Sunday, March 3, 2013

Citizens Speak Out

We are all citizens of a Republic. This is NOT a democracy. We elect "representatives" to represent our positions and our beliefs in the government. When the government becomes our "enemy" it is because we citizens have been lax in our responsibilities. It is, (and always has been), our job, to ensure that the government is towing the line. It's our job to make sure that the government does NOT overstep their granted powers as itemized in the Constitution.

So far, the government of today has become a GIANT OCTOPUS reaching into all facets of our lives. The is because we have allowed them to do so. The government is now telling us what to eat, what to buy, how to medicate, and they regulate just about everything else. That ISN'T a Republic. It's getting close to a dictatorship or totalitarian form of government.

This unfortunately, is OUR own fault. We have had a soft life and have let the government slide-by stealing our freedoms a piece at a time. Now we are reaching the point where we are beginning to feel uncomfortable about the government controls over our lives. It's about time.

We should feel this way because the government is no longer working in OUR INTERESTS! It has become corrupted with the powers we granted them to possess. Now, it's time to take back what's ours.

It's not too late, but time is running out to save what's left of our Republic. We as citizens must not remain silent. We as citizens are obligated to the Republic to speak-out and verbalize our misgivings and sentiments about government abuse. We don't want the government to take care of each of us and our daily needs. We want to have minimal government intervention. We want to be independent with minimal government intervention. We need to speak the truth about the influx of the MARXIST/FASCIST politicians who have corrupted both political parties. We must speak-out or face total annihilation of all God given liberties and freedoms. If you think these remarks are  wacko, just read history to discover we are heading in a bad direction.

Do NOT take this warning lightly. It is serious and NOT paranoid. Look around, and take a hard Objective look are where we are today. Instead of allowing political entities to isolate, marginalize, and discredit individuals who stand up for liberty, honesty, and integrity, we need to defend these causes. If we no longer fight back, our lives as we know them are forever doomed.

We must all unite and push-back against the rising tide of Progressivism. The Republic is counting on you to make a difference!  

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