Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lame Duck Agenda

Look at Congress
Don't look to Washington for any help! All they can do is muddle things up. This is just another reason why you cannot count on the government and why they should stay out of your life.

The Progressive Democrats in Congress want to halt the so-called "Bush tax cuts". The DEMs are especially interested in the estate tax. They want as much of whatever you leave in your estate. They want tax laws to expire so they can literally STEAL your money after you die.

Congressman Keith Ellison (D, MN) says that the Democrats must create a real crisis to force the GOP on the Bush tax cuts. What he wants is to let the tax laws expire and all Americans receive higher taxes. In addition, Ellision says that the Democrats are "giving away trillions of dollars" by not taxing estates at a higher rate (the death tax).

First, why is it that the DEMs like Ellison actually think that it's THEIR money to begin with? While accumulating wealth and security in a lifetime, Americans pay taxes. The money that you earn after taxes belongs to you - NOT THE GOVERNMENT! Someone please tell this to Ellison.

Second, the death tax is totally unfair. When You die, the DEMs want to take whatever you have acquired in personal wealth to help feed their spending urges! The deceased have already paid taxes on their estate and the DEMs want to grab up to 50% more of your estate (property and other holdings) so they can make the dead pay their fair share. REALLY?

These attitudes are what got us in serious debt troubles to begin with and they are only making things worse. Let's distribute the wealth. Go Screw!

Lame Ducks Suck
Gee, in the "Real World" when someone gets fired, they are escorted out of the office before they can do any damage to the company. However, in government, we allow the clowns we just fired to stay several more months so they can screw-up the country even more than they have before the election. This doesn't make any sense.

The Lame Ducks have nothing to loose and they are just getting even for you throwing them out of office. They should loose their powers immediately after the election!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Federal Reserve Bank - Who Are They?

Non-Political My Ass
The Federal Reserve Bank is a super-secret organization that is supposed to be non-political. Oh Really? We don't even know who they are. Then why has it given your tax dollars to foreign banks, foreign companies and foreign governments to bail them out? These bailouts have nothing to do with our financial crisis and should not be part of the Stimulus dollars they have given away to foreign entities!

Monitary Policies Are a Secret
Why are our monetary policies kept a secret and insolated from national debate? How come American taxpayers are not involved in ANY discussions on how the Federal Reserve Bank spends OUR money? We have no voice whatsoever. Why? We have a right to know how OUR money is spent!

The Constitution Says...
The Constitution says that ONLY Congress shall coin money and set the value thereof. It does NOT give a private bank these powers for good reasons! Thank Progressives in 1913 for changing that and giving away these powers to private individuals - in a clear VIOLATION of the Constitution!

Ben Bernanke's Record
Ben Bernanke (Federal Reserve Chairman) has a poor record. So far every thing he has done is a failure (unless he wants the dollar to fail). His policies of monitizing the debt are destroying our currency. This shows that the Fed has too much power and is accountable to no one! Bernanke is accountable to no one. There are no consequences for HIS actions while we pay for it every day of our lives.

No Recourse
Currently we have no recourse with the Fed. This must change. They have too much power and we need to control it. We must TAKE BACK the powers that Congress gave away in 1913 under the Progressives.

Right now the Fed can bail out anyone they decide is too big to fail using YOUR tax dollars. This has got to stop. Because they print money our dollars loose value as does everything we own. All because of the Fed. They MUST STOP their "Quantitative Easing" which is a funny way of saying that they are flooding the market by printing money!

Action To Take
Support Congressman Ron Paul (R, TX) in his efforts to audit the Fed and to take back the Congressional powers we lost long ago. Make Bernanke accountable for every penny he is responsible for and hold his feet to the fire!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thank The Republicans for Amnesty

DREAM Act Passed in the HR
Just when you think that you voted the right way in the mid-term elections, Congress kicks you in the face once again. The House of Representatives just passed the DREAM Act which gives AMNESTY for ILLEGALS aged 16-35. Swell! That's the Lame Duck Congress sticking it in your face AMERICA! The US Senate votes on it TODAY!

