Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Don’t Trust the GOP "Leaders"

Last week behind closed doors, the GOP elite voted without recording their votes, to support patching ObamaCare problems. They didn’t record how they voted so they couldn’t be held accountable for jumping sides in support of the Democrats.

That’s a GOOD reason why you can’t trust the GOP Elites who are in charge of the Republican Party. Eric Cantor (R, VA) led the way. That makes him a RINO.

Now they want Jeb Bush (R, FL) to become their candidate to run in 2016. Good luck with that one. Jeb supports giving AMNESTY to ALL ILLEGALS. That’s a RINO way of thinking. He probably thinks that way because he is married to a Hispanic woman. Jeb also endorses and pushes Common Core which is a government take-over of YOUR kid’s education. Secular Progressives want to BRAINWASH your kids with THIER agenda. They want to re-write history books and leave-out all details about the Founding Fathers and their connection to Christianity.

It’s imperative that WE CONSERVATIVES dump all RINOS in November in support of only TRUE Conservative candidates. We need to capture the US Senate with our Conservative candidates so we can IMMEDIATELY begin IMPEACHEMENT of Barack Obama - the WORST President in US History!

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