Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pray for an Upset

Voters in Massachusetts will be voting in a special election on Tuesday to fill the empty Senate seat created by the death of Ted Kennedy. What's the big deal? Why is this getting national attention?

This election is really bad timing because the majority of the country is against the new government healthcare (ObamaCare) plan. This includes Massachusetts voters – or at least the polls indicate it. Right now the DEMs have a Super majority of votes in the US Senate and can pass any legislation without fear of a filibuster that could kill it. Without this seat (and vote), they could loose the necessary power to pass ObamaCare. Why even Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank has said: "If Scott Brown wins, it'll kill the health bill." Thus, America's focus is on this election! It could influence ObamaCare.

What's really surprising is the fact that there has been a big shift in the political polls in Massachusetts. Democrat Martha Cloakley was assumed the next replacement for the Senate seat. However, Cloakley has been falling quickly in the polling – just before Tuesday's election. She and her fellow Democrats assumed that she would win the seat. Remember, Massachusetts is predominantly a liberal progressive state.

Apparently voters are beginning to find out that her performance as the state's Attorney General has been far from stellar. For example: She allowed a child rapist to be released without bail. The man was later sentenced to a LONG prison sentence – no thanks to her! Voters are pissed to say the least. This is just one of many cases that shows she has poor judgment. Now voters are aware of it because of the election and there is a stronger focus on her career and her performance in office.

Consequently, the Democrats are pulling-out all the stops and are trying to play catch-up at the last minute by bombarding voters with slews of negative campaign ads against her rival Scott Brown (R). Why even President Obama will visit Massachusetts to try and help the failing candidate pick-up some votes from voters. Bill Clinton has already given it a try there too.

Massachusetts voters deserve better than Martha Cloakley. She has been well funded and runs 6 times more political ads than Brown. The Kennedy family has endorsed her and now we see the President coming to help.

Pray that she looses. We need to get back our system of checks and balances. Scott Brown is a moderate Republican and has the basic conservative values that supports the Tea Party movement.

Good Luck on Tuesday Scott! The whole country is watching!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Do You Smell Another Rat?

Big labor met with Obama and White House staff for over 15 hours and ended on midnight Wednesday this week. Some of the key players included: Andy Stern (SEIU), Richard Trumka (AFL-CIO), Anna Burger (Change to Win), and the leaders of teacher unions, government workers, electricians, food, and commercial workers. They all came out smiling!

If you thought the closed-door deals made by the Senate were tainted with corruption, bribes, and special favors, wait until you learn the details of this sweetheart deal. Keep in mind, this one was done by Obama for his "pals" in the labor unions - the ones who paid millions of dollars for his campaign.

You may already know that ObamaCare contains a penalty in the form of an excise tax on anyone who has a premium health insurance policy commonly referred to as a "Cadillac Policy." Well apparently, not everyone. Since the unions all have the Cadillac Policy that they negotiated for their workers, they complained that they would have to see their members pay the 40% tax! They said that was unfair.

So Obama agreed to a deal. The 40% tax is now exempt on healthcare plans that include government employees and other union members. Union employees will save an estimated $60 Billion dollars over the years involved. The rest of us will have to cough up an estimated $90 Billion dollars because we aren't so lucky to have a friend in the White House. Gee, that sounds fair.

Obama backs the Cadillac Tax because he says it will drive down costs by encouraging insurance companies to offer employers and workers a chance to buy lower cost health plans. Does he think we are THAT STUPID?

Let's not forget that the Amish are also getting a great deal. Even though they are US citizens living here, they don't even have to buy into the whole government-controlled insurance gig at all. They aren't the only ones. Remember Congress? It seems like they also get a sweetheart deal because they are exempt from having to participate in the first place! Who else gets special treatment?

This bribe came from the very top. This was Obama's bribe to the unions. The buck stops there. What were the concessions made in this particular deal? We will NEVER know.

Obama brought the corruption and subversion with him from Chicago along with his other cronies in the White House. He's not setting the example of "Change" Americans expected. ObamaCare is NOT about government healthcare. It's about power. Why ObamaCare doesn't even cover over 20 Million people. Wasn't it supposed to fix that?

Why are some individuals exempt from government healthcare? What is the criteria for deciding who's not big enough to get a deal? This is OUR GOVERNMENT! It's corrupt, starting at the top! This administration is pathetic! It sets a new LOW standard for government corruption, hubris, and nepotism.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Are You Getting Scared?

A year ago we elected a candidate who offered hope and change. But in less than a year, he has promoted doubt and fear from heartland Americans. Our economy was in serious trouble and we elected him to get us back on track. Back to the status quo. But where are we today?

