Saturday, July 24, 2010

GateKeeper Wanted...

CNN Wants a Blogger Gatekeeper
CNN anchors Kyra Phillips and John Roberts openly discussed the idea that Internet bloggers should be policed. They both would like to see a "crack down" on anonymous bloggers who disparage others on the Internet. Oh REALLY? What about the First Amendment? I guess we can forget about that because it is so outdated. What about the bloggers who disagree with the current administration. Should we crack down on them too? Just exactly where do you stop with this proposed crack down?

They did in fact, mention free speech as a problem that would have to be considered. One suggestion was that the "gatekeeper" should be the Lame Stream media! Of course, that would be convenient wouldn't it? Put the fox in charge of the hen house. Have the people who already "FILTER" your news and daily information to become Internet censors. Nice! Roberts claimed that bloggers might benefit from checks and balances that the gatekeeper would provide. Yeah, we don't doubt that at all.

America, if you're not worried about this country and what's happening, you REALLY should be!

Putting ANY restrictions on speech on the Internet is NOT AN OPTION! Putting the Lame Stream media in charge of "censoring" what gets published on the Internet is just anti-American! They ARE already providing you with daily propaganda. They all helped elect Barack Obama to the Presidency because of their bias.

Action To Take
Become aware of the fact that the "evening news" is NOT always the REAL news. Facts are distorted and you are being persuaded slowly over time. Read the book "Propaganda" by Edward Bernays. It describes what you are being subjected to every day. It details how government and corporations control the way we think and act. Bernays is a master of deception and manipulation. Some of his clients included: President Calvin Coolege, Procter & Gamble, CBS, General Electric and more. Stop being lead and start thinking for yourself.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Featured Article - Unstoppable?

Can He Be Stopped?
By David Soloway

"The single most important question for Americans today is as simple as it is inescapable: Is it possible to block and reverse Barack Obama’s fundamental transformation of American society to resemble a soft-power, European socialist state (or worse) before the damage he does to his country is irreparable? Waiting until 2012 when his first term is completed may bring, in a different domain and with certain obvious adjustments, something like the catastrophic results which the film 2012, based on the prognostications of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, lividly portrays. For the smug and incompetent leadership of an enigmatic president is starting “progressively” to look like a bad movie with real-world effects. And 2012, at least according to the dread Calendar, is the year when everything goes to pieces.

Of course, it must be acknowledged that Obama began his political career more as an effect, or the symptom of a malaise, than as a cause or the malaise itself. After all, the American people put him where he is, intuiting in Obama an embodiment of their own regrettably facile and unexamined aspirations and an untutored drive to renovate the past. But the effect has now been transformed into a cause in its own right and the symptom has become the infirmity. Consequently, many of those who ensured Obama’s accession to power are presently experiencing a severe case of elector’s remorse.

For there can be little doubt any longer that the United States is now governed by a rogue administration, founded not on the Constitution but on lies, one broken campaign promise after another and attempts to ignore or scamper around the principles of the Fathers. We are observing an establishment that is unwilling to defend the nation’s borders from drug cartel violence and illegal immigration, forcing unread bills through Congress in the dark of night, embarking on a socialized medicine program it cannot afford and which has not worked wherever else it has been tried, plunging the nation into bankruptcy with misnamed “stimulus spending,” unsustainable entitlements and exponential debt, refusing to drill safely on land to reduce its dependence on foreign oil supplies, utterly incapable of dealing with cataclysms like the Gulf oil spill, touting an impractical, premature and ruinously exorbitant Green Energy policy, considering cap-and-trade legislation when it has become undeniably clear that Global Warming research is a profoundly unsettled and perhaps even a false science, scrubbing all reference to Islamic terror from its official documents and pursuing a foreign policy that might accurately be described as geopolitically suicidal. Quite a list, but unfortunately an accurate one.

