Saturday, December 10, 2011

Time To Quit the UN

UN Creates a New Treaty
The dictators, despots, Fascists, and Communists at the United Nations are giving good cause for the United States to get out of the UN! The bureaucrats at the UN Climate Summit have proposed a birdbrained treaty that they want ALL nations to sign on to which demands a 50% IN CARBON DIOXIDE EMISSIONS in the next 8 years. Gee, that sounds really reasonable! They totally ignore that they were caught "fudging" climate data for political reasons a while back and that their credibility is in the trash can. There are (of course) cash penalties for not meeting these new wonderful requirements.

Requirements Mean What?
In order to meet their requirements, here are a few things that would happen:
  • You could no longer use your automobiles.

  • You could no longer use trucks or busses.

  • You could no longer use trains.

  • There would be no more coal-fired or gas-fired power stations.

  • We could not fly aircraft.

  • All military forces in the world would have to be abolished.

  • The monies collected by the UN would be divied-out to countries at their disgression.

  • This would create a new Global Government and Global Police Force.

Are The All Idiots?
We thought that the Koyoto Treaty was insane! HA! This new treaty makes the UN look like a bunch of fools and IDIOTS! Who in their right minds would jump on board with this stupidity that would render the USA back to the STONE AGE? Oh wait a minute... Obama probably would!

These proposals are just the tip of the iceburg. There's more, but why bother giving you the details? They're all just plain STUPID!

Why Host Them?
Seriously, why should we host these people any longer? We have been footing the bills for this world organization since its inception in the late 1940s. Why should we even remain part of this bunch of lying eco-Fascists who are trying to pull-down the USA? This treaty is a good reason to withdraw and stop hosting the United Nations! What have they done for us lately?

Friday, December 9, 2011

Time For a Change

Registered To Vote?
Are you registered to vote? If Yes = GOOD. If NO = Why not? Either way you should ask yourself if you're happy with Congress. Chances are you're not! (Congress has an approval rating of about 9%). However, voting can and does often help change things.

Who Can You Trust?
Unfortunately, you cannot trust politicians - especially so-called "career politicians." Anyone who has served over two consecutive terms in office is a career politician. No matter who they are, these are the worst! We have several representatives who have held office for over 30 years. Unbelievable as it seems, but voters are to blame for this. Instead of voting them out of office, they continue to re-elect them over and over and over again. They "think" that they are doing a good job. But most voters really don't take the time or effort to actually look at the job performance of these career politicians. Shame on their laziness.

Term Limits
While we have come to realize that term limits may be a good idea, our fearless Career Politicians will never resort to placing limits on their powers. Would You? It's human nature not to spoil a good thing. That's why we have elections! YOU already have the POWER of term limits in your vote!

Change Registration
If you're not registered, then what's the point of reading this blog? If you care, you should already be registered. But here's something else to consider. Are you happy with your Political Party? Have you ever considered dumping them? Have you come to the conclusion that you really cannot trust either Party? Why not register as an Independent? What have you got to loose? This way you can still vote and not worry about the Party - but focus on the candidate instead.

It's true that in many states Independents cannot participate in primaries. Too bad. However, you should be aware that Independents are the voters that BOTH parties always try to win-over in the national elections. This places their focus on YOU! What a concept!

Please give this some serious thought. Register as an Independent.

One More Thing
Oh, and when you do vote, do so on election day. I know, there's usually a line. Don't be impatient. Plan on waiting to vote. So-called early voting is NOT the way to participate. Your votes are tallied as "absentee ballots". SO? Well, in most states these votes are not counted unless the race is close. You read this right. Your vote is NOT counted! This little known fact has a lot to do in close election races. It also is a great way to make election fraud easier. More on fraud in a future blog as we get nearer the national Presidential election.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The "O" World

The Deficit Under Obama

Mimicking Greatness

Obama's Policies

Honest Obe

Big Sister

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Why We Hate Congress Today

In the Beginning
When our Founding Fathers established America, we were divided evenly Left and Right. The Founders knew that having no government would create chaos and anarchy. Likewise, BIG GOVERNMENT (total government) would create a totalitarian state where the government ruled over your lives. The Founders established America about in the middle of the political spectrum. This gave Americans the most freedom without too much government control over us. For simplification, we use the following diagram:

We know that there was no Democratic or Republican Party in 1776, but this diagram is just for the sake of illustration. America was evenly divided ideologically. We started with government placed in the middle. Not too big, and not too small. Just right!

