Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fair Share

Time To Stand Up
This message is for those of us who are already paying our "fair share" in Federal taxes. We are already paying enough in taxes and don't want to pay any more - especially to cover the costs for the 49.5% of AMERICANS who pay nothing.

It's time to stand up and be counted! We need to raise our voices loud and clear to this Congress. We represent half of the 330 Million people who are Americans living here in the good old USA. We need to let Congress know the following:

  • In light of the latest report regarding the expected deficit shortfall, we will have to raise the debt ceiling AGAIN before the elections. Specifically what are they doing to stop spending and start cutting? We want to know before the November elections so we can decide to keep them in office.

  • Why are only 1/2 of all Americans paying Federal taxes? Why aren't the other half paying their fair share? Seriously, why doesn't everyone have to pay something for the "privilege" of being an American? Why is this happening and what are they actively doing to fix it?

The message is clear. We need to become politically active - NOW!

Action To Take
It's time to start complaining. The louder, the better. If these "representatives" in OUR Congress want to remain in office, they'd better start listening to us. We are sick and tired of the same old lip service coming from Congress. They need to get off their asses and DO SOMETHING TO SAVE America.

Tell them NOT to raise the debt ceiling any more! Tell them to start cutting. Tell them to stop borrowing. PERIOD!!

If we don't take action, what can we expect? More of the same CRAP in Washington and this time it will be OUR FAULT America! And, we can predict the demise of this great country. It's REALLY THAT BAD!!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

More MSM Jargon

Coining New Words
Besides being in the bag for President Obama, the main stream media (MSM) does one thing well. It makes up new words and Acronyms better than anyone else. To show you what we mean here are several recent examples:

  • POTUS-President of the United States

  • FLOTUS-First Lady of the United States

  • OTUS-Of the United States

  • SOTU-State of the union (speech)

  • SCOUTUS-Supreme Court of the United States

  • ObamaCare-Government controlled health care
Pretty impressive. One thing. None of the above is a real word. They're made-up acronyms or words. The MSM (that's our example of a new word or acronym) invented them all.

If They Can Do It...
So if the MSM can do it, then why can't we all do it? It would enrich our language immensely. Here are a few ideas for consideration:
  • "MO"-Michelle Obama.

  • MO also has another nickname. It's "FA." You figure that one out for yourself. Hint: Think of food...

  • "Barry"-Short for Barry Soetoro - POTUS's REAL name. It's kind of like his Social Security number which originated in Connecticut, but Barry NEVER lived there. Also, there is no official records of Barry ever officially changing his name to Barack Hussein Obama. Go figure? That's why we like "Barry" best.

  • "O-BLAME-O"-Obama's nickname used because he NEVER takes any responsibility for HIS actions.

  • "O-BOW-O"-Another nickname because Obama is always Kow-towing to foreign dignitaries.

  • O-GREEN-O-Used for POTUS to emphasize his deep prejudice against fossil fuels.

  • El-LAME-O-Used to describe the worst President in the History of the USA.

New Glossary
If the MSM is going to keep making things up the least they could do is provide a glossary of terms so we can all understand their propaganda better.

What do you think?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Collusion

Crony Capitalism Lives On
Our two favorite companies in the United States are Government Motors (GM) and General Electric. Government Motors because Obama sold-out share holders to the auto unions; and General Electric because CEO Jeff Immelt avoided GE paying ANY taxes after record profits. How's that for "fair share"? In the first case, Obama screws the company shareholders but rewards the unions and in the second case, Obama's "friend" GE doesn't pay ANY taxes and flips-off Americans by selling GE products to our enemy Iran who in-turn, are killing American soldiers.

The Latest Boondoggle
The saga continues with these two companies that we hold in disgust. It seems that now GM has made a deal with General Electric to sell them 12,000 Chevy Volts. These are the cars that cost $40K and catch fire in your garage.