This administration has hampered the economy – not fix it. They have taxed everything and almost everyone during the worst recession in our history. They promised jobs while demanding passing the Stimulus package to avoid 8.5% unemployment. We surged to over 10% unemployment and lost over 4 Million jobs. They have spent America into unsustainable debt and continue to do so ignoring all facts and reality. We do not have the money to continue and yet they continue to spend, spend, spend. It's not working. Do they know what they are doing?

They have employed Communists, Marxists, and radicals in high government positions as advisors and "Czars" who report to the President – no one else. That's a FACT. (Examples: Van Jones, Mark Lloyd, and Anita Dunn). They hired a tax cheat (Tim Geithner) to be in charge of the Internal Revenue Service and the US Treasury! No one around seems to give a care. Congress doesn't. In fact, they are going along with the whole thing. We didn't elect them to ignore us. All they want is more government control and more personal power. How far will this go?

No wonder Americans are getting scared and feel insecure. Our government is trying to change America. We have elected a government that has quite different views of how America should be. They want government control over our lives in all aspects. The government has federalized banks, insurance companies, automobile manufacturers, home mortgages, and on and on… How can anyone deny these facts? This isn't America!

Americans also feel insecure when we have the Director of Homeland Security telling us that the "System worked" after a man tried to bomb an airliner over the city of Detroit, MI. Americans realized that was NOT true immediately. Is Director Napolatano THAT stupid? It took the administration several days (while on vacation) to realize this was a problem and began to deal with it. At first we were being told that this was an isolated incident.

President Obama seems to be more concerned with preserving the Miranda rights of a terrorist than he is to defending America. We knew this man had no leadership experience in his previous career. Shame on us. Unfortunately Americans are realizing WE made a big mistake and will have three more years to watch his inexperience take America to only God knows where.

Meanwhile, we can do something of merit. We can actively participate in the mid-term elections. This will be a turning-point for this country. You can sit and do nothing or become active. It's up to you.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is It Time for a Third Party?

Today's blog captures the thoughts of Bob Frankin. He writes for the pundits blog on "The Hill" publication. Here is his article that explains the possibility for a third party:

Time for the Declaration of Independents
By Bob Franken - 01/13/10 10:06 AM ET
"Maybe this is the year. After all the decades of lip service to the idea of third-party or Independent candidates, perhaps the time has come. Heaven knows the Democrats and Republicans have done their part to make the idea appealing.

The two major parties have way more in common than their loyalists would like to admit. There is jealousy, dogmatic infighting, downright buffoonery. Then we have egotistical turf battles, corruption, incompetence and general chaos. And let's not forget the lineup of mediocre or worse hacks the Big Two select as candidates. For those who celebrate bipartisanship, there is plenty of it.

For those nonpartisans, there is frequently little to do but look on in disgust and hold their noses when they vote. Or vote "no" by staying home.

Think what you will about President Barack Obama. As Candidate Obama he seemed to offer something new. Whether he has lived up to his promise is the subject of intense debate these days, with many feeling like they were had.

In any case, he's not on any ballots this year. Instead, it's hundreds of lesser lights from the party organizations, offering what all too many consider to be dismal choices: the bore versus the extremist, the bland versus the nutcase.

No wonder large percentages reject the Dem and GOP labels. They are unwilling to choose between parties that have demonstrated that about all they're good at is fundraising.

Maybe it's gotten obvious enough that alternatives would have a fighting chance. The self-proclaimed Independents might actually be able to overcome the Big Two's organized money machines. They could also find supporters with the wherewithal and expertise to successfully challenge the unfair monopolistic legal obstacles that often make it so hard for an outsider to take on the entrenched ballot system.

This is not about the fringe candidates, but those among the ranks of attractive, creative, intelligent citizens who are serious about solving our problems. There are millions who simply find the existing setup obsolete and might be willing to step forward.

Maybe enough could actually win that they would force the parties to change the way they run Congress. They might require Democratic and Republican leaders to make common-sense concessions to them.

The ultimate goal would be to form a third caucus that somewhere in the future could actually compete for control of the House and Senate.

That's unrealistic right away, but maybe things have gotten bad enough that the unattached will have enough initial success to inspire many more to go their separate ways to the voters the next time around. We could end up with a certified Movement.

The usual argument against such wildness is that our two-party system provides the political stability that keeps this nation's government on an even keel. Unfortunately, we may have arrived at a time where stability has turned into inert unresponsiveness.

