Saturday, November 13, 2010

The 60's Radicals-Before My Time!

Remember the 60's Radicals?
What ever happened to all those radicals who wanted to violently overthrow the US government? Did they all just die and fade away? We wish that were true, but worse yet, they are still going strong.

So where are they you ask? Back in the 1960's we had many radicals and they all wanted to violently overthrow the government and make it a Socialist/Marxist state. Their bid failed after a 10 year struggle. But they didn't give up. Instead they followed the training of Cloward and Piven. The ends justify the means. Take over in a non-violent way over time. Infiltrate and concur

Instead of quitting, radicals went back to school and got degrees and even graduate degrees. Next, they secured professional positions at colleges and universities all over the United States.

As tenured radicals, they continued giving their extremist views to the students before them in the educational setting. Perfect! A captive audience, paying them to be brainwashed! Smart AND effective!! By injecting their political views into the classroom they could train the next generation of Marxists under the cover of the universities.

They have shaped the disciplines particularly in political science and the humanities. They have provided a strong Left view in a biased and un-checked way for years. This takeover has remained relatively overlooked and unfortunately has produced more radical "thinking" students over time.

This is not opinion, but is bared out by the following facts:
  • There is a disproportional population of leftist professors in most US college campuses.

  • Peace Studies offered by colleges promote views that Capitalism is bad and should be eradicated.

  • Social Work curricula promote and brainwash students ideologically and politically to the Left.

  • African American studies presume that black people are the victims by a racist culture.

  • Whitness Studies promotes the ideas that white people have historically supressed non-whites in the USA and elsewhere.

  • Women's Studies have held that women are the oppressed victims of Western culture and this is closely tied to Capitalism.

  • University publishing houses always promote and support far-Left dogma.

  • Leftists are invited and encouraged to speak to students while Conservatives are not.

What Can I Do?
Over time these conditions have influenced professors and college administrators. They have trained students to become our future "leaders." They in-turn join institutions and organizations that are empathetical to the Leftist/Marxist cause. The indoctrination continues today almost completely unnoticed. Are you a product of this warped system of education?

First, become aware that you may have been duped by this scam. You may have been hoodwinked and not even know it. Have an open mind. Think for yourself. It's like gaining weight. it happens slowly over time and takes a long while to un-do the bad.

How Can You Tell If You've Been Brainwashed?
Learn the facts and un-learn the propaganda you have been given. Be objective and try and see the "big picture." It's out there if you take the time to learn to be OBJECTIVE about it. Become aware of the fact that this is REALITY. Odds are that you have been affected and don't even know it.

Don't instantly reject opposing opinions. Keep your mind open. Hear the facts. Process the and re-analyze the thoughts and ideas. Take your time. This is a slow process. Stay with it. Study American History and learn about the Founding Fathers and what they REALLY believed. Read the Constitution and understand the message in the Bill of Rights.

Finally, pray that you have found the truth.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Guest Article - Monitizing Our Debt

Soros Bets on U.S. Financial Collapse
By Cliff Kincaid columnist for the Canadia Free Press

Another financial expert is expressing his deep disgust with the Federal Reserve’s decision to print more money and buy more U.S. debt, saying it is a sign that the U.S. capitalist system is moving closer to collapse.

This is the type of stuff we accused the communist and socialist governments of doing—interfering in free markets through currency manipulation,” declared Zubi Diamond, author of The Wizards of Wall Street. “What the Fed is doing is not good for free market capitalism and it is not good for America.”

In an interview with Accuracy in Media, Diamond went on to say, “The Fed is following the economic models of Third World countries by printing more money and devaluing their currencies. If you keep doing what Third World economies do, eventually you will become a Third World economy.”

The Fed’s new action, labeled “quantitative easing” or QE2, follows a first attempt at “QE,” known as QE1. QE means that the Federal Reserve is printing more money and buying more government debt. In total, according to Investor’s Business Daily, “the Fed will have created $2.5 trillion out of the blue.”