Apparently sales aren't going well for Government Motors on their lemon electric car. To date, they have only sold less than 8,000 of these gems. No one wants to buy unsafe cars. So what do they do? They make a "deal" with Obama's other buddy GE to sell them their junk cars instead.

Now GE is being forced to buy Chevy Volts as disclosed in a recent company memo. It states to GE employees that "all sedan crossover, and minivan purchases in 2012 will be replaced by the Chevy Volt." Immelt doesn't seem to care because GE will now be contracted to install the required Level 2 Charging Stations to "gas up" the new cars.

What a frigin' coincidence!! One hand washes the other.

One More Thing
Don't forget, those of us (the 50.5%) who DO pay federal taxes are also paying the $7,500 rebates that Government Motors offers to anyone purchasing the Volt. We wonder who's going to get all those rebates with this General Electric deal!

Isn't it time we put our foot down? Are you tired of being the one paying taxes while the other half of the USA doesn't? Let Washington know how you feel and be sure NOT to re-elect Obama in November!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Who Is John Gault?

The Great Society
Lyndon Johnson's program is alive and well here in the "I'm entitled United States of America." The percentage of Americans who receive government assistance and the total number of people dependent on the federal government has finally hit the break-point!

Too many of us are dependent on the federal government. Way too many. Here is a graph to illustrate the details:

What This Means
Over 1 in every 2 Americans (not counting federal employees) is receiving some sort of hand-out or some sort of "entitlement." Where's Obama on this one? Shouldn't everyone be "paying their fair share"? According to POTUS - the answer is "no." The more people he can get on federal dependence, the better. These numbers are increasing at a more rapid rate under President Obama.

That's NOT the American way!

Obama wants more people to be on government dependence. That's Socialism/Marxism at it's best. More than 151.7 million Americans paid nothing in 2009 and that number is climbing rapidly as you read this. Americans who paid nothing in federal taxes in 1984 was 38.8 million. That's a HUGH increase.

Only 1 Problem
The half of Americans who are paying for the other half are getting SCREWED by Big Government and we are getting sick and tired of doing it. What would happen if the 50% of us who are responsible decided to leave town like John Gault did? Answer: The American economic system would collapse and it would look just like Greece with riots in the streets.

There's a lot of OWS talk (propaganda) about the 1% not paying their fair share - including the Democratic party. However, they all ignore the remaining 99% of which only 1/2 are doing the right thing! The other half of the 99% (the sand baggers), are also part of the problem for not doing their part.

That's BS and we all know it! So before you want to raise taxes, you'd better get your ducks in a row and make sure that EVERYONE starts paying taxes!

End of story. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH - Talk to the hand! We can't hear Big Government OR the OWS any longer!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Everything's Comin' Up Roses

Obama's Approval Ratings Are Up
Hey, it's an election year and Obama's approval numbers are going up. Why? Obama says that "Things are getting better..." and that translates into more Americans being fooled that Obama is doing a good job. According to Obama, our unemployment numbers are going down. Wow, that's good news! If only it was true.

Only One Problem...
The liar-in-chief is WRONG about our economy and he knows it. He spins positive messages about unemployment and the economy every chance he gets - to keep those approval numbers climbing.

However, it's not getting any better. In fact, it's getting worse and Obama knows it! According to the most recent Gallop poll, our unemployment is going up to 9%! So who do you believe? The guy who's trying to get re-elected, or a non-partisan polling group?

The Gallop survey also found that "underemployment" (people working part-time because full-time jobs are not available), went up over 19%! You read right - 19%! Gallop reported that this reflects a continuing weakness in the labor markets causing a "sharp deterioriation" in job conditions.

Look At Gasoline Prices
Gasoline prices are at an all time high for this time of the year. Why is this? Three reasons: Oil companies, OPEC, and Obama.

Oil companies: They import raw unrefined oil into the United States. Then they refine it into jet fuel, home heating oil, and gasoline. Since Americans have cut back 10% on their driving, and our winter has been warmer than usual, they have an abundance of oil and gasoline. What to do? Sell it to the world market at high prices and raise the prices locally here in America. Gouge Americans as well as the world! So oil companies are exporting our gasoline and oil products keeping profits sky high while screwing Americans! (And, Obama ignores "regulating" them for the greated good).

OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Companies) controls the world's largest oil supplies. They keep raising the price per barrel of oil. It just went up $1.62 per barrel yesterday!! Obama won't talk to these people because high gasoline prices will cause people to switch to Green Energy instead. OPEC can make or break the world's economy because they control the oil.

President Obama: Obama does NOT like oil, natural gas, or coal. He's wants "Green" energy to rule. He killed the Keystone pipeline deal with Canada. So now the Canadians are selling their oil to China instead. Obama closed offshore drilling and then gave BILLIONS to Brazil's Petrobras so they could drill offshore and inturn sell their oil to us. We have oil and natural gas resources that Obama refuses to allow to be developed.

Obama has closed or blocked most opportunities for the development of any new sources of fossil fuels because they don't fit into his Green Energy Plan. What he can't block, he "regulates" like coal. His new regulations just closed 13 coal-fired electric plants here in the USA this year! All these things cause gasoline and energy prices to skyrocket.

What's worse is the Obama does NOT give a care about YOU!

Action To Take
Get the message yet? Take the hint and do NOT re-elect this man. We need to develop offshore drilling and our natural resources - including Green Energy so we can become self-sufficient! Obama wants to see high energy prices!!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Guest Article - It Ain't Over Yet...

The Global Warming Cult and the Death of Science
by Daniel Greenfield of

"...The Warmists have pushed their agenda through with alarmist claims and hysteria. They have flown jets around the world to argue that everyone must be taxed for their carbon footprint. They have smeared and intimidated anyone who stood up to them. That is not the behavior of people arguing over numbers. It’s a battle of much larger ideas.

If you believe that freedom is at the core of what it means to be human, then the Warmists and what they stand for are instinctively repulsive to you. On the other hand, if you believe that human society must be organized into a moral collective for the betterment of all, then the Warmist idea provides a wake up call compelling us to form into ranks and goose step in recycled rubber boots into the green future.

It’s an exaggeration, but that’s what debates over the proper role of man tend to become. We don’t fight wars over temperature gradients. The passions on both sides are motivated by much larger issues. This isn’t science, it’s the continuing battle over industrialization, the modern society and the rights of the individual dressed up in the garb of theory. And just as a debate over the IQs of minorities will never be a dispassionate inquiry, neither will a debate over whether the world would be better off if we never existed– which is the theme of the environmentalist movement.

The place of man in the university not a question that science can answer, but like so many other controversial issues in the past, it can be aided by manufacturing a scientific consensus that supports one position or another. Nor would this be the first time that science was used in this fashion. It takes a great deal of humility to look outward without prejudging what is out there. When that humility is lacking, then instead of seeing what is out there, the learned doctors and professors come away seeing what is inside them instead.

That unfortunately is what the debate is actually about. The world is not in any danger, but human beings are, as usual, wrangling over their theories of how the world should be.

The debate is not a purely philosophical one. As with all debates about the nature of man, there’s a creed and money at stake. If the Warmists win, then the environmentalist movement takes another step forward to creating a post-religious spiritual crisis for which they have the solution, and a mandate for virtually unlimited power over mankind, over every nation and every individual. That power translates into concrete wealth, which many of the “experts” are already experiencing. But their investments are on the ground floor of what is supposed to be a “green” revolution which will see everyone taxed to save us from ourselves.

It’s hard to be dispassionate when the success or failure of your theory has tremendous implications for your career, your wealth, the status of your field and the triumph of your worldview over all mankind. People have murdered for less. Forging a few graphs and demonizing the opposition is small potatoes by comparison.