The Progressive Movement
Over time the American government grew. As it did, there was a shift ideologically towards the Left (they want big government). During the Progressive movement, ideologically, American culture began shifting faster towards the left. This was roughly between the 1890s through the 1920s. Here is a diagram to illustrate this shift:

Note: When the Progressive Era ended, America did NOT rebound back to its starting point in the middle, but rather it stayed just where it was ideologically in the diagram. The net result was a change in our culture. We had shifted towards the left and we accepted more government interventions and government controls over our lives. This was gradual, so Americans didn't feel threatened.

America Today
Progressives never went away. Progressives are in every part of our daily lives today! They have continued to have their influence over wanting Big Government and more centralized control. Consequently, America has continued our gradual shift leftwards towards Totalitarianism. However, in the 1960s this shift was much more radical and we, as Americans, resisted. The change was too fast and the Progressive change wanted a violent revolution. But the Progressives never gave up. Instead, they began following their agenda of promoting their changes into our society. They have permeated all facets of our culture slowly over time. Since the 1960s the shift has continued to the following:

This is where we are today. No wonder we don't like both political parties! They have morphed over time and no longer reflect their original ideological beliefs. There has been a huge shift leftwards over time. This has taken over 100 years. Americans haven't felt threatened because this has been a gradual eating away of our original culture.

Thank Obama
When we elected the most radical (Marxist) President in the history of America, we began to notice this shift because Obama is pushing the Progressive philosophy harder and faster than ever before. Jamming ObamaCare down our throats, nationalizing Banks and the automobile industry all helped wake up Americans. Now we notice this change and feel that HE is taking America in the wrong direction.

It's NOT just Obama. Look around you. It's our whole culture that's changing. Obama is just accelerating it so he can take us to HIS vision of TOTAL GOVERNMENT and what comes with it!

It's Not TOO LATE!
We are getting very close to the point of no return. If we do not stop this Progressive/Marxist change America as we know it will no longer exist! Our freedoms and our liberties will be stolen and we will all be under the control of the government. It's all there in plain sight.

Action To Take
Start re-educating your kids. They are being filled with Progressive propaganda in public schools like gay education in elementary school and that Capitalism is bad. Talk to your friends, family and co-workers. Discuss the importance of this shift and make it clear that America is being dismantled a piece at a time - only if we allow it to happen! Stand up for what you believe in and don't accept these Progressive values. Unite and stick-up for YOUR beliefs. Otherwise, it will be YOUR OWN FAULT.

WAKE UP NOW or face the consequences of your apathy!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WARNING: Stop the Pending Bailout...

It Never Ends
You should be aware that Europe is is desperate financial straights and that the Euro may collapse. Fear not, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to the rescue! The Europeans know that that the USA is having serious financial problems of our own and they won't come out and ask for a bailout. No, that would be too honest.

So instead, they are getting the IMF (on their behalf) to guarantee $1.3 TRILLION in a credit line to European banks. This is effectively, a European bank bail out!

The Small Print
The US contributes 17% to the IMF. Why exactly, we don't know. We don't even know who the IMF is or how to contact them! We'll bet George Soros does! So to get back on point; If the IMF gives the $1.3 TRILLION line of credit, it will cost the USA $200 BILLION for their bank bailouts.

Keep in mind, that these funds are taken without asking Congress. We know that Obama will be happy to contribute to putting America deeper into the poor house and will OK this transaction by the Federal Reserve Bank and Ben Bernanke.

To The Rescue
But wait! Senators Tom Coburn (R, OK) and Jim Demint (R, SC), as well as Representative Cathy Rogers (R, WA) are proposing legislation to STOP this bailout!

Give full support to these efforts to stop the European bank bailouts with YOUR Tax Dollars! A vote on this legislation is going to happen within the next week. Tell your Friends and family to sign this petition. To make things simple and be able to write to all your representatives simultaneously, follow this link to sign the following petition:

"We the undersigned, do not want American tax money to be used to guarantee European sovereign debt or to bail out European nations facing default on their debt. We demand that our government veto any IMF role in guaranteeing European debt as long as any default would trigger use of American tax funds. I urge Congress to pass legislation sponsored by Senators DeMint and Coburn and Representative Rodgers requiring our government to veto any such expansion of the IMF involvement in the European debt crisis."

This is YOUR chance to STOP SPENDING that we cannot afford! Don't just read this, go and sign the petition NOW!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Unemployment Bailouts

Here We Go Again
Are you tired of government bailouts? Hold on-here comes another, just around the corner. It's called unemployment benefits. Back in the day of FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) there were no unemployment benefits. Years later, after coming out of the Great Depression, we had created a new entitlement. Originally set to pay out-of-work individuals for 26 weeks, this seemed OK at that time. We had plenty of people working to cover the costs of this benefit.

Big Spenders
Our present Congress is addicted to spending (both parties). Neither side understands the idea of out national deficit. Neither! In the recent past, they extended unemployment benefits from 26 weeks by an additional 73 week extension for a total of 99 weeks in benefits. That's just short of 2 YEARS!! This was done at a time to try and save our economy and its unfortunate jobless victims.

