Saturday, June 30, 2012

What Was He Thinking?

Bad Decision?
When John Roberts decided to validate the government's law to force you into buying something you don't want, what the Hell was he thinking? This sets a real bad precident for more Big Government take-overs of power and of YOUR lives.

Goodbye personal freedoms and liberties.

Bright Note
One bright note came from his decision; It turned on the "light bulb" in a lot of American's heads. They are now getting the picture. People are beginning to realize that they MUST become active and take part in changing their government. We can no longer elect someone and then let the government run on autopilot. It's time to stop that and people are realizing that they cannot be complacent any longer.

There is now a movement in America. It's like the small snowball at the top of the hill. As it rolls down, it grows in size and gains momentum and power. That's what the SOTUS decision did for us. It's not all bad, and now we realize that it's up to US to implement CHANGE in order to "FIX" America.

So do it! Tell friends, neighbors and any like-minded persons that they now have a big responsibility to their country. They need to show that they CARE about America by participating in saving America. Don't let Obama continue with HIS destructive plan. Bring-back ours!

Friday, June 29, 2012

More Hidden Taxes

21 Reasons to Repeal It
Are you aware that ObamaCare has 21 new hidden taxes in it? You'd better become aware because the "XHIT" will hit the fan (SHTF) completely in 2012! Please keep in mind that Obama himself is quoted as saying "middle-class families will not see their taxes rise a single dime" with the passage of his health care bill." He LIED and deceived the American public.

These taxes come in the form of surcharges for services, new fee charges, penalties for Cadillac policies, reduced tax-breaks (federal level), and many other increased costs - including raising medical care insurance costs. ObamaCare is TRULY a Trojan Horse. It looks good on the outside, but it's what inside that can kill you! They knew we wouldn't support it if we could read it - so they jammed it down our throats. This was a DEMOCRATICALLY CONTROLLED CONGRESS who did this. Don't blame it on the Tea Party.

What's More
In ObamaCare there are new Medial Boards (DEATH PANELS) which are nothing more than government bureaucrats (not doctors) who will decide how much coverage you can receive and when you will be able to receive it, its they decide you are elligible. This is bad news for seniors and the elderly. Now they will have to wait for treatment and some will die as a result of just waiting! But that's OK, because now everyone is "insured."

Don't forget that the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) has revised their projections and they say that ObamaCare is going to cost well over an additional TRILLION in new costs to American taxpayers. That's money that we will have to borrow from China. It's also likely that insurance carriers will drop-out of this business altogether creating a single government class.

But don't worry, Obama said that there won't be ANY increases in your taxes. This is a major power grab by the federal government over YOUR personal life. You will no longer have control over your own medical care and treatment. That's the Socialist way of doing medicine.

Action To Take
Don't let this happen. Vote-out ANYONE in Congress who supported this legislation - including the guy in the White House - Barack Hussein Obama!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

More Lies on the Record

When DEMs Passed ObamaCare
We all remember that when the Democrats passed ObamaCare they insured us that this was NOT a tax increase. They understood that Americans suffering in a painful recession would never tolerate a large increase in their taxes.

Obama promised that there would NOT be ANY tax increase of any kind in this bill. He also lied. He said "You won't see your taxes increase one single dime." That was a LIE!

This is the largest tax increase in the history of the United States. It imposes large tax increases for ALL Americans. The Democrats passed it during one of the most severe recessions in US history. They knew what they were doing and they jammed it down our throats. It is a large government take-over of YOUR health care.

The Democratic Congress lied to you! The President lied to you. Repeat: They both lied. You need to hold them accountable. In the November elections you need to vote-out all the Congressmen who lied by voting in favor of the government take-over of YOUR health care.

You also need to elect the man to the White House who will repeal ObamaCare.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cost Cutting

New Measures Invoked
In his latest attempt to show some "responsibility" President Obama has a new approach to cutting federal costs. He's setting some good examples on how politicians try to "cut" spending.

Example One
While visiting Boston, MA the other day, Obama and his campaign team found a new way to save money. Stick the security bill to the hosting city. Mayor Tom Menino is facing having to pay police for overtime and additional duties that were performed during Obama's visit. That way, Obama runs clear, gets a free jet airplane ride and we pay for his fuel, and Secret Service agents. Nice work Barry!

Example Two
While visiting New England, Obama took an unscheduled visit up to neighboring New Hampshire. Of course they were happy to see the President, who wouldn't?

Well, if you were the owner of the restaurant where the Obama campaign team stopped for lunch, you might have a different feeling. You see that poor guy (a small businessman) got stiffed by the entire campaign party because they ate and then all left without paying for their lunches! This gives a new definition to "Dine and Dash." This is the Presidential version of it.

Beware of His Visits
So when you see the Presidential limousine pull up in front of your place, be on the alert. You are about to be stiffed by none other than the BIG GUY HIMSELF! This guy and his team are nothing more than a bunch of deadbeats looking for a "free lunch" - literally!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

RED FLAG for Americans

SCOTUS Ruling on AZ
Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled on the Arizona immigration law. The key portion of the law remains in tack while the less significant portions of the law were struck down. This law STILL allows local law enforcement the legal ability to verify the immigration status of any individuals detained for another legal issue. This is a major win for residents of Arizona.