Diamond said the result of the Fed’s policy will be to “increase the debt, devalue our currency and create a bigger problem that won’t solve the crisis.” Eventually, America could “collapse under its own weight of massive debt,” he warned.

The QE2 “will devalue the dollar and lead to higher commodity prices, asset and price inflation. It may even lead to the end of the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency,” Diamond predicted. He noted that Obama Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner floated the idea of the dollar losing its status as the world’s reserve currency, “only to backpedal from it when it raised some eyebrows.”

What is most troubling to me about this,” Diamond added, “is that the Fed’s QE2 is in alignment with George Soros’s agenda to destroy global capitalism.” The decline of the dollar “is what George Soros wants and what he has proposed in the past,” he noted.

Soros, the billionaire hedge fund operator who finances various leftist and Marxist groups, including Media Matters, has made his fortune by betting on the collapse of national economies and currencies. He was convicted of insider trading in France.

Media Matters recently received $1 million from Soros so that it could try to mute the effectiveness of conservative media organizations and personalities, some of them critical of Soros.

In recent Fox News programs, Glenn Beck has been focusing on the decline of the dollar and how Soros has proclaimed that “an orderly decline of the dollar is actually desirable.” Programs like these have made Beck into a top target of Media Matters.

AIM has been warning for years about the intentions of Soros, noting in a 2004 report that he “specializes in weakening or collapsing the currencies of entire nations for his own selfish interests.”

We noted, “Despite his vision of an ‘open society,’ he operates an unregulated ‘hedge fund,’ open only to the super-rich.” His Soros Fund Management is a member of the “founder’s council” of the Managed Funds Association (MFA).

Diamond said that as Soros is betting on a U.S. financial collapse, his net worth and the amount of money under the management of his hedge fund have ballooned. The money that Fed chairman Ben Bernanke is putting into the economy, Diamond said, is designed to “replace the stolen money from American families and the capitalist corporations” under the cover of the financial crisis.

The collapse of capitalism will be “a big pay day for George Soros and members of the Managed Funds Association,” he said. “They are betting against the dollar and moving assets to gold and to the emerging economies. They are betting against U.S. survival as a capitalist nation.”

Referring to the members of the MFA who are betting against the U.S., Diamond asked: “Have you heard them say they want to restore capitalism? No. But you will hear them talk about the ‘new normal’—meaning that we are not going back to capitalism. And this is by design.”

Diamond’s criticism follows the shocking statements of Charles Ortel, managing director of Newport Value Partners, who told AIM that the Federal Reserve plan to buy $600 billion of U.S. Government securities “borders on the criminal” because the impact will be the devaluation of the dollar by 20 percent and the destruction of $10 trillion of household net worth.

Ortel told AIM that the Obama Administration’s “war on capitalism” has become a “war on wealth” under the direction of Fed chairman Ben S. Bernanke.

Republican Rep. Tom Price and Senator-elect Rand Paul have led the criticism of the Federal Reserve, with Paul saying, “With so much blame going around for the current financial crisis it is surprising that so few in the mainstream press have discussed the role of the Federal Reserve System.”

As if to prove the point, the Sunday TV interview shows featured lengthy discussions about proposed budget cuts and federal spending but no detailed examination of the actions of the Federal Reserve.

Charles Ortel had told AIM that the result of the upheaval will be a new “global regulatory regime” to manage the U.S. and other economies. In this regard, talk of global taxes by the United Nations has increased recently and Obama himself endorsed the concept in a document adopted by the September 20-22 U.N. Summit on the Millennium Development Goals.

Senator David Vitter’s Senate resolution 461 would put the Senate on record against any global tax scheme.

Like Ortel, Diamond notes that previous attempts to “save” the economy through the actions of the Federal Reserve have demonstrably failed. Rather than allow the Fed to pour more printed money into the economy, Diamond said that the new Congress should be “following the money paper trail and try to recover as much of the stolen money as possible.” Instead of holding the looters accountable, he said that the Fed is allowing the looters to digest the stolen money and dig us deeper into the hole.”

