Saturday, July 25, 2009

Latest Obama Gaff

Now that we have a half black President, one would think that we are past the bickering and name calling using the race card. It happened enough during the Presidential campaign. However, our own President made a racial remark against a white police officer in aid of his personal African American friend, Harvard Professor Gates, who was recently arrested for disorderly conduct.

Unfortunately, the President's remark was made on prime time TV during a press conference with an audience of millions on Americans. A question came from a Chicago-based reporter regarding this incident. The President responded that he did not know the facts about the case and then stated that the "Cambridge Police acted stupidly". Thus, implying that racial profiling was used by the arresting officer (who happened to be white). That's an offensive remark directed towards the arresting police officer! Now Obama's trying to back-down from it.

The Whitehouse staff are now saying that Obama did "not call the police officer stupid," but the damage is done. Juan Williams (an African American NPR correspondent) said that "this was not a case of racial profiling".

Frankly, Obama's remark was STUPID! He embarrassed himself and he doesn't even know it or doesn't care! This illustrates his political naivety. He let his personal emotions get in the way of objective judgement.

Not only did the President shame himself for being ignorant of the facts before making any remarks, but he also stirred-up racial relations as well as teed-off, disgraced, and offended ALL police officers throughout the country. A nice demonstration of world leadership! A simple "No Comment" would have sufficed.

This points-out and illustrates Obama's lack of experience and political savvy with regards to the office he holds. Foreign leaders (especially Russia's Putin) have low esteem for him.

In today's local newspaper the Times-News (subsidiary of the New York Times), Obama injects race once again in his comments. The newspaper states " President Barack Obama conceded Friday that his words were ill-chosen when he commented that Cambridge Mass., police acted 'stupidly' in arresting black scholar Henry Lewis Gates Jr. Though he stopped short of a public apology, Obama said the white arresting officer was a good man and invited him and the professor to the White House for a beer."

I support the Cambridge Police Department and hope they get more than an offer for a free beer from the President! They deserve an apology.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Weekly Polls

Presidential Tracking Poll

  • Strongly Approve - 30%
  • Strongly Disapprove - 38%

Presidential Approval Index

Obama Healthcare
  • Favor - 44%
  • Oppose - 53%

Right Direction or Wrong Direction
  • Right Direction - 31%
  • Wrong Track - 63%

Did the Stimulus Help?
Confidence continues falling for the Stimulus:
  • Helped - 25%
  • Hurt the Economy - 31%
  • No Impact - 36%
  • Undecided - 8%

Second Stimulus
  • Opposed - 60%
  • Favor - 27%
  • Not Sure - 13%

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama Sign Up?

The President gave another prime-time press conference and, unfortunately like Congress, hasn't taken the time to read what he is trying to sell to Americans. Paradoxical huh?

Many rumours have circulated about the proposed legislation and the Dems have refused to let Republicans disseminate information to their constituents because it contains "misleading" information. Now that sounds fair and balanced. What are they trying to hide? How about letting us be the judge or are we too stupid to read it - let alone understand it?

We do know that the proposed program would:

  • Reduce Medicare/Medicade fees
  • Raise taxes
  • Force employers of small businesses to offer all employees health insurance or pay an 8% tax of their payrolls.
  • Set up a government owned health care program that encompasses almost 20% of our economy.

So far, the Fed has taken over and federalized the following:

  • Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Fannie and Freddie Mac mortgages
  • Chrysler and General Motors automobile manufacturing

The Trend
Don't you see a trend developing? There is an emergency. We pass new 1000 page plus legislation without reading it. The government takes ownership of what was once private owned business and industries.

Do you find this comforting? Does it make you feel warm and fuzzy? Is it OK for the government to expand its power over you and others by this magnitude? How do you define a seizure? Isn't it the act of forcibly dispossessing an owner of property? Does the Constitution have wording that allows the government to do so? You'd better wake up! It DOES NOT HAVE THIS POWER LEGALLY TO DO SO!!

Food For More Thought
Are you aware that Congress, and the President have their own "special" medical coverage? It's quite good, and never refuses treatments. It is good for life - even after they leave office and they don't have to pay for it. Why should they ever have to worry again? They don't.

Their life saving legislation should be good enough for all of us. It should be applied in all it's concepts, good or bad for all Americans including THEM! The same goes for Congress. Why we could save millions of dollars with this simple approach.

Watch the hypocrites closely. They Never would consider this option!! But we should insist that they do!

So why not set a good example Mr President. Drop out of your medical plan and be the first to sign up for the new government program. Make sure your wife and kids are
included also.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Valid Election Results?

As Americans we believe that when there is an election, we get accurate results. However, the facts are starting to point in the other direction.

Voting Machines - Are They Trustworthy?

The last Presidential election relied heavily on the use of electronic voting machines. Are you aware that many of the voting machines used in the last Presidential election we never officially "certified" before they were used in the actual election? This includes the touch screen machines widely used.

