Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Massachusetts Reader's Thoughts

Here are some comments from a Massachusetts resident who would like to remain anonymous. He speaks out about the States Rights topic mentioned in a previous blog and has a few more observations, as well.

"As usual I appreciate your blog content and the effort expended. However, I am apprehensive about liberal states taking back states rights. You lived here in MA and I assume agree that this state is run by nitwits voted in by pinheads. If there is a way to stop the down-slope rush we are experiencing, I don't know what it is.

Governor Duval Patrick is "stealing" money from funds that were created by raising taxes to aid in helping improve the well being of segments of the state. Our representatives do not take seriously approval or disapproval of our concerns. They do as they want and play the game so they will be voted in next election with enough plusses to make it for their next term. Patrick has not insured earmarked tax funds for stop smoking, gambling and alcohol addictions, highway maintenance, programs etc. are used for their intended purpose. He moves the monies to other venues. No one seems to be able to halt this practice. There are not enough voters in these groups to have any effect, so he gets away with it. For the most part the press either doesn't report this or they hide it next to the comics in the newspaper.

Governor Dukakas tried to grab 60 million from fish and game funds when he was the governor, if you remember. There was enough uproar from sportsmen to stop him. I didn't hear liberals telling him to fly straight.

States rights have to be based on our Constitution too and liberal states are as bad as the feds are right now. I have hope that Tea Parties grow and endure.

As for marijuana researchers have developed a form of marijuana that does not get patients high. It is being tested in Europe, in that form, for medical purpose and so far looks to be a viable drug for various maladies. Time will tell. Look at it this way, many of the drugs we use came from plants. Aspirin, quinine, to name two, Ring a bell? Even booze has medical uses.

No I am not a liberal,

all the best,

Mr. Anonymous

THANKS FOR YOUR INPUT. Your comments are thoughtful and appreciated. The points you raised about Liberal States is well taken. They could mess-up the whole Constitution, once they opened it up for revision!

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