Sunday, July 22, 2012

Don't Take Your Eye Off The Ball

Gun Control
In light of the crazy shooter in Colorado, some Democrats are tooting their horns about more gun control. However, many are silent. Why is this? Simple - there's an election coming up in November. Smart politicians do NOT want to rile-up their constituents over the gun control issue until AFTER they get re-elected. That way they can do what they want and it's too late to try and fire them. They know this and are using this tactic against you.

However, there are a few DEMs calling for more gun laws. They are in the minority just before the election. They are probably NOT up for election and hence, are making noise about banning guns again because they don't have to worry about re-election yet. (Never let a good emergency go to waste and use the shooting to promote the anti-gun strategy).

Hidden Agenda
What most Americans are not aware of is that there is a hidden agenda being pursued by the Obama administration regarding gun control. Your gun rights are under direct attack and you don't even know it! The last time Obama mentioned the subject was over a year ago. Isn't it odd for an anti-gun President not to be pushing for more gun control? Well, he is but he's not talking about it because he's doing it behind your back. (Always watch both hands with this guy).

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is doing Obama's bidding in the United Nations. She has been quite busy meeting and solidifying the details of the UN's Small Arms Treaty. Hillary is expected to be signing this agreement within the week or so.

So where is the Corrupt Media on this story? Oh, that's right, they support banning all guns.

What Happens Next
So Hillary brings back a signed treaty, but it does not go into effect until the US Senate ratifies it. That shouldn't be too hard with the Democrats in complete control of the Senate. Of course, they won't think about ratifying the treaty until after the November elections. That still gives them three whole months to do it - even if they are voted out of office in the November elections. (A Lame Duck Senate can do whatever they want because they have nothing to loose).

After Ratified
So the US Senate will ratify the treaty that bans all small arms world-wide. The USA will begin compliance. The first thing is that they will demand from Americans is registration of all small arms. That way the government will know who has all the legal guns and where they need to go to collect them (2nd step in gun banning - confiscation). Of course all criminals will still have their guns because they NEVER comply with the gun laws. DUH?

Important Note
Treaties supersede the US Constitution! The only way to break a treaty is to amend the Constitution. That would take years! Meanwhile, Obama and the anti-gunners will be busy "complying" with the terms of the UN's treaty.

Pay Attention
Watch Hillary's movements for the next few weeks. The treaty signing is your RED flag to get active and demand that your US Senators NOT support that treaty because it is a vote AGAINST the US Constitution's 2nd Amendment. Tell friends and family not to let this happen. This is NO joke - the 2nd Amendment will be gone!

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