Saturday, January 30, 2010

Terrorism - What's That?

A foreign national tried to blow up a plane full of Americans over the city of Detroit. He failed. He was arrested and questioned for less than one hour. Without the knowledge of the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Director of the FBI, the Director of Counterterrorism, and the Director of National Intelligence, the terrorist was given the Miranda rights. Who made this decision? We as Americans have a right to know this.

Was it the Justice Department? If so, they acted without authorization from any of the agencies who deal with these problems. Was this was a unilateral decision? Who authorized giving a terrorist Miranda rights?

Why does this administration treat terrorism as a law enforcement issue? Are Americans REALLY safe under this President? Why does this administration give terrorists full protection under the laws of this country for non-Americans in the first place? Why do we give terrorists a public platform to broadcast their message to the world? What was Eric Holder's criteria to try an admitted terrorist in New York City at an estimated cost of $200 million a year? Even if we change venues, should terrorists be tried in civilian courts? Why is OUR Constitution being used as a safety net for terrorists?

Until these questions are answered, Americans will never be safe.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Audacity

The State of the Union speech the other night reinforced that we do indeed have a narcissistic President who thinks nothing of blaring-out his personal feelings. Remember, the universe revolves around him. His arrogance to stay the course on healthcare and Tax & Trade are mind boggling. Obama IS disconnected from reality when it comes to governing this nation.

However, he was "brave" enough to attack "Washington" seven times, but his most disgusting remarks were directed to insulting the members of the Supreme Court. He is against free speech and let them know he dislikes their ruling on McCain/Feingold. In his criticism, he wrongly accused them of making it possible for foreign corporations to donate monies to our political campaigns. WRONG! You would think a man who taught Constitutional Law would know what he is talking about. He doesn't. He is truly a no class (low class) act. Americans are ashamed of him as well as disgusted.

Notice however, Obama did NOT have the guts to discuss why he likes to Mirandize terrorists and put them on trial giving them full rights like US citizens. He STILL refuses to consider protecting Americans over terrorists! He also forgot to discuss why he hasn't closed-down the Gitmo base. Funny how he forgets to discuss the hard things.

This man is in for some RUDE awakenings. If he and his fellow Progressive "stay the course" they will fond themselves looking for new jobs in November 2010 AND November 2012.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The "O" World

Here are a few cartoons to enjoy. Credits are given in the cartoons.
Who To Blame

The "B+" President

The Stimulus Plan

Government Cut-Backs

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Don't Be Fooled Again

He lied about transparency. He lied about capping unemployment to 8%. He just lied to ABC when he said that "…I didn't make a bunch of deals [on health care]…" That's a boldface LIE. He just made a closed door deal with labor unions so they won't have to pay the 40% tax on their Cadillac health plans.

Funny, but the Washington Post reported that Obama's top aids were deeply involved with negotiations with Senator Nelson. Remember the sweetheart deal the White House just made so that Nelson's state doesn't have to pay Medicaid? Aids Jim Messina and Peter Rouse relayed negotiations to Rahm Emaunel. Obama is a lying President. Don't believe him because he speaks from both sides of his mouth to spin bad news his way whenever he wants.

Now he's going to put a freeze on spending after increasing all government budgets 24%. His cuts amount to pocket change compared to the national deficit HE created in his first year of insane spending. He's just trying to fool the Independents into believing he is changing his ways. What a crock! This man is out-of-control. Congress better get the message to stop supporting his Progressive ways.

Action To Take
Let your representatives know that you want program cuts, no forced government healthcare, no Cap & Trade, no Illegal Alien Amnesty, no more bailouts, no more taxes, no more punishing banks or ANY single group of individuals. It's not only unconstitutional, but it is MEAN SPIRITED and un-American!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stimulus Grade = "F"

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. OK, well then here is what the majority of Americans think of the Stimulus plan passed by the Obama administration:

CNN reports that 75% of Americans believe that the Stimulus plan wasted most (if not ALL) the money allocated in it. Reasons? NO REAL JOBS were created. Instead, political favors and special interests received the monies – NOT Americans who need it. That's why 56% of Americans oppose the Stimulus. AND, they do NOT want Congress to pass another. Only 4% believe that the Stimulus money was not wasted. 21% say that nearly all the money was wasted. Gee, that says a lot about the administration and Congress – HUH? I guess those Massachusetts voters WERE mad!

