Thursday, November 12, 2009

Political Correctness is Stupid

Everyday we see examples of political correctness clashing with our lives. Progressives believe that they know best and that if something found to be “offensive” by one individual that is reason enough to change the whole system. It’s a self-righteous approach to supposedly end prejudice. Now that’s real sound logic. It’s always for the common good to correct injustice which in itself, is a political motive.

What is Political Correctness?
In brief: Political Correctness is language modification. It is a powerful form of censorship. It is a doctrine to attempt to control public speech and thoughts under the guise of trying to correct prejudice.

Here are some examples of political correctness run amuck:
  • Holiday or Season’s Greetings = Merry Christmas
  • National Holiday Tree = Christmas Tree
  • Winter Concert = Christmas Concert
  • Undocumented Worker or Guest worker = Illegal Alien
  • Chalkboards = Blackboards
  • Native Americans = Indians
  • African American = Negro
  • Financially Inept = Poor
  • Sexually Dysfunctional = Perverted
  • Laid Off = Fired
  • Sanitation Engineer = Garbage Man
  • Gay = Homosexual
  • Factual Incorrectness = Wrong
  • Visually Challenged = Blind
  • Mentally Challenged = Retarded
  • Person of Color = Minority
  • Elderly = Old
  • Having unisex bathrooms in public facilities
  • Muslim prayer rooms in airports
  • Women attending all male schools - but not the other way around!
There is nothing left in our daily lives that is not under attack of the “Word Police“. If you control the words, you control thoughts. Why even President Obama cannot call a terrorist what he really is. Instead he tells us we shouldn't jump to conclusions and skirts around trying not to “offend” Muslims. Why even a child knows that the Fort Hood Massacre was done by a Muslim terrorist and was not a merely a crime by a mad man, but a terrorist act.

Stop The Insanity
End political correctness. It’s abusive and attacks basic American Traditions as well as free speech.

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