Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Worst or the Best?

It's easy to say that Obama is the worst president ever - beating Jimmy Carter by a whole lot. However, it really depends how you analyze it.

There's no doubt that Obama is fundamentally trying to change America. Look at what he's doing. No Keystone Pipeline, no drilling, attacking conservatives using the IRS, stonewalling the Benghazi investigation, ObamaCare, and on and on.

All of his regulations, lies, laws and other deeds have in-fact achieved Obama's goals. He's actually winning. He IS fundamentally changing America, like it or not. His goal is to weaken America and make us vulnerable to our enemies. His foreign policies have done just that. Our enemies are now emboldened. They see that we do nothing when our embassy gets attacked and terrorists kill Americans. They see Obama unilaterally giving-up to the Russians without anything in return. They see Obama draw a red line and then back-off. Now he's reducing our military forces, making the US more vulnerable to outside attacks.

If you view Obama's objectives as he sees them, he's doing one hell-of-a-job. That's why we need to gain control over the US Senate in November. We need to get 2/3s control of the government so we can begin IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS against the most destructive President we have ever had.

So is Obama the "Best" or the "Worst?" You decide. After all, he IS meeting HIS objectives!

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