A creed needs a crisis. An “If This Goes On” warning that ends in doom, Armageddon and cats and dogs living together in sin. Without an actual deity, the only curses available to environmentalists are those of science. And so they pronounce their curses in science’s name, which is an inconvenience when they fail to come true. An inconvenience that damages the credibility of actual research. But having cast aside reasoned inquiry, the Cult of Warm has no use for science except as a totem to wave over the crowd. They don’t want to be the seekers for knowledge, but the exclusive possessors of absolute truths. And that isn’t how science works.

Like Wall Street, Global Warming has gotten too big to fail. Too many prominent names have committed to it. Too many serious people have nodded their heads and accepted it as an obvious truth, who would be unacceptably embarrassed if it were proven that the whole thing was nothing more than a giant prank. Too many business leaders and governments have invested serious money into it to just shake it off. And much of American and European policy-making is now routed through Global Warming.

No matter what research emerges, the edifice of the lie cannot be allowed to come down. It might be reshaped a little, chiseled on the side, painted over in places, but it can never be toppled, because too much else would come down with it. Global Warming has become the Berlin Wall not only of the left, but of the entire establishment.

If the Cult of Warm were to come tumbling down, then the first victim of it would be the technocratic society built on an unreasonable confidence in experts and Harvard men who always know what they’re doing and know how to do it better than we do. Suddenly all those smart people would no longer seem so smart at all and our Republic of the New Deal and New Frontier would be revealed for a cluster of corrupt gullible idiots who are no better at running things than anyone else would be in their place.

The worst thing you can call a presidential candidate is stupid, not because they aren’t — most of them are — but because the present regime is built on convincing us that we have surrendered our freedom to a meritocracy of the best and the brightest. People who don’t make mistakes because they have gone to all the right schools, read all the right books and nod in all the right places. If people were to realize that their only actual skill is convincingly arguing positions based on talking points with no ability to think outside the box or evaluate the merits of the system, rather than the argument, then the regime would never be the same again.

The way the system actually works is that experts tell leaders what to think, the leaders tell the lobbyists what to think, the lobbyists tell the advisers, who tell the politicians, and then the politicians get up on stage, beam their brightest smile, and tell us what to think. Compared to the absurdity of this pipeline foisting a disastrous philosophy on the world in the name of saving the planet from humanity, discovering that all the banks were playing with imaginary money is positively benign.

Global Warming is not just a failure of a sizable chunk of the scientific establishment to put theory before ideology, it represents a failure of the entire process by which the West has been governed for a frightening number of years. It is a demonstration of how a handful of people in prominent positions can push through otherwise unacceptable measures by manufacturing a crisis and pipelining it through business and government. It’s a hack of our entire system of government.

If you understand the implications of that, then you begin to understand the consequences of it for the progressive technocracy and its mindless elitism that uses opinion leaders to drive actual leaders and has entire agencies dedicated to influencing opinion leaders. If Warmism fails, then it all fails. There will be no mobs in the street or squares filled with protesters, instead the entire infrastructure whose entire purpose is not to look stupid, will suddenly look very stupid.

Stupid leaders might not be too much of a problem in a democracy where people are entitled to elect any idiot they want, but it’s unacceptable in a technocracy where the leaders may win elections, but mostly they win the consensus of the elites. If the elites and their technocracy no longer amount to anything, then the emperor is naked, and suddenly elections might start mattering again."

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Food Nazis in Action

What the Hell Is FLOTUS?
First, let's look at the main stream media's newly made-up acronym ("FLOTUS") that the MSM (Main Stream Media) is using to describe the First Lady of the United States. Where did that come from? It's bad enough that they coined the term "POTUS" (President of the United States) out of thin air. AND, the MSM also invented the use of "SOTUA" for the State of the Union Address. CRAZY? no, just stupid! Anyhow, you get the point.

FLOTUS In Charge
When Obama (POTUS) got elected we didn't realize that besides his 33 CZARS, that we would also be getting a bonus FLOTUS to be in charge of our eating habits. By that we mean "MO" or Michelle Obama. She has assumed the roll of Food Nazi.

