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Friday, July 13, 2012

Romney May Pick a Looser

Rumors Are Flying
We have all heard several rumors about who Romney is thinking about as his Vice President candidate for the GOP ticket in November. Let's face it, rumors and just that. They usually have no weight.

Latest Choice
After Ann Romney's comment that there could be a woman on Mitt's ticket, there has been a flurry of ideas bouncing across the Internet as to who that could be.

Now the Corrupt Media is reporting that the unnamed woman is Condeleezza Rice, the former Secretary of State under George Bush. Now she is being touted as one of the top ten in Romneys short list.

Even though Condeleezza is pure speculation, we're going out on a limb and making the prediction that if she IS Romney's running mate, he will definitely loose the election.

Here's Why
The GOP considers that being black is a plus. (That's a GOP LIE because they hated Herman Cain). Having foreign-policy experience is also a plus. They also believe that being a woman is a plus. However, Ms. Rice has never run for public office. Several of her political positions are just the opposite of Romney's. For example, abortion. Rice is in favor of abortions while Mitt is not.

The GOP believes that the Tea Party will all vote for Romney. This is a bad assumption to make. Many are still on the fence waiting for Romney to select his VP running mate. If he chooses "wrong" he will loose many votes because of it. Condoleezza is the wrong choice.

The DEMs will be happy to see her on the ticket. They can say that this is a repeat of the same-old same-old because she worked in the Bush Administration. Point taken. Being black may do nothing for the ticket. It won't change how African Americans will vote. They will still support Obama. However, being a woman will.

America is NOT ready for a woman president. Look what happened when Sarah Palin was nominated as the VP candidate in 2008. The Corrupt Media tore her apart. Some of that was because she was a conservative woman. This will bring a repeat of the same behavior from the media. Rice will be blasted endlessly just like Palin.

The country doesn't believe that a woman can be strong enough to face the problems the President has to deal with on a regular basis. They still view a woman as the weaker sex making her weaker in the office of the Presidency. Recall also that Geraldine Ferraro (D) was also defeated in 1984 as the Democratic VP candidate. Neither side is ready for a woman President.

Romney better choose wisely. Since he's the GOPs favorite (and not the Tea Party's choice), he needs to be careful in his selection for his VP candidate. Choosing Condoleezza will guarantee his loss in November. The Tea Party will abandon him and not vote at all. They a tired of having to choose between the worst of two evils. Bad is STILL bad and doesn't guarantee any protection of the Constitution. Look at John McCain. He was nothing more than Obama-Lite.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

What If?

What If Obama Looses in November?
It's a scary thought that Obama could loose the election pin November. Why? Because he will remain in office for an additional five whole months. He will become the Lame Duck sitting President.

Usually under these circumstances Americans had nothing to fear. However this time around, this proposition is very scary. Obama has made himself the Imperial President. He avoids working within the parameters set in the Constitution regarding his job parameters. He operates outside of the intended "Limited Powers" and promotes his own form of dictatorship by ignoring the law and Congress.

So What's The Big Deal?
Wake up and look at the possibilities. Obama looses and stays in office for five more months. During that time he can sign treaties with the United Nations and have the Democratic-controlled Senate ratify all of them. This is not good for American freedoms.

He can also write several Presidential "Executive Orders" and do just about anything he pleases. No one in Congress has had any courage to stand up to Obama breaking the laws of the land. He has done so several times and yet, Congress remains cowardly.

Obama is already proposing reducing our nuclear armaments down from 2,500 to 1,5000. He stated that he wants them to reach about 400. This alone would terribly weaken our ability to defend ourselves against ANY aggressors.

Things Will Be Worse
If he looses you can count on the fact that Obama will have no conscience whatsoever in doing whatever he wants. This could lead America to a disastrous end if he's allowed. Obama has already laid the ground work to take-over all forms of communications in case of an "emergency."

What if he instigates a war in the Middle East and declares Marshal Law. This certainly would qualify as an emergency and he's quite capable of doing it to promote his agenda. Then he could "nullify" the results of the Presidential election. We can't let that happen. There needs to be the system of checks-and-balances restored in Washington. Americans need to be watchful of any signs that the guy in the White House doesn't go totally off the tracks - especially if he looses.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

GoodBye 2nd Amendment

Another Back-Door Ploy
In case you haven't noticed, President Obama has not spoken much about gun control during his presidency. Isn't this strange for a guy who as a Senator always supported banning guns?

