Saturday, August 3, 2013

How Can You Tell?

So we'd all like to believe that the government has our best interests at stake. But lately, when we look around, we see many things that indicate just the opposite. Under President Obama, we seem to have several "False Scandals" that he passes-off as non-consequential. However, when you take a closer look, they are not Faux Scandals but REAL ones.

Look around, are people happy? Are people employed? Have friends stopped looking for work and just given up? This is the longest "recovery" in US history. Why do you suppose that is? It may be hard to believe  but couldn't the slow recovery be a deliberate attempt NOT to recover?

When Obama doesn't get his way in Congress he skirts around them by issuing "Executive Directives" that make things always go HIS way. That's not looking out for you. That's not a government of checks and balances. It's a one-way government that's ignoring you and  often - your freedoms.

Have you ever known of a time in your life where the American government has spied on ALL of its citizens? This is happening now. Is this looking out for you? They claim it's to stop Terrorism. Maybe, but it oversteps the very fabric of our country - the Constitution. This government ignores it everyday. They perform warrantless searches on MILLIONS of Americans each day (NSA spying). That's NOT OK and it's against the LAW! SO why do we permit it to continue?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targets political opponents of Obama and punishes them. Is this STILL America? This sounds like a Communist country not the USA. The IRS says "we're sorry and it won't happen again." We don't believe them. It can and WILL continue to happen.

Benghazi is a cover-up that Obama and HIS crew bungled. They were smuggling weapons to the Libyan rebels behind Congress's back. That's the cover-up. The CIA is giving polygraphs to Libyan survivors once a month to intimidate them from not leaking the TRUTH. Is this America, or somewhere else?

If you stop, and take a look, you will discover that the government is NOT looking out for you. They are  abusing their powers and breaking the law. They should be held accountable. We should DEMAND the truth. We should keep-up the pressure on Obama and his cronies and prosecute all law breakers.

The media does NOT report the truth if it makes Obama look bad. They have become his Ministry of Propaganda. This is not looking out for you. This perpetuates the distortions and false-truths coming form the White House.

This isn't normal America. Wake up and get the big picture. Your rights are being STOLEN. Complain now or be silenced forever.

Friday, August 2, 2013

"False" Scandals

We have all heard that President Obama has dismissed all the allegations and facts about the wide-spread corruption in HIS administration. He's hoping that by saying so, it will all go away. This won't happen if we all keep up the pressure.

As stated before, there will never be a "Smoking Gun" associated with the President himself because he's too smart. He hires like-minded people and they don't need to be told how to destroy America. Recall that Obama has hired Communists, Marxists, and lovers of Mao Se Tung to work in his administration. His top echelon (Valerie Jarrett) has in-part - hired some of these people like Van Jones. Obama and his cronies have done everything to hold-back ALL information and details on the Benghazi attack. We know this much because the truth is coming out in dribbles and every time it does, it makes the Obama Administration look like they are covering-up their incompetence.

Recent truths uncovered this time came from CNN when they reported that the administration is doing everything possible of SILENCE the survivors of the Benghazi attacks. These individuals work for the CIA sometimes referred to as "The Company." The 35 or so survivors have been subjected to monthly polygraph examinations. These are being required to SILENCE any possible leaks to the media or any other news sources. CNN reports that "The goal of the questioning, according to sources, is to find out if anyone is talking to the media or Congress." They describe the mandatory exams as pure intimidation and make threats to destroy individual careers.

What Obama does not want to come-out is that the CIA was involved in arms deals with Libyan rebels and Turkey. There's little chance that we will never hear the truth from Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, or John Kerry.

Don't trust these people. They are doing everything possible to squelch this "False Scandal." What cover-up?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The 4th Is Dead!

The National Security Agency (NSA) is just collecting what they call "metadata" but NOT your email or phone conversations. R.. I.. G.. H.. T..

It came out this past week that the NSA is collecting nearly everything a user does on the Internet AND recording it. The program they use to do this is called "XKeyscore." Tricky little name for a nasty spy tool.

The purpose for this tool is to allow NSA analysts (like Snowden) to search the collected "metadata" including the content of emails and all other Internet activity - which includes your browser's history. NSA analysis's can search by telephone number, IP address, your name, designated "keywords," passwords, and on and on and on. It can even search using the language in which the Internet activity was conducted.

But don't worry, the NSA will NEVER abuse or use this information against you because you have nothing to hide. Right? The government is breaking the law in order to "protect you."  Maybe for now, but what about later? This is the most flagrant example of how YOUR government is TRAMPLING the 4th Amendment (Illegal Search and Seizure). For all practical purposes, it's gone. We no longer have a 4th Amendment, at least in the government's eyes. We are ALL suspects and they are gathering up your information without search warrants.

Some day in the future, someone in the government may decide on their own that you are a "TERRORIST" and they can pick and chose what details they have on you to manufacture their case against you. Gee, this sounds like a thriller novel. It's no joke and you should be worried that this activity is being allowed to continue. Forget about the trashing of the 4th Amendment.

Is this still America? Why are we letting this happen to us? Does anyone care?

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Government Can't Be Trusted

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) cannot be trusted to protect us. They can't effectively protect our physical borders and now they cannot keep track of over 1 MILLION foreigners here in our country. Their latest audit turned up this fact and they can't deny the fact that they have no idea where these people are or what they're doing.

