Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Noticed the Change Yet?

Have you noticed how the enemies of YOUR freedoms are coming out of the woodwork lately? We have a President who has usurped powers that are ILLEGAL and do not appear in Article 2 of the Constitution. Obama lies about keeping your healthcare plans and your doctors while directing federal agencies to "regulate" Americans back to cave-man days.

Obama has an Attorney General who perjured himself while lying to Congress and he remains unpunished. Instead Holder is too busy attacking nuns and telling states to IGNORE certain laws they have on their books.

The IRS is attacking Obama's political opponents or anyone who speaks-out against him and his politics. Obama's new budget is cutting our military in order to weaken the USA and make us vulnerable to attacks from our enemies - all in the name of saving money. The money "saved" will be spent on more Big Government entitlements like Obama phones, food stamps, and welfare for ILLEGALS.

Obama allows the NSA to spy on Americans while attacking and killing Americans abroad using drones.

We have students at prestigious universities saying that we should silence free speech if it doesn't correspond to their beliefs. We have the DEMOCRATIC (alias MARXIST Party) denying that they voted for ObamaCare because it is a job killer.

Let's face it, America IS in decline and the rats are attacking openly. If you don't start pushing-back HARD, you will loose your freedoms to the MARXISTS who are gaining ground.

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