The Big Picture
You have to step back and look at the big picture in order to see what Obama is really up to concerning gun control. He will never fire-up Americans on this subject until it's too late for any of us to do anything about it. This is why he has remained silent on this subject.

Since Obama has discovered that he can circumvent Congress and never be challenged for exceeding his authority or for breaking the law, he has decided to put Hillary Clinton in charge of doing his dirty work. Hillary is busily negotiating with the United Nations on banning guns here in America.

You read right, she is working out a deal with the United Nations to ban all guns here in the USA. Of course the Corrupt Media never reports on this because they are complacent with the same movement. They don't want to get the opposition angry enough to fight back.

The United Nations is developing a Small Arms Treaty that they want all countries to sign and make into law. It would give the UN full power to enforce the gun ban. This means that if we agree to this treaty we are giving our sovereignty to the United Nations and trashing the Constitution which guarantees the right to own guns.

What Treaties Do
If the US Senate approves of any treaty, the only way to nullify it is by trying to get a constitutional amendment passed that would nullify it. Treaties surpass the Constitution. Obtaining a constitutional amendment is quite difficult and would take a few  years to do. Meanwhile, the UN would be busy confiscating YOUR guns under the terms of this treaty.

If you don't think that this could ever happen here in the USA, you'd better wake-up and become concerned. If Hillary signs the treaty agreement this month, it still needs to be ratified by the US Senate. HUMMM…. Isn't there a Democratic majority in the Senate? The Senate has up to January 20, 2013 to ratify this treaty. Even if the DEMs get voted-out-of-office in November, they still can vote in support of the treaty. What have the got to loose? This condition is referred to as the "Lame Duck Senate."

Bottom Line
SO, unless gun owners get charged-up and start lobbying their Senators against this treaty, they may have to face the reality of a gun ban. It won't happen immediately, no. The initial thing that happens is that the UN would require all gun owners to "register" their guns. That's the first step in gun banning. The government has to know who has them before they can come an take them. Look at the history leading up to World War II. This is exactly what Hitler did in Germany. Registration and then confiscation.

Action To Take
If you are a gun owner, you'd better get busy. Hillary will sign this treaty soon. Let this be a word to the wise. Obama will get his gun ban by backdoor methods and that may just create a lot of felons here in America.

If you care, you'd better start contacting your US Senators NOW!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Obama's So-Called "Recovery"

On the Stump
We have heard President Obama lately out on the stump bragging how he saved the automobile and banking industry. Ironic that he says that nationalizing these industries is "saving" them. The government owns more than half of General Motors (GM) and controls the banking industry thanks to the Barney-Frank bill he signed. The GM bailout only gave power to the unions while stealing from the shareholders of GM. Some don't consider this "saving" these industries and jobs, but rather taking control over them by a huge government power grab. These are quite different views than what Obama is expressing.

Another LIE
Obama is a great speaker. He can look you in the eye and tell you the biggest lies without flinching. He does it all the time - usually by being prompted with a teleprompter. He is one of the best fabricators in modern history. This is mainly because he lacks any sincerity and has no integrity whatsoever. Obama is NOT an honorable man and history will remember him this way. He has no conscience.

The Facts Tell The Truth
When Obama preaches that things are getting better and that the "Recovery" is slow, you need to see the following graph. It shows exactly what Obama's policies have done to the economy for the past 3+ years. Statistics came from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. These numbers don't lie about Obama's record. No, they stress just how bad he truly is and why he needs to keep lying.

Obama's Recovery

Note the Shaded Area
The shaded area indicates the duration of the recession. Everything to the right of it shows what Obama is calling HIS RECOVERY!! The flat line to the right is what he's bragging about. That's what he's telling America. There IS NO IMPROVEMENT under his watch. If this is all he can brag about, we need a new President in the White House.

Obama cannot blame Bush or Romney for this. It shows that he has broken all of HIS campaign promises about "Hope and Change." It shows that Obama is a failure in correcting the demise of the American economy. Or it shows that Obama is quite successful at completely destroying the America as we know it, putting it on a course similar to Greece!

Is that what you want? Four more years like these and the graph will be even more dire. Tell your family,  friends and other like-minded Americans that we cannot survive another term with this man in office.