Although there is a statutory requirement to track the entrance AND exit of foreigners, DHS has failed to comply with the law. Gee, this sounds familiar. Another government agency who doesn't follow the law and is not being held accountable for breaking the law. President Obama calls these things "distractions" and NOT scandals. So we know which side of the fence he's on. He may very well be directing these actions.

How many big government agencies that break the law and get away with murder will it take before the American public has had enough? The worst agency scandal so far is the IRS. That has a direct impact on every citizen and their abuse of power.

Meanwhile, they just say they're "sorry" and that it won't happen again. It's almost like listening to Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner say he's never going to commit another perverted act on the Internet again. The day after he promises redemption, we read about his PERVERTED misgivings again and again. What's to say the IRS is ANY different? There are no means in place to guarantee that they will not break the law over and over again until they get caught and apologize.

TSA is supposed to protect US citizens. Instead, they commit crimes against us. Rarely are they bought and punished. Classic example is that the TSA STEALS from air travelers on a regular basis. Here's a video clip that details one of their crimes.

So what's YOUR break point? Do you have one? When will you get fed-up and push back? Time is getting close when you should be ready.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

When the Lights Go Out

Yes, we all have power outages once in a while. This is becoming more and more prevalent during the summer months. Some people remember the power outrage that turned lights-off in the North East no too long ago. That "glitch" shut-down millions of homes and businesses. It was an inconvenience to those in that service area. Even more recently was Hurricane Sandy. Some of its victims are still without homes. Meanwhile, the rest of the US went happily on their way. Food that was "sent" to Sandy victims turned-up on the black market in foreign countries. Your government at work!

So why discuss this anyway? Answer this: What would you do is you had no electricity for 3-5 days in a row? How would that affect your daily lives? No TV, no way to charge your cell phones, no lights, no heating or air conditioning, no refrigerators or freezers, nothing!

Americans a so dependent on electricity it's hard to comprehend just what our dependence really is. Our entire life styles are intertwined with energy consumption. Admit it, we can't live without it.

So what (if any) plans to you have to offset the inconvenience of a power outage in your area? Candles, battery powered lights, Oil lamps? Have you got enough of these items to last 3-5 days (or longer)? Why you ask? The power company usually get my power turned back on after a few hours of going without.

Ok, but what happens if the power company is overwhelmed with damages and cannot get your power back for several days or weeks? Will you be waiting for help to come because you have no preparation for this? Good luck.

If you care about your family, you need to have some idea of what you are going to do about a serious power outage because our grid is becoming a "weak-link" here in America. All it would take is one good BLAST from the sun in our direction and the "Solar Wind" would create havoc. It already has and will continue to do so. The sun goes through cycles of activity and is approaching its maximum this year. Scientists have already discovered a "HOLE" in the sun's surface which causes communication blackouts and screws-up satellite transmissions.

Do you have a plan?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Vacation Time Again

Yes, it's summer and time to think about that SUMMER VACATION. Forget about "Sequestration" because that was just another made-up Obama BS excuse to try and punish Americans who actually love their country. Shut down White House tours while we go on EXPENSIVE vacations.

Also forget that the President just came back from his $100 MILLION dollar vacation in Africa. Also remember FLOTUS because she went along for the ride also. For sure she won't miss this one either. Martha's Vineyard is a place for the Rich and Famous. Chances are that FLOTUS will travel independently because she can't align her schedule with her hubbies. This of course will increase the total cost by doubling the air travel expenses at hundreds of dollars per hour. FLOTUS will probably have her entourage of 33 people to take care of her needs like she did on the African tour. Ah, it's only taxpayer money. They really don't give a care - neither do we.

The Ministry of Propaganda (main stream media) will NEVER report how many vacations these two take at our expense - let alone the cost of their never-ending-vacations. Isn't it time to raise our voices and let the "King and Queen" learn of our displeasure?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

What's an EMP Pulse?

Scientists discovered during the first atomic test that during an atomic explosion there is a burst of electromagnetic energy or EMP pulse. Back then, it wasn't too much concern although it did disturb a few electrical systems. However, today we (everyone around the world) relies more and more on computer chips and sophisticated electronic circuits in our daily lives. Cell phones and modern cars are typical examples. When the chips go bad we loose communication or transportation.

Why the fuss? Our enemies know this fact and have developed weapons to bring the USA on its knees. One atomic weapon exploded 200 miles up in our atmosphere would cause damage to all electrical systems, power grids, cars, radios, TVs and cell phones. EMP weapons are designed to maximize these effects. All your electronic equipment would be destroyed and become unusable.

The sun can also produce such pulses. If they are directed directly at planet Earth, they can and have caused damage to our power grid. It can happen again and we have done little to protect ourselves against this natural phenomena.

There has been a book written about the effect on America after such a pulse. It's called "One Second After" by William R. Forstchen.

Anything that uses electricity would be effected. Think about that for a minute.

Everything electrical. Without these things, America would be pushed immediately back to the 1800's. It may as well be the Stone Age. We are all so dependent on electricity that we would be up the creek without a paddle.

However, scientists learned that there are ways of protecting against such disturbances. There is something called a Faraday Cage. If you place your electronics inside this cage, EMP pulses do not affect them. Some people have gone to the extreme of creating a Faraday Cage to park their cars inside to protect them.

Here is an example to show how to make one on a smaller scale.

You can protect your electronics by keeping them in there. Will you?