With the world moving at a rapid pace, if a country is standing still, it's moving backward. Maybe some alternative approaches might end the slide.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wilson – One Mean Progressive

The Sedition Act of 1918 was passed by Congress in 1918 during Word War I. President Wilson (a progressive) was worried that the anti-war dissenters were a significant threat to the morale of Americans. So rather than allowing free speech, he got Congress to silence these individuals with the Sedition Act. The law prohibited Americans to use "disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language" about the involvement of the United States government, the flag, or the armed forces during war. It also allowed the Postmaster General to deny mail service to dissenters of government policy during wartime.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court upheld the act at the time it was in effect. However, subsequent court rulings would render it unconstitutional today.

What is not reported in most history books today is the fact that numerous US citizens, including members of the Industrial Workers of the World union were imprisoned during World War I for their anti-war dissent under the provisions of the Sedition Act. Anti-war protestors were arrested by the hundreds for speaking out against the draft, the war, and government policies.

Censorship had hit new highs in America!
Are we allowing this history to repeat itself today? Has Congress overstepped their authority? Has the President? We need to step-up and challenge them before we loose all our freedoms.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Is the WH Prodmoting Propaganda?

Is the White House of the United States of America guilty of producing propaganda to promote Obama’s agenda?

One of the key elements in Saul Alinsky’s (The avowed Communist/alias “Progressive” - remember how radicals like euphemisms to deceive) methodology is to brainwash individuals. However, Alinsky doesn’t say “brainwash” it’s more like “indoctrinate” instead. Either way, Alinsky believes that radicals must use propaganda to help promote their agenda. This is an insidious method that allows radicals to deliver their message without making the target audience aware that they are being manipulated or coerced. The message can be directed towards children, as well as adults.

Could it be possible that the White House is using propaganda the same way Alinsky outlines in his book “Rules for Radicals?” You decide.

Here is an excerpt of a teleconference call sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and its membership leaders. Yosi Sergant was (in August) the Director of Communications at the NEA. He helped make the political image of Obama’s "Hope" omnipresent as an organizer of artists during the Obama political campaign.

He seemed to mix the NEA’s work with the administration’s legislative agenda after the election. The NEAs Director of Communications Yosi Sergant said this: "This is just the beginning. This is the first telephone call of a brand new conversation. We are just learning how to really bring this community [NEA] together to speak with the government. What that looks like legally. We’re still trying to find out the laws of putting government websites on FaceBook and the use of Twitter. This is all being sorted out. We are participating in history as it’s being made. So bear with us as we learn the language so we can speak to each other safely. And we can really work together to get stuff done." He stated further: "I would encourage you to pick something, whether it’s health care, education, the environment, you know, there’s four key areas that the corporation has identified as the areas of service."

The issue revolves around the NEA selecting and encouraging artists to participate in Obama’s policies and agendas led by the first lady and their close friend Valerie Jarrett. This is nothing more than promoting propaganda using a taxpayer funded organization. Is this ethical – let alone legal?

White House representative Buffy Wicks (under Valerie Jarrett) said in response teleconference to the same group at the NEA: "I’m the office of Public Engagement here at the White House. Our office does a lot of outreach to communities all across the country either by constituency group or by issue. We have 20 folks and we work under Valerie Jarrett. We’re at you’re disposal and we want to be helpful to you."

Doesn't this sound like promoting propaganda from the White House? The White House claims that "We're not involved in indoctrination." Yeah, well then why did Yosi Sergant resign after this became public knowledge?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

ObamaCare Will Be Challenged

Our Congress lacks the authority to force individuals to pay for healthcare coverage – especially if it contains government supported abortions. The current healthcare bills pending resolution are unconstitutional. Of course Congress has dismissed this charge as being incorrect. But what they forget is that they lack the authority to mandate insurance coverage for private businesses and individuals.

If Congress passes ObamaCare (and they will), there will be a suit filed to challenge this legislation. Who has the nerve to do this? The Liberty Counsel of Liberty University will file this suit. That’s not a threat, it’s a promise!

Liberty University, based in Lynchburg, Virginia is the largest and fastest growing Christian university in the world with over 50,000 students. They will be the plaintiffs along with private nonprofit, and for profit businesses, individuals, and other religious institutions.

The sole justification being used by Congress is the Innerstate Commerce Act (enacted by the Progressive movement in 1887) which must affect interstate commerce. Individual decisions about health care insurance do not. However, the proposed pending legislation force coverage on individuals (with fines and imprisonment), and private employers no matter how removed their activities are from interstate commerce.

How can Congress make a law that applies only to citizens of the United States but does NOT apply equally to the Senators and Representatives as well? That is another point to consider as well. It’s time the MORONS in Washington get the message.