Thank Republicans for Their Lack of Support
If you have any doubts about your representatives, here is a list of the 8 Republicans who supported HR 6497 AMNESTY for ILLEGALS:
  • Ahn “Joseph” Cao, Louisiana
  • Mike Castle, Delaware
  • Lincoln Diaz-Balart, Florida
  • Mario Diaz-Balart, Florida
  • Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida
  • Charles Djou, Hawaii
  • Vern Ehlers, Michigan
  • Bob Inglis, South Carolina

America, remember to vote-out these BASTARDS in the next election cycle! They do NOT SUPPORT Conservative values!

Who Ignored to Even Vote
Before you go and thank your representative, take a moment to make sure that they even took the time or effort to vote on the DREAM Act. There are 11 Republicans who could not even be bothered to be there for the vote. They would have made the difference if they HAD voted. They are:
  • Brian Bilbray, California
  • Roy Blunt, Missouri
  • Steve Buyer, Indiana
  • Mary Fallin, Oklahoma
  • Phil Gingrey, Georgia
  • Kay Granger, Texas
  • Parker Griffith, Alabama
  • Kenny Marchant, Texas
  • Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Washington State
  • George Radanovich, California
  • Marlin Stutzman, Indiana

Stop and Think About The 11
If you think that it's bad that 8 REPUBLICANS voted for the DREAM Act, at least they had the conviction to vote and get their name on the record. The 11 that didn't vote are WORSE! We are paying them $175,000 and they won't even show up for the vote. What's wrong with that picture? Plenty!

Action To Take
Things won't get better until YOU act. Tell your US Senators to vote "NO" on the DREAM Act today! If your House representative is on either list mentioned above, you need to remember them and vote their sorry ass out-of-office in the next election cycle! Convince others that they have to go to ensure they will be gone!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Government Discrimination

Profiling by the Government
I thought that discrimination was against the law. Not so, if you're the US government under the Obama administration. They play favorites (discriminate) all the time. The Democrats complain all the time about the rich not paying enough, but it's OK for them to get preferential treatment on ObamaCare.

Here is one classic example where a non-elected bureaucrat discriminates against the American public in plain sight and no one gives a crap! EXAMPLE: ObamaCare!

If you have a so-called "Cadillac" insurance policy or if you cannot afford to pay employees for ObamaCare, if you're pals with Obama, you get "exempted." Noteably in the list below are the large numbers of UNIONS getting special favors because Obama is in bed with them. THIS IS DISGUSTING, as well as, unfair as well as, UNLAWFUL to discriminate!

Here's the current list of Obama's exempted "friends" from ObamaCare:

  • Aegis Insurance
  • Advanta
  • Adecco Group, Inc
  • A. Duda & Sons, Inc
  • Aegis
  • Aetna
  • Advantage Benefits Company LLC
  • Adventist Care Centers
  • Agricare
  • AHS
  • Allflex
  • Alliance One Tobacco
  • Allied
  • Altisource Portfolio Solutions
  • Alaska Seafood
  • Amalgamated National Health Fund
  • Amalgamated Welfare Fund
  • American Fidelity
  • American Heritage Life Insurance Company
  • Americare Properties, Inc
  • AMF Bowling Worldwide
  • AMN Healthcare
  • APWU Health Plan Conversion Plan
  • Asbestos Workers Local 53 Welfare Fund
  • Assisted Living Concepts
  • Assurant Health
  • ATCO Rubber Products, Inc


  • Baptist Retirement
  • Baylor County Hospital District
  • Belmont Village
  • B.E.S.T of NY
  • BCS Insurance
  • Biomedic Corporation
  • Boskovich Farms, Inc
  • Bricklayers Local 1 of MD, VA and DC
  • Buffets, Inc

