Sunday, February 14, 2016

Media Manipulation

It's quite apparent that the media is controlling the presidential elections to the best of their ability. Control the media and you control the public.  For example, they excluded Carly Fiorina from the top tier debates based on their criteria.  Then they dropped her from competing altogether.  Score one for the media.  Voters had no input.  The media made that decision for you!

Trump got it right when he said that the debate audiences were stacked with political donors.  Last night's debate clearly had an audience that was Pro-Rubio.  They boo'd Trump several times and applauded Rubio often.  So who are the audience members?  How do they get their tickets?  Where do they come from?  Should you be concerned?  Yes!

Another example of media controlling presidential campaigns is this:  The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) sponsored the last Democratic Debates.  PBS is a by a TAXPAYER funded corporation.  Why should we foot the bill?  REALLY?  AND, more importantly, how come there have been no Democratic debates sponsored by Fox News? The results of the Democratic debates would have a different outcome.

Speaking of the last Democratic debates, we observed that Rachel Maddow (an MSNBC moderator) actually showed her bias when she hugged Hillary and Bernie after the debate process. Incidentally, there were NO questions directed to Hillary about her FBI investigation and the alleged violations of nation security laws. This is a method of protecting their favorite candidate. So much for their least favorite - Bernie.

Conclusion: Don't be fooled by the PROPAGANDA we are being fed. It's a dog-and-pony-show, but you're not supposed to notice.