A "Food Nazi" is someone who believes that they are the dictator in charge of everyone's eating habits in the entire planet. We don't know why MO believes that she is the supreme high exalted dictator in charge of eating, we just know that she "thinks" she is in charge because of her actions. She has invented a self-anointed position of Food Nazi of the USA. (or FNOTA - pronounced "fa-not ah"). Perhaps MO thinks that we elected her to this new position that she herself created, for herself, by herself. Actually, her actions are quite similar to her husband POTUS who invented 33 new CZAR positions without the aid of Congress. They think that they are in charge of regulating US citizens under Big Government control to fundamentally create a Brave New World under POTUS.

Trade Agreement
Our new FLOTUS (alias MO), has just signed a trade agreement (kind of a food treaty) with the MARS Candy Corporation. She also did so without the consent of Congress. Oh well.

MARS promises in this agreement (Treaty - called "Partnership for a Healthier America") to STOP selling chocolate products with more than 250 calories per candy bar. (Don't you just love those big government names for treaties and agreements?) This is is alliance with FLOTUS means that Big Snickers and TWIX bars will soon disappear off of the grocer's shelves (just like light bulbs did) and that new smaller candy bars are coming.

What the American Public Thinks
When this was posted on Andrew Breitbarts website, there were plenty of comments by fellow Americans. Here are several direct quotes:
  • "Add candy bar police to the lunch bag police."

  • "Oh my god. You can just buy two candy bars! Are they gonna put a limit on that?!!! ANSWER ME YOU FAT COMMIE COW!!!!"

  • "So what? If you've noticed, the candy sizes and chip bag sizes and soda bottle sizes have been shrinking anyway because manufacturers want to keep prices "low", and they do this by selling less product, thereby not "raising" prices.

    The dollar is devalued, so the cost of everything rises.
    The bottom-heavy FLOTUS doesn't really have that much to do with these changes, but her "healthy eating" crap is a handy excuse."

  • "She must be under the impression that this will reduce the size of her backside."

  • "That's the problem...this fat ugly woman can't lose the weight she desperately needs everyone else has to suffer because she has no willpower!!!! geeeeeez!"

  • "I'm not buying any candy from Mars until they tell the Mooch to eff off. "

  • "Until this walking-talking symbol of hypocritical affirmative-action "entitlement" can scale down her own appetites, maybe Michelle Antoinette should just keep her fat mouth shut. A tall order indeed for these White House occupiers. "

  • "Who the hell does this SPONGE think she is? "

  • "Shrink the size of the candy and keep the price the same. Anyone else notice the fund raising candy bar ad in the sidebar? Sure gonna be a small fundraising effort with miniature candy bars."

  • "I'd stock up, but my basement's already full of incandescent bulbs. "

  • "Boo! Nanny idiot Michelle, guess what? People will just buy TWO of them now. Socialists are idiots by nature! Or idiots become socialists by nature, not sure which."

  • "What's to stop someone from eating as many chocolate bars as they want. calories per package is irrelevant when it comes to consumption. The stupidity from the white house continues. "

  • "No one wants this mother hen clucking about better and healthier eating habits when she eats like a hobo on fat cakes and ribs."

  • "Won't buy Mars/M&Ms anymore! "

  • "S---w you, Michelle. You, too, Mars. This is getting more ridiculous by the day. The government is literally trying to control everything we eat. F*** liberalism"

  • "I'd like to ship her and hubby to MARS!!! oh never mind barry's dismantled NASA, my bad. "

  • "According to a report in the Daily Rash, Obama chastised the First Lady over her unsightly panty lines. Apparently she wants to shed a few pounds off the derriere and thinks everyone else should be forced to also."

  • "Should she start by reducing her own fat ass? Oh and then the big ass she is married to? Unreal. Hey this is great 4 more years, otherwise, we are all racists.....unbelievable. "

The Verdict Is In
The message is clear isn't it? We cannot survive four more years of this kind of crap! We cannot re-elect Obama because he and FOTUS will destroy America as we know it!