Sunday, May 4, 2014

6 Lost Freedoms

Under the false pretense of "protecting Americans" big government has permanently removed your liberties. True, it has been incremental, but that's the whole point. Big government  takes a piece at a time so the average person won't realize that their personal liberty is under attack and that they have lost more freedoms.

Over the past 8 years we have lost more than the average person can ever realize. Not all of your freedoms were lost because of Obama because they started when Bush was President. However, under Obama, your loss of freedoms have accelerated.

So here is a list of just 6 items that have removed your liberties in the past 8 years:

1. The Patriot Act was monumental steeling of your freedoms. It changed banking laws and regulations as well as how the government treats "suspected terrorists." Although this law was created under Bush, Obama expanded it dramatically to give the government more control over you.

2. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDA). This has created a NAZI-like state by the government. The US military is now authorized to arrest American citizens in their own homes, without any warrants, for merely being suspected of terrorist activities. You can be held indefinitely without a lawyer. The government can search and seize ANY of your personal property including your computers and cell phones.

3. The National Security Agency spying on you. They have no business monitoring everyone's phone conversations and recording them. Likewise, they have no business monitoring your Internet activities, your credit card purchases, or the books you buy and read.

4. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting Conservative groups to aid the President in his re-election. This was not only against the law, but to date, no one has been held accountable. Word of caution: If they IRS can target ANY group, they can target YOU as well.

5. Free Speech is DEAD in America. The Secular Progressives have successfully attacked free speech under the guise of Political Correctness. You can no longer "Offend" any ONE person with your remarks. If you do, you will be fired, chastised, called a RACIST or any other term to degrade and humiliate you.

6. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) was created to "protect" air travelers from terrorists. However, the unintended consequences prove otherwise. Since its inception, the TSA has NOT prevented or captured ANY terrorists. Instead, they have been guilty of embarrassing, harassing, stealing from and sexually molesting passengers. Your liberties are gone at airports.

These items may seem insignificant but when combined, they amount to a massive undertaking and huge loss of your freedoms. Think about it.

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