Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekly Polls

The Rasmussen Reports is an independent electronic publishing firm that specializes in public opinion polling. Here are some current results on some main issues:

Presidential Tracking Poll
This tracks how the President is doing by those surveyed.

  • Strongly Approve... 22%

  • Strongly Disapprove... 41%

  • Approval Index... -19%

Presidential Approval Index
This chart is from

Job Approval Rating

  • 55% of Americans say that Obama is MORE liberal than they are.

  • 37% of voters give Obama positive ratings on the economy.

  • 59% Say that the economy is in a RECESSION!

Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Time To Stop Playing Games

Déjà vu
Wasn't it just a few months ago that Congress was asked by the President to raise the debt ceiling? The Tea Party got all huffy when he did. They said that we cannot afford to keep borrowing money we don't have and we should start serious cutting of government spending. Oh, those stupid "Racist" Tea Party folks!

Obama argued that we needed the money to keep the government going, to pay our military, and to ensure entitlements would continue to be paid. He also said that he would make government cuts in spending.

Well guess what? Obama is back again asking for Congress to borrow another $1.2 TRILLION that we don't have and will have to get from China. This guy NEVER learns. That's because he's trying to collapse the country into a "New World Order" or whatever secret plan he has for "fundamentally changing America."

Analogy to Clarify
Let's say that you're a smoker and you have a roommate named "Bob" who also smokes. He's always bumming a cigarette from you because he knows you buy them by the carton. Bob knows that you always have cigarettes. Bob also knows that you always give him a cigarette when he asks.

So after a few months of giving "Sponge Bob" your cigarettes all the time, you decide to get him headed in the right direction. You tell Bob that you will buy him a carton if he will STOP bumming from you. Bob promises to change his ways. Bob says that he will never ask you for another cigarette and that he has learned his lesson and should quit smoking altogether, or at least, cut back. So Bob agrees with your terms and you buy him a carton of cigarettes.

A week later, Bob asks you for another cigarette. He's already gone through his carton and now he needs more smokes to quench his habit. Surprised, you look at him and ask "Didn't you promise never to ask me for a cigarette?"

Moral of the Story
Doesn't this sound familiar? Do you see the pattern? Who's at fault here? Did you learn YOUR LESSON YET? You can't trust a LIAR! AND... Obama is a big fat LIAR!

That's because Obama IS "Sponge Bob!" Congress is the guy with the cigarettes! Obama didn't mean what he said about cuts and what's worse, he LIED to you! He lies all the time. Watch his actions. They don't match his words!

Action To Take
Let your representatives know that this time you want them to "JUST SAY NO" to raising the debt ceiling. Instead, tell them to start cutting government spending like the Department of Education, the Department of Commerce, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Congress is Building a Trojan Horse

Relentless Attacks
Ever since the 911 attacks our Congress is pursuing a relentless attack against our God-given natural rights and personal freedoms. Anyone who pays just a little attention will soon realize that Congress is building a Trojan Horse a piece at a time - and it's NOT for YOUR protection! They tell you that it is for our protection, but when you look at the details - it's nothing more than another power grab. These power grabs are incremental so you won't notice them. They're right there in front of us all, but most of us just don't see it. Why not?

Because Congress is lying to us! Politicians lie to us all the time. Recall, that we no longer have a two party political system in the USA. That died a long time ago. Sure, they call themselves Democrat and Republicans, but they have both been co-opted by Progressives. Be objective and look at what their policies are and what they each support. DEMS are further to the Left than the GOPs - but they are both leaning Left! In affect, we have one party with two branches! There is no Conservative Party any longer.

This is the main reason why we as citizens have rated this Congress with its lowest ratings in the history of keeping congressional ratings. Congress lacks integrity and honesty! Unfortunately that's our fault! We have ignored these changes because they have been subtle and have occurred over a long period of time.

Why We're So Gullible
We have all (or at least most of us) been raised to be truthful and not to lie. We feel guilty whenever we do. We find it difficult to believe that when someone looks you in the eye and lies to you, that they are insincere. You have trouble accepting the fact that they indeed are lying! We are always ready to give the benefit of doubt to a liar. (Sometimes even our own kids!) We want to believe them.

Thus, we are an easy push-over for a liar. Add to this that the politicians have their own agenda. They repeat their lies over and over until they stick. Sound familiar? (a Saul Alinsky tactic).