  • CafĂ© Enterprises, Inc
  • Caliber Services
  • Case & Associates
  • Captain Elliot's Party Boats
  • Capital District Physicians
  • Carlson Restaurants
  • Carington Health System
  • Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Ogdensburg
  • CH Guenther & Son
  • CKM Industries dba Miller Environmental
  • Cleveland Bakers Teamsters
  • Club Chef LLC
  • Cocopah Nurseries, Inc
  • Columbia Sussex Mgmt
  • Convergys
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Cryogenic
  • CRST International Inc


  • Darr Equipment, Co
  • Darden Restaurants
  • Darensberries
  • DC Cement Masons Welfare Fund
  • Deaconess Long Term Care
  • Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc
  • DISH Network
  • Diversified Interiors
  • Duarte Nursery


  • ECOM Atlantic, Inc
  • Employees Security Fund


  • Florida Trowel Trades
  • Fowler Packing Co
  • FW Walton, Inc
  • First Acceptance Corporation
  • First CarolinaCare Insurance Company on behalf of Longworth Industries
  • FleetPride, Inc
  • Fresh Express
  • Fruhauf Uniform Direct Labor


  • G4S Secure Solutions
  • GC Services
  • Gallegos Corp
  • Grower's Transport LLC
  • Greencroft Communities
  • Guardsmark, LLC
  • Gowan Company
  • Greystar
  • Grace Living Centers
  • Groendyke Transport, Inc
  • GuideStone Financial Resources
  • GPM Investments
  • Greater Metropolitan Hotel
  • GS-ILA
  • Guy C. Lee Mfg


  • Harden Healthcare
  • HCR Manor Care
  • Health and Welfare Benefit System
  • Health Connector
  • HealthPort
  • Hensley Industries, Inc
  • Hoosier Stamping and Manufacturing Corp


  • Indiana Teamsters Health Benefits Fund
  • Ingles Markets
  • Ingomar Packing Company, LLC
  • International Brotherhood of Trade Unions Health and Welfare Fund - Local 713 & Local 1102,/li>
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) No.915
  • Independent Group Home Living Program, Inc
  • Integra BMS for Culp, Inc
  • I.U.P.A.T


  • Jack in the Box
  • Jeffords Steel and Engineering


  • Knox County Association for Retarded Citizens


  • Laborers' International Union of North America Local Union No. 616 Health and Welfare Plan
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning Workers Local No. 52
  • Local 802 Musicians Health Fund
  • Local 1102 Health & Benefit Fund
  • Local 1102 Welfare Fund
  • Local 25 SEIU
  • Local 17 Hospitality Benefit Fund
  • Lerner Employees
  • Local 338 Affiliated Benefit Funds
  • L.P. & First Community Bancshares, Inc


  • Macayo Restaurants
  • Maritime Association
  • Mars Super Markets, Inc
  • MAUSER Corp
  • Maverick County
  • Medical Card System
  • Metro Paving Fund
  • Meijer Health Benefits Plan/Primary Care Option
  • Meijer
  • Mission Linen Supply
  • Moore's Retread & Tire of the Ark-La-Tex
  • Mountaire
  • MPS Group, Inc


  • New England Health Care
  • Nexion Health
  • Noodles & Company
  • NFI Industries


  • O.K. Industries
  • Operating Engineers Local 835 Health and Welfare Fund,/li>
  • O'Reilly Auto Parts
  • Orscheln Industries


  • Pearson Candy Company
  • Payroll Solutions
  • Periodical Services
  • Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy
  • Plumbers and Pipefitters Local No. 630 Welfare Fund
  • Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 123 Welfare Fund
  • Pocono Medical Center
  • Preferred Care
  • Protocol Marketing Group
  • PS-ILA


  • Quality Integrated Services, Inc
  • QK/DRD (Denny's)


  • Regis Corporation
  • Reliance Standard
  • Retail, Wholesale & Dept. Store Union Local 1034 Welfare Fund
  • RE Rabalais Constructors, LTD
  • Ruby Tuesday


