Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Film Hollywood Didn't Want

Atlas Shrugged
This film opened in 500 theaters last week across the United States. In the next two weeks it will be distributed to 1000 theaters. The slow distribution is explained below.

The movie is based on the fictional novel written and published by Ayn Rand back in 1957! Atlas Shrugged has a Libertarian plot that expresses the concepts of human achievement. Ironically, it describes the state of affairs that we see present in the USA today. Perhaps she predicted what would happen 54 years before her time! In Atlas Shrugged, the USA is in decline with factories shutting-down, transportation coming to a halt, joblessness, and critical resources disappearing all over the country. The country is miserable and in serious decline.

The Author
Rand was born in Russia in 1905 and came to the USA in 1925. She had a career as a screenwriter and fiction author over the years. Her works have an underlying theme of the struggle of the individual versus the "State". She became politically active in the late 1940's and worked with the Motion Picture Alliance for ht Preservation of American Ideals ( as anti-Communist group). Atlas Shrugged is one of her best works.

Hollywood Left-Wing Bias
The movie rights to her book were purchased in the 1990s. However the main reason the film has not been produced and completed is simply the fact that Hollywood is all too Liberal (Progressive) in their thinking. No one there seemed sympathetic to the Libertarian cause. Consequently, no one wanted to play ANY roles in the film because most Hollywood actors/actresses lean towards the LEFT! Are you surprised the film producers couldn't begin shooting??

Even after the film was completed, Hollywood film distributors refused to distribute the film throughout the usual channels. This makes showing the finished product more difficult. Producers of the effort are distributing the film themselves! Consequently, if you are a Conservative American, you need to show your financial support by attending a viewing the film. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS FILM!

No More "Lame Stream Media"...
Media coverage has been extremely QUIET covering the film's release because the movie has a Libertarian theme which opposes the Left-Wing Media's bias. We're no longer referring to the media as the "Lame Stream Media" because that really does not fully describe their political prejudice well enough. Let's call a Spade a Spade! Most media sources have such a strong LEFT-WING point of view that what they publish or broadcast as "News" is getting harder to believe as the truth. It always has a Progressive twist which warps the real truth of the message.

Action To Take
Take your significant other to see this movie. That's it! You may have to look around to find a theater that is brave enough to show this film. Be diligent.

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