This is an administration that could just as well have been put in place by America’s most relentless enemies. It is headed by a president with deep roots in a neo-Marxist social movement and associational ties with a host of disreputable characters. This is a president who has embarked on a diplomatic approach of appeasing the country’s despotic competitors and adversaries, with whom he appears to have more in common than with the majority of his own countrymen. Accompanied by his friends, officials, cabinet choices and hand-picked adjutants (aka “czars”), he appears intent on circumventing the rule of law on the one hand—whether considering amnesty for illegal aliens or refusing to prosecute electoral violators like the Black Panthers, guilty of voter intimidation—and on the other hand activating civil law where it does not apply, as in moving to grant civil trials to confessed jihadists or according Miranda rights to captured terrorists."

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beware More Taxes...

Pay Attention
So the elections are coming up and finally getting the attention of all incumbents. And, they are all worried. Rightly so. They are at last paying attention to the Tea Party and the recent polls that all indicate that the Democratic party is held in very low esteem. (Republicans too). Congress now has a poll rating of 11% Favorable!! Unbelievable huh? Well you MUST remember that in November. Vote-out Democratic incumbents in November. Get rid of the corruption and lack of integrity. Stop the special interests. Do it! Also vote-out any Republican who has NOT supported the Constitution or defended YOUR liberties.

The one party rule arrangement now in play is showing Americans that the system really needs checks and balances in order to prevent the DESTRUCTION of this country. The Progressive Democrat is an enemy of the Constitution. If you haven't figured that out yet, there may be no hope for you.

Also be aware that immediately after the election (regardless of the results), the DEMs will try again to force passage of more taxes. This time it will be the Value Added Tax (VAT) or national sales tax. It will probably range in the neighborhood of between 19 to 25%. Just think, when you sell your home, you will have to pay 19 to 25% sales tax on it to the Federal government! Likewise when buying a home. And you thought that the housing market was bad now!

The second tax that they will force on us is the Cap & Trade - now called the America Power Act. This legislation will paralyze our economy by taxing all forms of energy consumption. Americans simply cannot afford to implement this type of tax. Incidentally, we are always being touted as the instigators and the cause of energy waste. Well the Chinese just took over the title of the worlds largest consumer of energy. You don't see them passing any Cap & Trade laws do you?

Action To Take
You need to become more diligent and pay attention to what's happening in Washington. Start caring! You cannot be ambivalent or neglect your responsibility to defend liberty. You should not take your freedom for granted any longer! Start learning the truth. Incidentally, you will NOT get the truth from the Lame Stream media. They filter the news and propagandize the information you receive. Look for new alternatives for the truth. They are out there - just start paying attention to them!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why You Can't Trust Congress

More Underhanded Stuff
If you are worried about your savings "melting away" in a low interest paying bank account, you may have thought about investing some of it in gold coins or gold bullion. There have been a lot of ads on TV about purchasing gold to protect your "nest egg." Chances are that you may have taken advantage of this strategy.

CAUTION: The US government will now be heavily taxing the sales and ANY transactions that involve the sale or purchase of gold and precious metals. REALLY? Why haven't you heard about this? Interesting how the Lame Stream media "FILTERS" what you learn from them.

You didn't hear about it because it was a secret attachment to ObamaCare. You remember, the bill that you will have to find out what's in it "After we pass it" (Nancy Pelosi's remark to try and get it passed).

The Essence
So starting in 2012, any purchase of precious metals in coin or bullion, will be taxed by the IRS. You will receive a 1099 form and be required to fill it out and report the transaction. Section 9006 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will amend the Internal Revenue Code to expand the scope of Form 1099. Currently, 1099 forms are used to track and report the miscellaneous income associated with services rendered by independent contractors or self-employed individuals.

What the hell is this regulation doing in a healthcare bill? Why weren't we notified about this little gem? Why didn't Congress tell us about this? Why so sneaky? Isn't this more proof that Congress is NOT TRUSTWORTHY? Doesn't this make you angry? How can we trust them when they are so sneaky?

This is just another TAX that the Obama administration has laid on Americans and forgot to tell us about it!