  • Sanderson Plumbing Products, Inc
  • Sasnak
  • Security Forces Inc
  • Sensient Technologies Corp
  • Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1 Cleveland Welfare Fund
  • Service Employees Benefit Fund
  • Seco Packing
  • SEIU Greater New York Benefit Fund
  • SFN Group
  • Shirkey Nursing
  • Social Service Employees Union Local 371
  • Southern CA Pipe Trades Trust Fund
  • Spindle, Cooling, & Warehouse
  • Star Tek
  • Strauss Discount Auto
  • Sun Belt
  • Sunburst Hospitality
  • Sun Healthcare Group, Inc
  • Susser Holding Corp
  • Sun Pacific Farming Coop
  • SunWorld International, LLC
  • Swift Spinning

    • **T**

      • Teamsters Local 522 Welfare Fund Roofers Division
      • Telescope Casual Furniture
      • Telesis Management Corp
      • Teletech Holdings, Inc
      • Texas Carpenters and Millwrights Health and Welfare Fund
      • The Brinkman Corp
      • The Buccaneer
      • The Dixie Group, Inc
      • The LDF Companies
      • The Mentor Network
      • The Pictsweet Co
      • The Wada Farms, Inc
      • The Wilks Group, Inc. dba Ashley Furniture Homestore
      • Transport Workers
      • Trans-System, Inc
      • Transcorr
      • Tri-Pak


      • UABT
      • UFCW Local 227
      • UFCW Local 1262
      • Uncle Julio's
      • United Group
      • United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1445 New Hampshire
      • United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1000
      • United Food and Commercial Workers Union (Mount Laurel, NJ)
      • United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1459
      • United Food and Commercial Workers and Participating Employers Interstate Health and Welfare Fund
      • UFCW Allied Trade Health & Welfare Trust
      • United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1995
      • Universal Orlando, Valley Services, Inc
      • US Imaging
      • UniFirst
      • Universal Forest Products
      • UFCW Maximus Local 455
      • UFT Welfare Fund

        • **V**

          • Varsity Contractors, Inc
          • Vino Farms


          • Waffle House
          • Western Growers Assurance Trust
          • Western Express, Inc
          • Whelan Security Company
          • Wiliamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Guest Article - Global Warming is DEAD

What happened to the 'warmest year on record': The truth is global warming has halted
By David Rose of the DailyMail in the UK.

"A year ago tomorrow, just before the opening of the UN Copenhagen world climate summit, the British Meteorological Office issued a confident prediction. The mean world temperature for 2010, it announced, 'is expected to be 14.58C, the warmest on record' - a deeply worrying 0.58C above the 1961--1990 average.

World temperatures, it went on, were locked inexorably into an everrising trend: 'Our experimental decadal forecast confirms previous indications that about half the years 2010-2019 will be warmer than the warmest year observed so far - 1998.'

Met Office officials openly boasted that they hoped by their statements to persuade the Copenhagen gathering to impose new and stringent carbon emission limits - an ambition that was not to be met.

Last week, halfway through yet another giant, 15,000 delegate UN climate jamboree, being held this time in the tropical splendour of Cancun in Mexico, the Met Office was at it again.

Never mind that Britain, just as it was last winter and the winter before, was deep in the grip of a cold snap, which has seen some temperatures plummet to minus 20C, and that here 2010 has been the coolest year since 1996.

Globally, it insisted, 2010 was still on course to be the warmest or second warmest year since current records began.

But buried amid the details of those two Met Office statements 12 months apart lies a remarkable climbdown that has huge implications - not just for the Met Office, but for debate over climate change as a whole.

Read carefully with other official data, they conceal a truth that for some, to paraphrase former US VicePresident Al Gore, is really inconvenient: for the past 15 years, global warming has stopped.

This isn't meant to be happening. Climate science orthodoxy, as promulgated by bodies such as the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit (CRU), says that temperatures have risen and will continue to rise in step with increasing CO2 in the atmosphere, and make no mistake, with the rapid industrialisation of China and India, CO2 levels have kept on going up.

According to the IPCC and its computer models, without enormous emission cuts the world is set to get between two and six degrees warmer during the 21st Century, with catastrophic consequences.