The Continuing Attack
Keep in mind that Congress recently renewed the Patriot Act and expanded it by adding more governmental powers against America citizens. The Patriot Act nullified the Bill of Rights! Next, Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) (alias the Indefinite Detention Act) that allows the military to arrest US citizens at home or abroad! More attacks against liberties! And don't forget the Military Commission Act of 2006 which allows the President to establish a military commission at his digression to try "enemy combatants", (which now includes American citizens!). All of these "acts" marginalize US citizens and they destroy any rights under the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

The Latest Attack
Congress is working on HR 3166 and SB 1698 which is known as the "Enemy Expatriation Act" or (EEA). This bill is sponsored by Senator Joe Lieberman (I, CT) and Charles Dent (R, PA). The bill gives the US government the power to STRIP AMERICANS OF THEIR CITIZENSHIP without being "hostile" against the United States. So you can be
stripped of your nationality for engaging in or supporting "hostilities against the United States of America. The word "hostilities" means any conflict subject to the laws of war but remember that the war on terror is rather ambiguous so that any action could be labeled as supporting "terrorism."

This is plain SCARY! The government can (without any trial) take away your citizenship and make you a person without a home country. Then they can treat you as a terrorist and hold you indefinitely!

Talk about the war on terror! This is unconscionable. What are they thinking?

Action To Take
HALT Congress from passing this outrageous legislation under the guise of OUR PROTECTION. AND, vote out of office any Congressional representative House or Senate who supported ANY of these Congressional "ACTS."

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Guest Article - The REAL OWS

Leftist Mob Mobilizes Against the GOP
By Matthew Vadum, FrontPage Magazine

"In American politics, only the Left mobilizes the mob against its opponents. That’s why history textbooks don’t contain references to marauding bands of Reagan supporters roughing up Mondale backers.

But leftist groups and groups aligned with the Democratic Party have long viewed Republicans as fair game.

The Obama-backed “Occupy” movement has been working nonstop in New Hampshire bullying, intimidating, harassing, and provoking the Republican Party’s presidential candidates. It is the kind of unseemly, Latin American-style political activism that threatens to become a permanent feature of American politics if President Obama wins a second term.

It’s also the classic Saul Alinsky “inside/outside” strategy. Ensconced in the White House Obama appears to remain above the fray while his loyal minions on the outside of officialdom do their best to irritate and embarrass his Republican adversaries.

All of the Republican candidates in New Hampshire have been targeted by the Obama-approved goon squads who work with hippies and labor activists. They have portrayed their number one target, Mitt Romney, as a job-killing capitalist, Newt Gingrich as a monster, and Rick Santorum as a “bigot.”

The activists attend the candidates’ campaign events, shouting and carrying on in an attempt to prevent Republicans from speaking. They’re not interested in honest discussion or debate: their only goal is to silence the opposition. The Occupiers’ tactics are the kind one might expect to see from the Italian squadristi or the German Sturmabteilung, both of which used physical coercion and intimidation to halt the democratic process.

Much of the thuggery is coordinated by Occupy New Hampshire, whose website is an agglomeration of Marxist pabulum. The group announced that it planned to attack Republican candidates in order to focus public attention on the “growing economic inequality and the disproportionate economic and political power of corporate America and the wealthiest 1%.

At one event, Romney fought back. In a rare outburst, the polite former Massachusetts governor verbally sparred with an activist complaining about the influence of money in politics. “Hey, instead of shouting, why don’t you say what you mean, what’s your view?” said Romney. “Madam, what do you think?

Angry street protest groups have been harassing Republican candidates since the summer.

Members of an Iowa affiliate of an Alinsky-inspired organizing network called National People’s Action (NPA) screamed at Romney at the Iowa State Fair in August. Members of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement badgered and heckled Romney, shrieking and interrupting him as he attempted to share his views on reforming entitlement programs like Social Security.

The ACORN-like Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement was praised by Bill Moyers and labeled the “Most Valuable Grassroots Advocacy Group” of 2009 by John Nichols of The Nation magazine.

NPA, along with many of the nation’s radical groups, want to use the financial crisis to achieve a radical transformation of American society, as I report in my book, Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers.

The banking crisis is the next big thing,” NPA executive director George Goehl said in mid 2010. “The banking crisis is the way to build a big economic justice movement in this country.” NPA is working with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the Saul Alinsky-founded Industrial Areas Foundation, and ACORN’s new front groups across America in an economic terrorism campaign aimed at the financial services sector.

Meanwhile, early returns suggest Occupy New Hampshire’s obnoxious activism failed to dampen voters’ enthusiasm for Mitt Romney who carried the state with approximately 40% of the vote.

Perhaps Occupy’s antics even helped Romney garner more votes than he would have otherwise received."

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bloggers Beware

New Initiatives
Just when you think that Big Government is big enough, they go ahead and steal more personal liberties away from you when you aren't looking. Kiss freedom of speech goodbye!

The Department of Homeland security is now "authorized" to make sure that the government is keeping track on who's saying what. This includes all journalists AND bloggers! Authorized? Really?

In a DHS department called the National Operations Center (NOC) there is something the government calls the "Media Monitoring Initiative." (Don't you just love those big government names?)

