Saturday, March 27, 2010

Iran Will Get Nukes!

We can owe a lot of this to Obama. He's a rank amateur when it comes to international politics. So are his advisors who are mostly ex-Chicago politicians and radicals who know nothing about international politics. Obama actually believed that he could talk our enemies into reasonable scenarios. How naive can you be?

It seems the best way to describe Obama's National Security strategy is NO STRATEGY. Instead, he and his team play desperate improvisation with OUR National Security. Obama promised strict sanctions and has backed down because China and Russia won't go along with him. Why should they? They are playing chess while Obama is playing checkers. He is outclassed and out ranked by those countries and hasn't figured that out yet. He could do better if he outsourced the responsibility to Hugo Chavez! Maybe he will?

Meanwhile the Mexican border remains open. This is ALSO one of our biggest National Security threats. What is Obama doing about it? Nada. He has just authorized Janet Napolitano to stop developing the "virtual" fence using high technology in order to save money. This is part of his spending cuts. What an idiot! We still have a vacant position for Customs and Border Protection director. It seems to have a low priority with this administration. Obama is too focused on passing his Progressive (Marxist) agenda of re-distributing wealth while letting our guard down in Iran and in our southern borders.

Obama's solution to the Mexican drug cartel problem is to LEGALIZE ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS – including CRIMINALS! Gee, that sounds like a great solution. Amnesty for criminals – another hairbrain idea!

All states should look to Arizona for a shining example on how to solve the Mexican border problem. They are in the process of passing the toughest legislation that actually enforces existing federal laws on Illegals. Soon it will become a felony to hire or transport Illegals anywhere in Arizona.

Watch this administration closely. Amenesty for ILLEGALS is coming soon. AND, Iran will get Nukes without any intervention from Obama. America, we are in deep "@&HIT" with this President. He doesn't care about our National Security and he lacks the knowledge to deal with it.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Rangel's Dirty Money

Since Representative Charles angel (D, NY) has been under ethics investigation, it was uncovered that he has given some of his "dirty money" to a large number of Congressional collegues. To date, 27 Democratic members have sent their Rangel donations to charity, rather than using it for themselves. You may think we're talking about chump change but the investigation determined that the dirty money is in excess of $378,000!

Rember that Rangel is the guy who just stepped down from chairing the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. You know, the committee that gives us our tax laws! Now Rangel is on a leave of absence because Pelosi doesn't have the balls to FIRE HIM~!

What's more interesting are the names of the other DEMs who received his dirty money and have refused to return it. They are as follows:

  • Rep. Jason Altmire, D-Pa
  • Rep. John Barrow, D-Ga
  • Rep. Melissa Bean, D-Ill
  • Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska
  • Rep. John Boccieri, D-Ohio
  • Rep. Leonard Boswell, D-Iowa
  • Rep. Bobby Bright, D-Ala
  • Rep. Corrine Brown, D-Fla
  • Rep. Chris Carney, D-Pa
  • Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind
  • Rep. Yvette Clarke, D-NY
  • Rep. Stephen Cohen, D-Tenn
  • Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va
  • Rep. Kathleen Dahlkemper, D-Pa
  • Rep. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind
  • Rep. Steve Driehaus, D-Ohio
  • Rep. Chet Edwards, D-Texas
  • Rep. Donna Edwards, D-Md
  • Rep. Brad Ellsworth, D-Ind
  • Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn
  • Rep. Parker Griffith, D-Ala
  • Sen. Kay Hagan, D-NC
  • Rep. John Hall, D-NY
  • Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla
  • Rep. Martin Heinrich, D-NM
  • Rep. Paul Hodes, D-NH
  • Rep. Steve Kagen, D-Wis
  • Rep. Paul Kanjorski, D-Pa
  • Rep. Carolyn Kilpatrick, D-Mich
  • Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La
  • Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif
  • Rep. David Loebsack, D-Iowa
  • Rep. Dan Maffei, D-NY
  • Rep. Betsy Markey, D-Colo
  • Rep. Jim Marshall, D-Ga
  • Rep. Eric Massa, D-NY
  • Rep. Jim Matheson, D-Utah
  • Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash
  • Rep. Michael McMahon, D-NY
  • Rep. Kendrick Meek, D-Fla
  • Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore
  • Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Pa
  • Rep. Glenn Nye, D-Va
  • Rep. Laura Richardson, D-Calif
  • Rep. Ciro Rodriguez, D-Texas
  • Rep. Kurt Schrader, D-Ore
  • Rep. David Scott, D-Ga
  • Rep. Joseph Sestak, D-Pa
  • Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-NH
  • Rep. Heath Shuler, D-NC
  • Rep. Harry Teague, D-NM
  • Rep. Paul Tonko, D-NY
  • Rep. Edolphus Towns, D-NY
  • Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo
  • Sen. Tom Udall, D-N.M
  • Rep. Tim Walz, D-Minn
  • Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va
  • Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt
Action to Take
If your representative is on this list, you need to vote them out of office. They see nothing wrong with using dirty money for themselves and are as corrupt as RANGEL!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