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), he said, should reinstate regulations designed to protect invested capital from the hedge fund short-sellers. “What is needed is the legal protection for the invested capital, protection for the value of our homes and policies that encourage capitalism and risk taking,” he said. The hedge fund short-sellers should be monitored and regulated like mutual funds, he said.

While Bernanke takes the brunt of Diamond’s critique, Diamond doesn’t lose sight of the President who re-appointed Bernanke to that post.

President Barack Obama is doing everything he is not supposed to do—and is failing to do the things he is supposed to do—to fix this economic crisis,” he said.

Consider the matter of “stimulus” spending, for example. “Obama got $700 billion in stimulus money, supposedly for shovel ready jobs. But he later admitted there were no shovel ready jobs. So it is just more money down the drain, more debt and deficit, digging us deeper into the hole,” he said.

He concluded, “This is the person the pundits and talking heads on TV insisted is smart and intelligent. Misguided Americans may have inadvertently elected a dummy or an enemy agent as their President. Take your pick.”

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vetran's Day

Not Just a Day Off...
Today is Vetran's Day. Yes, it's a holiday.

Vetran's Day is also a day to pay your respect to the men and women who have died for America defending its freedoms. We should respect anyone who wears a US military uniform. They are special and are doing YOU a big favor by wearing it!

Please take the time to be humble and remember why this is a holiday and why we should be thankful for what we have here in America. If anyone in your family is in the service, THANK THEM for their service!

And while you're at it, be proud of the American flag also! It represents many things - including freedom!

To Our Veterans...
THANK YOU for your service!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Next House Speaker

Why Does It Have to Be Boehner?
The Lame Stream media is already reporting that John Boehner will become the next Speaker of the House of Representatives. However, they are forgetting one thing. That is that Congress has to vote on who becomes the next Speaker of the House. Everyone assumes that it will be John Boehner.

The GOP "Good-Old-Boy" network remaining in Washington, automatically assumes that THEY will make the choice because "They're in Charge." But it doesn't have to be that way America!

No More Business as Usual
Why take it for granted that it is already decided who is going to become the Speaker? Don't Americans have a voice? YOU BET WE DO. We just showed it in the mid-term elections. The Good-Old-Boys haven't gotten the message yet. The Tea Party doesn't like them EITHER!! They are just as bad as the Progressive DEMs that we just got rid of and they need to shape up or they will be gone on 2012!

Why Boehner is NOT the Best Choice
Jon Boehner voted for the Stimulus plan! SO? Do you know who wrote the Stimulus bill? A George Soros funded organization - the Tides Foundation. Chances are that Boehner didn't read the Stimulus bill either! So in effect, Boehner supported Progressively funded organization's implementation of "Shovel Ready Jobs" that helped fund more Progressives than anyone else at American taxpayers expense. The Stimulus did NOT keep unemployment below 8.5% as we were told. Now it's now at 9.6%! The Stimulus money went to special interest groups instead!

Support a Tea Party Candidate Instead
Tell Congress that WE want OUR voices heard. Vote for Tea Parties favorite Michelle Bachman (R, MN) instead of Boehner.

Let your voice be hear by signing a petition at this link.

Put the Good-Old-Boys in their place.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

MSNBC Advocates Revolution!

On the Dylan Ratigan Show, he interviewed cartoonist and author of "Anti-American Manefesto" Mr. Ted Rall. They discussed whether it was time to change America by means of a violent overthrow of the government. That's right, they discussed overthrowing the United States of America on television. Ratigan stated that there are four ways to change government:
  • Political Process
  • Bond and Currency Markets
  • Passive Resistance
  • Violence
Rall states that even though violence is the "last Case scenario, ...we've seen over the last two years that neither the Democrats or the Republicans nor any possible third party is poised to step in. We know that the financial markets are getting increasing monopolized and they are in bed with the duopoly. And as you showed at the opening of the hour that the one percent of the country owning 24% of the income and it's just getting worse. That process is just going to accelerate. In terms of passive resistance, the American Left has been very peaceful since the eraly 70's, since the Kent State shootings. And where has it gotten us? Millions of people have marched against the war in Iraq. What did it do?"