This 73 week extension helped to balloon the cost of unemployment compensation so much that the employer payroll taxes collected were insufficient to pay for the new increase. Did you even know this?

Over the past three years, the federal government has payed-out $416 BILLION dollars in these benefits while only collecting $135 BILLION to pay for them. So where does the rest of the money come from? We either print it or borrow it from the Chinese. NICE HUH?

Fuzzy Math
This isn't fuzzy math, we're coming out short $281 BILLION dollars. Attention America: WE CANNOT AFFORD TO BE DOING THIS ANY LONGER!

This "benefit" is severely adding to the national debt which has now passed $15 TRILLION dollars ($15,000,000,000,000). We cannot pay-off this current debt because we are not bringing in enough to cover it. So why are we adding even more to it by adding ANOTHER ENTITLEMENT? This is just plain stupid and makes no sense whatsoever.

Insanity Continues
Unfortunately, your newly elected House of Representatives (GOP majority) is agreeing to the premise that this hand-out must be extended even longer at increased deficit spending compounding the national debt!! Unemployment compensation is becoming a permanent entitlement that PAYS INDIVIDUALS FOR NOT LOOKING FOR GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT. Why work when the government will pay you not to work? Seriously, why work at all when you can get paid for NOTHING?

Action To Take
Notify your representatives that this should NOT be extended any longer. We already pay people almost two years NOT to work and now Congress wants to make this over three years!!! Are they IDIOTS or are WE the stupid ones for allowing this to continue?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Gun Sales Up - Crime Down

No Correlation-Really?
Progressives never rely on logic or the truth to try and win political or controversial arguments. Instead, they ignore facts because if they didn't, they'd loose the argument. In this case, gun sales are increasing in the USA while crime rates are on the decline big time.

Progressives always say that if we increase the gun ownership numbers that crime will increase. Our streets will become like the old west with gun fights every day. This however, is NOT THE CASE! FBI numbers for the past 5-6 years prove quite the contrary. There has been a marked DECREASE in the national violent crime rates. This fact is in despite our rising unemployment numbers and increased poverty. Our national crime rate has decreased 13.9% over this time span. That's significant! It's true that there may be a strong correlation with high unemployment and more cases of breaking and entering or stealing - but not with violent crimes like murder, assault, and armed robbery!

Gun Sales
In the past nine years, handgun production has tripled! All this is to keep up with demand in the USA. Our nation's and state's individual gun laws don't make it easy for just anyone to get a gun - let alone carry one legally. Only a decent law-abiding citizen goes through all the hoops and regulations to legally purchase and own a gun. Criminals NEVER DO!

Criminals Aren't Stupid
Criminals are less likely to attack people if they think that they may be armed. DUH? In Great Britain, they have made hand gun ownership ILLEGAL for everyone and their crime rates have skyrocketed. Why? Because criminals know that no one can protect themselves any longer. It's the criminals who have guns - not lawful citizens! Likewise in Australia where they did the same thing, they are realizing the same consequences of gun banning. They also have much higher violent crime rates since banning guns.

Remember, criminals will ALWAYS have access to guns if they want them!

Untaught History
It's unfortunate that American history teachers neglect to mention that gun ownership prevented a Japanese invasion into California during World War II. The Japanese knew all too well the popularity of firearms in America and the popularity of hunting small to big game in America. The fact that many American households owned firearms prevented the Japanese military from a ground invasion after the destruction of our naval fleet at Pearl Harbor. We had no means to stop such a ground invasion and were caught completely off guard. However, the Japanese were smart enough to realize that they still had a formidable enemy in every American household!

Guns Aren't Bad
People brought up around firearms don't turn-out to be killers or become raving crazies. Instead, they learn to respect firearms as well as be safe with them. It's better to have one and know how to use it, than to rely on the local authorities in case of an emergency. If you don't believe this, then you should read "Dial 911, And Die." Every day Americans use guns to protect themselves. However the MSM (Main Stream Media) always buries these stories by NOT printing them or by putting them on page 44.

One more thing: Obama HATES guns. Look at his record. At every chance he's voted against guns. Look also at what he has tried to do during his term in office. He had the Bureau of Land Management try and ban firearms from ALL public land. This effectively would have banned all hunting on public land. However, we didn't put up with it and he backed down. However, re-elect him and watch the familiar gun-banning behavior begin once again. He also wants to sign a world-wide gun banning treaty with the United Nations. This is another reason why we need to get control of the US Senate to stop them from ratifying it!

A word to the wise: Own a gun and know how to be safe using it. It may save your life!