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Social Security

Joe Biden

What to Do in November

Congressional Integrity

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Featured Article

Responding to ObamaCare: Restor, Defeat, Defund, Repeal
By Dick Morris

"Let’s begin our reaction to the passage of Obamacare by remembering Winston Churchill’s famous formulation with which he introduced his war memoirs:

  • In defeat: defiance
  • In war: resolution
  • In victory: magnanimity
  • In peace: goodwill
Now is the time for defiance! Here’s what we must do:

1. Restore the Medicare cuts mandated in this bill. Block the reduction of physicians’ fees by 21% scheduled to take effect this fall. Override the cuts in Medicare that require annual approval by Congress. Challenge the Democrats over each and every cut. Try to peel away enough votes to stop the cuts from driving doctors and hospitals to adopt the course already taken by the Mayo Clinic in refusing to take Medicare patients.

2. Defeat the Democrats in the 2010 election! Start with the traitors who voted no in November and then switched to a shameful yes when it counted in March: Baird (Washington), Nye (Virginia), Kosmas and Boyd (Florida), Then go on to win the open seats in the House and Senate. And then fight to replace as many Democrats as possible. Remember: Any Democrat who voted no would have voted yes if they had needed his or her vote. The only way to repeal Obamacare is to vote Republican.

3. Defund Once we get the majority in both chambers, defund appropriations for the Obamacare program. The bill passed by the Congress and signed by the president is simply an authorization measure. Funds must be appropriated for it each year by Congress. Through zero funding these changes, we can cripple them before they take full effect.

4. Repeal And, once we defeat Barack Obama, we need to proceed to repeal this disastrous plan before it can ruin our health care system. Then, we must replace it with a Republican alternative which relies on the marketplace, tax incentives, and individual responsibility to provide health care to all Americans.

Above all, we must finally learn the fundamental lesson this political process we have been through has to teach: That there is no such thing as a conservative or moderate Democrat. Blue dogs don’t exist in real life. Only yellow dogs.

The days when there were Democrats who refused to follow their radical leftwing party line are over. There are no longer “state” Democrats who vote conservative as opposed to “national” Democrats who vote with the left. They are an extinct species. Some Senators and Congressmen capitalize on our memories of those days and pretend to be moderates. But they are just faking it.

Nancy Pelosi knew — as Harry Reid knew in the Senate — that she had the potential support of every single Democrat in her chamber if only the price was right. The sole difference between moderate and liberal Democrats is their asking price. Moderates require slightly higher bribes to assure their votes.

There are only two kinds of Congressmen or Senators: Democrats and Republicans. We have had a national education and its time to learn from it. In days gone by, intelligent people liked to say that they voted for the person, not the party. Now those who say this are fooling themselves. There is only party! The most conservative Democrat is way to the left of the most liberal Republican.

The Democratic victory on Obamacare will prove the most expensive in the party’s history. It will lead to the eradication of their majority, the defeat of more than fifty of their Congressmen, the switch of Senate control, and Republican domination for decades. And, in the end, it will have done nothing to improve health care. But, fortunately, we can win the 2010 election to stop it from doing much damage."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sleazy Seven

Congress should be proud of their "Historical Achievement" on Sunday when they passed ObamaCare in the House. They owe many thanks to seven Congressmen/women who flipped their votes at the last minute. These congressmen/women showed their true colors as Progressives when they gave up on their personal principles to support life of the unborn for a presidential promise. This act is otherwise known as the "Phantom Abortion Compromise." Compromise? How's that for a Progressive spin? This gives the dirt bags the illusion of cover from flipping on the abortion issue. Tell that the dead unborn. The "deal" they made with Obama supposedly gives them political cover to vote in favor of ObamaCare when they all had opposed it because it funded abortions. Wake up Americans and see the Progressives in action. The ends justify the means. They have no honor. They cannot be trusted. They lack integrity and virtue.

The deal made includes an illusory promise from the President that after the healthcare bill passes, he will sign an executive order to ensure that the Hyde Amendment is applied to the bill. However, it it’s the height of stupidity to trust the most abortion prone President in history. Executive orders can easily be undone.

Stupak made it clear that he placed sole responsibility on the Senate for the expansion of abortion. Stupak and the other six former pro-life Democrats (euphemism for Progressives) who followed his lead in this compromise cannot shirk their responsibility to protect the sanctity of human life. AS VOTERS YOU SHOULD NOT ACCEPT ANY EXCUSES!! Vote these worthless charlatans out of office in November. They have no integrity, honesty, and they all lack moral character. They sold their soles to Obama! They are in the very least – Socialists!