But wait…

Obama Thumbs HIS Nose
But just when you think that you have won with the Supreme Court ruling, you have to hear and understand the knee-jerk reaction that came immediately form Obama. His formal response was as follows:

"The Obama administration is suspending existing agreements with Arizona police over enforcement of federal immigration laws, and said it has issued a directive telling federal authorities to decline many of the calls reporting illegal immigrants that the Homeland Security Department may get from Arizona police."

What this means is that IMPERIAL RULER Obama is NOT going to cooperate with Arizona's law enforcement agencies any longer! Basically, he's flipping-off the Supreme Court ruling and the members of the court as well.

To make matters worse, Obama ordered the Department of Homeland Security to instigate a hotline at the Department of Justice. This is to be used AGAINST the Arizona Police who enforce this law! Obama encourages ILLEGALS to call the DOJ and "report" any incidences of violations of personal and civil rights by these ILLEGALS! In other words, sue the police if they arrest ILLEGALS!

Instead of showing leadership, Obama stuck back at the Supreme Court and the state of Arizona by refusing to enforce the law of the land once again. This guy believes that he and he alone can "DICTATE" and nullify the laws -- especially when he doesn't like them! This behavior totally VIOLATES HIS OATH OF OFFICE to protect the Constitution AND the borders of the USA!

Childish Behavior
This behavior is DANGEROUS for all Americans! IMPERIAL RULER OBAMA now believes that he can legislate alone without Congress, nullify laws unilaterally, and pretty much do ANYTHNG he wants just because he's the President IMPERIAL RULER (DICTATOR) of America. Don't look now but his extreme narcissism is showing! If he can't have it HIS way, you will suffer and suffer and suffer.

If you don't see this as a direct THREAT to you and your freedoms, then there's not much hope.

Call For Impeachment
The only recourse is to demand that Congress begin IMPEACHMENT proceedings. Obama has failed to obey the law and has violated his oath of office. If these are not "high crimes and misdemeanors" then what is?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Quick Look

Today's Opinions
Here are some of the things on the man-in-the-street that the Corrupt Media never reports:

52% of Americans want the Supreme Court to overturn ObamaCare. Regardless of the propaganda being spewed by Liberals and the White House, most Americans can't stand the idea of the government taking control over their health care. Only 39% oppose a repeal of the law.

36% of Americans favor the Supreme Court and their job performance! That could change this Thursday when they announce their findings on ObamaCare!

66% of Americans say that the government should CUT SPENDING to help the economy. Meanwhile as November rolls around and the Congressional terms come up for re-election, our gutless Congress has done NOTHING to cut government spending. Ohio voters should pay close attention to this because their guy John Boehner (House Speaker) has shown that he is a coward for making cuts and weak at defending the US Constitution.

Only 22% of Americans actually believe that our government has the consent of the governed. In other words, Congress is still not listening and they are doing business as usual. SO why should voters re-elect them? That's the only way citizens have at their disposal to exercise term limits. We can predict that in November, they will continue to re-elect the same deadbeats who have been in office for more than 3-4 terms. THANT'S just PATHETIC!!

Lastly, 51% of Americans believe that the Federal Government is a threat to their rights! This says a lot about the current administration and the direction and policies that it encourages.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Obsession or Psychosis?

Mr. Money Raiser
We have a President who is going around raising money for re-election giving speeches to a variety of audiences at a variety of functions. He uses Air Force 1 under the pretext of these things being Presidential business. That way the American public picks up the tab for the jet fuel, and the President's entourage. Nice!

Photo IDs Required
Recall that the President has ordered his LYING Attorney General (AG)  Eric Holder to sue several states when they inconvenience voters making them show some sort of photo identification. We all know that this procedure helps eliminate voter fraud, but Obama actually encourages it so that he can get more votes from ILLEGALS or from people who are listed as "DEAD."  Showing a photo ID is a Political Correctness "Boo Boo." It helps stamp-out ILLEGAL/Unlawful voters and keeps elections more honest. Of course, Obama is against this action. He'll take votes any way he can get them - even from dead people! But it's OK to card people when they purchase prescription drugs! Go figure...

So at a recent rally, Obama requested that the Secret Service demand a photo ID from anyone seeking admission. This is no JOKE. "No tickie - no washie." If you didn't have a valid government photographic Identification with you, you were not allowed to enter or hear his speech. Are you confused by this action? It's just the opposite of what he's telling the AG to do!

Paranoid Much?
This was not just an isolated incident. Obama has demonstrated that he truly IS paranoid because he repeated this same type of behavior at a fund-raising dinner recently where the audience was a group of Latino businessmen. Immediately after dinner, Obama directed the Secret Service to collect and remove all forks frrm the guests. Was he afraid that someone would use a fork to stab him? God only knows!

Listen Up
We now see the pattern. No forks at dinners, but you are required to show a government photo ID at rallies. Well now, shouldn't Obama be ordering Eric Holder to sue the President himself for disobeying HIS OWN Political Correctness (PC) policies?

Will Liberal Progressives ever understand the basics of LOGIC?
...And they say that WE'RE the STUPID ONES!