Last week at Cancun, in an attempt to influence richer countries to agree to give £20 billion immediately to poorer ones to offset the results of warming, the US-based International Food Policy Research Institute warned that global temperatures would be 6.5 degrees higher by 2100, leading to rocketing food prices and a decline in production.

The maths isn't complicated. If the planet were going to be six degrees hotter by the century's end, it should be getting warmer by 0.6 degrees each decade; if two degrees, then by 0.2 degrees every ten years. Fortunately, it isn't.

Actually, with the exception of 1998 - a 'blip' year when temperatures spiked because of a strong 'El Nino' effect (the cyclical warming of the southern Pacific that affects weather around the world) - the data on the Met Office's and CRU's own websites show that global temperatures have been flat, not for ten, but for the past 15 years.

They go up a bit, then down a bit, but those small rises and falls amount to less than their measuring system's acknowledged margin of error. They have no statistical significance and reveal no evidence of any trend at all.

When the Met Office issued its December 2009 pre-There-diction, it was clearly expecting an even bigger El Nino spike than happened in 1998 - one so big that it would have dragged up the decade's average.

But though it was still successfully trying to influence media headlines during Cancun last week by saying that 2010 might yet end up as the warmest year, the small print reveals the Met Office climbdown. Last year it predicted that the 2010 average would be 14.58C. Last week, this had been reduced to 14.52C.

That may not sound like much. But when one considers that by the Met Office's own account, the total rise in world temperatures since the 1850s has been less than 0.8 degrees, it is quite a big deal. Above all, it means the trend stays flat.

Meanwhile, according to an analysis yesterday by David Whitehouse of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, 2010 had only two unusually warm months, March and April, when El Nino was at its peak.

The data from October to the end of the year suggests that when the final figure is computed, 2010 will not be the warmest year at all, but at most the third warmest, behind both 1998 and 2005.

There is no dispute that the world got a little warmer over some of the 20th Century. (Between 1940 and the early Seventies, temperatures actually fell.)

But little by little, the supposedly settled scientific 'consensus' that the temperature rise is unprecedented, that it is set to continue to disastrous levels, and that it is all the fault of human beings, is starting to fray.

Earlier this year, a paper by Michael Mann - for years a leading light in the IPCC, and the author of the infamous 'hockey stick graph' showing flat temperatures for 2,000 years until the recent dizzying increase - made an extraordinary admission: that, as his critics had always claimed, there had indeed been a ' medieval warm period' around 1000 AD, when the world may well have been hotter than it is now.

Other research is beginning to show that cyclical changes in water vapour - a much more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide - may account for much of the 20th Century warming.

Even Phil Jones, the CRU director at the centre of last year's 'Climategate' leaked email scandal, was forced to admit in a littlenoticed BBC online interview that there has been 'no statistically significant warming' since 1995.

One of those leaked emails, dated October 2009, was from Kevin Trenberth, head of climate analysis at the US government's National Centre for Atmospheric Research and the IPCC's lead author on climate change science in its monumental 2002 and 2007 reports.

He wrote: 'The fact is that we can't account for the lack of warming at the moment, and it is a travesty that we can't.'

After the leak, Trenberth claimed he still believed the world was warming because of CO2, and that the 'travesty' was not the 'pause' but science's failure to explain it.

The question now emerging for climate scientists and policymakers alike is very simple. Just how long does a pause have to be before the thesis that the world is getting hotter because of human activity starts to collapse?"

Don't believe the LIES about Global Warming. It is NOT proven science. It is politics for monitary gains for its supporters. NEVER support Cap & Trade EITHER!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekly Polls

The Rasmussen Reports is an independent electronic publishing firm that specializes in public opinion polling. Here are some current results on some main issues:

Presidential Tracking Poll
This tracks how the President is doing by those surveyed.

