Monday, April 29, 2013

Who Do You Fear More?

Are you afraid of terrorists? Many people are and have no qualms about giving up their freedoms to be "protected" by the government. These individuals would rather give the government MORE POWER over their lives for a little more protection. TSA at airports are the classic example. Ever since the shoe bomber, air travelers have given-up freedoms to be body searched. This has resulted in an over-zealous approach by TSA employees and numerous complaints of aggressive and often unlawful behavior on their part. As a consequence, groping and excessive body searches caused many TSA employees to be charged with harassment or even sexual harassment.

But what about those who aren't that willing to give-up their freedoms? These people believe that then you give-up freedom to the government for ANY reason, you will NEVER get them back. The less government intervention, the better! They know that when you allow the government more powers they will want even more power over your lives. These people believe that too much power by the government is becoming a BAD thing. It always has.

A current survey indicates that since the Boston bombing, many people are changing their minds about the government and their "willingness" to protect us all. When Americans were asked the question "Would you be willing to give up some of your personal freedom in order to reduce the threat of terrorism?" the majority responded "NO."

They saw the government close-down the cities of Boston and Watertown. They saw the door-to-door warrant less searches performed by gun point. They saw people ordered out of their homes. They saw people being frisked on their front porches. They saw people being handcuffed. They saw law-abiding Americans being detained by ARMED SWAT teams. After seeing these actions taken by the overstepping government, many people began to change their attitudes about giving government MORE control. They began realizing that these were violations of the 4th Amendment. Even LEFT-WING Bill Maher noticed these violations and condemned them!

Isn't it time to reflect and reevaluate YOUR position? Do you believe that the government will actually come and help protect you? That's NOT what the Boston/Watertown examples show you! People also learned the hard way in Hurricane Katrina. The government came door-to-door of the survivors and confiscated all of their firearms. This can happen to you. It's becoming more prevalent.

Think about it. It's time to fear YOUR government and time to push back. The people in Watertown, Massachusetts should file a class-action suit regarding the government breach of the 4th Amendment - Illegal Search and Seizure!

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