For the record, your money went to:

  • Railroad Retirement Board- $ (Undesignated amount because they cannot track where it went or how much)
  • Social Security Administration- $ 13 Billion for new computers
  • Health and Human Services - $28 Billion for upgrading hospital's IT programs, research and state grants, Medicare payouts
  • Veteran Affairs - $5 Billion to upgrade facilities
  • Department of Labor - $18 Billion to train existing workers and expand their healthcare
There's lots more, but why bother. You see the picture. This wasn't spent the way Obama promised it would be spent. It didn't create jobs. It did favors for political friends. It was a lie to the American public. Only now we see it for what it really was. Now we know how to react. Look for a strong turn-out in the November mid-term elections. There will be CHANGE all right.

Monday, January 25, 2010

History Was Made

A year ago Obama was being reveled as the "savior." He was posting his image against the background of Mount Rushmore and there was mention that he was the New Lincoln. People believed his campaign rhetoric and promises for transparency and real change in government. They dismissed the fact that he had no leadership experience whatsoever. They also dismissed the fact that he had a long association with radicals, anti-American ministers, and Marxists. Today, the thrill is gone along with the enthusiasm and trust Americans placed in him. Today, Americans feel disappointed, scared, betrayed, or angry. They see America being driven away from its original roots into a direction that looks somewhat like France instead.

In one year we have witnessed a blazing star. Just like a meterorite. Bright and glowing in the beginning, but quickly burned out and smoldering in the end. This is an historical moment. We have witnessed a president determine his fate in one year in office. This has to be a record. It IS the turning point for Obama. It IS the decline of his Presidency.

Ironically, Progressives are STILL blaming George Bush for Obama's blunders. Progressives always have a problem confronting truth. This is amazing and truly amusing as well. They even deny their roots with Communism. (Read Liberal Fascism). Progressives blame Obama's fall from grace as a matter of his "style." They totally ignore or are blinded that it isn't about style, but rather it's about substance. Obama is too far to the LEFT for Americans. Simple! He's a radical. He associated with radicals and extremists all his life. Americans wanted change, but NOT the kind Obama has been dealing out. To be sure, the unknown candidate was open when he said that he wanted to "fundamentally change America." However, Americans didn't understand what he REALLY meant.

It was ObamaCare that was his undoing. At first, people went along because of his initial popularity. Unfortunately the more he spoke about it, the less people understood. Paradoxical for a great speaker. He never was able to explain it in simple terms to win people over. He is a bad salesman. He never explained his message because it kept changing.

Ironically, the more people learned from behind closed doors, the less they liked. This had the same pull on Obama as gravity. His popularity has dropped ever since he took office. He has actually sank in popularity the first year in office faster than ANY other President. The vote from Massachusetts is a clear message that he has gone too far. This is the beginning of the end for Obama. He WILL be a one term president-just like Jimmy Carter.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why Brown Won

Massachusetts voters were angry. Not at George Bush, but at Barack Obama and his Progressive policies and actions/or in actions. When polled, 73% of Massachusetts voters claimed that the country was headed in the wrong direction. This is not because of the previous administration!

But the President can't accept the truth. So Obama tried to pass-off the voter anger as follows: "…not just because of what's happened in the last two years, but what's happened over the last eight years." Stop a minute. He's saying that the voters of Massachusetts were mad because of Bush and that's why they elected a Republican. Does this make ANY sense at all? Obama is delusional if he believes that crap!

56% of Massachusetts voters called healthcare their top issue. Apparently Obama doesn't read the polls or he is totally ignoring them all together. He continues to think he knows what WE want without paying any attention to us. No, that's not right. He pays no attention because he has HIS agenda and ignores us.

Scott Brown won for these reasons:
  • He promised to STOP ObamaCare
  • He would NOT raise taxes – rather he would lower them
  • He would NOT Mirandize TERRORISTS and lawyer them up
  • He promised no more secret behind the door deals like the Louisiana purchase of 2009
  • He would NOT endorse union payoffs and special union deals

  • These promises resonated with Massachusetts voters who tend not to be "rednecks" "racists,"or "gun toting Americans." He is perhaps beginning to understand that the Tea Parties are REAL. Probably not. Obama is an ideologue. He will NEVER WAKE UP. Let him sleep and be yet another one-term President.