The job of this center is to monitor and retain personal information of all journalists, reporters, bloggers, news anchors, or anyone who uses "traditional and/or social media in real time to keep their audience situationally aware and informed."

That's government jargon to mean that they are now keeping watch over bloggers. Now they can spy on bloggers and gather as much information on them as they want.

The DHS defines "personal identifiable information (PII)" as any information that "permits the identity of an individual to be directly or indirectly inferred, including and information which is linked or linkable to that individual."

So now Homeland Security and their National Operations Center can officially spy on bloggers and collect information on them (probably for future prosecution for "Crimes Against America").

Warning: Pretty soon the DHS will be tracking the people who read the bloggers!

What This Means
This administration is building the walls that will imprison you while you sit back and watch! Has anyone in Congress stopped to ask whether these actions are LEGAL? Who authorized these new initiatives? Obama? Holder? Who? Who died and put Homeland Security in charge of becoming the National Police Force?

So now big government "thinks" that it's OK to come after you and me when they don't like your Internet message. Strange how long it takes before citizens actually wake up and see the big picture. Things will only get worse. You can't expect honey and roses with this going on coming out of this administration. The Department of Homeland Security has overstepped their authority and are now becoming a new Obama police force!

What Not To Do
America just keep your head in the sand. When you finally do wake up, you'll find that you're in a whole new country, you won't own anything, and you'll be depending on the government. AND... you won't like it very much, but it will be too late.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Drop The Federal Dept of Ed

Saving Money
Every citizen wants to see the federal deficit reduced, but politicians are afraid to cut spending. Why? No federal program likes to be held accountable because once created. Instead government programs like to grow and become self-fulfilling. Name one government program that doesn't expand over time. They ask for more money and add staff. Big Government always does!

Perfect Example
No one in Washington wants to talk about accountability, but the Federal Department of Education is a miserable failure and we can prove it. The department was created on October 17, 1979 under the Jimmy Carter administration. Ever since then, the department has grown and grown, but their track record indicates failure. Current budget for the US Department of Education is $77.4 BILLION dollars. That's an increase of $7.7 BILLION dollars in just one year!!!

Ironic that the Department of Ed's starting budget in 1979-1980 was only $14,011,052 dollars. (That's 14 million - not $77.4 BILLION like it is today).

Proof of Failure
In order to show what a disaster the US Department of Education is here are some graphs to illustrate:

This graph indicates that math scores fell slightly in the latter 1950's and that this decline accelerated from 1960-1966. There is an up trend starting in 1966 to 1983. The NDEA was the National Defense Education Act passed after the Russians launched Sputnik. It was supposed to get US students up to speed to match the Ruskies.

This graph shows that math and reading scores remain unchanged from 1970 until present. However, federal spending has skyrocketed since the late 1980s. How can the Department of Education justify all this spending with no improvement in overall scores?

One more view indicating the drastic increase on government spending with no apparent improvement to justify the increase. In 2009 we spend over $151,000 per student in public schools.

Is it worth it? It's time to hold the Department of Education responsible for their boondoggle!

The proof is clear. It's time to abolish the US Department of Education and save an immediate $77.2 BILLION dollars this year!! They have become nothing more than an overblown government agency that accomplishes nothing but wasting taxpayer money!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Who Do You Trust?

Do you trust the main stream media (MSM)? Do you believe that they report facts without any bias or opinion? Do you believe that they cut sound bites in context accurately?

The REAL News
The people who report the "news" are not unbiased in their daily reporting. No news outlet is unbiased. NONE! Most are controlled and run by organizations and people who have a hidden agenda. Their agenda is to "influence" you into seeing things their way. The MSM only reports what they want you to see and hear. That's called "Propaganda" and they're good at delivering it.

Perfect Example
Last night's debates are a perfect example. The main emphasis was not on the serious issues facing the country. No, if they were, then the moderators would hear a lot of comments by the candidates about Obama's failures and misgivings over the past three years. Since the MSM wants to re-elect Obama, they had to direct the conversation away from Obama's weakness and direct it towards more Progressive topics.

So instead, the ABC moderators (Dianne Sawyer and George Stephanopoulis) pushed the discussions away from the serious issues and directed them towards such unimportant topics like gay marriages, contraception, and serving in the military! Really? Social issues remove the focus from Obama and wasted viewer's time for over 30 minutes.

Meanwhile America is crumbling, unemployment is still high, and there was little emphasis the candidate's solutions to these problems - if elected.

The MSM (ABC in this case George Stephanapoulis) is guilty of trying to make the Republicans appear as extreme and de-emphasizing the seriousness of the American economy. This "debate" was a waste of time and proved to viewers that the MSM is NOT worth watching and should not be taken seriously. Last night's viewers should let their respective feelings be known to the networks and their sponsors.