Action To Take
Demand that OBAMACARE be recalled. This is yet another reason why we need to undo this ObamaCare legislation.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Voter Intimidation

When you vote this November, be observant. If you see any instances of voter intimidation, report it immediately to the police department. It is their obligation to ensure that you can vote without ANY deterrence, bullying, or coercion. Individuals carrying political signs are supposed to stay at least 200 feet away from the voting poll entrance. Anyone else close to the doors are BREAKING THE LAW!

Do NOT tolerate the injustice that was perpetrated by Eric Holder in the recent Black Panthers voter intimidation case. Recall, that the Black Panthers were found guilty of voter intimidation in the 2008 elections. At that point, our Attorney General, Eric Holder dropped the case without explaining anything about the case. Call and complain about this to the White House. They need to hear YOUR voice.

Also, if you witness ANY improprieties while voting, video tape it on you cell phone. Do NOT submit it to YouTube. Be aware that if you video tape a state trooper or police officer without their permission in several states, that you may be breaking the law if you post it on the Internet. Instead, send it to FOX News or send it to the Drudge Report. They will know what to do with it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Featured Comments - Finance Reform

From Lou Dobbs, radio and TV host

Here are some comments made by Lou on the recent passage of the Finance Reform bill:

"Think this is a victory for Main Street, as the Democrats want you to believe? Nope. This is yet another step towards absolute socialism, and it's state sponsorship of our national economy.

We have taken a step today, and with the signature of the president, towards absolute socialism. And this is not regulation, folks, this is state sponsorship, this is pure statism. And it is not about a market, it is not about regulation, it is about defining the transactions that can take place within an economy that is now managed by the state. This is a disaster, and the disaster will be clear in the weeks and the months ahead as we watch the regulators take over from here."

He added: "No one has made the case that these derivatives are a necessary product to have in the marketplace. But they spent, those financial institutions, hundreds of millions of dollars to lobby Congress and the Senate, and by God, they got their payoff. Because what this legislation is about is pure cosmetics and folly."

America - WAKE UP!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Self-Centered Hedonist?

Since he took office 18 months ago, President Obama has spent over 200 hours just playing golf. So?

That's equivalent to 5 weeks of not working - just playing golf. This does not include Obama's vacation time with his family. Play golf or save the Gulf? slacker Obama is at it again! Currently, he and his family are vacationing in Maine. The Lame Stream News "omits" to tell you that everyone on his staff enjoyed a lobster dinner - at YOUR expense!

We all know that it's important for a President relax from the stress of the job from time to time - (like cleaning up the oil spill and stopping Iran from getting nukes). But doesn't this also seem excessive? Remember, we are paying for all of his excursions to the golf course, North Carolina, and our National Parks. Security, logistics, and travel add up to millions of American dollars! Hello? We're footing the bill for these "pastime activities."

Compare his "leisure time" of just playing golf to that of his predecessor (Bush) and you'll see that Obama is obsessed with the game. In eight years, George Bush only played golf 18 times. That's equivalent to roughly two and a half weeks over eight years. So far, Obama is averaging about two games of golf a week!! (Keep in mind that these estimates do NOT include Obama's time spent on the White House putting green).

The Obama's are yet planning a return visit to Martha's Vinyard for ANOTHER vacation this summer. So how many vacations are reasonable? This is Obama's THIRD VACATION since the Gulf Oil Spill! How many do you get? What's appropriate for a President? A vacation every 3-4 weeks? How much time-off do you get? Right, you're NOT the President, but isn't he taking this privilege to extreme?

Why doesn't he vacation in the Gulf of Mexico? Wouldn't this help some of the people who are out-of-work? What is HE thinking about? Himself? Is Obama REALLY on call 24/7 or is he a self-center hedonist? That's the impression he's giving Americans.

Reality Check
Is Obama setting a good example for all Americans? When there is a family crisis, you take a vacation because of the stress. Sure, we all do it. Do you get multiple paid vacations throughout the year with free travel? Can you afford the expense of playing golf? If so, how often do you play? Does all his recreation show any compassion for those Americans who are out of work and unemployed? Should He? Is Obama and his family showing disrespect towards their fellow Americans?

You decide. I find it disgusting.