Ever since the "hanging chads" fiasco in Florida, millions have been spent to try and eliminate the Florida fiasco. However, electronic voting machines still present a variety of problems. These range from actual data loss (lost votes) to tabulation accuracies. Critics claim that there is no way to guarantee that the electronic ballots get tallied correctly because there is no way to provide an independent audit from the touchscreen machines. This criticism remains today.

Several states are "junking" these electronic voting machines for these reasons. They are going back to paper ballots. Is this the answer? It remains unclear.

Voter Fraud
Various states are in the process of raising criminal charges against ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), including New Mexico, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida. Additionally, ACORN is being investigated in 20 states for election fraud.

Fox news has publically denounced ACORN and has alleged that they are in some serious money laundering scheme using taxpayer's dollars.

The Obama administration has close ties politically with ACORN. The President himself worked for ACORN before being elected President.

And ironically, our Congress refuses to investigate these accusations because they claim they are unwarranted as stated by two notable Congressmen, Barney Frank of Massachusetts and John Conyers of Michigan.

In spite of these allegations, ACORN is strongly lobbying to get more tax dollars to fund their activities. Incidentally, since they have received so much negative publicity, they are considering a name change for the organization.

Oh, one more thing, Obama has designated ACORN to perform the task of taking the next Census. I'm sure there's a message there about trust and obligations.

Keep a watchful eye on ACORN. There are too many unanswered questions regarding their integrity and honesty.

Invalid Election Example

If you believe that the Senate results in Minnesota concluded with an "honest" result, then you are a fool. Electronic machines were used, as well as, paper ballots. Millions of dollars were spent by both parties in trying to get an "accurate" recount of the election. It never happened.

One strong reason for this long fought battle was the fact that the Dems wanted to have a full majority of 60 votes in the US Senate. Consequently, people from everywhere outside of Minnesota began donating money, time, and resources to help Al Frankin "win" the election. Besides the usual Hollywood crowd making donation to Frankin, the infamous George Soros donated several million to him as well. Over 300 lost ballots were found in the trunk of someones car. These were added to the count. Ironically, most ballots were for Al Frankin. Precincts recorded more votes than they had registered voters. Wasn't that odd?

That election was a joke!

How can you be sure this isn't happening where you live and vote? You can't! However, you can ask Congress to investigate ACORN for a start.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Free Bumper Stickers

There is a limited quanity of free bumper stickers. They read as follows:
"Vote Out All Incumbents". They are red, white and blue. They are absolutely free. There is a finite number available.

Send your request to the webmaster at the following:
Be sure and include your mailing address. No strings. Quanities are limited. There's only a few left.

If you have any suggestions for future bumper stickers, please include them in your email.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

National ID Cards - Already Here!

Are you aware that there is a activity being implemented by Janet Napolitano of Homeland Security to have everyone "Stamped" with a National ID card? "My goal is simple: To have the most effective system in place to inform the American people about threats to our country". (Like returning vets from combat, gun owners, and other "extremists" to use her word).

The Real ID Act passed without a debate, eluding due process. Thanks Congress!

Have we had any say in this operation? No, we have not! How can the government undertake such a thing without consenting with fellow Americans?

Did you know this is already happpening in at least six states? (Arizona, Michigan, New York, Texas, Washington, and Vermont. Kansas and Florida are now considering this device also). They are implanting a microchip called an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification chip) into each driver's license. These microchips the size of a "dot" broadcast radio waves that can transmit all kinds of information about you over a distance of up to 30 feet.

Original Intent
Originally, these chips were designed for manufacturing purposes. They could track a variety of details pertaining to articles produced and their distribution throughout the country. Then other groups heard about them. They are now used by veterinarians to implant your favorite pets medical data, as well as, your name, address, phone number, and insurance/financial information. God knows who else uses them.

The Downside
So what's the big deal? These chips and the information they contain can easily be hacked by computer geeks for various devious uses. Worse yet, these chips could also be scanned by "authorized" government officials at say protest demonstrations, gun shows, Tea Parties, or any other public gatherings deemed unsupportive of government or considered to be "subversive activities". Lists of these individuals could be compiled and tracked by whoever has these scanners for whatever purpose they want.

This sounds like George Orwell's "Big Brother". Haven't read this classic? You should! It describes a tyranical government that controls your everday activity from the time you get up until you retire at night.

RFID Critics claim these chips will enable identity crooks to commit ID crimes and victims would be totally unaware they were violated, until it's too late to do anything.

The Upside
Proponents say that these chips are not designed to identify people, but rather just to hold valid information about you. Now used in all US ePassports and electronic pass cards, these chips can be scanned without your knowledge through a pocket, purse, or backpack. They are supposed to "make it easier to pull the right record faster to help make border flows faster." Are you buying this argument? Would you like to buy the Brooklyn Bridge as well?

Granted, your privacy is already compromised by the advent of cellular phones. They all have tracking devices embeded inside them. However, they can be turned off! Homeland Security (and who knows who else) can use these trackers to pinpoint you location while using your phone.

Doesn't RFID technology go beyond government security? Couldn't it have a more serious potential if used for other intended purposes? Should we permit their use?