Monday, July 9, 2012

A Duck is a Duck

Let's Be Honest
Democrats/Progressives/Liberals (whatever euphemism they are using now - change names like a chameleon changes colors…) never want to use logic when they discuss politics. Instead they try like the devil to avoid discussing facts. Instead they rely on things like "feelings, Social Justice, fair share, diversity," and all the "touchy-feely" things that are supposed to make you feel good. They are always trying to help the "little guy" by taking (STEALING - taxing IS STEALING!) from those who have "it." They don't care if the guy who has "it" worked hard to earn it. Those that have, need to share for the "common good." It's just the right thing to do.

Progressives like to give away things they have not personally earned and what's not theirs, and give it to others who often do NOT deserve it. That makes Progressive feel less guilty and they believe that they are doing good in the world. Besides, it's easy to give away something that's not yours in the first place. Some actually HATE America.

Ignore the Facts
Progressives also like to ignore, lie, or to distort the facts. When they can't defend their position using logic or the facts, they begin calling those who disagree hateful names without any substantiation. They lie continuously because the end justifies the means. They merely keep accusing their opposition until their hateful label sticks and those who disagree are rendered harmless or out-of-the-main-stream because they are re-defined as "radicals." When all else fails, they call those who oppose them "Racists." Again they do it without proof and continue their mantra until it sticks. (This is out of the book Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky). They totally ignore facts because they have no way to substantiate or prove their positions using facts.

Perfect Example
President Obama recently faced the fourth month in a row with poor job results and the economy tanking. What did he say? "Things are getting better." The numbers are the numbers and he ignores what they show. His policies are a failure and that he's responsible for making things worse.

Obama believes that if he repeats the lie often enough that people will believe it as the gospel and that he will survive using Alinsky's tactics. But Americans aren't stupid. Citizens can see that the economy is NOT getting better and that there are fewer and fewer jobs after Obama's policies have been in place. Americans believe that Obama IS responsible for this downturn and that he is not owning up to HIS actions.

Americans also see the direction that America is heading and they don't like it very much. They believe that Obama IS keeping HIS promise to "fundamentally change America" and they don't want it any more.

The Reality
Obamanomics don't work - unless the plan is it destroy the economy, decimate jobs, and destroy the middle class by re-distributing their wealth to the welfare state. That's what we have today. America is failing and Obama has made it happen faster with his nationalization of the auto and banking industries, his overburdening regulations, and his abuse of Presidential powers as granted in the Constitution.

If you want to see America continue to collapse, then re-elect Obama because that IS HIS PLAN! Look at where we are and where we are headed. Four more years should do it! We will collapse just like Greece!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

One Good Reason To Dump ObamaCare

Hidden Taxes
We all know that the SOTUS ruled that it's OK for Congress to tax us in ObamaCare. Yes, we also know that the penalty tax will only affect a small percentage of Americans. SO what's the big deal anyway?

It is estimated that ObamaCare adds as many as 21 new taxes to middle income families over the course of three or four years. The one tax that should get everyone's attention is the subject for today's blog.

Property Sales Tax
ObamaCare creates a new national sales tax beginning in 2013. Why 2013? Because that's after the elections. DUH? Politicians in Washington aren't stupid, they are sneaky. They know that if you find out that they voted for ObamaCare and it raised your taxes, they probably wouldn't be getting your support any longer.

Isn't it ironic that the Corrupt Media has failed to report on this?

Now this national sales tax isn't on everything. No, far from it. The Democrats are just raising taxes by mere 3.8% on the sale of all homes starting in 2013. Surprise! That translates to $3,800 dollars for every $100,000 dollars your house is worth. Here's what it means in real dollars:

Home Sells For          Government Collects            You Keep
$150,000                     $5,700                                   $144,300
$200,000  $7,600                                   $192,400
$250,000  $9,500                                   $240,500
$300,000  $11,400                                 $288,600
$350,000  $13,300                                 $336,700
$400,000                   $15,200                                 $384,800

Gee, that looks fair now doesn't it? Why didn't your local members of Congress tell you about this tax? They didn't read the bill and probably didn't care anyway because you re-elected them in 2012.

This tax unfairly burdens seniors citizens who typically down-size their homes when they retire. They also have already taken a $500,000 BILLION dollar hit from MediCare to pay for the new members in ObamaCare. What's another 3.8% anyway?

Action To Take
If ANY of your representatives voted in favor of ObamaCare, you need to vote them out-of-office. You especially need to elect a Republican for the US Senate in order to repeal ObamaCare. The only way ObamaCare can be repealed is to have a majority in the Senate ANY the House of Representatives. (That's how the Democrats were able to jam it down your throats in the first place).