Instead, Ted advocates "revolution"! He says " meaningful political change has ever taken place without violence or the credible threat of violence. ...The people have the obligation to revolt, when their government fails."

What's really frightening is that Ratigan agreed with Rall!

Americans WAKE UP
We are under attack from within. Strong forces are seeking to destroy your freedoms at ANY cost. They are starting to show themselves and things are getting scary! Denounce MSNBC for even airing this form of TREASON!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The NEW Agenda

Election's Have Consequences
Now that we have a new and "balanced" House of Representatives, we can't just sit back and watch them destroy America as they did before. We, as citizens who care, have to tell Congress what WE want them to do. We have a chance to re-claim American values and follow the Constitution for a change. Thank God, we have re-established some of the checks-and-balances in Washington. Let's keep it that way!

Planet Reality
Our government has acted irresponsibly for a long time and now we need to ensure that they change there ways. (Keep the momentum going). If not, we can fix the problem in 2012 with another "correction." Everyone knows that America cannot sustain the deficits and outrageous spending that we have previously allowed. This has to stop, and stop now.

Mandates for Openers
Congress needs to hear this message: We demand the following changes:

  • ObamaCare is unsustainable. Abolish it immediately. Start by de-funding it and then repeal it completely. Also litigate ObamaCare to verify that it is unconstituional.
  • Do NOT raise the debt ceiling. Leave it alone. Force spending cuts.
  • Abolish ALL pork spending. Make it ILLEGAL!
  • Pass Term Limits! Maximum - 2 terms! No exceptions. No pensions or free healthcare either!
  • Leave the Bush tax cuts permanent.
  • Audit the Federal Reserve Bank and stop their "quantitative easing" or devaluing the dollar immediately.
  • Close American borders.
  • Repeal the Patriot Act.

That's Just the Beginning
People in power will not want to see these changes. OK, we will dump them on the 2012 elections. If you're not going to support the Constitution, you ARE the PROBLEM and have to go. Take no prisoners. We want America back and refuse to let the Progressives make it what they want!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Teleprompter Goes to India - Why?

Silver Tongue
The man touted as being a great orator is taking his teleprompter along with him to India and the other countries he's visiting. Ask yourself, one question: If Obama is such a great speaker, then why does he rely exclusively on a teleprompter, instead of just a few notes to give a speech?

Hasn't the Lame Stream media told us over and over again what a great speaker Obama is and that he's a natural speaker? Is this really true? Is Obama a trained orator and skilled in the art of mass address with continuous eye contact? Hardly!

Look at the Facts
We used to think that George Bush was a terrible speaker, and he really was. That man couldn't put two sentences together without trouble - unless he read them. He was embarrassing to watch. So when Obama came along ANYTHING looked better than what we experienced for eight years.

But you need to take a close critical look at Obama. Is he really any better than his predecessor at giving speeches ad-lib? Recall during the campaign how Obama told Joe the plumber how HE wanted to "Spread the wealth?" That wasn't a good thing to let the public know before the election. The Lame Stream media glossed over it and tried to hide it. They helped Obama win by omission or covering it up.

However, when you watch and listen to the President when he ad-libs, he usually says something that he regrets later. Recent example is when he told an audience of Hispanics to punish their Republican "enemies" in the mid-term elections. He recanted this statement the next day after receiving a barrage of complaints about his choice of language used to describe Republicans.

The True Message
Stop being manipulated and brainwashed by the Lame Stream media. Don't take their reports as the truth. Think for yourself. Don't be a Homer Simpson! Listen to Obama and draw your own conclusions. He is NOT a great orator. He can't memorize his speeches. Quite the opposite. His "handlers" know this and don't trust him to stay on the talking points correctly without help. So they write his speeches so he won't stray from the message. Why else would he use a teleprompter to talk to a group of third graders? Third Graders! Does that make any sense? Use common sense, and wake up. He's a poor speaker and cannot stay on topic without help. He uses the teleprompter to maintain the image that the Lame Stream media built for him!

Finally, he is being manipulated by HIS handlers. They write his speeches. Who are the handlers? Think about it!