Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Aiding & Abetting

Look at the facts. We have a treasonist in the White House. He negotiates with the Communist Cubans. He concedes to their wishes while getting nothing in return. He negotiates with the Iranians and keeps extending the deadlines after removing their sanctions. No positive results and allowing Iran to develop and build nuclear weapons.

He chooses the wrong side in Egypt (the Muslim Brotherhood), and sends them money and weapons. However, the Egyptians are smarter than that. They overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood declaring them as TERRORISTS!

His latest proof that he supports our enemies is that he ordered the State Department to roll-out the red carpet over the weekend. They hosted a delegation of the Muslim Brotherhood. I guess if they call themselves "Muslim Brotherhood" that Obama doesn't think that they are terrorists. Or maybe if they use the word "Mulslim" Obama believes that they are OK.

He also has stonewalled the report on Deserter Bowe Bergdahl. Recall, Obama had a celebration of the deserter's release in the Rose Garden at the White House - ignoring that he (Obama) traded 5 TERRORIST commanders for him! Where's the outrage? Was it smart to TRADE with TERRORISTS?

Meanwhile, Congress looks the other way. Never complaining or doing ANYTHING to stop Obama from supporting our enemies. Obama continues to release enemy combatants from GITMO so they can return to their TERRORIST friends and kill more Americans.

The dictionary calls aiding and abetting our enemies TREASON. Why haven't citizens started to complain about this? Does anyone care?

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Have a Hissy

It always has to be about Obama and Obama's feelings. He wasn't consulted to give his approval for a visit from Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel to address Congress. Now he's bent out-of-shape. He wants veto power over who comes as a guest to speak to Congress. BOO HOO! If he can't get his way, he throws a tramper tantrum. His White House aids have been busy BLASTING and threatening Netanyahu for snubbing the President.

Obama's main argument is that he's busy "negotiating" with Iran and has prohibited/prevented them from going nuclear. In his State of the Union address Obama said that "we've halted the progress of its nuclear program and reduced its stockpile of nuclear material."

Unfortunately, the FACTS don't match Obama's statements. In other words - he LIED. Iran has NOT slowed-down in producing bomb-making materials and for all we know, they already have produced a bomb, and are making materials to produce more.

Meanwhile, Obama "negotiates" with Iran by continually extending the negotiating deadlines. Obama is afraid that Netanyahu will speak about placing sanctions on Iran which Obama removed unilaterally! That's how Obama negotiates. He gives the opponent a freebie while asking for NOTHING in return. Or worse yet, he trades 5 terrorists for 1 American DESERTER! (Great negotiating tactics - if you are the opposition).

Let's be realistic. If we do NOT place sanctions on IRAN they will not only get nuclear weapons under Obama's watch, but they won't hesitate in using them either. Obama really doesn't give a care!

So tell Obama to "suck it up" and face reality for a change. We don't trust his negotiations or his tactics in dealing with our enemies. Send the welcome wagon for Netanyahu and allow Congress to support his "negotiations" by placing sanctions on Iran if they fail to meet the deadline (instead of extending it again and again). Obama has to stop capitulating to our enemies! He gives them way too much while we get NOTHING in return.