Tuesday, May 28, 2013

If Holder Goes...

So what if Attorney General Eric Holder gets fired or even prosecuted? Do you think that will change anything? Obama will hire a clone of Holder so he can continue with his "Fundamental Change" of OUR country - AMERICA!

The problem isn't just with the Attorney General. It's in the White House. The old adage says that "the fish rots from the head down." This is true for our government as well. You can't believe that all departments just decide to go crazy and do illegal things on their own. That's just NOT feasible. When a government gets too big for itself, that's because it is being directed to do so from the top. Government agencies don't go rogue on their own. They are encouraged to do their thing while the President looks the other way. This is the reality of our current situation.

Example: The IRS Director visited the White House 118 times after Obama was elected in 2008. You mean to say that Obama knew NOTHING about the IRS activities? This is highly improbable. And yet, Obama claims total innocence.

Look at the house of cards that this administration has built. Obama realizes that he will go down as a failure if he admits ANY connections with all the scandals. So instead, he blathers that he's concerned and that he will not tolerate any of these scandals. He promises to fix things.

One thing: He NEVER does anything of the kind. Instead he lets things fade-away until the American public forgets about it. Sad, but true. That's how Obama has gotten away with so many infractions and abuses of his office.

But this time, the IRS scandal is eroding the public's confidence in him. And it should. Obama is using the power of HIS office to attack his political enemies. The American public realizes that this abuse of power could also be used against them! With any luck, one of the whistle blowers will show us that Obama IS involved. This will result in the collapse of this unprecedented abuse of Presidential power in the history of the United States.

Keep the pressure on your representatives to investigate and PROSECUTE those who have committed crimes. And, if necessary, go all the way to the TOP. No one is above the law.

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