There is an old saying about promises. "A promise is a wish to a fool." Not only are these Progressive Congressmen/women fools but they are also "Sleazebags." Don't you find it despicable or contemptible when someone claims to stand by a principle and then give it up for no apparent good reason? Several are - or have been under ethics investigations by Congress. Are these the type of people we want in Congress? Well, here are the names of the sole less bastards:

  • Christopher P. Carney (D, PA), (507) 644-1682, (202) 225-3731 (Asked to return $5,000 received from John Murtha's fund raising arm)

  • Kathy Dahlkemper (D, PA), (814) 456-2038, (202) 225-5406 (Accepted so called "tainted" funds from Charles Rangel while he was under Congressional investigation)

  • Steve Driehaus (D, OH), (513) 684-2723, (202) 225-2216

  • Marcy Kaptur (D, OH), (800) 964-4699, (202) 225-4146 (Under Congressional ethics investigation)

  • Alan Mollohan (D, WV), (304) 623-4422, (202) 225-4172 (Also currently under a Congressional ethics investigation)

  • Nick Rahall (D, WV), (304) 325-6222, (202) 225-3452

  • Bart Stupak [Author of the abortion amendment] (D, MI), (906) 228-3700, (202) 225-4735
Action To Take
Call your respective representative and let them know how you feel about their vote. Also be sure and let them know that you will work hard to support their opponent in the November election.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A National Day of Morning

America used to be a country "of the people, by the people, and for the people." That changed last night when Congress decided it was OK to force people to buy health insurance. If you refuse to cooperate, you may be fined, put in prison, or both. Does that sound like America or more like Nazi Germany, Communist China, or Soviet Russia? If you are not worried, you should be! Americans do not want socialized medicine. Now the government is jamming it downs our throats like it or not!

Besides the government take over of an additional 20% of the national economy, ObamaCare will also take over all student college loans. What has this to do with healthcare? Nothing! Both measures are an unprecedented power grab by the Federal government. They give the government more control over individuals. This is another giant step towards totalitarianism. It literally kills two birds with one stone.

ObamaCare was passed solely by "Democrats." Whatever they call themselves, Progressives have voted a strong blow against the Constitution and the principles of the Founding Fathers. In addition, they have forsaken their vows of office to defend the Constitution simply because the ends justify the means. They lie, they cheat, they deceive, they don't pay taxes, and they do not listen to you. Their loyalty is to their cause – not YOURS! Why doesn't anyone ask questions about this? Why did they pass this when the people didn't want it?

The government has totally ignored the will of the majority of Americans and passed legislation to fit the Progressive agenda. The "representatives" of both parties no longer defend the views and beliefs of the people who voted them into office. Instead, they represent special interests and hidden agendas of corruption and subterfuge. Power corrupts. The more they get, the more they want. The Founders warned us a long time ago that this could happen if we, the citizens allowed government seizure of power to happen. Here we are. It's not too late, but time is running out America.

Anti-abortion Democrats claim they stayed true to their principles by reversing their positions and voting "Yes." How can this be? They believe that Obama's promise for an executive order will protect the sanctity of life. They gave up their principles for a promise to protect life. Some principles. These people have no honor. They are NOT trustworthy. They let their constituents down – big time. So right now, the government will pay for abortions. This is proof that Congress is corrupt and we as Americans need to non-violently REVOLT against them all. Yes, REVOLT strongly in November. Don't forget the day they attacked the Constitution. Don't forget the back-door dealing. Don't forget the sell-outs. Don't forget the lies and false promises.

We need a strong Independent party that will enforce the Constitution. We need representatives that will keep their oath of office. We need trustworthy representatives – honest individuals with integrity. Candidates should demonstrate virtue and morality. We need to vote in large numbers this November to affect the change WE want to impose on corruption and mistrust. We shall not be betrayed again. We will not forget. Well will find redemption. We will revolt because too much liberty is at stake.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekly Polls

The Rasmussen Reports is an independent electronic publishing firm that specializes in public opinion polling. Here are some current results on some main issues:
Presidential Tracking Poll
This tracks how the President is doing by those surveyed.
  • Strongly Approve... 26%
  • Strongly Disapprove... 42%
  • Approval Index = ... -16
Presidential Approval Index
This chart is from

Job Approval Rating Since Election

Are you in favor of ObamaCare?
  • Yes we favor ObamaCare ...41%
  • No we do not favor ObamaCare...54%
So why does Obama make healthcare his highest priority? POWER! It's not about you. It's about government POWER. America, we need to stop this NOW.