  • Strongly Approve... 28%
  • Strongly Disapprove... 41%
  • Approval Index... -13

Presidential Approval Index
This chart is from

Job Approval Rating

  • 29% of voters say the country is headed in the RIGHT direction!
  • 27% Support a plan a government managed economy!
  • 60% of voters think Congress will NOT cut spending.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Don't Be Fooled Again

FDR Created the FCC
The Telecommunications Act of 1934 created the Federal Communications Comission (FCC). This government department was allegidly created to oversee radio frequencies and bandwidths for radio broadcasting. Nowadays the FCC tries to "regulate" everything they can get their BIG GOVERNMENT hands on - including the Internet.

The FCC IS Unconstitutional
It's true. The Federal Communications Comission is inherently unconstitutional. How can this be? Think about it. The FCC regulates CONTENT of all radio and network broadcasting in the USA. It tells broadcasters (including radio, TV, and ham radio) what they can - and CANNOT say on the airwaves. It limits spoken words.

The FCC tried to re-classify the Internet under Title 2 of the Telecommunications Act and were rejected by the courts. Next they tried the same under Title 1. NADA! Congressman Markey (D, MA) tried to get the Net Neutrality bill going in Congress, but only got 27 co-sponsors. So it failed in Congress. Nevertheless the FCC continues to ignore the law and keep trying to grab power - at YOUR expense.

What About the 1st Amendment?
Doesn't the 1st Amendment guarantee the right to free speech? Yes it does! So why do we have a government agency like the FCC overseeing the distribution of speech over the airwaves? The FCC regulates the content on broadcast networks. THAT'S unconstitutional because that's a form of censorship! It's MARXIST to "regulate" radio and TV content.

They're Lying
Don't believe the government when they say that they are trying to "protect you." Look at how well that is working out with the TSA thing at privately owned airports. The FCC claims that they are trying to protect us from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). They want to force them to treat all Internet content "equally." This is the Fairness Doctrine re-emposed on us only now over the Internet!

Net Neutrality Regulation
Net neutrality is a euphemism for the "Fairness Doctrine." It's just another BIG Government grab for more power and control over YOUR lives. Progressives in this administration want to bring back the Fairness Doctrine. Recall this was the "regulation" that required equal time for oposing views. If you had a speaker on the Right for 15 minutes, you had to have a speaker on the Left for 15 minues to "balance" your broadcast. Now if your blog is anti-administration, you have to place links to pro-administration blogs on YOUR website!

December 21, 2010
The FCC is not deterred by common sense, the judicial system, or by Congress because they want MORE power. Whether you like it or not and whether it's legal or not, the FCC is moving forward to implement it's Internet control on 12/21/2010. At that point they are injecting themselves into the Internet. Before you place Internet content, you first need to come to the FCC and get their approval of YOUR content.

Do you get it now? CENSORSHIP!!!

A Ray of Hope
We need to tell the FCC loud and clear to "Keep YOUR Grubby Hands Off the Internet and Free Speech." There IS a 1st Amendment and you can's steal it!

Fortunately, Representative Marsh Blackburn (R, TN) is preparing HR Bill 3924 which prohibits the FCC from taking these ILLEGAL actions. Support this legislation and Ms. Blackburn.

Had Any Internet Problems Lately?

Coincidence or Reality?
Have you experienced ANY Internet connectivity problems lately? We have! This last one was no connectivity for over 60 hours - continuous! Is this just a coincidence after the WikiLeaks attacks against the USA? Who really knows. One thing for sure, we do know that WikiLeaks was shut down by denial of service attacks. It's also a fact that the Department of Homeland Security is "policing" the Internet and arbitrarily closing-down websites at their own digression. No court orders, no charges, just stopping them dead in their tracks because a bureaucrat "THINKS" there may be a violation.

FCC Regulation Effective Date
In the article that follows this one there is a description of how the FCC is preparing to TAKE CONTROL OVER THE INTERNET on December 21, 2010. Please read it carefully and draw your own conclusions.

Apologies for No Blog
We apologize to our readers for no blog yesterday. Be sure and read today's because it explains the reasons for paranoia about Internet attacks by OUR government!