as a great charity. I have personally met with a few recipients and their families and can say that categorically, this is one of the best hospitals for children - bar none.

Charitable Givers
Everyone knows that these are HARD times in the US and that not many people find it easy to make ends meet in this tough and often cruel economy. However, my experience in the past three years has shown me that even in spite of these times, Americans are truly generous people.

Once a year, representatives for the Shriners spend three days volunteering to collect donations from the general public at multiple public places. These venues include banks, department stores, and grocery stores. I have worked at a grocery story and can tell you that the people who donate to this charity, often are the ones you would think are least likely to be generous. I have had individuals driving MoPeds donate $5.00 while the people who drive the BMWs or the Mercedes are the least likely to donate anything. In fact, the people with expensive cars often go out of their way to avoid contact with you! Perhaps they have much in common with Al Gore who donated  a mere $350 dollars in 2007 while earning well over $200,000.

I have discovered that the people who are more likely to be generous, are handicap people themselves! It's ironic, but true! They can fully appreciate what it means to give and they know why they should give. The ones who don't look like they have anything, also fool me into being the ones who are most generous. Even old ladies who can hardly walk without assistance, donate all their loose change from their pocketbooks. In fact, older people also tend to be generous donors.

Shame Shame
One more thing I have discovered and must confess. It is the fact that women are much more generous than men! (At least in my experience for the past three years). Women are twice as generous than men are because when they donate, they donate MORE than men do! We're not talking about big bucks that break the bank. We're talking about donating a buck or two at a time. Sometime three or five! When women donate, they cough-up at least a buck or two. When a guy donates, I'm lucky to get a buck or loose change.

Shame on the men!

The Obama Economy
I know that these are hard times and that more and more people are having a tough time making ends meet each and every week of the year. It shows in the donations collected! The first two years I worked (under the new Obama administration) donations averaged fairly decent amounts. But this year (the third year under Obama's economic policies), there is a strong decline in donations! Unfortunately, there is just about a 50% drop in the total amounts collected. That's a shame! People cannot be generous because they have to look-out for their own families first. I understand that - believe me!
Two Final Questions
I have two more questions for my readers. they are as follows:

  1. If you're a guy, why can't you be more generous when you DO donate? It's quite a significant difference in the way women give to a charitable cause. Guys should be ashamed for their lack of generosity.
  2. All Americans should ask themselves: Are you better off now than you were three years ago before Obama got his policies in place?

If the answer is "NO" then you need to vote this guy out and make him a one term President in November.

All in all it is a humbling experience to be a volunteer for this charity. You learn a lot about human nature!