Wednesday, May 28, 2014

When Emergency Strikes

Everyone believes that they will remain calm during an emergency. However, with today's dependence on technology, that's far from reality. Almost everyone today has become addicted to their cell phones and the Internet.

Are you aware that during an emergency that these two electronic tools may NOT be available? What would you do if you had no connectivity with you cell phone? How would you notify loved ones of your status? What would your life be like without any access to the Internet? Think about it.

Both of these things are controlled by the government. The government (through their spying) has discovered a perfect way to neutralize your attempts to communicate. Pull the plug on your cell phones and disrupt Internet service.

Obama's FCC has made several attempts to promote regulations to "protect" you from cyber attacks. Obama has written an Executive Directive that gives him total control over all cell phone providers as well as all Internet Service Providers (ISPs). That's a polite way of letting you know that you can't rely on these services during ANY emergency. Obama controls the "On/OFF" switch.

What's the alternative? Short wave radios would make it possible to communicate with your loved ones. However, they require a Ham Radio License. If you're interested than you should get more details from the following: ARRL